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More information is available at her Canadian Encyclopedia entry (last accessed June 9, 2011).
A Doctor’s Memoirs (Collab. A.I. Wolinsky)Memoir1960 
A Kind of PerseveranceAcademic1994 
Always Now: The Collected PoemsPoetry2003 
Concrete and Wild CarrotPoetry2002Griffin Poetry
History of OntarioAcademic1951 
I am Here and Not Not-There: An AutobiographyAutobiography2009 
Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret AvisonPoetry2009 
Momentary DarkPoetry2006 
No TimePoetry1989Governor General's
Not Yet But StillPoetry1997 
Selected PoemsPoetry1991 
The Cosmic ChefPoetry1970 
The DumbfoundingPoetry1966 
The Research CompendiumAcademic1964 
Winter SunPoetry1960Governor General's
Winter Sun/The Dumbfounding: Poems 1940-1966 (collection)Poetry1982