Below is the list of your selected writer's works, sorted alphabetically by title. Click the link to download a PDF version of this list, or use the breadcrumb to navigate back to the alphabetical list of writers and choose another name.
More information is available at her website (last accessed March 13, 2011).
Courage and Compassion, Ten Canadians Who Made a DifferenceAcademic2008 
Courage and Compassion: Ten Canadians Who Made A DifferenceChildren's & Young Adult2008 
Design It!Journalistic & Lifestyle2010 
Fossils - Clues to Ancient LifeChildren's & Young Adult2005 
Ice Cream TownChildren's & Young Adult2007 
Mrs. Kaputnick's Pool Hall and Matzo Ball EmporiumChildren's & Young Adult2010 
On a Canadian DayChildren's & Young Adult2009 
On a Medieval DayChildren's & Young Adult2010 
On an American Day Volume 1: Story Voyages Through History 1750-1899Children's & Young Adult2011 
ProtestsChildren's & Young Adult2010 
Working for Freedom, the Story of Josiah HensonChildren's & Young Adult2009 
World of WaterChildren's & Young Adult2005