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Anthology is a broad category encompassing fiction, a wide range of non-fiction, poetry and graphic storytelling, sometimes all in the same volume.
Kelley AitkenFirst Writes (Ed. with Sue Goyette and Barbara Scott)2005
Kateri Akiwenzie-Dammskins: contemporary Indigenous writing (Ed. with Josie Douglas)2000
Becky D. AlexanderCloud Shine (Ed. with Cambridge Writers Collective)2006
Edna AlfordKitchen Talk: Contemporary Women's Prose and Poetry (Ed. with Claire Harris)1992
Meltwater (Ed.)1999
Rip-Rap (Ed.)1999
Intersections: Fiction and Poetry from the Banff Centre for the Arts (Ed. with Rhea Tregebov)2000
Donna AllardNo Lost Love II (Ed.)2001
Geneviève AmyotPoétes du Québec: 26 poétes du Québec (contributor)1988
Marguerite AndersenMother was not a person (Ed.)1972
Trois siècles de vie française au pays de Cadillac (contributor)2002
Marjorie AndersonDropped Threads: What We Aren't Told (Ed. with Carol Shields)2001
Dropped Threads 2: More of What We Aren't Told (Ed. with Carol Shields)2003
Dropped Threads 3: Beyond the Small Circle (Ed.)2006
Lisa AppignanesiIdeas from France: The Legacy of French Theory (Ed.)1985
Free Expression is No Offence (Ed.)2005
Jeannette ArmstrongNative Poetry in Canada: A Contemporary Anthology (Ed. with Lally Grauer)2001
Kelley ArmstrongEnthralled (Ed. with Melissa Marr)2011
Margaret AtwoodThe Oxford Book of Canadian Short Stories in English (Ed. with Robert Weaver)1986
The Canlit Foodbook: From Pen to Palate - A Collection of Tasty Literary Fare (Ed.; illustrated by Atwood)1987
Martine AudetPoèmes du lendemain (contributor)1993
Himani BannerjiReturning the Gaze: Essays on Racism, Feminism and Politics (Ed.)1993
Of Property and Propriety: The Role of Gender and Class in Imperialism and Nationalism (Ed. with others)2001
Demography and Democracy: Essays on Nationalism, Gender, and Ideology (Ed.)2011
Marie-Andrée BeaudetÉchanges culturels entre les deux solitudes (Ed.)1999
Claudine BertrandÀ l'orientale (Ed.)1991
Être femmes: poèmes de femmes du Québec et de France (Ed. with Patricia Latour)1999
Le Québec des poètes (Ed.)2000
La France des poètes (Ed. with others)2002
Cathy BeveridgeWellness (Ed.)1994
Cultures in Transition (Ed.)1995
Sonia Birch-JonesTimes Remembered (Ed. with Rosemary Redrup)1999
Stephanie BolsterThe Best Canadian Poetry in English (Ed.)2008
Penned: Animals in Zoos in Poems (Ed. with Katia Grubsic and Simon Reader)2009
Joan BoswellFit To Die: A Crime and Mystery Collection (Ed. with Sue Pike)2001
Bone Dance: A Crime and Mystery Collection (Ed. with Sue Pike)2003
When Boomers Go Bad: A Ladies Killing Circle Anthology (Ed. with Sue Pike and Linda Wilkin)2005
Going Out with a Bang (Ed. with others)2008
Kate BraidThe Fish Come in Dancing: Stories from the West-Coast Fishery (Ed.)2002
In Fine Form: The Canadian Book of Form Poetry (Ed. with Sandy Shreve)2005
Dionne BrandGrammar of Dissent (contributor)1994
Di BrandtWhat is a Nice Feminist--? (Ed. Sandra Nicholls; contributor)1993
Re:Generations: Canadian Women Poets in Conversation (Ed. with Barbara Godard)2005
Wider Boundaries of Daring: The Modernist Impulse in Canadian Women's Poetry (Ed. with Barbara Godard)2009
Kate BridgesMail-Order Marriages (contributor of "Her Alaskan Groom")2010
Marcelle BrissonCélibataire, pourquoi pas? (Ed. with Louise Poissant)1981
Eros au pluriel (Ed.; contributor)1984
Simone BussieresJoies de lire (Ed.)1961
Du Soleil sur ton chemin (Ed.)1970
Elspeth CameronCanadian Culture: An Introductory Reader (Ed.)1997
Great Dames (Ed. with others)1997
Multiculturalism in Canada: An Introductory Reader (Ed.)2004
Skyla Dawn CameronNothing But Red (Ed.)2008
Vicki CameronThe Ladies' Killing Circle (Ed. with others)1995
Cottage Country Killers: A Crime and Mystery Collection (Ed. with Linda Wiken)1997
Menopause Is Murder (Ed. with others)1999
Natalee CapleThe Notebooks: Interviews and New Fiction from Young Contemporary Authors (Ed. with Michelle Berry)2002
Lisa CarducciDossier Poésie chinoise contemporaine (Trans. Carducci; ed. Carducci)2002
Carole Henderson CarpenterExplorations in Canadian Folklore (Ed. with Edith Margaret Fowke)1985
Emily CarrDear Nan: Letters of Emily Carr, Nan Cheney, and Humphrey Toms (Ed. Doreen Walker)1990
Lisa ChalykoffStaging the North (Ed. with Sherrill E. Grace and Eve D'Aeth)1999
Margaret ChristakosIllegitimate Positions: Women & Language (Contributor)1992
Hilary ClarkScenes of Shame: Psychoanalysis, Shame, and Writing (Ed. with Joseph Adamson)1999
Cécile Cloutieranthologie de poésie québécoise contemporaine (Ed.)1968
Opuscula aesthetica nostra (Ed. with Calvin Seerveld)1984
Miron (Collab. Michel Lord and Ben-Z. Shek)2002
Jill Ker ConwayWritten By Herself: Autobiographies of American Women (Ed.)1992
Carole CorbeilA Corner in Each Life: Contemporary Canadian Stories (Ed. with Sean Armstrong; Reflections in Fiction series)1993
Jeni CouzynThe Bloodaxe Book of Contemporary Women Poets (Ed.)1985
Singing Down the Bones (Ed.)1989
Julie E. CzernedaPacking Fraction: And Other Tales of Science and Imagination (Ed.)1999
Explorer: Tales from the Wonder Zones (Ed.)2001
Stardust: Tales from the Wonder Zones (Ed.)2001
Orbiter: Tales from the Wonder Zone (Ed.)2002
Space Inc. (Ed.)2003
ReVisions (Ed. with Isaac Szpindel)2004
Summoned To Destiny (Ed.)2004
Fantastic Companions (Ed.)2005
Mythspring (Ed. with Genevieve Kierans)2006
Polaris: A Celebration of Science (Ed.)2007
Under Cover of Darkness (Ed. with Jana Paniccia)2007
Misspelled (Ed.)2008
Ages of Wonder (Ed. with Robert St Martin)2009
Tesseracts Fifteen: A Case of Quite Curious Tales (Ed.)2011
Eve D'AethStaging the North (Ed. with Sherrill E. Grace and Lisa Chalykoff)1999
Beverley DaurioInk and Strawberries (Ed. with Luise von Flowtow)1988
Justice (Ed.)1988
Love and Hunger (Ed.)1988
Hard Times (Ed.)1990
Sex: An Anthology (Ed.)2001
Vivid: Stories by Five Women (Ed. with Anita Rumley2001
The Closets of Time (Ed. with Richard Truhaler)2007
Mazo de la RocheSelected Stories of Mazo de la Roche (Ed. Douglas Daymond)1979
Ann DecterShe's Gonna Be (Ed.)1998
Patricia DemersStaging Alternative Albertas (Ed. with Rosalind Kerr)2002
Francine DérySarah Blues (Ed.)2010
Denise DesautelsLa passion du sens (contributor)1996
Emma DonoghueWhat Sappho Would Have Said: Four Centuries of Love Poems Between Women (Ed.)1997
The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Short Stories (Ed.)1999
Seen and Heard: Six New Plays by Irish Women (contributor)2001
Candas Jane DorseyPrairie Fire: Canadian Speculative Fiction (Ed. with G.N. Louise Jonasson)1994
Caterina EdwardsEating Apples:Knowing Women's Lives (Ed. with Kay Stewart)1994
Wrestling with the Angel: Women Reclaiming Their Lives (Ed. with Kay Stewart)2000
Sarah EllisGirl’s Own: An Anthology of Canadian Fiction for Young Readers (Ed.)2001
Judith FitzgeraldUn Dozen: Thirteen Canadian Poets (Ed.)1982
SP/ELLES: Poetry by Canadian Women (Ed.)1986
Honor Ford-SmithLionheart Gal: Life Stories of Jamaican Women (Ed. with Sistren)2005
3 Jamaican Plays: A Postcolonial Anthology (Ed.)2011
Edith Margaret FowkeExplorations in Canadian Folklore (Ed. with Carole Henderson Carpenter)1985
Stacey May FowlesShe's Shameless: Women Write About Growing Up, Rocking Out and Fighting Back (Ed. with Megan Griffith-Green)2009
Katerina FretwellNo One Knows the Blood We Share (Ed.)2005
Irene GammelConfessional Politics: Women's Sexual Self-Representations in Life Writing and Popular Media (Ed.)1999
L. M. Montgomery and Canadian Culture (Ed. with Elizabeth Epperly)1999
Making Avonlea: L. M. Montgomery and Popular Culture (Ed.)2002
I Got Lusting Palate: Dada Verse (Ed.)2005
The Intimate Life of L.M. Montgomery (Ed.)2005
Zsuzsi GartnerDarwin's Bastards (Ed.)2010
Lise GauvinTrajectoires: littérature et institutions au Québec et en Belgique francophone (Ed. with Jean-Marie Klinkenberg)1985
Écrivain cherche lecteur (Ed.)1991
L'Âge de la prose: romans et récits québécois des années 80 (Ed. with Franca Marcato-Falzonia)1992
Collaboration in the Feminine: Writings on Women and Culture from Tessera (contributor of "What, You Too?")1994
Giraudoux et l'écriture palimpseste (Ed.)1997
Nouvelles d'Amérique (Ed. with Maryse Condé)1998
Les langues du roman: du plurilinguisme comme stratégie textuelle (Ed.)1999
Les automatistes à Paris: actes d'un colloque (Ed.)2000
Écrit vs écran: influences cinématographiques dans le roman contemporain: actes du colloque international tenu les 7 et 8 septembre 2005 à l'Université de Montréal (Ed. with Christina Horvath)2006
Barbara GodardCollaboration in the Feminine: Writings on Women and Culture from Tessera (Ed.)1994
Re:Generations: Canadian Women Poets in Conversation (Ed. with Di Brandt)2005
Wider Boundaries of Daring: The Modernist Impulse in Canadian Women's Poetry (Ed. with Di Brandt)2009
Linda GoyetteStanding Together: Women Speak out about Violence and Abuse (Ed.)2005
The Story that Brought Me Here: To Alberta from Everywhere (Ed.)2008
Sue GoyetteFirst Writes (Ed. with Barbara Scott and Kelley Aitken)2005
Sherrill E. GraceMargaret Atwood: Language, Text, and System (Ed. with Lorraine Weir)1983
Staging the North (Ed. with Eve D'Aeth and Lisa Chalykoff)1999
Performing National Identities: International Perspectives on Contemporary Canadian Theatre (Ed. with Albert-Reiner Glaap)2003
Theatre and Autobiography: Writing and Performing Lives in Theory and Practice (Ed. with Jerry Wasserman)2006
Canada and the Theatre of War (Ed. with Donna Coates)2008
Megan Griffith-GreenShe's Shameless: Women Write About Growing Up, Rocking Out and Fighting Back (Ed. with Stacey May Fowles)2009
Margaret Ann HayesGin and Platonic (Ed.)2008
Nalo HopkinsonSo Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction & Fantasy (Ed. with Uppinder Mehan)2004
Tesseracts Nine (Ed. with Geoff Ryman)2010
Janette Turner HospitalInheritance (Ed. Turner Hospital)2011
Tanya HuffWomen of War (Ed. with Alexander Potter)2005
Nancy HustonLe Donne e i segni: Scrittura, linguaggio, identità nel segno della differenza femminile (Ed. with Patrizia Magli)1985
Linda HutcheonOther Solitudes: Canadian Multicultural Fictions (Ed. with M. Richmond)1990
Double-Talking: Essays on Verbal and Visual Ironies in Contemporary Canadian Art and Literature (Ed.)1992
Likely Stories: A Postmodern Sampler (Ed. with George Bowering)1992
A Postmodern Reader (Ed. with J. Natoli)1993
Rethinking Literary History: A Dialogue on Theory (Ed. with Mario J. Valdés)2002
Franca IacovettaEnemies Within: Italian and Other Wartime Internments in Canada and Beyond (Ed. with Roberto Perin and Angelo Principe)2000
Women, Gender and Transnational Lives: Italy’s Workers of the World (Ed.)2002
Sisters or Strangers?: Immigrant, Ethnic and Racialized Women in Canadian History (Ed. with Marlene Epp and Frances Swyripa)2003
Paula JohansonTesseracts 7 (Ed. with Jean-Louis Trudel)1998
Judith Grossman (Judith Merril, C. M. Kornbluth, Cyril Judd)Tesseracts (Ed. with Candas Jane Dorsey, Gerry Truscott, Lorna Toolis, Michael Skeet)1985
Monique JuteauDe la neige au soleil: un recueil de quatre-vingt-six poémes du Québec et de la francophonie des Amériques (contributor)1984
Paroles en fête (contributor)1994
Capitale de la poésie (contributor)1995
Premiers mots de l'an 2000 (contributor)2000
Trajectoires au féminin dans la littérature québecoise, 1960-1990 (contributor)2000
Surjeet KalseyAkas Barmala (Ed.)2006
Smaro KamboureliA Mazing Space: Writing Canadian Women Writing (Ed. with Shirley Neuman)1986
Trans.Can.Lit: Resituating the Study of Canadian Literature (Ed. with Roy Miki)2007
Janice Kulyk KeeferPrecarious Present/Promising Future?: Ethnicity and Identities in Canadian Literature (Ed. with Danielle Schaub and Richard E. Sherwin)1996
Rosalind KerrStaging Alternative Albertas (Ed. with Patricia Demers)2002
Genevieve KieransMythspring (Ed. with Julie E. Czerneda)2006
Barbara KlarFast Forward: New Saskatchewan Poets (Ed. with Paul Wilson)2007
Sarah KlassenPoets In The Classroom (Ed. with Betsy Struthers)1995
Zoë LandaleSlice Me Some Truth: An Anthology of Canadian Creative Nonfiction (Ed. with Luanne Armstrong)2011
Rina LasnierFemme plurielle (contributor)1979
Ruth LattaLife Music (Ed. Latta)1989
Linda LeithTelling Differences: New English Fiction from Québec (Ed.)1988
Margot LemireComme un vol d'outardes vers l'an 2000 (contributor)1992
Anne-Michèle LévesqueAbitibissimo (contributor)2000
Naomi K. LewisNo Such Thing as a Free Ride? (contributor)2004
The Journey Prize Stories 20: The Best of Canada's New Writers (contributor)2008
Sharon LewisPlural Desires (Ed. with others)1995
N. J. LindquistHot Apple Cider: Words to Stir the Heart and Warm the Soul (Ed. with Wendy Elaine Nelles)2008
A Second Cup of Apple Cider (Ed. with Wendy Nelles)2011
Celia Barker LottridgeMythic Voices: Reflections in Mythology (Ed. with Alison Dickie)1990
The American Children's Treasury (Ed.)1991
Letters to the Wind: Classic Stories and Poems for Children, or, American Stories and Poems for Children (Ed.; 2001)1995
Bounce Me, Tickle Me, Hug Me: Lap Rhymes and Play Rhymes from around the World (Ed.)1997
Janet LunnThe Canadian Children’s Treasury (Ed.)1994
The Unseen, or, The Unexplained (Ed. Lunn)1994
Kathy MacBS Poetry Society-Ecphore '87 Poetry Anthology (Ed. with Joe Blades)1987
Daphne MarlattOpening Doors in Vancouver's East End (Ed. with Carole Itter)2011
Dona Paul MasselVoices from the Yellow House (Ed. Massel)1992
Susan McMasterDangerous Graces: Women's Poetry on Stage (Ed.)1987
Siolence: Poets on Women, Violence and Silence (Ed.)1997
Waging Peace: Poetry and Political Action (Ed.)2002
Pith & Wry: Canadian Poetry (Ed.)2010
Florence McNeilDo Whales Jump at Night? (Ed.)1990
Pamela Claire MordecaiFrom Our Yard: Jamaican Poetry Since Independence (Ed.)1987
Her True-True Name (Ed. with Betty Wilson)1989
Bernice MorganFrom This Place: A Selection of Writing by Women of Newfoundland and Labrador (Ed. with Helen Porter and Geraldine Rubia)1977
Rona MurrayThreshold: Six Women, Six Poets (Ed.)1988
Love & Pomegranates: An Anthology of Short Fiction (Ed. with Garry McKevitt)2000
Susan MusgraveYou Be Me: Friendship in the Lives of Teen Girls (Ed.)2002
Elaine Kalman NavesPutting Down Roots: Montreal's Immigrant Writers (Ed.)1998
Hilary Bates NearyOntario's African-Canadian Heritage: Collected Writings by Fred Landon, 1918-1967 (Ed. with Karolyn Smardz Frost and Bryan Walls)2009
Yvette NolanRefractions: Solo (Ed. with Donna-Michelle St. Bernard)2011
Virginia O'DineThe Okal Rel Universe Anthology 1 (Ed. with Lynda Williams)2001
Madeleine Ouellette-MichalskaL'avenir du français au Québec (Ed.)1984
Jana PanicciaUnder Cover of Darkness (Ed. with Julie E. Czerneda)2007
Uma ParameswaranAt the Gates (Ed.)2004
Writing the Diaspora: Essays on Culture and Identity (Ed.)2007
Kit PearsonThis Land: A Cross-Country Anthology of Canadian Fiction for Young Readers (Ed.)1998
Sue PikeFit To Die: A Crime and Mystery Collection (Ed. with Joan Boswell)2001
Bone Dance: A Crime and Mystery Collection (Ed. with Joan Boswell)2003
When Boomers Go Bad: A Ladies Killing Circle Anthology (Ed. with Joan Boswell and Linda Wilkin)2005
Locked Up: Tales of Mystery and Mischance along Canada's Rideau Canal Waterway (Ed.)2007
Emily Pohl-WearyGirls Who Bite Back: Witches, Mutants, Slayers, and Freaks (Ed.)2004
Louise PoissantCélibataire, pourquoi pas? (Ed. with Marcelle Brisson)1981
Esthetique des Arts Mediatiques: Proliferation des ecrans (Ed. with Pierre Tremblay)2008
Anna PorterFarewell to the 70s: A Canadian Salute to a Confusing Decade (Ed. with Marjorie Harris)1979
Helen Fogwill PorterFrom This Place: A Selection of Writing by Women of Newfoundland and Labrador (Ed. with Bernice Morgan and Geraldine Rubia)1977
Sina QueyrasOpen Field: 30 Contemporary Canadian Poets (Ed.)2005
Aviva RavelCanadian Mosaic (Ed.; contributor)1996
Canadian Mosaic II: 6 Plays (Ed.; contributor)1996
a. rawlings (angela rawlings)Shift and Switch: New Canadian Poetry (Ed. with Jason Christie)2005
Roberta ReesEaten of Worms (Ed.)1991
Heather RobertsonTaking Care of Business: Stories of Canadian Women Entrepreneurs (Ed.)1997
Patricia RobertsonWriting North: An Anthology of Contemporary Yukon Writers (Ed. with Erling Friis-Baastad)1992
Veronica RossVoices from the Pool: An Anthology (Ed. with Keith Slater)1994
The Grand River Anthology (Ed. with Marianne Paul)1997
Our Mate and Other Stories about Work (Ed. with Tim Bates with Betty Reinders)2002
Geraldine RubiaFrom This Place: A Selection of Writing by Women of Newfoundland and Labrador (Ed. with Bernice Morgan and Helen Porter)1977
Mary RubioKanata: An Anthology of Canadian Children's Literature (Ed. with Glenys Stow)1976
Harvesting Thistles: The Textual Garden of L.M. Montgomery (Ed.)1994
Anne of Green Gables: Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Criticism (Ed. with Elizabeth Waterston)2007
Judith RudakoffQuestionable Activities: Canadian Theatre Artists Interviewed by Canadian Theatre Students Volume I (Ed.; chapbook)1996
Questionable Activities: Canadian Theatre Artists Interviewed by Canadian Theatre Students Volume II (Ed.; chapbook)1997
Questionable Activities: Canadian Theatre Artists Interviewed by Canadian Theatre Students Volume III (Ed.; chapbook)1998
Barbara ScottFirst Writes (Ed. with Sue Goyette and Kelley Aitken)2005
Djanet SearsTellin' It Like It Is: A Compendium of African Canadian Monologues for Actors (Ed.)2000
Testifyin': Contemporary African Canadian Drama (Ed.)2000
Carol ShieldsDropped Threads: What We Aren’t Told (Ed. with Marjorie Anderson)2001
Early Voices (Ed. T. L. Walters and James King; contributor)2001
Dropped Threads 2: More of What We Aren't Told (Ed. with Marjorie Anderson)2003
Makeda SilveraThe Other Woman: Women of Colour in Contemporary Canadian Literature (Ed.)1995
Sherry SimonMapping Literature: The Art and Politics of Translation (Ed. with David Homel)1988
Changing the Terms: Translating in the Postcolonial Era (Ed. with Paul St. Pierre)2000
Translation Effects: Canadian Culture and Translation (Ed. with Kathy Mezei and Luise von Flotow)2011
Merilyn SimondsGardens: A Literary Companion (Ed.)2008
Night: A Literary Companion (Ed.)2009
Sonja SkarstedtEternal Conversations: Remembering Louis Dudek (Ed. with Aileen Collins and Michael Gnarowski)2003
Carolyn SmartLake Effect (Ed.)2003
Caro SolesBlood on the Holly (Ed.)2007
Don Juan and Men: Tales of Lust and Seduction (Ed.)2009
Madeline SonikFresh Blood: New Canadian Gothic Fiction (Ed. with Eric Henderson)1998
Entering the Landscape (Ed. with Erik Henderson)2001
Carolyn Marie SouaidFreedom: Anthology of Canadian Poets for Turkish Resistance (Ed. with Elias Letelier-Ruz and Endre Farkas)2006
Quotidian Fever: New and Selected Poems of Endre Farkas 1974-2004 (Ed.)2007
Linda SpaldingThe Brick Reader (Ed. with Michael Ondaatje)1991
Donna-Michelle St. BernardRefractions: Solo (Ed. with Yvette Nolan)2011
Kay StewartEating Apples (Ed. with Caterina Edwards)1994
Wrestling with the Angel (Ed. with Caterina Edwards)2000
Betsy StruthersPoets In The Classroom (Ed. with Sarah Klassen)1995
Rosemary SullivanPoetry by Canadian Women (Ed.)1989
Linda SvendsenWords We Call Home: Celebrating Creative Writing at UBC (Ed.)1990
Susan SwanMothers Talk Back: Mothers Talk Candidly About The Secret World Of Motherhood (Ed. with Sarah Sheard and Margaret Dragu; momz Radio)1991
Andrea ThompsonOther Tongues: Mixed-Race Women Speak Out (Ed. with Adebe De Rango-Adem)2010
Lorna ToolisTesseracts 4 (Ed.with Michael Skeet)2002
Rhea TregebovWork in Progress: Building Feminist Culture (Ed.)1987
Frictions: Stories by Women (Ed.)1989
Sudden Miracles: Eight Women Poets (Ed.)1991
Frictions 2: Stories by Women (Ed.)1993
A Long Life of Making: Poems from the Pat Lowther Memorial Award Winners (Ed.)2000
Intersections: Fiction and Poetry from the Banff Centre for the Arts (Ed. with Edna Alford)2000
Gifts: Poems for Parents (Ed.)2002
Arguing with the Storm: Stories by Yiddish Women Writers (Ed.)2007
Maxine TrottierSherwood: Original Stories from the World of Robin Hood (Ed. Jane Yolen; contributor)2000
Aritha van HerkEarly Voices (Ed. T. L. Walters and James King; contributor)2001
Halli VillegasIn the Dark (Ed. with Myna Wallin)2006
Luise von FlotowThe Politics of Translation in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (Ed. with Daniel Russell and Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski)2001
The Third Shore: Short Fiction by Contemporary Women Writers from East/Central Europe (Trans. von Flotow and Agatha Schwartz; ed. with Schwartz)2006
Translating Canada: Charting the Institutions and Influences of Cultural Transfer: Canadian Writing in Germany (Ed. with Reingard Nischik)2007
Translation Effects: Canadian Culture and Translation (Ed. with Kathy Mezei and Sherry Simon)2011
Miriam WaddingtonJohn Sutherland: Essays, Controversies and Poems (Ed.)1972
Canadian Jewish Short Stories (Ed.)1990
Myna WallinThe Dark: Stories from the Supernatural (Ed. with Halli Villegas)2006
IV Lounge Nights (Ed. with Alex Boyd)2008
Ann WalshBeginnings: Stories of Canada's Past (Ed.)2001
Winds Through Time (Ed.)2006
Dianne WarrenEureka!: Seven One-Act Plays for Secondary Schools (Ed. with Jacquie Johnston Lewis)1994
Louise WarrenLa poésie mémoire de l’art (Ed.)2003
Carol Ann WeaverSound in the Land: Essays on Mennonites and Music (Ed. with Maureen Epp)2006
Phyllis WebbThe Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology: A Selection of the 2004 Shortlist (Ed.)2005
Linda WikenCottage Country Killers: A Crime and Mystery Collection (Ed. with Vicki Cameron)1997
Lynda WilliamsThe Okal Rel Universe Anthology 1 (Ed. with Virginia O'Dine)2001
Okal Rel Universe Anthology 2 (Ed. with John Preet)2007
Opus 1: An Okal Rel Universe Legacy (Ed. with Virginia O'Dine)2009
Josée YvonPulsations (contributor)1980
Jan ZwickyWhy I Sing the Blues: Lyrics and Poems (Ed. with Brad Cran)2001