Below is the list of your selected writer's works, sorted alphabetically by title. Click the link to download a PDF version of this list, or use the breadcrumb to navigate back to the alphabetical list of writers and choose another name.
One Step Forward (Prod. 2006)Drama 
The Boys Are Coming Home (Adap. William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing; prod. 2006)Drama 
The Happy Prince (Adap. Oscar Wilde; prod. 2002)Drama 
The House of Martin Guerre (Prod. 1993)DramaDora Award
The Last Resort (Collab. Normal Foster; Prod. 1997)Drama 
The Prince and the Pauper (Collab. Joey Miller; adap. Mark Twain; prod. 1988)Drama1987 
The Princess and the Handmaiden (Prod. 2009; script)Drama1983