Below is the list of your selected writer's works, sorted alphabetically by title. Click the link to download a PDF version of this list, or use the breadcrumb to navigate back to the alphabetical list of writers and choose another name.
More information is available at her website (last accessed March 13, 2011).
Black GoldFiction2011 
Breaking WavesFiction2011 
Claiming DerrynFiction2010 
Falling FreestyleFiction2010 
Fateful (Collab. Celia Kyle)Fiction2010 
Fired Up (Collab. Celia Kyle)Fiction2010 
Peerless (Collab. Celia Kyle)Fiction2010 
Rising FreestyleFiction2011 
Silent StormFiction2011 
Soul DeepFiction2010 
Stormy SeductionFiction2011 
Sweet MischiefFiction2009 
Tangled TinselFiction2010 
The Wind and the SunFiction2010 
Tidal WaveFiction2009 
Turn it OnFiction2009 
Turn it UpFiction2011 
Under the Midnight SunFiction2011 
Under the Northern LightsFiction2010 
Wolf FlightFiction2009 
Wolf GamesFiction2010 
Wolf SignsFiction2009 
Wolf TracksFiction2010