Below is the list of works in your selected genre, sorted alphabetically by writer's last name. Click the link to download a PDF version of this list, or use the menu on the left to select another genre.
In addition to the works listed here, many of these writers have published short fiction in literary journals or collections organized by others. However, for the purposes of brevity and to avoid repetition such titles are not included.
Carolyne AarsenA Family-Style Christmas2006
The Only Best Place2006
All in One Place2007
Yuletide Homecoming2007
Finally a Family2008
A Family for Luke2009
Angie AbdouAnything Boys Can Do2006
The Bone Cage2007
A Canterbury Trail2011
Nora AbercrombieHardwired Angel (Collab. Candas Jane Dorsey)1985
Marianne AckermanJump2000
Matters of Hart2005
Piers' Desire2010
Janice AcooseIskwewak Kah Yaw Ni Wahkomakanak1995
Michèle AdamsBright Objects of Desire
Sylvia AdamsThis Weather of Hangmen1996
Gil AdamsonHelp Me Jacques Cousteau1995
The Outlander2007
Caroline AddersonBad Imaginings1993
A History of Forgetting1999
Sitting Practice2003
Mr. Justice2005
Pleased to Meet You2006
The Sky is Falling2010
Marie-Celie AgnantLa Dot de Sarah1995
Le Silence comme le sang1997
Le Livre d’Emma2001
L'oranger magique2003
La légende du poisson amoureux2003
Un Alligator nommé Rosa2007
Judie AitkenA Love Beyond Time2000
A Place Called Home2001
Distant Echoes2003
Secret Shadows2004
Kelley AitkenLove in a Warm Climate1998
First Writes (Ed. with Sue Goyette and Barbara Scott)2005
Kateri Akiwenzie-Dammmy heart is a stray bullet1993
skins: contemporary Indigenous writing (Ed. with Josie Douglas)2000
Without Reservation: Indigenous Erotica2003
Becky D. AlexanderScratchings on the Moon (Edited by Alexander; anthology)2002
Shrapnel: Tales of a Soldier Dad2009
Edna AlfordA Sleep Full of Dreams1981
The Garden of Eloise Loon1986
Kitchen Talk: Contemporary Women's Prose and Poetry (Ed. with Claire Harris)1992
Meltwater (Ed.)1999
Rip-Rap (Ed.)1999
Intersections: Fiction and Poetry from the Banff Centre for the Arts (Ed. with Rhea Tregebov)2000
Sandra AllandHere's to Wang (chapbook)2009
Francine AllardMa belle pitoune en or1993
La couleuvre1995
Les mains si blanches de Pye Chang2000
Les aiguilles du temps (La couturière series, book 1)2008
J'ai tué Freud et il m'en veut encore2009
 La vengeance de la veuve noire (La couturière series, book 2)2009
Trois-Pistoles (La couturière series, book 3)2010
Harper AllenThe Man That Got Away1998
Twice Tempted1999
Guarding Jane Doe2001
Protector With A Past2001
Sullivan's Last Stand2001
Woman Most Wanted2001
The Bride And The Mercenary2002
The Night In Question2002
Covert Cowboy2003
McQueen's Heat2003
Desperado Lawman2004
Lone Rider Bodyguard2004
Shotgun Daddy2004
Dressed To Slay2006
Dead Is The New Black2007
Lou AllinNorthern Winters Are Murder2000
Blackflies Are Murder2002
Bush Poodles Are Murder2003
A Little Learning Is A Murderous Thing2005
Murder, Eh?2006
Memories Are Murder2007
And on the Surface Die2008
Man Corn Murders2009
She Felt No Pain2010
That Dog Won't Hunt2010
Anne-Marie AlonzoEcoute Sultane1987
Galia qu’elle nommait Amour1992
Rona AltrowsA Run on Hose2006
Key in Lock2010
Donna AlwardThe Girl Most Likely2006
Almost a Family2007
Hired by the Cowboy2007
Marriage at Circle M2007
Falling for Mr Dark and Dangerous2008
The Soldier's Homecoming2008
Hired: The Italian's Bride2009
Montana, Mistletoe, Marriage2009
The Rancher's Runaway Princess2009
Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses2010
Her Lone Cowboy2010
Mediterranean Men and Marriage2010
One Dance with the Cowboy2010
Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle2010
A Family for the Rugged Rancher2011
Honeymoon with the Rancher2011
Sold to the Highest Bidder2011
Elissa AmbroseJourney of the Heart2002
A Mother's Reflection2003
The Best of Both Worlds2004
The Marriage Act2004
Geneviève AmyotL'absent aigu1976
Journal de l'année passée1978
Dans la pitié des chairs1982
Petites fins du monde1988
Marguerite AndersenDe mémoire de femme1983
Courts métrages et instantanés: nouvelles1991
La soupe: roman1995
La Bicyclette: nouvelles1997
Les crus de l'Esplanade: nouvelles1998
Dreaming Our Space2004
Parallèles: fiction documentaire2004
Doucement de Bonheur2006
Doucement le bonheur: roman2006
Le Figuier sur le toit2006
Doris AndersonTwo Women1978
Rough Layout1981
Affairs of State1988
Pamela AndersonStar2004
Star Struck2005
R. J. AndersonSpell Hunter (Published in UK as Knife)2009
Wayfarer (Published in UK as Rebel)2010
Gail Anderson-DargatzThe Miss Hereford Stories1994
The Cure for Death by Lightning1996
A Recipe for Bees1998
A Rhinestone Button2002
Turtle Valley2007
Ginette AnfousseLa montée des marguerites, 13 nouvelles (Collab. Pierre Sarrazin)1977
Vivi AnnaHungry Like the Wolf2005
Hell Kat2006
Sexy Beast (Collab. Kate Douglas and Noelle Mack)2006
Alluring Tales I2007
Bad to the Bone2007
Blood Secrets2007
Dark Lies2007
Alluring Tales 2: Hot Holiday Nights2008
Ice Bound2008
Mahina's Storm2008
Veiled Truth2008
Winter Kissed2008
In the Company of Wolves2009
Midnight Cravings!2009
The Vampire Quest2009
Captive Souls (Collab. Kimberly Kaye Terry and Delilah Devlin)2010
Demon Dreamer2010
Her Dark Heart2010
The Vampire's Kiss2010
Lisa AppignanesiMemory and Desire1991
Dreams of Innocence / Snovi o nevinosti (Trans. Ljiljana Scuric 2001)1994
A Good Woman1996
The Things We Do for Love1997
The Dead of Winter / In der Stille des Winters (Trans. Wolf-Dietrich Muller 2000)1999
Paris Requiem2001
Kicking Fifty2003
The Memory Man2004
Unholy Loves: A Belle Epoque Mystery2005
Nelly ArcanPutain2001
L'enfant dans le miroir2007
Paradis, Clef en Main2009
Catherine Archer (Catherine Archibald)Rose Among Thorns1992
Velvet Bond1995
Velvet Touch1996
Lady Thorn1997
Lord Sin1997
Fire Song1998
Hawk's Lady1998
Winter's Bride1999
Loving Charity2000
The Bride of Spring2000
Autumn's Bride2001
Summer's Bride2001
Dragon's Dower2002
Dragon's Knight2002
Dragon's Daughter2003
Maria ArdizziMade in Italy1982
Il Sapore Agro della Mia Terra1984
La Buona America1987
Tra le Colline e di la dal Mare1990
Women and Lovers (Trans. Pasquale Verdicchio)2000
Vivian ArendSweet Mischief2009
Tidal Wave2009
Turn it On2009
Wolf Flight2009
Wolf Signs2009
Claiming Derryn2010
Falling Freestyle2010
Fateful (Collab. Celia Kyle)2010
Fired Up (Collab. Celia Kyle)2010
Peerless (Collab. Celia Kyle)2010
Soul Deep2010
Tangled Tinsel2010
The Wind and the Sun2010
Under the Northern Lights2010
Wolf Games2010
Wolf Tracks2010
Black Gold2011
Breaking Waves2011
Rising Freestyle2011
Silent Storm2011
Stormy Seduction2011
Turn it Up2011
Under the Midnight Sun2011
Jeannette ArmstrongSlash1985
Whispering in the Shadows2000
Kelley ArmstrongBitten2001
Dime Store Magic2004
Industrial Magic2004
Becoming (Collab. Xaviere Daumarie; e-book, print edition released 2011)2007
Exit Strategy2007
No Humans Involved2007
Living with the Dead2008
Personal Demon2008
The Summoning2008
Made to be Broken2009
Men of the Otherworld2009
The Awakening2009
Counterfeit Magic2010
Tales of the Otherworld2010
The Reckoning2010
Waking the Witch2010
Enthralled (Ed. with Melissa Marr)2011
Hidden (Collab. Xaviere Daumarie; illustrated by Daumarie)2011
Spell Bound2011
The Gathering2011
The Calling2012
Luanne ArmstrongBordering1995
The Colour of Water1998
The Bone House2002
Sally ArmstrongRacers1999
Ellen AsheRelic2006
The Mountain Man2006
The Sorcerer's Mark2006
Bite Me! Bordello Dolls2008
Misery Loves Company2008
The Tarot Prince2008
Lady Outlaws2009
Love Bites: Eternal Tryst2009
Love Not Forgotten2009
When Shadows Stir2009
Sharon AshwoodRavenous2009
Catherine AstolfoThe Bridgeman2005
Seventh Fire2010
Margaret AtwoodThe Edible Woman1969
Lady Oracle1976
Dancing Girls1977
Life Before Man1979
Bodily Harm1981
Bluebeard’s Egg1983
Murder in the Dark1983
The Handmaid’s Tale1985
The Oxford Book of Canadian Short Stories in English (Ed. with Robert Weaver)1986
Cat’s Eye1988
Wilderness Tips1991
Good Bones1992
The Robber Bride1993
Good Bones and Simple Murders (omnibus collecting Good Bones and Murder in the Dark)1994
Alias Grace1996
The Blind Assassin2000
Oryx and Crake2003
The Penelopiad2005
Moral Disorder2006
The Tent2006
The Year of the Flood2009
Rosemary AubertFirebrand1986
A Thousand to One1996
Free Reign1997
The Feast of Stephen1999
The Ferryman Will Be There2001
Leave Me by Dying2003
Red Mass2005
The Judge of Orphans2007
The Light in Trieste2011
Suzanne AubryLe Fort Interieur2006
Fanette: Á la conquete de la haute ville2008
Fanette: Le secret d'Amanda2010
Fanette: Le vengeance du Lumber Lord2010
Kate Austin (Josee Renard)Dragonflies and Dinosaurs2005
Holiday Wishes2006
The Gossip Queens2006
The Sunshine Coast News2006
Last Night at the Halfmoon2007
Seeing is Believing2007
Summer Dreams2007
The Demon Next Door: Ali2009
The Pleasure Club: The Demon2009
The Pleasure Club: The Nun2009
The Pleasure Club: The Nymph2009
The Demon Next Door: Morteza2010
The Dressing Room2010
The Pleasure Club: The Chief2010
Working It2010
The Demon Next Door: Navid2011
The Pleasure Club: The Magician2011
Winter Warming2011
Anita Rau BadamiTamarind Mem1996
The Hero’s Walk2000
Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?2006
Tell it to the Trees2011
Judy BagshawLady Blue2003
Love by the Pound2004
Teacher's Pet2005
Big Fat Lies2006
At Long Last Love2007
Through All Eternity2010
Martha BaillieMy Sister, Esther1995
Madame Balashovskaya's Apartment1999
The Shape I Gave You2006
The Incident Report2009
Nancy BakerThe Night Inside1993
Blood and the Chrysanthemums1994
A Terrible Beauty1996
Diane Baker-MasonLast Summer at Barebones2001
Men with Brooms2002
Shauna Singh BaldwinEnglish Lessons and Other Stories1996
What the Body Remembers1999
The Tiger Claw2005
We Are Not in Pakistan2007
Mary BaloghA Chance Encounter1985
A Masked Deception1985
The Double Wager1985
Red Rose1986
The First Snowdrop1986
The Trysting Place1986
Gentle Conquest1987
The Constant Heart1987
The Wood Nymph1987
An Unacceptable Offer1988
Secrets of the Heart1988
The Ungrateful Governess1988
A Gift of Daisies1989
Daring Masquerade1989
Lady with a Black Umbrella1989
The Gilded Web1989
The Obedient Bride1989
A Promise of Spring1990
An Unlikely Duchess1990
Devil's Web1990
The Incurable Matchmaker1990
Web of Love1990
A Certain Magic1991
Christmas Beau1991
Snow Angel1991
The Ideal Wife1991
The Secret Pearl1991
A Christmas Promise1992
A Counterfeit Betrothal1992
Beyond the Sunrise1992
The Notorious Rake1992
A Precious Jewel1993
Courting Julia1993
Christmas Belle1994
Dancing with Clara1994
Dark Angel1994
Tempting Harriet1994
Lord Carew's Bride1995
The Famous Heroine1996
The Plumed Bonnet1996
A Christmas Bride1997
Silent Melody1997
The Temporary Wife1997
The Last Waltz1998
Thief of Dreams1998
One Night for Love1999
More than a Mistress2000
No Man's Mistress2001
A Summer to Remember2002
Slightly Married2003
Slightly Scandalous2003
Slightly Wicked2003
Slightly Dangerous2004
Slightly Sinful2004
Slightly Tempted2004
Simply Love2006
Simply Unforgettable2006
Simply Magic2007
Simply Perfect2008
At Last Comes Love2009
First Comes Marriage2009
Seducing An Angel2009
Then Comes Seduction2009
A Secret Affair2010
Taming the Devil2010
Now a Bride2011
The Secret Mistress2011
Winifred BambrickContinental Revue1946
Bessie Jane BanfillLabrador Nurse1954
With the Indians in the Pacific1966
Pioneer Nurse1967
Nurse of the Islands1990
Mimi BarbourTogether for Christmas2001
She's Me2008
He's Her2009
The Vicarage Bench (omnibus of She's Me, He's Her and We're One)2009
We're One2009
Together Again2011
Byrna BarclayThe Summer of the Hungry Pup1981
The Last Echo1985
From the Belly of a Flying Whale1989
Winter of the White Wolf1989
Searching for the Nude in the Landscape1996
The Forest Horses2010
Joan BarfootAbra1978
Duet for Three1985
Dancing in the Dark1986
Family News1989
Plain Jane1992
Charlotte and Claudia Keeping in Touch1994
Some Things About Flying1997
Getting Over Edgar1999
Critical Injuries2001
Exit Lines2008
Denise Barnardsome tings lie do deep1995
Diana BarronPhantom Feast2001
Florence Barton (Anne Barton)The Evil that We Do1996
The Third Day2000
The Death of the Wicked2001
Till Hell Freezes Over2003
A Switch in Time2006
Evil in Their Hearts2007
Judy Fong BatesChina Dog and other Tales from a Chinese Laundry1997
Midnight at the Dragon Café2004
A Year of Finding Memory2010
Shelley BatesGrounds to Believe2004
Pocketful of Pearls2005
A Sounding Brass2006
Over Her Head2007
The Wounded Heart2011
Elizabeth Batten-Carew (Opal Carew)Beyond the Clouds2004
Masquerade of Love2004
Undercover Blues2004
Darkest Nyte2005
The Christmas Angel2005
The King and I2005
Magical Dawn2006
Slaves of Love2006
Twin Fantasies2007
Christmas Angel2009
Secret Ties2009
Crystal Genie2010
Forbidden Heat2010
Pleasure Bound2010
Total Abandon2011
Nancy BauerFlora, Write this Down1982
Wise Ears1985
The Opening Eye1988
Samara, the Wholehearted1991
The Irrational Doorways of Mr. Gerard1994
Jean Rae BaxterA Twist of Malice2005
Looking for Cardenio2008
Scattered Light2011
The Broken Trail2011
The Runaways2012
Joan BaxterStrangers Are Like Children: Stories of Africa1996
Michelle BeattieWhat a Prince Desires2008
Romancing the Pirate2009
A Pirate's Possession2011
Marguerite BeaudryTout un été, l'hiver1976
Debout dans le soleil1977
Le Rendez-vous de Samarcande1981
Les Yeux ne sont pas faits que pour pleurer1985
Souvenirs d'amours1988
À force d'oubli1992
Le verglas comme miroir1999
Germaine BeaulieuSortie d'elle(s) mutante1980
Louise-Marie BedardMême les anges font des cauchemars1997
Café des anges1998
Stephanie Bedwell-GrimeBleeding Sun1999
The DeadWalk2002
A Darker Passion2003
Guardian Angel2003
Witch Island2003
Fair Game, Inc.2004
Fallen Angel2004
Dark Desire2005
Starr Struck & Beneath a Million Stars2005
Honeymoon for One2006
Hot Hot Hot2007
Dark Love2008
A Pirate's Life2009
Feral Passion2009
The Dark Between2010
The Vampire Next Door2010
Mummy's the Word2011
Wishful Thinking2011
Nicole BélangerSalut mon roi mongol!1995
Un jour, nous épouserons Romain Gary2000
Ève BélisleLa Petite maison du Bord-de-l'Eau1981
Pension de famille1984
Comme les pas sur le sable: roman1985
La Rivière avait une âme: roman1988
Saisons d'espérance1988
Philippe et le sortilège1995
Lisette BelisleJust Jessie1997
The Wedding Bargain2002
Her Sister's Secret Son2003
His Pretend Wife2003
Naomi BellisStep into Darkness2006
Draw Down the Darkness2007
Theft of Shadows2008
Danielle BennettHavemercy (Collab. Jaida Jones)2008
Shadow Magic (Collab. Jaida Jones)2009
Dragon Soul (Collab. Jaida Jones)2010
M. D. BenoitMetered Space2004
Meter Made: A Jack Meter Case File2005
Meter Destiny: A Jack Meter Case File2008
Meter Parents2011
Constance Beresford-HoweThe Unreasoning Heart1946
Of This Day’s Journey1947
The Invisible Gate1949
My Lady Greensleeves1955
The Book of Eve1973
A Population of One1977
The Marriage Bed1981
Night Studies1985
Prospero’s Daughter1989
A Serious Widow1991
Tamara Faith BergerLie With Me2001
The Way of the Whore2005
A Woman Alone At Night2007
Jovette-Alice BernierLa Chair décevante1931
Non monsieur1969
Louky Bersianik (Lucile Durand)L'Euguélionne / The Euguelionne: A Triptych Novel (Trans. 1981)1976
Le pique-nique sur l’Acropole1979
Permafrost, 1937-19381997
Janette BertrandLe Bien des miens2007
Le Cocon2009
Cathy BeveridgeCultures in Transition (Ed.)1995
Jo BeverleyLord Wraybourne's Betrothed1988
The Stanforth Secrets1989
The Stolen Bride1990
An Arranged Marriage1991
Emily and the Dark Angel1991
The Fortune Hunter1991
An Unwilling Bride1992
Christmas Angel1992
Lord of My Heart1992
Dark Champion1993
Deirdre and Don Juan1993
My Lady Notorious1993
Dangerous Joy1995
Tempting Fortune1995
The Shattered Rose1996
Something Wicked1997
Forbidden Magic1998
Lord of Midnight1998
Secrets of the Night1999
The Devil's Heiress2001
The Dragon's Bride2001
St. Raven2003
Winter Fire2003
A Most Unsuitable Man2005
The Rogue's Return2006
To Rescue a Rogue2006
Lady Beware2007
A Lady's Secret2008
Lovers and Ladies2008
The Secret Wedding2009
The Secret Duke2010
An Unlikely Countess2011
Forbidden Magic2011
The Dragon's Bride2011
Sonia Birch-JonesA First Class Funeral1983
Sandra BirdsellNight Travellers1982
Ladies of the House1984
Agassiz Stories1987
The Missing Child1989
The Chrome Suite1992
Two-Headed Calf1997
The Russländer, or, Katya2001
Children of the Day2005
Waiting for Joe2010
Anita BirtIsabelle's Diary2007
Isabelle's Story2007
Ring Around the Moon2008
Too Young to Die2008
A Very Difficult Man2009
Nadine BismuthLes Gens Fideles Ne Font Pas Les Nouvelles2008
Lise BissonnetteMarie suivait l'été: roman / Following the Summer: a novel (Trans. Sheila Fischman 1993)1992
Choses crues: roman / Affairs of Art: a novel (Trans. Sheila Fischman 1996)1995
Quittes et doubles - scènes de réciprocité: nouvelles / Cruelties: stories (Trans. Sheila Fischman 1998)1997
Un lieu approprié: roman / An Appropriate Place: a novel (Trans. Sheila Fischman 2002)2001
Marie-Claire BlaisLa Belle Bête / Mad Shadows (Trans. 1960)1959
Le jour est noir / The Day Is Dark (Trans. 1967)1960
Tête blanche1960
Le jour est noir et Les Voyageurs sacrés / The Day is Dark - and, Three Travellers: two novellas (Trans. Derek Coltman 1967)1962
Une Saison dans la vie d’Emmanuel / A Season in the Life of Emmanuel (Trans. 1966)1965
L'Insoumise / The Fugitive1966
David Sterne1967
Manuscripts de Pauline Archange / The Manuscripts of Pauline Archange (Trans. 1970)1969
Les Apparances / Dürer’s Angel (Trans. 1976)1970
Le Loup / The Wolf (Trans. 1974)1972
Un Joualonais, sa joualonie / St. Lawrence Blues (Trans. 1974)1973
Une Liaison parisienne / A Literary Affair1975
Les nuits de l’Underground / Nights in the Underground (Trans. 1979)1978
Le sourd dans la ville / Deaf to the City (Trans. 1981)1979
Visions d'Anna ou le vertige / Anna’s World (Trans. 1985)1982
Pierre, la guerre du printemps 81 / Pierre, the War in Spring 81 (Trans. 1993)1984
L’ange de la solitude / The Angel of Solitude1989
Soifs / These Festive Nights (Trans. 1997)1995
Naissance de Rebecca à l’ère des tourments2008
Patricia BlondalA Candle to Light the Sun1960
From Heaven with a Shout1963
Dominique BlondeauLes visages de l'enfance1970
Demain, c'est l'Orient1972
Que mon désir soit ta demeure1975
L'Agonie d'une salamandre1979
Les funambules1980
Les Errantes1983
Un Homme foudroyé1985
La Poursuite1986
Femmes de soleil1988
Les feux de l'exil1991
Fragments d'un mensonge1993
Alice comme une rumeur1996
Éclats de femmes1999
Larmes de fond2002
Une île de rêves2004
Soleil et cruautés2007
Lise BlouinMiroir à deux visages1981
D'Élise à la folie1989
L'or des fous2004
Louise BohmerThe Black Act2009
Charlotte BoisjoliLa Chatte blanche1981
Le Dragon vert1983
13, rue de Buci1989
Jacynthe: récit1990
Hélène BoisséTirer la langue à sa mère: fictions et autres réalités2000
Alice BoissonneauThe McCrimmons1974
Eileen McCullough1976
There Will Be Gardens1991
A Sudden Brightness1994
France BoisvertLes Samourailles: roman1987
Li Tsing-Tao, ou Le grand avoir: conte1989
Le Voyageur aux yeux d'onyx2003
Barbara BondarThe System2010
Mary BorskyInfluence of the Moon1995
Cobalt Blue2007
Monique BoscoUn Amour maladroit1961
Les Infusoires1965
La Femme de Loth / Lot's Wife (Trans. 1975)1971
New Medea1974
Charles Lévy, m.d.1977
Portrait de Zeus peint par Minerve1982
Sara Sage1986
Joan BoswellFit To Die: A Crime and Mystery Collection (Ed. with Sue Pike)2001
Bone Dance: A Crime and Mystery Collection (Ed. with Sue Pike)2003
Cut Off his Tale2005
When Boomers Go Bad: A Ladies Killing Circle Anthology (Ed. with Sue Pike and Linda Wilkin)2005
Cut to the Quick2007
Going Out with a Bang (Ed. with others)2008
Cut to the Chase2009
Cut to the Bone2010
Louise BouchardDécalage vers le bleu: roman1996
Denise BoucherAu Beau Milieu: La Fin2011
Réjane BougéL'amour cannibale: roman1992
La voix de la sirène: roman1994
L'année de la baleine1999
Odette BourdonUn été en ville1991
Gail Bowen1919: The Love Letters of George and Adelaide (Collab. Ron Marken)1987
Deadly Appearances1990
Murder at the Mendel1991
The Wandering Soul Murders1992
A Colder Kind of Death1994
A Killing Spring1996
Verdict in Blood1998
Burying Ariel2000
The Glass Coffin2002
The Last Good Day2004
Love You to Death2010
One Fine Day You're Gonna Die2010
The Nesting Dolls2010
The Brutal Heart2011
The Endless Knot2011
Judith BowenThat Man Next Door1990
Man of Steele1991
Paper Marriage1991
A Home on the Range1992
Heart of the North1992
High Country Rancher1993
The Man from Blue River1996
The Rancher's Runaway Bride1997
Like Father, Like Daughter1998
O Little Town of Glory1998
His Brothers Bride1999
The Doctor's Daughter1999
A Home of His Own2000
The Rancher Takes a Wife2000
Charlotte Moore2001
Zoey Phillips2001
Lydia Lane2002
The Wild Child2003
West of Glory2003
Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)Bloody Instructions1961
Malice Domestic1962
Error of the Moon1963
The Taste of Fears, or, The Third Encounter1963
The Little Measure1964
Trusted Like the Fox1964
Let's Choose Executors1965
The Windy Side of the Law1965
Though I Know She Lies1965
Enter Certain Murderers1966
And Shame the Devil1967
Knives Have Edges1967
The Case Is Altered1967
Past Praying For1968
Tarry and Be Hanged1969
An Improbable Fiction1970
Serpent's Tooth1971
The Knavish Crows1971
They Love Not Poison1972
Enter the Corpse1973
Yet She Must Die1973
Done to Death1974
A Show of Violence1975
My Life is Done1976
A Thief or Two1977
The Law's Delay1977
Exit Murderer1978
Proceed to Judgement1979
This Fatal Writ1979
Burden of Proof (as Mary Challis)1980
Crimes Past (as Mary Challis)1980
The Dear Departed (as Anne Burton)1980
The Healthy Grave (as Margaret Leek)1980
They Stay for Death1980
We Must Have a Trial (as Margaret Leek)1980
Weep for Her1980
Where There's a Will (as Anne Burton)1980
A Very Good Hater (as Mary Challis)1981
Cry Guilty1981
Dearest Enemy1981
The Ghost of an Idea (as Mary Challis)1981
Voice of the Past (Margaret Leek)1981
Worse Than a Crime (as Anne Burton)1981
Enter a Gentlewoman1982
Most Grievous Murder1982
Villains by Necessity1982
Call Back Yesterday1983
The Lie Direct1983
Where Should He Die?1983
Defy the Devil1984
Murder's out of Tune1984
The Bloody Book of Law1984
An Obscure Grave1985
Away with Them to Prison1985
Put Out the Light1985
Most Deadly Hate1986
Nor Live So Long1986
Naked Villainy1987
Marilyn BoweringThe Visitors Have All Returned1979
To All Appearances a Lady1989
Visible Worlds1997
Cat’s Pilgrimage2005
What It Takes to Be Human2006
Rebecca BradleyHong Kong Grotesque1994
Hong Kong Macabre1994
The Lady in Gil1996
Scion's Lady1997
Lady Pain1998
Temutma (Collab. Stewart Sloan)1998
The Lateral Truth: An Apostate's Bible Stories2007
Liz BradyTintype1977
Sudden Blow (Jane Yeats Mysteries series)1998
Bad Date (Jane Yeats Mysteries series)2002
See Jane Run! (Jane Yeats Mysteries series)2004
Dionne BrandSans Souci and Other Stories1989
In Another Place, Not Here1996
At the Full and Change of the Moon1999
What We All Long for2005
Marianne BrandisThis Spring's Sowing1970
Elizabeth, Duchess of Somerset: A Novel in Two Volumes1989
Special Nests1990
Singularity (chapbook)2000
Belongings (chapbook)2004
Di BrandtWatermelon Syrup: A Novel (Collab. Annie Jacobsen and Jane Finaly-Young)2007
Lois BraunA Stone Watermelon1986
The Pumpkin-Eaters1990
The Montreal Cats1995
The Sown Woman2001
The Penance Drummer2007
Alex BrettDead Water Creek2003
Cold Dark Matter2004
Elizabeth Winifred BrewsterA House Full of Women1973
The Sisters: A Novel1974
It’s Easy to Fall on the Ice: Ten Stories1977
Away from Home1995
Kate BridgesLuke's Runaway Bride2002
The Doctor's Homecoming2002
The Midwife's Secret2003
The Surgeon2003
The Engagement2004
The Proposition2004
The Bachelor2005
The Commander2006
Klondike Doctor2007
Klondike Wedding2007
Klondike Fever2008
Alaskan Renegade2009
Wanted in Alaska2009
Alaska Bride on the Run2010
Mail-Order Marriages (contributor of "Her Alaskan Groom")2010
Linda BrissettCarols of Christmases Past1996
Martha BrooksQueen of Hearts2010
Nicole BrossardUn livre / A Book (Trans. 1976)1970
Sold-out: étreinte/illustration / Turn of a Pang (Trans. 1976)1973
French Kiss: étreinte/exploration / French Kiss, or, A Pang's Progress (Trans. 1986)1974
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