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For complete citations of Violet Archer's scores, including first performance and/or recording dates, please visit The Encyclopedia of Music in Canada (last accessed May 30). On this website you will find reference to compositions not listed here, including piano scores in RCMT graded piano books and in collections published by Alberta Keys, several other choral works, several other works for voice, 4 preludes for organ (manuscript), and several works for carillon.
'À la claire fontaine' (arr.)Musical Scores & Recordings1968 
'April Weather' (text A. B. England)Musical Scores & Recordings1950 
'Birds at Daybreak' (text I. Layton)Musical Scores & Recordings1982 
'Caleidoscopio' (text G. Azzi)Musical Scores & Recordings1981 
'Cradle Song' (text A. B. England)Musical Scores & Recordings1950 
'I Corinthians, 13'Musical Scores & Recordings1976 
'I Will Lift up Mine Eyes' (text Psalm 121)Musical Scores & Recordings1967 
'In Just Spring' (text e. e. cummings)Musical Scores & Recordings1977 
'O Lord Thou Hast Searched Me and Known Me' (text Psalm 139)Musical Scores & Recordings1968 
'O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song' (text Psalm 96)Musical Scores & Recordings1989 
'O Sing Unto the Lord' (text Psalm 96)Musical Scores & Recordings1968 
'Proud Horses' (text Sampley)Musical Scores & Recordings1953 
'Separation' (text 10th century Chinese)Musical Scores & Recordings1976 
'Shout with Joy' (text Psalm 100)Musical Scores & Recordings1976 
'Sing a New Song to the Lord' (Psalm 98)Musical Scores & Recordings1974 
'Someone' (Collab. de la Mare; revised 1959)Musical Scores & Recordings1949 
'Surly, Burly Shirley' (text S. Ottman)Musical Scores & Recordings1989 
'The Cat and the Moon' (text Yeats)Musical Scores & Recordings1983 
'The Owl Queen'Musical Scores & Recordings1989 
'The Twenty-Third Psalm'Musical Scores & Recordings1952 
'Three Sailors from Groix' (Trans. Cockshott; arr., text French sea shanties)Musical Scores & Recordings1975 
2 String QuartetsMusical Scores & Recordings1940 
2 String TriosMusical Scores & Recordings1953 
3 early worksMusical Scores & Recordings1930 
3 SonatinasMusical Scores & Recordings1945 
A Sprig of Flowers (text Kuan Han Ch'ing)Musical Scores & Recordings1979 
Amens for Church UseMusical Scores & Recordings1968 
Apocalypse 'Revelations.'Musical Scores & Recordings1958 
Britannia - A Joyful OvertureMusical Scores & Recordings1941 
Cantata sacraMusical Scores & Recordings1966 
CapriccioMusical Scores & Recordings1981 
CelebrationMusical Scores & Recordings1983 
Centennial Springtime (text J. Alexander)Musical Scores & Recordings1967 
Chorale Improvisation on 'O Worship the King.'Musical Scores & Recordings1967 
Christmas (text A. Bass)Musical Scores & Recordings1955 
Concertino for Clarinet and Orchestra (Revised 1956)Musical Scores & Recordings1946 
Concerto No. 1 for Piano and OrchestraMusical Scores & Recordings1956 
DanceMusical Scores & Recordings1970 
DivertimentoMusical Scores & Recordings1957 
Divertimento for Brass QuintetMusical Scores & Recordings1963 
Divertimento for Piano and StringsMusical Scores & Recordings1985 
Divertimento for Piano and StringsMusical Scores & Recordings1985 
Divertimento for Saxophone QuartetMusical Scores & Recordings1979 
Divertimento No. 1Musical Scores & Recordings1949 
Divertimento No. 2Musical Scores & Recordings1957 
Eight Little Canons for PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1978 
Eleven Short PiecesMusical Scores & Recordings1960 
EpigramsMusical Scores & Recordings1985 
Episodes (electronic tape)Musical Scores & Recordings1973 
EvocationsMusical Scores & Recordings1987 
Fanfare and PassacagliaMusical Scores & Recordings1948 
Fantasia ConcertanteMusical Scores & Recordings1941 
Fantasy for Clarinet and StringsMusical Scores & Recordings1942 
Fantasy for Violin and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1946 
Fantasy in the Form of a PassacagliaMusical Scores & Recordings1951 
Fantasy on 'Blanche comme la neige'Musical Scores & Recordings1978 
Fantasy on a Ground (Revised 1956)Musical Scores & Recordings1946 
Festive FantasyMusical Scores & Recordings1979 
Four Bagatelles for PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1977 
Four Contrapuntal Moods for PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1978 
Four Dialogues for Classical Guitar and Chamber OrchestraMusical Scores & Recordings1990 
Four Duets for Violin and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1979 
Four Little Studies for PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1963 
Four Miniatures for Classical AccordionMusical Scores & Recordings1988 
Four Newfoundland Folk Songs (arr.)Musical Scores & Recordings1975 
Four VignettesMusical Scores & Recordings1984 
Green Jade (text Wu-chi Liu and Irving Lo)Musical Scores & Recordings1982 
Harvest (arr., text J. L. Hetherington)Musical Scores & Recordings1967 
Here and NowMusical Scores & Recordings1980 
I va variMusical Scores & Recordings1985 
If the Stars Are Burning (text F. E. Buske)Musical Scores & Recordings1987 
IkpakhuagMusical Scores & Recordings1984 
Improvisation for Solo Snare DrumMusical Scores & Recordings1990 
Improvisation on 'Veni Creator'Musical Scores & Recordings1984 
Improvisation On a NameMusical Scores & Recordings1987 
Improvisations for PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1968 
Introduction, Dance and FinaleMusical Scores & Recordings1963 
Introit and Choral Prayer (liturgical, text G. R. Campbell)Musical Scores & Recordings1962 
Lamentations of JeremyMusical Scores & Recordings1947 
Landscapes (text T.S. Eliot)Musical Scores & Recordings1950 
Little Suite for String OrchestraMusical Scores & Recordings1970 
Little Suite for Trumpet and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1975 
Lydian Mood and A Quiet ChatMusical Scores & Recordings1971 
Minute Music for Small HandsMusical Scores & Recordings1957 
MoodsMusical Scores & Recordings1985 
Moon Songs (text Vachel-Lindsay)Musical Scores & Recordings1976 
Northern JourneyMusical Scores & Recordings1990 
Northern Landscape (text A. J. M. Smith)Musical Scores & Recordings1978 
One Fifth on FourMusical Scores & Recordings1991 
Plain Songs (text D. Livesay)Musical Scores & Recordings1977 
Poem for OrchestraMusical Scores & Recordings1940 
Prairie Profiles (text D. Carter)Musical Scores & Recordings1980 
Prelude and AllegroMusical Scores & Recordings1954 
Prelude and Dance for Solo TympaniMusical Scores & Recordings1990 
Prelude and Fantasy on 'Winchester New'Musical Scores & Recordings1978 
Prelude-IncantationMusical Scores & Recordings1964 
Primeval (Trans. Densmore Neihardt; text Native songs)Musical Scores & Recordings1980 
Psalm 150Musical Scores & Recordings1941 
PsalmodyMusical Scores & Recordings1978 
QuartetMusical Scores & Recordings1945 
Reflections (text D. Carter)Musical Scores & Recordings1983 
RondoMusical Scores & Recordings1955 
Scherzo SinfonicoMusical Scores & Recordings1949 
Sganarelle (Trans. S. Eliot; opera, text Molière)Musical Scores & Recordings1973 
SignaturesMusical Scores & Recordings1984 
Simple Tune for Soprano and Recorder and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1975 
SinfoniaMusical Scores & Recordings1969 
SinfoniettaMusical Scores & Recordings1968 
Sing, The Muse (text Shakespeare, Marston, Drummond, Raleigh)Musical Scores & Recordings1964 
Six Miniatures for CelloMusical Scores & Recordings1984 
Six Miniatures for Double BassMusical Scores & Recordings1984 
Six Miniatures for String Bass and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1986 
Six Miniatures for Viola and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1984 
Six PreludesMusical Scores & Recordings1947 
SoliloquiesMusical Scores & Recordings1982 
Someone Cares (film score)Musical Scores & Recordings1976 
SonataMusical Scores & Recordings1944 
SonataMusical Scores & Recordings1970 
SonataMusical Scores & Recordings1976 
Sonata for Alto Saxophone and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1972 
Sonata for Bassoon and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1980 
Sonata for Cello and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1956 
Sonata for Oboe and PainoMusical Scores & Recordings1973 
Sonata for Pianoforte (Revised 1957)Musical Scores & Recordings1945 
Sonata for Solo CelloMusical Scores & Recordings1981 
Sonata No. 1Musical Scores & Recordings1956 
Sonata No. 1Musical Scores & Recordings1965 
Sonata No. 2Musical Scores & Recordings1979 
SonatinaMusical Scores & Recordings1944 
Sonatina for Bassoon and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1978 
Sonatina for Clarinet and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1978 
Sonatina for Oboe and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1977 
Songs of Summer and Fall (text D. Carter)Musical Scores & Recordings1982 
StatementsMusical Scores & Recordings1982 
String Quartet No. 3Musical Scores & Recordings1981 
Suite for Four ViolinsMusical Scores & Recordings1971 
Suite for PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1947 
Suite for Solo FluteMusical Scores & Recordings1976 
Sweet Jesu, King of Bliss (text anonymous)Musical Scores & Recordings1967 
SymphonyMusical Scores & Recordings1946 
Ten Folk Songs for Four HandsMusical Scores & Recordings1953 
The BellMusical Scores & Recordings1949 
The Dancing KittenMusical Scores & Recordings1986 
The Glory of GodMusical Scores & Recordings1971 
The Master Admirabilis Chapel (text A. Bass)Musical Scores & Recordings1955 
The Meal (Collab. R. Holt-Wilson; opera)Musical Scores & Recordings1983 
Theme and Variations for PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1963 
Theme and Variations on Là-HautMusical Scores & Recordings1952 
Three Duets for Two ViolinsMusical Scores & Recordings1955 
Three EssaysMusical Scores & Recordings1988 
Three French Canadian Folk SongsMusical Scores & Recordings1953 
Three Little Studies for Violin and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings1970 
Three MiniaturesMusical Scores & Recordings1963 
Three ScenesMusical Scores & Recordings1945 
Three SketchesMusical Scores & Recordings1961 
Three Sketches for Two PianosMusical Scores & Recordings1947 
To Rest in Thee (text Thomas a Kempis)Musical Scores & Recordings1981 
Trio No. 1Musical Scores & Recordings1954 
Trio No. 2Musical Scores & Recordings1957 
Twelve MiniaturesMusical Scores & Recordings1981 
Two Chorale PreludesMusical Scores & Recordings1948 
Two Fanfares for a Festive DayMusical Scores & Recordings1989 
Two Hymns for SATB, Congregation and Organ (text H. O'Driscoll)Musical Scores & Recordings1986 
Two Miniatures ('Little March')Musical Scores & Recordings1970 
Two Pieces for Flute SoloMusical Scores & Recordings1947 
Two Songs for Soprano Voice and B-flat Clarinet (Collab. Blake; revised 1987 for mezzo soprano)Musical Scores & Recordings1958 
Two Songs for Women's Voices (text A. Bass)Musical Scores & Recordings1955 
Under the Sun (text Bourinot)Musical Scores & Recordings1949 
Variations on AberystwythMusical Scores & Recordings1984 
Violin ConcertoMusical Scores & Recordings1959 
Whatsoever Things Are True (film score)Musical Scores & Recordings1980