Below is the list of works in your selected genre, sorted alphabetically by writer's last name. Click the link to download a PDF version of this list, or use the menu on the left to select another genre.
In addition to stage plays, many of these writers have produced numerous radio and teleplays. Due to the sheer volume of titles, this list only includes such works if they are among the writer’s most significant or critically acclaimed. Production dates listed here refer to the earliest known production. Plays written but never published or produced have not been included in this list.
Diana Braithwaite (singer/songwriter)Martha and Elvira: A One-Act Play1993
Marianne AckermanL'Affaire Tartuffe, or the Garrison Officers Rehearse Moliere (Prod. 2000)1993
Celeste (Prod. 1995)1996
Woman by a Window (Prod. 1992)1996
Venus of Dublin (Prod. 2000)2000
Blue Valentine (Prod. 1996)1996
Carmen Aguirre¿Que Pasa with la Raza, eh? (Prod. 1999)1999
Chile Con Carne (Prod. 1999 and published in anthology Rave)2000
The Trigger2008
The Refugee Hotel (Prod. 2009)2010
Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands (Collab. Kim Collier, David Hudgins, Jonathan Young and Kevin Kerr; adap. film; prod. 2001)2001
The Trigger (Prod. 2005)2005
Blue Box (Prod. 2008)2008
Canadian Tango '09 (Prod. 2009)2009
Eleanor AlbaneseZak and the Magic Blue Stone (copyscript)1997
Signe's Lost Colours (Collab. Rodney Brown)1998
Wings of Resistance (Collab. K. Boyer et al.; copyscript)1998
The Two Rooms of Grace (copyscript)1999
Under the Moon With Aunt Birdie (copyscript)2002
Who Cares? (copyscript)2003
The Body Image Project (Prod. 1992)1992
Power of One (Prod. 1994)1994
East of the Sun, West of the Moon2006
Anne-Marie AlonzoUne letter rouge, orange et ocre1984
Bonnie AndersonThe Uninvited Guest (copyscript)2001
trey anthony'da Kink in my Hair: voices of black womyn2001
Maja ArdalMidnight Sun (Prod. 2001)2001
You Fancy Yourself (Prod. 2006)2009
Joy (Prod. 2002)2002
The Cure for Everything (Prod. 2010)2010
Leslie ArdenThe Princess and the Handmaiden (Prod. 2009; script)1983
The Prince and the Pauper (Collab. Joey Miller; adap. Mark Twain; prod. 1988)1987
The House of Martin Guerre (Prod. 1993)1993
The Last Resort (Collab. Normal Foster; Prod. 1997)1997
The Happy Prince (Adap. Oscar Wilde; prod. 2002)2002
One Step Forward (Prod. 2006)2006
The Boys Are Coming Home (Adap. William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing; prod. 2006)2006
Suzanne AubryLa nuit des p'tits couteaux / Night of the Long Knives (Trans. Maureen Labonté 1987)1983
J'te l'parle mieux quand j'te l'écris (copyscript)2004
Mon homme (Collab. Elizabeth Bourget and Maryse Pelletier)2004
Ombrelle, tu dors2004
Une goutte d'eau sur la glace (Collab. Jasmine Dubé and Geneviève Notebaert; copyscript)2004
Maxine BaileySistahs (Collab. Sharon Lewis)1998
Sandra BalcovskeGame of Inches (Collab. Linda Griffiths; copyscript)
Oh, Baby!: Pochsy's Adventures by the Sea (Collab. Karen Hines)1993
Mary Humphrey BaldridgeBride of the Gorilla1974
The Photographic Moment1975
Canadian Skittish (Prod. 1977)1977
The Suicide Meet (Prod. 1977)1977
The Act of War1978
How the West Was Won or . . .1979
The Mary Shelley Play1979
The Real Larry Talbot2004
The Time We've All Been Dreaming of2004
Shakespeare's Richard III (Adap. William Shakespeare; prod. 1974)1974
Harry and Friends (Prod. 1975)1975
The Lunchbox Revue (Prod. 1975)1975
Tonight at the Calgary Theatre Hall! (Prod. 1975)1975
Cry Wolf, Harry (Prod. 1976)1976
The Old Colette (Prod. 1978)1978
Off the Hook (Prod. 1983)1983
La Bonne Dame: Remembering George Sand (Prod. 1998)1998
Bring Back Lillian Wald (Prod. 2004)2004
The Revenge of the Dinosaur Lady (Prod. 2004)2004
Ruth & Robert, & Robert & Ruth (Prod. 2005)2005
The Sanitation Chronicles (Prod. 2005)2005
Land Warrior (Prod. 2006)2006
Catherine BanksEula's Offer (copyscript)
Hockey Sisters (copyscript)
The Summer of the Piping Plover (copyscript)2000
Three Storey, Ocean View (copyscript)2003
Bitter Rose (copyscript)2005
Bone Cage2008
Byrna BarclayRoom with Five Walls: the Trials of Victor Hoffman2004
Sara BarkerPenelope, The Imposter (copyscript)1997
The Real Sleeping Beauty (copyscript)1997
Shirley BarrieStraight Stitching (Prod. 1990)1991
Brigit Bondfast: Space Scientist (copyscript)1998
I Am Marguerite (copyscript)1998
Riders of the Sea (Collab. Ian Barnet; copyscript)1999
Shusha and the Story Snatcher1999
Audience (copyscript)2000
Carrying the Calf (copyscript)2001
Reflections (copyscript)2003
Revelation (copyscript)2003
Sonjo and the Thundergod (copyscript)2003
The Girl in the Flower Basket (copyscript)2007
The Adventures of Super Granny and the Kid (Prod. 1978)1978
Bully for You (Prod. 1979)1979
When Wings Have Roots (Prod. 1979, radio play)1979
One Jump Ahead (Prod. 1980)1980
Now You See It (Prod. 1981)1981
Rising Dump (Prod. 1981)1981
Jack Sheppard's Back (Prod. 1982)1982
Topsy Turvy (Prod. 1985)1985
The Unofficial Guide (Prod. 1986, radio play)1986
The Devil's Land (Prod. 1987, radio play)1987
Marguerite de Robertval (Prod. 1990, radio play)1990
In the Midst of Death (Prod. 1995, radio play)1995
The Pear is Ripe (Prod. 1995)1995
What If? (Prod. 1995)1995
On the Edge (Prod. 1997)1997
Choices (Prod. 1988, radio play)1998
Culinary Education (Prod. 2003)2003
Hansel and Gretel (Prod. 2003)2003
Possession (Prod. 2005)2005
Beautiful Lady Tell Me (Prod. 2007)2007
Bozo's Fortune (Prod. 2009)2009
Marie-Josée BastienTout le monde aime Marineland2000
Lentement la beauté (Collab. Lorraine Côté and Michel Nadeau)2004
La librairie / The Bookshop (Trans. Maureen Labonté 2006; prod. 2003)2007
Suzie BastienLe sens !2001
Ceux qui l'ont connu2002
Le désir de Gobi2003
L'effet Médée2005
Le monde après2005
L'Enfant revenant2006
L'Effritement 1 et 22007
Erika BatdorfKid (copyscript)
Litko (copyscript)
Little Boat (copyscript)
Manhole (copyscript)
My Life is a Mountainous Table (copyscript)
The Judgment Day Cafe (copyscript)
The Seven Mysteries of Life (copyscript)
We The People (copyscript)
Facing East (Prod. 1998)1998
Mr. Raisin Head (Prod. 1998)1998
Poetic License (Prod. 2005)2005
The Red Horse is Leaving (Prod. 2007)2007
Sheila BaxterDeath in a Dumpster: A Passion Play for the Homeless2006
Tara BeaganDreary and Izzy (Prod. 2005)2007
Thy Neighbours Wife (Prod. 2004)2004
TransCanada (Prod. 2005)2005
Bad As I Am (Prod. 2006)2006
Here, Boy! (Prod. 2006)2006
Mom's Birthday (Prod. 2006)2006
Quilchena (Prod. 2007)2007
Esther BeaucheminMaïta / Maita (Trans. Henry Gautier 2005)2001
La meute2005
Terre d'accueil (Collab. Michèle Matteau et al.)2008
Manon BeaudoinLa valise / The Suitcase (Trans. Beaudoin 1998)1999
Jocelyne BeaulieuJ'ai beaucoup changé depuis1981
L'incroyable histoire de la lutte que quelques-unes ont menée pour obtenir le droit de vote pour toutes1990
Le secret de la grande chef Natalia (Collab. Jocelyne Verret)1993
La clef de l'harmonie (Collab. Jocelyne Verret)1994
Les olympiades (Collab. Jocelyne Verret)1994
Faux frère (copyscript)2004
J'pogne-tu ou chus pognée? (copyscript)2004
Soi et les autres (copyscript)2004
Arrête don' de contrairer, Bérangère (copyscript)2005
Bain public (Collab. Louise Bombardier et al.; copyscript)2005
Stephanie Bedwell-GrimeFeral Hunger2010
Sarah BerthiaumeLe déluge après2006
Geneviève BilletteCrime contre l'humanité / Crime Against Humanity (Trans. Bobby Theodore 2001)1999
Le goûteur / The Taster (Trans. Bobby Theodore 2008)2002
Le pays des genoux / The Land of the Knees (Trans. Michael Gautier 2006)2004
Les ours dorment enfin2010
Marie-Claire BlaisL’Exécution / The Execution (Trans. 1976)1968
Fièvre, et autres texts dramatiques1974
Marcelle in La nef des sorcieres / A Clash of Symbols (Trans. Linda Gaboriau 1980; collab. Nicole Brossard, Marthe Blackburn, Luce Guilbeault, France Theoret, Odette Gagnon and Pol Pelletier)1977
Sommeil d’hiver / Wintersleep (Trans. Nigel Spencer 1988)1986
L’île / The Island (Trans. 1991)1988
La roulotte aux poupees (Trans. 1967; prod. 1960 and televised as "The Puppet Caravan" 1967)1960
Eléonor (Prod. 1962)1962
Madeleine Blais-DahlemFoyer (Almost Home) (Prod. 2003)2003
Les vieux pèteux (Old Farts) (Prod. 2008)2008
La maculée (sTain) (Prod. 2011)2011
Columpa BobbJumping Mouse (Collab. Marion de Vries; prod. 1998)1998
Chantale BoileauLa mort de Blanche1994
France BoisvertBuffet chinois2010
Nathalie BoisvertCatch a Tiger (copyscript)
Les deux nobles cousins1996
L'été des Martiens / Martian Summer (Trans. Bobby Theodore 2001)1999
Vie et mort d'un village2005
Carol BoltBuffalo Jump1972
Maurice (in Performing Arts in Canada)1974
Red Emma1974
Tangle Flags1974
Finding Bumble1975
Playwrights in Profile: Carol Bolt (Ed. Constance Brissenden; includes "Buffalo Jump," "Gabe," "Tangleflags" and "Red Emma: Queen of the Anarchists")1976
One Night Stand1977
Star Quality1981
Escape Entertainment: A Comedy1982
I Wish (Prod. 1966 as Carol Johnson)1966
Daganawida (Prod. 1970)1970
Next Year Country (Prod. 1970, revised 1976 as "Buffalo Jump")1970
Pauline (Prod. 1973)1973
The Bluebird (Prod. 1973)1973
Norman Bethune: On Board the Empress of Asia (Prod. 1976)1976
Okey Doke (Prod. 1976)1976
Desperadoes (Prod. 1977)1977
T.V. Lounge (Prod. 1977)1977
Deadline (Prod. 1979)1979
Love or Money (Prod. 1981)1981
Louise BombardierSortie de secours (Collab. Jasmine Dubé et al.)1987
Hippopotamie / Hippopotamus Tea (Trans. Linda Gaboriau 1992)1994
Noël en juillet1996
Le champ / The Field (Trans. Linda Gaboriau 1997)1998
Pension Vaudou2003
Conte de Jeanne-Marc, chevalière de la tour (copyscript)2004
Bain public (Collab. Jocelyne Beaulieu et al.; copyscript)2005
La cité des loups2005
Ma mère chien2005
Château-geste (copyscript)2006
Claudette Fréchette, secrétaire rythmique (copyscript)2006
Dis-moi doux (copyscript)2006
Fanny Geste (copyscript)2006
Folire, le garçon d'ascenseur (copyscript)2006
Le cas rare de Carat (copyscript)2006
Manuscrit de la mère morte (copyscript)2006
Petits fantômes mélancoliques2008
Barbara BondarSurviving Mom (Prod. 2003)2003
Denise BoucherLes fées ont soif / The Fairies are Thirsty (Trans. 1982)1979
Gémeaux croisées (Collab. Pauline Julien and Anne Sylvestre)1988
Grandeur nature1993
Les divines1996
Jézabel: tragédie-gospel2003
Elizabeth BourgetBernadette et Juliette ou La vie, c'est comme la vaisselle, c'est toujours à recommencer1979
Bonne fête maman (Trans. John Stuart Stowe 1982)1982
En ville1984
Edmond Dantès (copyscript)2004
Fais-moi mal juste un peu (copyscript)2004
Le bonheur d'Henri (copyscript)2004
Le comte de Monte-Cristo (copyscript)2004
Songe pour un soir de printemps (copyscript)2004
Un monde nouveau (copyscript)2004
Une maison, un bébé, un barbecue (copyscript)2004
Oncle Vania (Collab. René Gingras)2006
Coin Saint-Laurent, ou Les cinq doigts de la Main (Collab. Fanny Britt, Francis Archembault, Jean Marc Dalpe and Francois Letourneau)2007
La Mouette2007
Mon homme (Collab. Suzanne Aubrey and Maryse Pelletier; copyscript)2004
Marilyn BoweringHajimari-No-Hajimar (Prod. 1986)1986
Anyone Can See I Love You (Adap. Bowering; prod. 1987)1987
Temple of the Stars (Prod. 1996)1996
Pamela BoydInside Out1987
Odd Fish1994
I Love Mondays (Prod. 2004)2004
Marie BrassardJimmy, créature de Rêve (Prod. 2001)2001
La Noirceur / The Darkness (Collab. Alexander MacSween, Cécile Babiole, Guy Trifiro, Eric Fauque, Simon Guilbault; prod. 2003)2003
Peepshow (Collab. Alexander MacSween; prod. 2005)2005
The Invisible (Prod. 2008)2008
Morwyn BrebnerLiquor Guns Karate (chapbook)2000
Music for Contortionist2000
Little Mercy's First Murder2003
Strawberries in January (copyscript)2003
Love Among the Russians (Adap. Anton Chekov's The Bear and The Proposal; prod. 2006)2006
The President (Adap. Ferenc Molnár; prod. 2008)2008
Heartbreaker (Prod. 2011)2011
Kit BrennanSpring Planting1998
Tiger's Heart1998
Hunger Striking1999
Magpie, Having, Hunger Striking1999
The Invisibility of Eileen (copyscript)2006
Baggage (Prod. 1993)1993
The Differents (Prod. 1993)1993
Jennifer BrewinThe Attic, the Pearls, and Three Fine Girls (Collab. Leah Cherniak, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Alisa Palmer and Martha Ross; prod. 1995)1999
Fanny BrittLa Reine de Beauté de Leenane2001
Honey Pie2002
Couche Avec Moi (c'est l'hiver)2006
Le Grand Air2006
Apres La Fin2007
Coin Saint-Laurent, ou Les cinq doigts de la Main (Collab. Elizabeth Bourget, Francis Archembault, Jean Marc Dalpe and Francois Letourneau)2007
La Corde au Cou2008
Hotel Pacifique (Prod. 2000, final version of Ensemble vide, pièce en trois chambre)2009
Le Pillowman2009
Leanna BrodieThe Vic2002
For Home and Country2004
The Book of Esther (Prod. 2010)2010
Martha BrooksMoonlight Sonata1994
Andrew’s Tree1995
Alex BulmerSmudge (Prod. 2004)2004
Pam BustinCoffee in Lloyd (radio drama)
Talking With the Dead (radio drama)
The White Car Project (radio drama)
Barefoot (copyscript)2003
Saddles in the Rain (in The West of All Possible Worlds, Playwrights Canada Press)2005
The Passage of Georgia O'Keeffe (Prod. 2003)2003
Grace ButtTrue Newfoundlanders (radio drama)1947
Wheel in the Middle of a Wheel1952
The mayor's wife1960
Part of The Main1969
Goodbye Your Excellency1970
North Harbour1970
The Road Through Melton1970
Newfoundland Pageant1974
The People's House1979
Beat at the Gate1980
New Lands1983
To Taslow We'll Go1983
An ear or a fear: plays1984
Faces of Women1985
Winter Scene1987
Chantal CadieuxUrgent besoin d'intimité1994
Martine versus Richard II1996
Amies à vie (copyscript)2004
La nuit tous les chats sont gris (copyscript)2004
Mal de mères (copyscript)2004
On court toujours après l'amour (copyscript)2004
Parfums divers (copyscript)2004
Place au soleil! (copyscript)2004
Sans toit ni loi (copyscript)2004
Un homme en soie (copyscript)2004
Anne CameronThe Twin Sinks of Allan Sammy1973
We’re All Here Except Mike Casey’s Horse1974
Rites of Passage (Prod. 1975)1975
The Trouble with the Women’s Movement Is It Has No Sense of Humour At All (Prod. 1976)1976
They’re Drying Up the Streets (Prod. 1979)1979
Maria CampbellThe Book of Jessica: A Theatrical Transformation (Collab. Linda Griffiths)1989
Jessica (Collab. Linda Griffiths; prod. 1986)1986
Paddy CampbellHoarse Muse (in Popular Performance Plays, Vol I)1976
Under the Arch (in Canadian Theatre Review)1976
Maggie’s Surprise (Prod. 1967)1967
Ships and Sealing Wax (Prod. 1967)1967
Spirit of the Mountain (Prod. 1967)1967
Surprise II (Prod. 1967)1967
The Enchanted Box (Prod. 1967)1967
Buckskin and Chapperos (Prod. 1968)1968
Ariel’s Promise (Prod. 1969)1969
The Siege (Prod. 1969)1969
The History Show (Missionaries, Muskeg and Mounties) (Prod. 1972)1972
Madwitch (Prod. 1973)1973
Pioneer (Prod. 1973)1973
The Bob Edwards Revue (Prod. 1973)1973
Passengers (Prod. 1977)1977
The Yukon Show (Prod. 1979)1979
Pauline CareyPauline
Pauline the Travelling Poet
Pauline Johnson (Prod. 1975)1981
Anne Jameson: A One Woman Play1982
Anna Jameson (copyscript)1997
Bugs: A Variety Show for Kids (Collab. Stephen Mezei and Doug Livingston; copyscript)1998
Don't Talk to Me of Love2001
My Name is Emma2005
Reason Has Nothing to Do With It2006
My Other Women2010
Linda A. CarsonDying to be Thin1993
Mom's the Word (Collab. Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard and Deborah Williams; prod. 1994)2003
Isabelle CauchyLe nez / The Nose (Trans. Robert Bellefeuille and Robert Marinier, 1985; collab. Bellefeuille)1992
Ulysse et Circé (Adap. James Joyce's Ulysses)1992
Barbe-bleue (Collab. Michel G. Côté)1998
Destination Dragon (Collab. Michel G. Côté; copyscript)2004
Lily (copyscript)2004
Oh! George ou Lazy Boy (copyscript)2004
Olmö (Collab. Michel G. Côté; copyscript)2004
Pas de problèmes! (copyscript)2004
Zzzoom, ou La belle Zébude (Collab. Michel G. Côté; copyscript)2004
Michèle CausseÀ quelle heure est la levée dans le désert?1989
Sharon CavanaghHow Chet Baker Lost his Teeth2000
Mr. Outplacement (copyscript)2001
The Pasta King of the Caribbean (copyscript)2001
Diane CaveThe Alastair Trilogy (Collab. Nadia Ross; prod. 1995)1995
Lisa ChalykoffStaging the North (Ed. with Sherrill E. Grace and Eve D'Aeth)1999
Marjorie ChanChina Doll2004
A Nanking Winter2008
Sanctuary Song (Collab. Abigail Richardson)2008
The Madness of the Square2009
Marie-Renée CharestMaître Chat (Collab. Richard Blackburn)1997
Casier secret (in Jouer au théâtre forum)2002
Au temps des seigneuries (copyscript)2004
Dix minutes de vérité (copyscript)2004
L'amour aux trousses (copyscript)2004
L'aventure en cascade (copyscript)2004
Meurtre sur la rivière Moisie (copyscript)2004
Perceval (copyscript)2004
Quasimodo (copyscript)2004
Lou et Loulou (copyscript)2005
Shirley CheechooShadow People (Prod. 1984)1985
Path With No Mocassins (Anthologized 1995 in Canadian Mosaic: Six Plays, prod. 1991)1993
Tangled Sheets (Prod. 1994, script)1993
Your Dream Was Mine (Prod. 2004)2004
Leah CherniakThe Anger in Ernest & Ernestine (Collab. Martha Ross and Robert Morgan; prod. 1987)1990
The Anger in Ernest and Ernstine (Collab. Robert Morgan and Martha Ross)1990
The Attic, the Pearls, and Three Fine Girls (Collab. Jennifer Brewin, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Alisa Palmer and Martha Ross; prod. 1995)1999
The Betrayal (Collab. Oliver Dennis, Maggie Huculak, Robert Morgan, Martha Ross and Michael Simpson; prod. 1998)1998
Anne ChislettThe Tomorrow Box1980
Quiet in the Land (Prod. 1981)1983
Another Season’s Promise (Collab. Keith Roulston)1986
Yankee Notions (Prod. 1992)1992
Glengarry School Days (Collab. Janet Amos; adap. Ralph Connor; prod. 1994)1994
Then and Now (Prod. 1997)1998
Not Quite the Same (Prod. 2000)2001
The Perilous Pirate’s Daughter (Collab. David Archibald; prod. 2003)2007
A Summer Burning (Prod. 1977)1977
Half a Chance (Prod. 1989)1989
The Gift (Prod. 1989)1989
Venus Sucked In: A Post-feminist Comedy (Prod. 1991)1991
Habitat (Prod. 2003)2003
No Sweat (Prod. 2004)2004
Another Season’s Harvest (Collab. Keith Roulston; prod. 2006)2006
Sally ClarkMoo1989
The Trial of Judith K1991
Lost Souls and Missing Persons (in Dangerous Traditions anthology)1992
Big Time Women from Way Back When (includes Clark's "Jehanne of the Witches," and Beth Herst's "A Woman's Comedy")1993
Life Without Instruction1994
Saint Frances of Hollywood: A Play in Two Acts1996
Trial of a Ladies Man (Prod. 1987)1997
Jehanne and the Witches (Prod. 1989)1989
Sleeproom (Collab. John Mighton, Robin Fulford and Daniel MacIvor; prod. 1993)1993
The Art of Conversation (Prod. 1994)1994
The Widow Judith (Prod. 1998)1998
Marie ClementsDirty Dog River
Now look what you made me do (in Prerogatives: Contemporary Plays by Women)1998
DraMétis: Three Métis Plays (Collab. Greg Daniels and Margo Kane)2001
Burning Vision2003
Hours of Water2004
The Unnatural and Accidental Women (Adap. 2006; film)2005
Copper Thunderbird2007
The Red Diva Project (includes multimedia)2008
Age of Iron (Prod. 1993)1993
The Girl who Swam Forever (one-act play, prod 1995)1995
Urban Tattoo (Prod. 1996)1996
Tombs of the Vanishing Indian (Prod. 2005, film script in progress)2005
The Edward Curtis Project (Prod. 2009)2009
Lisa CodringtonCast Iron2006
Sherry ComanPauline and Turgenev (copyscript)2000
Snakes and Ladders (copyscript)2000
Say Zebra (Prod. 1994)1994
Beverley CooperNellie Bly: Ten Days in a Madhouse
Out of Body
Psychic Driving
Thin Ice (Collab. Banuta Rubess; copyscript)2001
The Eyes of Heaven (Prod. 2007)2007
Innocence Lost: A Play About Steven Truscott (Prod. 2008)2009
Clue in the Fast Lane (Prod. 1985)1985
The Woman in White (Prod. 2008)2008
Charlotte Corbeil-ColemanScratch (Prod. 2008)2008
Lorraine CôtéLentement la beauté (Collab. Marie-Josée Bastien and Michel Nadeau)2004
Chat du Cheshire (in Les zurbains en série)2005
Louise CotnoirSi cendrillon pouvait mourir! (Collab. Louise Dupré and Le Show des Femmes de Thetford Mines)1980
Susan CoynePlatonov (Collab. Lazlo Marton; adap. Anton Chekhov)2001
Three sisters (Adap. Anton Chekhov)2003
Kingfisher Days: the play (Adap. Coyne)2004
Alice’s Affair (Prod. 2005)2005
Jackie CrosslandRinse Cycle1972
Collateral Damage: The Tragedy of Medea1992
Maryjane CruseDried Flowers
Looking for Kitty (copyscript)1999
Separate Beds (Prod. 2002)2011
Colleen CurranMoose County1985
A Sort of Holiday (in Triple Play)1990
Amelia Earhart Was Not a Spy (in Triple Play)1990
El Clavadista (in Triple Play)1990
Sacred Hearts1990
Senetta Boynton Visits the Orient (in Escape Acts)1992
Whale Watch1994
A Brave Girl (Prod. 1996)1997
Local Talent (chapbook)1997
Villa Eden (copyscript)1997
When the Job Was Nicely Done (copyscript)1998
Maple Lodge1999
Mothers of the Year (copyscript)1999
Sybil and Sylvia1999
Miss Balmoral of the Bayview2000
In the Country of the Blue (copyscript)2001
Something Drastic (copyscript)2003
Casa De Mary Margaret (copyscript)2004
The Pillbox Hat2006
Ireland's Own Carmel O'Reilly Tonite! (copyscript)2008
Spooks (A Haunting Comedy) (Prod. 1987)1987
Ceili House (Prod. 1993)1993
Eve D'AethStaging the North (Ed. with Sherrill E. Grace and Lisa Chalykoff)1999
France DaigleMoncton sable (Prod. 1997)1997
Craie (Prod. 1999)1999
Foin (Prod. 2000)2000
Victoria DaweAt Home with Jack and Jill
Burning Bright
Is 'ard Ya Know!
The Oath
The Work of Art (in Ontario Playwrights)2008
Claire DéSentimental à l'os: théâtre1991
Evelyne de la ChenelièreLes journaux de ma grand-mère2001
Au bout du fil2003
Bashir Lazhar2003
Des fraises en janvier / Strawberries in January (Trans. Morwyn Brebner 2003)2003
Henri & Margaux (Collab. Daniel Brière)2003
Désordre public2004
Aphrodite en 04 (Collab. Jean-Pierre Ronfard)2006
Nicht retour, mademoiselle (Collab. Daniel Brière)2006
Toka (Collab. Emmanuelle Jimenez; copyscript)2006
L'héritage de Darwin2008
Le plan américain2008
Les pieds des anges2009
Mazo de la RocheLow Life: A Comedy in One Act1925
Low Life and Other Plays (collects Low Life, Come True and Return of the Immigrant)1929
Whiteoaks: A Play (Collab. Nancy Price)1936
Marion de Vriesbig face1999
Jumping Mouse (Collab. Columpa C. Bobb; copyscript)1999
Jeanne-Mance DelisleUn oiseau vivant dans la gueule / A Live Bird in its Jaws (Trans. Yves Saint-Pierre 1992)1987
Un "reel" ben beau, ben triste (Prod. 1978)1980
Louise DelisleBack Talk: Plays of Black Experience2005
Sandra DempseyWings of the Albatross
Barbie und Ken1998
Rosa's Lament (monologue)2000
Wings and a Prayer2002
A Wing and a Prayer2004
But We All Have That Here2004
Clap Trap2005
Flying to Glory2006
Fat Cans2011
D'arcy (Prod. 1981)1981
Blue Collar Blues (Prod. 1983)1983
Denise DesautelsVoix (radio drama)1987
Claudia DeyBeaver2000
The Gwendolyn Poems2002
Trout Stanley (Prod. 2005)2005
Emma DonoghueI Know My Own Heart 2001
Seen and Heard: Six New Plays by Irish Women (contributor)2001
Kissing the Witch (Adap. Donoghue)2002
Don't Die Wondering2005
Ladies and Gentlemen1998
Deirdre C. DoreInside Waters (copyscript)1994
Motherlode (chapbook)2000
Isabelle DoréLe soir de la dernière1999
César et Drana (Trans. Margaret Séguin-Doré 1996; copyscript)2006
Paule DoyonBurn - Out1990
Visite de famille1991
Sylvie DrapeauAvaler la mer et les poissons (Collab. Isabelle Vincent)2006
Jasmine DubéSortie de secours (Collab. Louise Bombardier et al.)1987
La mère merle2001
Le bain2002
Le pingouin2002
La couturière2004
Les mauvaises herbes2009
Ginkgo et la jardinière2010
Hélène DucharmeLe fils amère1996
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Shadow of Murder2005
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Myth Me (Prod. 1991)1991
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Gravity Calling (Prod. 1994)1994
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Care (Collab. Richard Greenblatt; prod. 2006)2006
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Where the River Meets the Sea (copyscript)2006
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Chickens (copyscript)2002
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Espresso (copyscript)2002
Sister Ella (copyscript)2002
Wobbling Madonna (copyscript)2002
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When She Was Mad2005
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Missing (Prod. 2009)2010
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Take Care of Me (Prod. 1993)1993
i think i can (Prod. 2007)2007
How Do I Love Thee? (Prod. 2010)2010
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Janine Fowler Did It1997
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The Last Train (Collab. Charlie Tomlinson and Daniela Vlaskalic)
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Wind in the Willows (Adap. Kenneth Grahame)
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Sunday Dinner (copyscript)2002
What Glorious Times They Had2004
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Four Women in Search of a Character (Prod. 2010)2010
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Age of Arousal (Prod. 2007)2007
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Sometime, Never2002
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Si je te disais je t'aime
La tête, le cœur et le cul (copyscript)2006
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All the Men on the Moon Are Irish1975
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C'était une fois (copyscript)2004
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Lirelon... lisons (copyscript)2004
As-tu un miroir à m'passer? (copyscript)2005
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Pochsy's Lips1992
Oh, Baby!: Pochsy's Adventures by the Sea (Collab. Sandra Balcovske)1993
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Pochsy: Unplugged (Prod. 2005)2005
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Mother Country1980
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Operators/Bushed: Two Plays1981
The Apple in the Eye1984
Willful Acts1985
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Belle famille2003
Wanabago Blues2004
À tu et à toi2007
La robe de Gulnara2007
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Transit of Venus1993
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Footprints on the Moon2000
Wild Mouth2008
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Anouch abour2005
Du vent entre les dents2005
Le roi de l'île2005
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Un gorille à Broadway2007
Rêvez, montagnes!2009
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The Sand Castle1981
A Very Modest Orgy1982
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Semi-Detached (Prod. 1960)1960
Walk Alone Together (Prod. 1960)1960
Valerie (Prod. 1961)1961
The Man with the Perfect Wife (Prod. 1965)1965
Think Again (Prod. 1979)1979
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A Party to Murder1999
Too Many Cooks (Collab. Douglas E. Hughes; copyscript)2004
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Madonna of the Wilderness1997
Magpie (copyscript)2002
The Early Worm Club (copyscript)2002
Coal Valley: the Making of a Miner2005
Cowboy Boots and a Corsage (copyscript)2005
Abby’s Place2006
Starter Home2007
The Seed Savers2009
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Avec l'hiver qui sen vient1981
C'etait avant la guerre a l'Anse a Gilles / Before the War, Down at l'Anse a Gilles1981
Le Banc1981
Au bord de la nuil1983
Jocelyne Trudelle trouvee morte dans ses larmes1983
Le Bourreau1983
Deux tangos pour toute une vie1985
La Reparation1985
Deux Oublier1986
L'Homme gris1986
Le Night Cap Bar1987
Aurelie, ma soeur1988
Le Faucon: theatre1992
Quelques adieux1992
Charlotte, ma soeur2005
Profession: je l'aime (Prod. 1978, includes "Eva et Evelyne")1978
On a ben failli s' comprendre (Prod. 1980)1980
T'sais veux dire (Prod. 1980)1980
Ils etaient venus pour... (Prod. 1981)1981
Le Cadeau (Prod. 1988)1988
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Chu pas ben dans mes culottes1978
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Peur bleue1981
Trois petits contes1981
Le cocodrille1984
À temps perdu1985
Le manège1985
Larissa Laisybil unrest (Collab. Rita Wong)2008
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Self Offense
The Mary Project
The Pilgrimage
The Wall
Welcome Chez Ray
Very Heaven1999
Parallel Lines2000
The Greenhouse (Prod. 1983)1983
The Assumption of Empire (Prod. 2009)2009
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The Good of the Sun1975
Clouds of Glory1979
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Jennie's Story & Under the Skin (collection with an introduction by Pamela Hawthorne)1987
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The Visitor (Prod. 1970; both stage and radio)1970
World, World Go Away (Prod. 1970)1970
Grasshopper Hill (Prod. 1979)1979
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Une tache sur la lune1997
Comme des chaises1998
La Terre tourne rondement1998
Portraits en forme de lapins2002
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La photo (copyscript)2004
Le couteau et la bouche (copyscript)2004
Le garçon aux sabots (copyscript)2004
Le manteau (copyscript)2004
Marais (copyscript)2004
Ô, j'avais comme des comètes sur mon cœur2004
Une table, un candélabre, des allumettes, des verres et des bouteilles (copyscript)2004
Il faudra que je demande à Rose2008
Les petits personnages2008
Un temps autour du temps2008
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Le Jeu de la voyagère1950
Alison Lawrencebittergirl (Collab. Mary Francis Moore and Annabel Griffiths; prod. 1999 and anthologized 2002 in Seven Short Plays from Theatre Ontario)2009
The Catering Queen2010
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Goose Spit1988
Star Struck1988
Personal Convictions1991
Karla and Grif (copyscript)1999
Ruby and the Rock1999
These Girls (copyscript)1999
Step Sister, Blood Brother2004
Marie-Christine Lê-HuuLes enrobantes1998
Les Disparus2002
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Le bruit des os qui craquent2009
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Don't Panic (Collab. Ian Gshwind; copyscript)2007
Gremlin (Collab. Ian Gshwind; copyscript)2007
Quantum Physics: The Musical (Collab. Ian Gshwind; copyscript)2007
The Dreamer's Request (Collab. Ian Gshwind; copyscript)2007
Sharolyn Gay LeeAUTObiography
Larger Than Life: The Musical (Collab. Vanessa LeBourdais; copyscript)2004
Jocasta (Prod. 2009)2009
Breathtaking (Prod. 2011)2011
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Heidi (copyscript)2003
Pride and Prejudice (copyscript)2003
The Pied Piper: A Symphonic Tale in Poetry and Song (copyscript)2003
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O'Neill (Prod. 1990)1990
Conte d'hiver 70 (Prod. 1992)1992
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Parapsychofolie (copyscript)2004
Si c'est pas toi, c'est moi (copyscript)2004
Visa pour l'éternité (Collab. Paul Lemay; copyscript)2004
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Girls' Night (monologue, in Tellin' It Like It Is)2000
Wendy LillThe Fighting Days1985
The Occupation of Heather Rose (in NeWest Plays by Women)1987
Memories of You1989
All Fall Down1994
The Glace Bay Miners’ Museum1995
Backbencher (radio drama)2010
N. J. LindquistThe Story Behind the News2001
Françoise LorangerUne maison, un jour1965
Encore cinq minutes1967
Double jeu: pièce en deux actes1969
Le chemin du Roy1969
Medium saignant1970
La dame de cent ans2000
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Nigredo Hotel (Prod. 1992, opera)1992
Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) (Prod. 1988)1998
The Attic, the Pearls, and Three Fine Girls (Collab. Jennifer Brewin, Leah Cherniak, Alisa Palmer and Martha Ross; prod. 1995)1999
Belle Moral (substatial reworking of The Arab's Mouth)2004
Nancy Prew: Clue in the Fast Lane (Collab. Beverly Cooper; prod. 1985)1985
This Is for You Anna (Collab. others; prod. 1985)1985
Anything That Moves (Prod. 2000, revision prod. 2001, musical)2000
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The Rat King (Prod. 2006)2006
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Trojan Women (Trans. MacEwen and Nikos Tsingos; collects MacEwen's 1979 translation of Euripides' The Trojan Women alongside translations of two poems by Yannis Ritsos)1981
Terror and Erebus1999
Joan MacLeodToronto, Mississippi; Jewel1989
Amigo’s Blue Guitar1992
The Hope Slide; Little Sister (received Chalmers award for the 1993 production of The Hope Slide)1994
The Shape of a Girl; Jewel2002
The Secret Garden (Adap. Francis Hodgson Burnett; opera, prod. 1985)1985
Michelle MagnyHistoire de gare et d'amour
La plume et le scalpel
Marina, le dernier rose aux joues / Marina, the Blush of Life (Trans. Linda Gaboriau 2008)1994
Un carré de ciel2004
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Évangéline Deusse (Trans. 1987)1975
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Le Bourgeois Gentleman1978
La Contrebandière1981
Les Drôlatiques, horrifiques, et épouvantables aventures de Panurge, ami de Pantagruel, d'après Rabelais1983
Garrochés en paradis1986
Margot la folle1987
William S.1991
La comédie des animaux1995
Entr'acte (Prod. 1957)1957
Poire-Acre (Prod. 1958)1958
Bulles de Savon (Prod. 1959)1959
Les Jeux d'enfants sont faits (Prod. 1960)1960
Mariaagélas (Prod. 1973)1973
Emmanuel a Joseph a Davit (Adap. Maillet; prod. 1978)1978
La Joyeuse criee (Prod. 1982)1982
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La saga des poules mouillées / Saga of the Wet Hens (Trans. 1983)1981
La terre est trop courte, Violette Leduc1982
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Anaïs, dans le queu de la comète1985
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Le lion de Bango1993
Les Vaches de nuit (Prod. 1979) / Night Cows (Trans.; prod. 1979)1979
Les Faiseuses d'anges (Prod. 1981)1981
Dona Paul MasselYes: A Play in Search of Mary1983
Margaret and Ureason1992
The Last Innocents1995
Daughters of God1996
Conni MassingGravel Run1991
The Aberhart Summer (Adap. Bruce Allen)1999
The Myth of Summer2005
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Life as a Fly (Prod. 1986)1988
Quiet Please, There's a Lady On Stage1996
Shoebox (copyscript)1998
Margaret McBreartyLa terre est tellement grande2003
Loulou sur le chemin de Compostelle2004
Celia McBrideLast Stop for Miles2000
Walk Right Up (copyscript)2003
Kathleen McDonnellLoon Boy1999
Foundlings (Prod. 2001)2001
Putting on a Show: Theater for Young People2004
The New Mother (Prod. 2005)2005
Ezzie's Emerald (Adap. McDonnell; prod. 1995)1995
The Seven Ravens (Prod. 2001)2001
Hope McIntyreChildren of the State
Death of Love
Hunger (copyscript)2002
Trauma (copyscript)2002
Have Mercy (Prod. 2003)2003
EDEN (Prod. 2006)2006
Ripple Effect (Prod. 2008)2008
Ami McKayJerome: The Historical Spectacle (Prod. 2008)2008
Beth McMasterCat's Cradle (copyscript)
Overtrick (copyscript)
Which Witch is Which1973
A Flumpet, a Trumpet1974
Echo Where Are You1975
Happy Holly (copyscript)1976
The Magic Ring1976
Put on the Spot (Collab. Monica Palmer and Terry Mellors)1977
When Everybody Cares (Collab. Dick Beck)1977
Clover City Crisis1980
Stick With Molasses (Collab. Monica Palmer; copyscript)1982
Twice Six Plus One1985
Once Upon a Greek Stage1992
Stripes for Christmas1998
The Naciwonki Cap (Collab. Dick Beck; copyscript)1998
Let's Hear It For Christmas (Collab. Dick Beck; copyscript)1999
Death Chart (copyscript)2000
Robena's Rose-Coloured Glasses (Collab. Dick Beck; copyscript)2000
The Haunted Castle (Collab. Monica Palmer; copyscript, music and lyrics by Palmer)2000
Christmas Cards2005
Beyond Escape (Prod. 1986)1986
Bradley Bradley and the Octopus (Prod. 1989)1989
Cabbagetown Crisis (Prod. 1993)1993
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Life and a Lover2006
Mary MelfiSex Therapy: A Black Comedy in 12 Scenes1996
My Italian Wife and Foreplay: Two Plays2008
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Tu faisais comme un appel / Blood Sisters (Trans. Maureen Labonté 1993; collab. Michel Gonneville)1991
Pauline MichelAu fil de l’autre2006
Sonja MillsThe Danish Play: A True Tale of Resistance2004
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Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way (Prod. 2011)2011
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Mary Francis Moorebittergirl (Collab. Alison Lawrence and Annabel Griffiths; prod. 1999 and anthologized 2002 in Seven Short Plays from Theatre Ontario)2009
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Dora: A Case of Hysteria (Prod. 1987)1994
Clever as Paint: The Rossettis in Love1998
Mrs. Ruskin2003
Raisins and Almonds (Prod. 1986)1986
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Essay (Prod. 2005)2005
East of Berlin (Prod. 2007)2007
In This World (Prod. 2009)2009
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The Americans are Coming (copyscript)1998
The Last Tasmanian (copyscript)1999
Relatively Harmless2008
Janet MunsilEmphysema (A Love Story) (copyscript)1999
The Ugly Duchess (copyscript)1999
Smoking with Lulu2002
Colleen MurphyAll Other Destinations are Cancelled1987
Pumpkin Eaters1990
Beating Heart Cadaver1999
The Piper2003
The December Man / L’homme de décembre2007
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Nous avons tous découvert l'Amérique1990
La princesse aveugle1995
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Video (copyscript)1995
Everybody's Business (copyscript)1997
Shakedown Shakespeare (Collab. Philip Adams; chapbook)1997
Annie Mae's Movement (chapbook)1999
Donne In1999
Faithless (copyscript)2003
Refractions: Solo (Ed. with Donna-Michelle St. Bernard)2011
A Marginal Man (Prod. 1994)1994
Child (Prod. 1994)1994
Marlene Nourbese PhilipThe Redemption of Al Bumen (in Showing Grit: Showboating North of the 44th Parallel)1994
Coups and Calypsos2001
Gail NyokaMella Mella (Trans. 2003; to English)2001
Kathleen OliverSwollen Tongues (chapbook)2001
Carol's Christmas (copyscript)2003
The Family Way (copyscript)2003
Anne-Marie OlivierBoa constrictor2005
Gros et Détail2005
Le psychomaton2007
Un jeudi soir à l'espo2008
Mon corps deviendra froid (Prod. 2008)2008
Annette (Prod. 2009)2009
Mieko OuchiThe Red Priest (Eight Ways to Say Goodbye)2004
Blue Light2007
Nisei Blue (Prod. 2011)2012
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Sons Must Die & Other Plays1998
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Une heure avant2010
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Ship of Fire (Prod. 2007)2007
The Lily Sisters (Prod. 2008)2008
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Made You Look
Hot August Night1999
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Roche, papier, couteau2007
Britannicus now2011
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L'hiver de force2002
Une adoration2006
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Beatriz PizanoDevil at my Table
In Between
For Sale (Prod. 2003)2003
meeting playce (Prod. 2003)2003
Madre (Prod. 2005)2005
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Superstition Throu' the Ages (Prod. 1973)1973
A Lesson in Swizzelry1974
Lessons in Swizzlery, or, A Lesson in Swizzlery (Prod. 1974)1974
Portrait of a Pig (Prod. 1974)1974
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The Larsens (Prod. 1974)1974
And Out Goes You (Prod. 1975)1975
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A Death in the Family (Prod. 1993)1993
Death in the Family (Prod. 1993)1993
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End Dream (Prod. 2000)2000
Angel's Trumpet (Prod. 2001)2001
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Ostrich Club
Demons of the Mind2011
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Surface Tension2002
Stray (Prod. 2009)2009
Souvenirs of Home (Prod. 2010)2010
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Alerte mondiale (copyscript)2004
Au secours! (copyscript)2004
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Le grand jour (copyscript)2004
Le grand traitement (copyscript)2004
Le porte-monnaie (copyscript)2004
Les beaux-frères (copyscript)2004
Lucky Luciano (copyscript)2004
Pas de pitié pour le docteur! (copyscript)2004
Tel père... telle paire! (copyscript)2004
Traitement de canal (copyscript)2004
Tuxedo Palace (copyscript)2004
Vie d'anges ou d'enfer (copyscript)2004
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Arnold Had Two Wives1997
No More Ketchup1997
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Whatever Makes You Happy2006
Onion Maid2007
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My Rumanian Cousin (Prod. 1991)1991
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Smoke Damage1995
Stone Age1995
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Mr Fix It
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On the Beach1989
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She Walks the Line (Prod. 2009)2009
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Pink (Prod. 1986, published in The Other Side of Dark: Four Plays)1989
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Capture Me (Prod. 2004)2006
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Palace of the End (Prod. 2008)2007
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L'âge d'or1985
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Fun With Drama Volume 22004
Fun With Drama Volume 32006
Fun With Drama Volume 42008
Fun With Drama Volume 52010
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Éloge de la luxure1997
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Et si le cœur y était2000
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Tout est encore possible (copyscript)2010
Tout est encore possible (Prod. 2010)2010
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Voulez-vous danser?1996
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Ailleurs Ici2003
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Home (Prod. 2010)2010
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Club Chernobyl1994
The Last Journey of Captain Harte1999
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A Captive Moon1982
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Listen to the Drum1982
The Rainstone1982
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Tomorrow Will Be Better (copyscript)1997
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Season of the Witch (Prod. 1985)1985
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Confessions: A Jazz Play (Prod. 1991)1991
Adventures Of The Trick Riders (Prod. 2006)2006
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Coming Around (Collab. Lorre Jensen)1999
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Barnardo Kids! (Prod. 1985)1984
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True Confessions of a Single Woman While Waiting For Her Big Break (Prod. 2004)2004
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Chairs and Tables1994
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Love and Ruins (copyscript)1997
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For Love and Money (chapbook)2002
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Soap Bubbles1979
The Horsburgh Scandal (Prod. 1976)1981
Time Bomb1986
Help is on the Way1989
A Native of the James Family1990
How to Speak Male1990
Boy in a Cage1991
Grace Under Pressure1992
An Enemy of the People (Adap.; prod. 1962)1962
George Dandin (Adap.; prod. 1964)1964
I See You, I See You (Prod. 1970)1970
Beowulf (Prod. 1975, rock opera)1975
Size Ten (Prod. 1976)1976
Jean YoonSliding for Home & Borders2000
Spite (Prod. 2000)2000
The Yoko Ono Project (Prod. 2000)2002
Yes Yoko Solo (Adap. The Yoko Ono Project; prod. 2002)2002
Hongbu & Nolbu: The Tale of the Magic Pumpkins (Adap. Korean folktale; prod. 2005)2005
Debbie Young (d'bi.young)blood.claat (Prod. 2006)2006
Selphine Loathing (Prod. 2001)2001
yahayah: (Prod. 2001)2001
androgyne (Prod. 2006)2006
benu (Prod. 2009)2009
she (2010)2010
word! sound! powah (Prod. 2010)2010
Svetlana ZylinDjuna: What of the Night? (Collab. Cynthia Grant; copyscript)1997
The Destruction of Eve (Collab. Connie Kaldor and Rufus Wainwright; copyscript)1998