Below is the list of works in your selected genre, sorted alphabetically by writer's last name. Click the link to download a PDF version of this list, or use the menu on the left to select another genre.
Here we list all genres written for children and young adults.
Carolyne AarsenCowboy Daddy2010
Sylvia AdamsDinner at the Dog Pound2009
Caroline AddersonI, Bruno2007
Very Serious Children2007
Bruno for Real2009
Marie-Celie AgnantAlexis d’Haiti1999
Le Noel de Maite1999
Alexis, fils de Raphael2000
Vingt petits pas vers Maria2001
Linda AksomitisA Gopher Gulch Red Riding Hood2000
A Gopher Gulch Cinderella2001
Snowmobile Adventures2003
Snowmobile Challenge2003
Adeline's Dream2005
The Illustrated Guide to Snowmobile Racing2006
Issues that Concern You: Downloading Music2007
Longhorns and Outlaws2008
Issues that Concern You: Choosing a Career2009
Issues that Concern You: Teen Driving2009
L is for Land of Living Skies: A Saskatchewan Alphabet2010
Eleanor AlbaneseZak and the Magic Blue Stone (copyscript)1997
Signe's Lost Colours (Collab. Rodney Brown)1998
Under the Moon With Aunt Birdie (copyscript)2002
Who Cares? (copyscript)2003
East of the Sun, West of the Moon2006
Sue Ann AldersonBonnie McSmithers, You're Driving Me Dithers1974
Hurry Up Bonnie1977
The Finding Princess1977
Bonnie McSmithers Is At It Again1979
Comet’s Tale1983
The Not Impossible Summer1983
The Something in Thurlo Darby’s House1984
Ida and the Wool Smuggler1987
Maybe You had to Be There, by Duncan1989
Chapter One1990
Sure as Strawberries1992
A Ride for Martha1993
Ten Mondays for Lots of Boxes1995
Pond Seasons1997
The Adventures of Prince Paul1997
Wherever Bears Be1999
The Eco Diary of Kiran Singer2008
Wilma E. AlexanderOld Coach Road1987
The Queen's Silver1990
And the Boats Go Up and Down1991
Run For Your Life1998
What To Do About Babe1998
William Ghost2001
Francine AllardLe grand livre des jeux drôles et intelligents (Collab. Angèle Delaunois)
Les terrifiantes croustilles de tante Imelda1995
Le dernier vol de l’engoulevent1996
Le mal mystérieux de la salamandre à quatre orteils1996
Le terrible héritage de Constance Morneau1996
La baronne de la Longue Aiguille1997
Le congrès mondial des gens bizarres1997
Le déménageur sans empreintes1997
Philippe et son inséparable Dorgé1997
Valérien le petit ogre végétarien1997
Amitié, dites-vous? Le dernier voyage d'Odilon Bernski1998
La dernière course de Mado Bélanger1998
Le monstre des jours sombres1998
Le pays des noms à coucher dehors1998
Le rescapé de l’archipel des dragons éteints1998
L’inoubliable scandale du Salon du Livre1998
Deux petits ours au milieu de la tornade1999
Espadrilla Ribocque et l’anneau de Bérénice2000
Mon père, ce salaud!2000
L'obscur pouvoir de La Malinche2001
Mémère Poussière et monsieur Bardoux2001
Le cri du silence2003
Turlutaines et galipettes pour les petits crapauds2003
L'Univers secret de Willie Flibot2004
Mon royaume pour un biscuit2005
Une fleur entre deux pierres (romance)2009
Lillian AllenIf You See Truth: Poems for Children and Young People1990
Why Me?1991
Nothing but a Hero1992
Ann AlmaSkateway to Freedom1993
Something to Tell1998
Under Emily's Sky1998
Summer of Changes2001
Summer of Adventures2002
Geneviève AmyotCorneille et compagnie2000
Marguerite AndersenLa chambre noire du bonheur1993
Jan AndrewsVery Last First Time (Collab. Ian Wallace; illustrated by Wallace)1987
Out of the Everywhere: Tales for a New World (Collab. Simon Ng; illustrated by Ng)2000
Winter of Peril: the Newfoundland Diary of Sophie Loveridge2005
Stories at the Door (Collab. Francis Blake; illustrated by Blake)2007
The Auction (Collab. Karen Reczuch; illustrated by Reczuch)2007
The Twelve Days of Summer (Collab. Susan Rennick Jollife; illustrated by Jollife)2007
Rude Stories (Collab. Francis Blake; illustrated by Blake)2010
Ginette AnfousseLa cachette / Hide-and-seek (Trans. 1981)1976
Mon ami Pichou / My friend Pichou (Trans. 1978)1976
La montée des marguerites1977
La chicane / The Fight (Trans. 1978)1978
La varicelle / Chicken Pox (Trans. 1978)1978
L'Hiver ou le bonhomme sept heures / Winter (Trans. 1981)1980
Le Savon / The Bath, or, Soap (Trans. Mayer Romaner 1981)1980
La Vache et d'autres animaux (Collab. others)1982
Un loup pour Rose1982
Une nuit au pays des malices1982
L'Ecole / School (Trans. 1988)1983
La Fête / The Party (Trans. 1988)1983
Sophie, Pierrot et un crapaud (multimedia)1983
Je boude / I'm sulking (Trans. 1988)1986
La Petite soeur / A Baby Sister (Trans. 1988)1986
Dans un château1987
Du gâteau, j'en veux!1987
La Mitaine perdue1987
La Tour de Cap-Chat1987
Les catastrophes de Rosalie / Rosalie's Catastrophes (Trans. 1994)1987
Quand on joue... : cahier de l'élève (workbook)1987
Quand on joue... : guide pédagogique1987
Sophie et Pierrot (multimedia)1987
Le père d'Arthur / Arthur's Dad (Trans. 1991)1989
Rosalie s'en va-t-en guerre / Rosalie's battles (Trans. 1995)1989
La Grande aventure1990
Les Vacances de Rosalie1990
Un terrible secret / A Terrible Secret (Trans. 2000)1991
Le grand rêve de Rosalie / Rosalie's Big Dream (Trans. 1995)1992
Les barricades d'Arthur / Arthur Throws a Tantrum (Trans. 1993)1992
Le chien d'Arthur / Arthur's Problem Puppy (Trans. 1994)1993
Le père Noël1993
Le Héros de Rosalie1998
Rosalie à la belle étoile1998
Jiji et Pichou (includes Mon ami Pichou, La cachette, La chicane, and La varicelle)1999
Les extravagances de Rosalie (includes Les catastrophes de Rosalie, Le héros de Rosalie, and Le grand rêve de Rosalie)2000
Le grand roman d'amour de Rosalie2001
Polo et le roulouboulou2002
Polo chez les Ploucs2003
Polo et l'anniversaire2003
Polo et la panier de fruits2003
Polo et le garde-manger2003
Polo fête l'Halloween2003
Polo et l'écureuil volant2004
La grande frousse de Rosalie2005
Polo à la ferme2005
Polo au zoo2005
Polo et la fête de la citrouille2005
Polo et la musique2005
Polo et le bonhomme de neige2005
Rona AratoFossils - Clues to Ancient Life2005
World of Water2005
Ice Cream Town2007
Courage and Compassion: Ten Canadians Who Made A Difference2008
On a Canadian Day2009
Working for Freedom, the Story of Josiah Henson2009
Mrs. Kaputnick's Pool Hall and Matzo Ball Emporium2010
On a Medieval Day2010
On an American Day Volume 1: Story Voyages Through History 1750-18992011
Colleen ArcherFoxy and the Missing Mask1986
Riding High1986
The Horse Dealer2000
The Touch of Something Wild2003
Galloping Goldrush: The Journey Begins2005
Jeannette ArmstrongEnwisteetkwa1982
Neekna and Chemai (Collab. Kenneth Lee Edwards; illustrated by Edwards)1984
Kelley ArmstrongThe Summoning2008
The Awakening2009
The Reckoning2010
The Gathering2011
The Calling2012
Luanne ArmstrongAnnie1995
Arly and Spike1997
Maggie and Shine1999
Into the Sun2002
Jeannie & the Gentle Giants2002
Pete's Gold2008
Joanne ArnottMa MacDonald1993
Joanne ArseneauRobin et Stella (Collab. others; TV series)1988
Martha AttemaA Time to Choose1995
A Light in the Dunes1997
Daughter of the Light2001
When the War is Over2002
The Paper Wagon2004
Margaret AtwoodUp in the Tree1978
Anna’s Pet (Collab. Joyce Barkhouse)1980
For the Birds1990
Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut1995
Rude Ramsay and the Roaring Radishes2003
Bashful Bob and Doleful Dorinda2004
Karen AutioSecond Watch2005
Saara's Passage2008
Adwoa BadoeCrabs for Dinner1995
The Queen's New Shoes1998
My Hands Clean2001
The Pot of Wisdom: Ananse Stories2001
Memuna's Baby2002
Okay to be Sad2005
Between Sisters2009
Nana's Cold Days2009
Champion Runner2011
Kobby's Trolley2011
Mr. Bempong's House2011
Papa Jonah: the Connection Man2011
Street Girls2011
The Runaway Bicycle2011
Linda BaileyHow Come the Best Clues Are Always in the Garbage? (Stevie Diamond series)1992
How Can I Be A Detective If I Have to Baby-sit? (Stevie Diamond series)1993
Petula, Who Wouldn't Take A Bath1994
Who's Got Gertie? And How Can We Get Her Back? (Stevie Diamond series)1994
How Can A Frozen Detective Stay Hot on the Trail? (Stevie Diamond series)1996
Gordon Loggins and the Three Bears1997
What's A Daring Detective Like Me Doing in the Doghouse? (Stevie Diamond series)1997
How Can A Brilliant Detective Shine in the Dark? (Stevie Diamond series)1999
When Addie Was Scared1999
Adventures in Ancient Egypt2000
Adventures in the Middle Ages2000
Adventures with the Vikings2001
The Best Figure Skater in the Whole Wide World2001
Adventures in Ancient Greece2002
Adventures in Ancient China2003
Stanley’s Party2003
Adventures in the Ice Age2004
What's a Serious Detective Like Me Doing in Such a Silly Movie? (Stevie Diamond series)2004
Stanley's Wild Ride2006
The Farm Team2006
Goodnight Sweet Pig2007
Stanley at Sea2008
Lydia BaileyThe Big Bang: The Creation of the Universe1982
Mei Ming and the Dragon's Daughter1990
Mother Nature Takes a Vacation1992
Vanishing Animals of the Jungle and Forest1992
Vanishing Animals of the Water1992
Vanishing Animals of the Wide Open Spaces1993
Vanishing Animals of the Mountains1994
Animals at Risk1999
Julia and the Pet Lamb: Or Good Temper and Compassion Rewarded2007
Marilyn BaillieScience Surprises (Collab. Gordon Penrose, Janis Nostbakken)1991
Magic Fun/Mystery Potions, Card Magic, Vanishing Tricks, Plus Puzzles, Treats, and Much More1992
More Science Surprises from Dr. Zed (Collab. Gordon Penrose)1992
My Cat1993
Little Wonders: Animal Babies and Their Families1995
Time to Eat: Animals Who Hide and Save Their Food1995
Wild Talk: How Animals Talk to Each Other1996
My Dog1997
Side by Side: Animals Who Help Each Other1997
The Anti-Boredom Book: 133 Completely Unboring Things to Do! (Ed. with Catherine Ripley)2000
Nose to Toes2001
My Pet Kitten2005
My Pet Puppy2005
Small Wonders: Baby Animals in the Wild2006
Amazing Things Animals Do2008
Animals at the Edge: Saving the World's Rarest Creatures (Collab. Jonathan Baillie)2008
Animals at the Edge2010
Alison BairdThe Dragon's Egg1994
The Hidden World1999
White as the Waves: A Novel of Moby Dick1999
The Wolves of Woden2001
The Witches of Willowmere2002
The Stone of the Stars (The Dragon Throne Book I)2004
The Warding of Willowmere2004
The Archons of the Stars (The Dragon Throne Book III)2005
The Empire of the Stars (The Dragon Throne Book II)2005
The Wyrd of Willowmere2005
Mary Humphrey BaldridgeShakespeare's Richard III (Adap. William Shakespeare; prod. 1974)1974
Daphne BallonI Was a Sixth Grade Alien (TV series)1999
Jo Bannatyne-CugnetA Prairie Alphabet1992
Estelle and the Self-Esteem Machine1993
Grampa's Alkali1993
A Prairie Year1994
From Far and Wide2000
The Day I Became a Canadian2008
Himani BannerjiThe Two Sisters1978
Coloured Pictures1991
Jane BarclayHow Cold Was It?1999
Going on a Journey to the Sea2002
How Hot Was It?2003
Animal Tales Favourite Stories from Chirp - Martin Takes the Train2007
Proud as a Peacock, Brave as a Lion2009
Proud as a Peacock, Brave as a Lion (Collab. Rene Benoit; illustrated by Beniot)2009
Jo Jo The Giant2012
Joyce BarkhouseGeorge Dawson: The Little Giant1974
Abraham Gesner1980
Anna's Pet (Collab. Margaret Atwood)1980
The Witch of Port LaJoye1983
Pit Pony1989
A Name for Himself: A Biography of Thomas Head Raddall1990
Yesterday's Children1992
Smallest Rabbit1996
Shirley BarrieBrigit Bondfast: Space Scientist (copyscript)1998
Riders of the Sea (Collab. Ian Barnet; copyscript)1999
Shusha and the Story Snatcher1999
Sonjo and the Thundergod (copyscript)2003
The Girl in the Flower Basket (copyscript)2007
The Adventures of Super Granny and the Kid (Prod. 1978)1978
Bully for You (Prod. 1979)1979
One Jump Ahead (Prod. 1980)1980
Now You See It (Prod. 1981)1981
Rising Dump (Prod. 1981)1981
Jack Sheppard's Back (Prod. 1982)1982
Topsy Turvy (Prod. 1985)1985
What If? (Prod. 1995)1995
Hansel and Gretel (Prod. 2003)2003
Bozo's Fortune (Prod. 2009)2009
Nicola Barton (Nicola Jane Barton)The Dumb Bunnies (Collab. others; TV series)1998
Shelley BatesIt's All About Us2008
The Fruit of my Lipstick2008
Be Strong and Curvaceous2009
Tidings of Great Boys2009
Who Made You A Princess2009
The Chic Shall Inherit the Earth2010
A. C. E. BauerNo Castles Here2007
Come Fall2011
Gil Marsh2012
Jean Rae BaxterThe Way Lies North2007
Jocelyne BeaulieuLe secret de la grande chef Natalia (Collab. Jocelyne Verret)1993
La clef de l'harmonie (Collab. Jocelyne Verret)1994
Les olympiades (Collab. Jocelyne Verret)1994
Andrea BeckElliot Bakes a Cake1999
Elliot’s Shipwreck (self-illustrated)1999
Elliot’s Bath (self-illustrated)2000
Elliot Digs for Treasure (self-illustrated)2001
Elliot Gets Stuck2002
Elliot’s Noisy Night (self-illustrated)2002
Elliot’s Christmas Surprise2003
Elliot’s Great Big Lift the Flap Book2003
The Waiting Dog (Collab. Carolyn Beck; illustrated by Andrea Beck)2003
Buttercup's Lovely Day (Collab. Carolyn Beck; illustrated by Andrea Beck)2008
Pierre le Poof2009
Pierre's Friends2010
Pierre in the Air2011
Carolyn BeckThe Waiting Dog (Collab. Andrea Beck; illustrated by Andrea Beck)2003
Buttercup's Lovely Day (Collab. Andrea Beck; illustrated by Andrea Beck)2008
Richard was a Picker2010
Helaine BeckerSpelling Puzzlers for Grade 12000
Frederick Douglass: A Biography2001
John Brown: A Biography2001
Mama Likes to Mambo2001
Ben's Tent2004
Boredom Blasters2004
Lost and Found2004
Rosa's Cold2004
Sheep Dee2004
Twirly Girl2004
Are You Psychic?2005
Decoding Math (vol 1-3)2005
Funny Business2005
Attack by Knight2006
Graphing K-42006
Like A Pro!2006
Pirate Power Play2006
Read with Chirp2006
Secret Agent Y.O.U.2006
Egyptian Slam Dunk2007
Explorers out of Bounds2007
Mother Goose Unplucked2007
The Emperor Strikes Out2007
Vikings Have a Field Day2007
Final Faceoff2008
Science on the Loose2008
The Insectofiles2009
What's the Big Idea?2009
A Porcupine in a Pine Tree2010
Magic up Your Sleeve2010
The Haunted House that Jack Built2010
The Hilarious History of Hockey2010
Juba This, Juba That2011
The Quiz Book For Boys2011
The Quiz Book For Girls2011
Trouble in the Hills2011
Stephanie Bedwell-GrimePuppy Love2005
Nicole BélangerAffreux, Poléon et la chasse à l'orignal2010
Affreux, reine planète des Vieux Garçons2010
Affreux, Simone à la Sorbonne Les2010
Glynis M. BelecJailhouse Rock1999
Jesus Washes Peter's Feet2001
Sshhh...God is Speaking2001
The Point of Grace2001
Nancy BelgueThe Scream of the Hawk2003
Casey Little Yo-Yo Queen2005
Summer on the Run2005
Soames on the Range2007
Colette and the Silver Samovar2010
Brenda BellinghamJoanie’s Magic Boots1979
Storm Child1985
Two Parents Too Many1985
The Curse of the Silver Box1989
Curse of the Silver Box1990
Like a TV Hero1991
Princesses Don’t Wear Jeans1991
Dragons Don’t Read Books1992
Lilly to the Rescue1997
Drowning in Secrets1998
Lilly’s Good Deed1999
Lilly Plays Her Part2000
Lilly’s Clever Puppy2002
Lilly in the Middle2003
Lilly Makes a Friend2004
Lilly’s Special Gift2005
Lilly Takes the Lead2006
Lilly and the Snakes2007
Lilly and the Hullabaloo2008
Captain Lilly and the New Girl2009
Halina BelowThe Windy Day1994
Chestnut Dreams2000
Judith Hill BensonThe Noise in Grandma's Attic1998
Butterfly Gardens1999
Sharon BergIn the Beginning there was You1982
Lucie BergeronUn Chameau pour maman1991
La grande catastrophe1992
Un voilier dans le cimetière1993
Zéro les bécots!1994
Un micro s.v.p.!1995
Zéro les ados!1995
Le magasin à surprises1996
Zéro, mon Zorro!1996
À pas de souris1997
La lune des revenants1997
La proie des ombres1998
Le secret de Sylvio1998
Le tournoi des petits rois1999
Zéro mon grelot!1999
Bout de comète2000
Léo coup-de-vent2001
Solo chez Madame Broussaille2001
Solo chez Monsieur Copeau2002
Sur la piste de l'étoile2002
Solo chez Madame Deux-Temps2003
Un tigron en mission2003
Le trésor de la cité des sables2004
Solo chez Monsieur Thanatos2004
Le monstre de la forteresse2005
Solo chez Grand-Maman Pompom2005
Dagmaelle: Les Compagnons des Hautes-Collines2006
Solo chez Pépé Potiron2006
Dagmaelle: I'Ile de l'Oubli2007
L'île de l'oubli2007
Solo chez Mama Marmita2008
Dagmaelle: La Pierre Invisible2010
Solo chez Monsieur Magicka2010
Louky Bersianik (Lucile Durand)Koumic, le petit esquimau1964
Le Cordonnier Pamphile mille-pattes 1964
La Montagne et l'escargot1965
Togo, apprenti-remorqueur1965
Cathy BeveridgeOffside2001
Shadows of Disaster2003
Chaos in Halifax2004
One on One2005
Tragic Links2009
Sonia Birch-JonesMy Hospital Book1987
Klee Wyck's Magic Quest1993
The Trouble Seeds2008
Sandra BirdsellThe Town that Floated Away1997
Mary Harelkin BishopTunnels of Time2000
Tunnels of Terror2001
Tunnels of Treachery2003
Tunnels of Tyranny2005
Next Stop Chicago2007
Seeds of Hope: A Prairie Story2008
Jean BlackieEcho Summer1990
One Day At a Time1997
He Sweeps, He Scores!1998
Ann BladesMary of Mile 181971
A Boy of Tache1973
The Cottage at Crescent Beach1977
By the Sea: An Alphabet Book1985
Seasons Board Book Series: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring1989
Back to the Cabin1996
Wolf and the Seven Little Kids1999
Too Small2000
Columpa BobbJumping Mouse (Collab. Marion de Vries; prod. 1998)1998
Jo Ellen BogartDylan's Lullaby1988
Malcolm's Runaway Soap1988
Ten for Dinner1989
Daniel's Dog1990
Sarah Saw a Blue Macaw1991
Mama's Bed1993
Two Too Many1994
Jeremiah Learns to Read1997
Your Guide to Dogs and Dog Care1999
Money, Make It Spend It Save It2001
The Night the Stars Flew2001
Capturing Joy: The Story of Maud Lewis2002
Emily Carr: At the Edge of the World2003
The Big Tree Gang2005
Crazy for Puppies2006
Out and About with the Big Tree Gang (Collab. Jill Bogart)2006
Big and Small, Room for All2009
Capturing Joy: The Story of Maud Lewis2011
Thérèse BoilardEugénie est en titi1998
Soleil et pluie dans les yeux d'Eugénie1999
Eugénie cherche son papi2001
Carol BoltCyclone Jack (in A Collection of Canadian Plays: Vol. IV, drama)1972
Maurice (in Performing Arts in Canada)1974
Finding Bumble1975
My Best Friend Is Twelve Feet High (drama)1978
Icetime (drama)1993
Barbara BondarAdam & Mrs. B1993
Discovery Mission1993
On the Shuttle: Eight Days in Space (Collab. Roberta Bondar)1993
Fire! Raging Destruction1996
Volcano! Dome of Fire1996
Chip Trip1998
Roberta BondarOn the Shuttle: Eight Days in Space (Collab. Barbara Bondar)1993
Dianna BonderAccidental Alphabet2002
Eleven Lazy Llamas2005
Jean BookerMystery House1987
Ellen's Secret, or, Keeping Secrets1995
Mary BorskyBenny Bensky and the Perogy Palace2001
Benny Bensky and the Giant Pumpkin Heist2002
Benny Bensky and the Parrot-Napper2008
Hélène BoudreauAcadian Star2008
Crimebusting and Detection2008
Miraculous Medicines2008
Science of Swimming2009
Keep Out2010
Live in a Fishing Community (non-fiction)2010
Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings2010
Water Hazard2011
Real Mermaids Shouldn't Hold Their Breath2012
Réjane BougéAbécédaire des pays imaginaires2002
Odette BourdonMatinale à La Malbaie (Les Escapades de Matinale series)1973
Matinale à Montréal (Les Escapades de Matinale series)1973
Matinale à Oka (Les Escapades de Matinale series)1973
Matinale à Percé (Les Escapades de Matinale series)1973
Matinale à Québec (Les Escapades de Matinale series)1973
Matinale à Roberval (Les Escapades de Matinale series)1973
Matinale à Sherbrooke (Les Escapades de Matinale series)1973
Matinale à Val-David (Les Escapades de Matinale series)1973
Madame Tout-Temps1975
Shan et le poisson rouge1999
Shan et le poisson rogue 22004
Paulette Bourgeois"Franklin the Turtle" Series1986
Franklin in the Dark1986
Big Sarah’s Little Boots1987
On Your Mark, Get Set: All About the Olympic Games, Then and Now1987
The Amazing Apple Book1987
Grandma’s Secret1989
The Amazing Paper Book1989
The Amazing Dirt Book1990
Too Many Chickens1990
"My Neighborhood" Series1991
The Amazing Potato Book1991
Changes in You and Me: A Book about Puberty, Mostly for Boys1994
Too Many Hats for Mr. Minches1994
"Starting with Space" Series1995
Changes in You and Me: A Book about Puberty, Mostly for Girls1995
Oma’s Quilt2001
The Dirt on Dirt2008
Lanny BoutinJohn Diefenbaker: The Outsider Who Refused to Quit2006
Mummies: All Wrapped Up2006
Titanic: The Canadian Connection2006
Building Faces: Identities Restored2009
Patricia BowWendigo, Eisiger Tod1990
Der Spiegel zum Jenseits1992
Die Tottenglocke1992
Das Tor zur Unterwelt1994
Die Rache des Schamanen1996
The Spiral Maze1997
Das Grab des Vampirs1998
Der Garten des Henkers2000
Chimpanzee Rescue2004
The Bone Flute2004
Im Bann der Wasserhexe2006
The Ruby Kingdom2007
The Prism Blade2008
Tennis Science2009
Vivien BowersCrime Science1997
Wow Canada!1999
Only in Canada!2002
That's Very Canadian!2004
Crazy About Canada!2006
Karleen BradfordA Year for Growing (Revised 1983 as Wrong Again, Robbie)1977
The Other Elizabeth1982
I Wish There Were Unicorns1983
The Stone in the Meadow1984
The Haunting at Cliff House1985
The Nine Days Queen1986
Windward Island1989
There Will Be Wolves1992
The Thirteenth Child1994
Animal Heroes1995
Shadows on a Sword1996
Write Now!1996
A Different Kind of Champion1998
Lionheart's Scribe1999
Whisperings of Magic2001
With Nothing but Our Courage: The Loyalist Diary of Mary MacDonald2002
You Can't Rush a Cat2003
Ghost Wolf2005
The Scarlet Cross2007
A Desperate Road to Freedom: The Underground Railroad Diary of Julia May Jackson2009
Marianne BrandisA Sense of Dust1972
The Tinderbox1982
The Quarter-Pie Window1985
The Sign of the Scales1990
Fire Ship1992
Rebellion: A Novel of Upper Canada1996
Beverley BrennaDaddy Longlegs at Birch Lane1996
Spider Summer1998
The Keeper of the Trees1999
Wild Orchid2005
The Moon Children2007
Something to Hang On To2009
Waiting for No One2010
Rae BridgmanThe Serpent's Spell2006
Amber Ambrosia2007
Fish and Sphinx2008
Kingdom of Trolls2010
Paule BrièrePar ici la sortie!1991
Esprit, es-tu là?1993
Vol 018 pour Boston: roman pour enfant1996
C'est la nuit -- drôles de bruits!1998
Vol chez maître Corbeau1998
C'est de la triche!1999
Le soleil du 26 juillet, et trois autres histoires (Collab. others)1999
Au loup!2000
Un million pour les fourmis2001
Pouah! du poison!2002
C'est chez moi!2003
Fort comme moi!2004
Au raton voleur!2005
Une sorcière dans la classe2005
Au secours, à moi!2006
Belle comme une grenouille2006
La promenade2006
Les indésirables / The Undesirables (Trans. 2008)2006
Mon bobo à moi!2006
Peurs, pleurs & petits bonheurs2006
Théou, Léa et Léticia en balade2006
Théou, Léa et Léticia font la fête2006
L'abécédaire de Pomme et Pepin2007
La sieste2007
Les dents de la forêt2007
Prisonniers des glaces2007
Découvre Québec avec Louki2008
Irniq et l'aurore boréale2008
Martha BrooksParadise Café, and Other Stories1988
Two Moons in August1991
Traveling on into the Light, and Other Stories1994
I Met a Bully on the Hill (Collab. Maureen Hunter)1995
Bone Dance1997
Being with Henry1999
True Confessions of a Heartless Girl2002
Mistik Lake2007
Chrystine BrouilletLes Pirates1995
The Enchanted Horses1996
La Malédicition des Opales1997
Les Collegiens menant l'enquête1997
No Orchids for Andrea!1997
Mon frere, le Dragon2001
Les Quatre Saisons de Voilette2002
Margaret BuffieWho Is Frances Rain?, or, The Haunting of Frances Rain (1989)1987
The Guardian Circle, or, The Warnings (1991)1989
My Mother's Ghost1992
Someone Else's Ghost1995
The Dark Garden1995
Angels Turn Their Backs1998
The Watcher2000
The Seeker2002
The Finder2004
Out of Focus2006
Sheila BurnfordThe Incredible Journey1961
Mr. Noah and the Second Flood1973
Bel Ria: Dog of War1977
Maureen BushThe Nexus Ring2007
Feather Brain2008
Crow Boy2010
Jeanne BusheyA Sled Dog For Moshi1994
Holiday Hang-Ups1995
The Polar Bear's Gift2000
Orphans in the Sky2004
Inuit Still2006
Wild Horses Couldn't Keep Me Away2006
Simone BussieresJoies de lire (Ed.)1961
Le Plaisir d'apprendre (textbook)1962
Les Fables des trois commeres1962
Jeveux lire: Methode de lecture spontanee (textbook, with supplement "Je compose mon dictionnaire" 1965)1963
Je sais lire: Methode de lecture spontanee (textbook, with supplement "Je compose mon dictionnaire")1965
Le Plaisir de connaitre (textbook)1965
J'aime lire: Methode de lecture spontanee (textbook, with supplement "Je compose mon dictionnaire")1966
Le Petit Sapin qui a pousse sur une etoile1972
Kristin ButcherThe Runaways1997
The Tomorrow Tunnel1999
Waltzing Annie Home1999
The Gramma War2001
Cairo Kelly and the Mann2002
Summer of Suspense2002
The Hemingway Tradition2002
The Trouble With Liberty2003
Zee's Way2004
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Don't Enter the House! (Collab. David Parkins)2008
Don't Forget! (Collab. David Parkins)2008
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Aventurier intergalactique 2006
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McGillycuddy Could!2005
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Pluto’s Ghost2010
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Sur le sol1984
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Dr. Bufflehead Explores Energy2009
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Roslyn Rutabaga and the Biggest Hole on Earth!2010
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Caramba and Henry2011
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On the Road Again (Collab. David Homel)2011
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When Stella Was Very Very Small2011
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Search of the Moon King's Daughter2002
Toxic Love2003
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Dipper Gets Stuck1996
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Let's Call it Canada2003
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Bunnies in Trouble2004
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Prise en sandwich2005
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Je veux!2007
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Pas de chance, c'est dimanche!2007
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C'est un jeu!2009
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Attack on Pearl Harbor2001
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No Cafes in Narnia2000
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Many Places2007
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Matisse et les vaches lunaires2009
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Ma maison / My Home2001
Mes animaux / My Animals2001
Mes douceurs / My Cuddly Toys2001
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C'est bizarre2003
C'est sale2003
C'est drôle2005
C'est loin2005
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Get Real! (Collab. Allison Bottke and Gary Locke)2004
I Don't Like It! (Collab. Luciano Lagares)2004
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So What? (Collab. Luciano Lagares)2004
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