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More information is available at her website (last accessed March 12, 2011).
KeriChildren's & Young Adult1996 
Out of the Everywhere: Tales for a New World (Collab. Simon Ng; illustrated by Ng)Children's & Young Adult2000 
Rude Stories (Collab. Francis Blake; illustrated by Blake)Children's & Young Adult2010 
Stories at the Door (Collab. Francis Blake; illustrated by Blake)Children's & Young Adult2007 
The Auction (Collab. Karen Reczuch; illustrated by Reczuch)Children's & Young Adult2007 
The Twelve Days of Summer (Collab. Susan Rennick Jollife; illustrated by Jollife)Children's & Young Adult2007 
Very Last First Time (Collab. Ian Wallace; illustrated by Wallace)Children's & Young Adult1987 
Winter of Peril: the Newfoundland Diary of Sophie LoveridgeChildren's & Young Adult2005