Below is the list of your selected writer's works, sorted alphabetically by title. Click the link to download a PDF version of this list, or use the breadcrumb to navigate back to the alphabetical list of writers and choose another name.
Blue Box (Prod. 2008)Drama 
Canadian Tango '09 (Prod. 2009)Drama 
Chile Con Carne (Prod. 1999 and published in anthology Rave)Drama2000 
Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands (Collab. Kim Collier, David Hudgins, Jonathan Young and Kevin Kerr; adap. film; prod. 2001)Drama 
Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary DaughterMemoir2011 
The Refugee Hotel (Prod. 2009)Drama2010 
The TriggerDrama2008 
The Trigger (Prod. 2005)Drama 
┬┐Que Pasa with la Raza, eh? (Prod. 1999)Drama1999