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Biography of Marina Endicott

Birth and Childhood

Marina Endicott was born in 1958 in Golden, British Columbia, the daughter of Orville and Julianne Endicott (nee Wyatt) (Canadian Encyclopedia). The family, which included five daughters - Endicott being the eldest - were members of the Anglican church. After her birth, the family moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia and then to Yarmouth where Endicott spent much of her time in the library; she read extensively. "Whatever was in the shelf was my meat," Endicott admits (CanWWR). Both her mother and father were very supportive of her passion. Though the majority of her reading material was catholic, she was never forbidden a book based on its contents. Endicott formed a very close relationship with three of her younger siblings Thyra, Sarah, and Azana, a relationship that would later influence her writing (Withey). The Endicott family moved to Toronto where her father became a priest of St. James Cathedral while Marina was attending secondary school. She lived there until 1982.

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Good to a FaultFiction2008Best Book (Reg)
Open ArmsFiction2001 
The Little ShadowsFiction2011