Below is the list of your selected writer's works, sorted alphabetically by title. Click the link to download a PDF version of this list, or use the breadcrumb to navigate back to the alphabetical list of writers and choose another name.
Dans un châteauChildren's & Young Adult1987 
DevineChildren's & Young Adult1990 
Du gâteau, j'en veux!Children's & Young Adult1987 
Je boude / I'm sulking (Trans. 1988)Children's & Young Adult1986 
Jiji et Pichou (includes Mon ami Pichou, La cachette, La chicane, and La varicelle)Children's & Young Adult1999 
L'Ecole / School (Trans. 1988)Children's & Young Adult1983 
L'Hiver ou le bonhomme sept heures / Winter (Trans. 1981)Children's & Young Adult1980 
La cachette / Hide-and-seek (Trans. 1981)Children's & Young Adult1976 
La chicane / The Fight (Trans. 1978)Children's & Young Adult1978 
La Fête / The Party (Trans. 1988)Children's & Young Adult1983 
La Grande aventureChildren's & Young Adult1990 
La grande frousse de RosalieChildren's & Young Adult2005 
La Mitaine perdueChildren's & Young Adult1987 
La montée des margueritesChildren's & Young Adult1977 
La montée des marguerites, 13 nouvelles (Collab. Pierre Sarrazin)Fiction1977 
La Petite soeur / A Baby Sister (Trans. 1988)Children's & Young Adult1986 
La Tour de Cap-ChatChildren's & Young Adult1987 
La Vache et d'autres animaux (Collab. others)Children's & Young Adult1982 
La varicelle / Chicken Pox (Trans. 1978)Children's & Young Adult1978 
Le chien d'Arthur / Arthur's Problem Puppy (Trans. 1994)Children's & Young Adult1993 
Le grand rêve de Rosalie / Rosalie's Big Dream (Trans. 1995)Children's & Young Adult1992 
Le grand roman d'amour de RosalieChildren's & Young Adult2001 
Le Héros de RosalieChildren's & Young Adult1998 
Le père d'Arthur / Arthur's Dad (Trans. 1991)Children's & Young Adult1989 
Le père NoëlChildren's & Young Adult1993 
Le Savon / The Bath, or, Soap (Trans. Mayer Romaner 1981)Children's & Young Adult1980 
Les barricades d'Arthur / Arthur Throws a Tantrum (Trans. 1993)Children's & Young Adult1992 
Les catastrophes de Rosalie / Rosalie's Catastrophes (Trans. 1994)Children's & Young Adult1987 
Les extravagances de Rosalie (includes Les catastrophes de Rosalie, Le héros de Rosalie, and Le grand rêve de Rosalie)Children's & Young Adult2000 
Les Vacances de RosalieChildren's & Young Adult1990 
Mon ami Pichou / My friend Pichou (Trans. 1978)Children's & Young Adult1976 
Polo à la fermeChildren's & Young Adult2005 
Polo au zooChildren's & Young Adult2005 
Polo chez les PloucsChildren's & Young Adult2003 
Polo et l'anniversaireChildren's & Young Adult2003 
Polo et l'écureuil volantChildren's & Young Adult2004 
Polo et la fête de la citrouilleChildren's & Young Adult2005 
Polo et la musiqueChildren's & Young Adult2005 
Polo et la panier de fruitsChildren's & Young Adult2003 
Polo et le bonhomme de neigeChildren's & Young Adult2005 
Polo et le garde-mangerChildren's & Young Adult2003 
Polo et le roulouboulouChildren's & Young Adult2002 
Polo fête l'HalloweenChildren's & Young Adult2003 
Quand on joue... : cahier de l'élève (workbook)Children's & Young Adult1987 
Quand on joue... : guide pédagogiqueChildren's & Young Adult1987 
Rosalie à la belle étoileChildren's & Young Adult1998 
Rosalie s'en va-t-en guerre / Rosalie's battles (Trans. 1995)Children's & Young Adult1989 
Sophie et Pierrot (multimedia)Children's & Young Adult1987 
Sophie, Pierrot et un crapaud (multimedia)Children's & Young Adult1983 
Un loup pour RoseChildren's & Young Adult1982 
Un terrible secret / A Terrible Secret (Trans. 2000)Children's & Young Adult1991 
Une nuit au pays des malicesChildren's & Young Adult1982