Below is the list of works in your selected genre, sorted alphabetically by writer's last name. Click the link to download a PDF version of this list, or use the menu on the left to select another genre.
Doris AndersonRebel Daughter: An Autobiography1996
Margaret AvisonI am Here and Not Not-There: An Autobiography2009
Maude BarlowThe Fight of My Life: Confessions of an Unrepentant Canadian1998
Florence Barton (Anne Barton)Gone to the Cats1984
Joan BaxterGraveyard for Dreamers: One Woman's Odyssey in Africa1994
Sheila BaxterStill Raising Hell: Poverty, Activism and Other True Stories1997
Janette BertrandMa Vie en Trois Actes2004
Carrie M. BestThat Lonesome Road: The Autobiography of Carrie M. Best1977
Marie-Claire BlaisDes rencontres humaines2002
Dominique BlondeauDes grains de sel2002
Denise BoucherUne Voyelle2007
Marcelle BrissonLe roman vrai2000
Rosemary BrownBeing Brown: A Very Public Life1989
Sheila BurnfordThe Fields of Noon1964
Maria CampbellHalfbreed1973
Emily CarrGrowing Pains: The Autobiography of Emily Carr1946
Maryanne CaswellPioneer Girl: A Young Girl's Letter Describing Homestead Life in Saskatchewan, 1887-18881964
Adrienne ClarksonHeart Matters2006
Mary Frances CoadyGeorges and Pauline Vanier: Portrait of a Couple2011
Eileen May CourtenayRheumatoid Arthritis-A Separate World-Personal Account of Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis2000
Jane Tapsubei CreiderTwo Lives: My Spirit and I1986
Mazo de la RocheRinging the Changes: An Autobiography1957
Velma DemersonIncorrigible2004
Hélène DorionJours de sable (Trans. Jonathan Kaplanski 2006)2002
Joan Levy EarleJack's Farm2006
Evelyn EatonThe Trees and Fields Went the Other Way1974
Caterina EdwardsEating Apples:Knowing Women's Lives (Ed. with Kay Stewart)1994
Wrestling with the Angel: Women Reclaiming Their Lives (Ed. with Kay Stewart)2000
Madeleine GagnonLe deuil du soleil1998
Elisabeth GerrardWe Came to Canada1967
Travels with my Husband: Journeys in Asia and Africa1986
Hiromi GotoWait Until Late Afternoon, or, distilled, decanted and debauched (Collab. David Bateman)2009
Sherrill E. GraceA Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador (Edited by Grace; annotated edition of Mina Benson Hubbard's 1908 memoir)2004
Ethel Kirk GraysonUnbind the Sheaves1964
Deborah GreyNever Retreat, Never Explain, Never Apologize: My Life and My Politics2004
Linda GriffithsThe Book of Jessica: A Theatrical Transformation (Collab. Maria Campbell; prod. 1995)1997
Phyllis GrosskurthElusive Subject: A Biographer's Life1999
Jane HallBehind the Red Wall: A Woman in the RCMP2007
Margaret Ann HayesWhere the Tarmac Ends: To East Africa with Love1989
Mary HiemstraGully Farm1955
Beverly Hungry WolfThe Ways of my Grandmothers1980
Rita JoeSong of Rita Joe: Autobiography of a Mi'kmaq Poet1996
Judith Grossman (Judith Merril, C. M. Kornbluth, Cyril Judd)Better to Have Loved: The Life of Judith Merril (Collab. Emily Pohl-Weary)2002
Deanna KawatskiWilderness Mother1994
Clara and Me1996
Jeananne Kathol KirwinGreetings From Cool Breezes: A Family's Year Abroad2005
Olive KnoxMrs. Minister1956
Joan Newman KuyekThe Phone Book: Working at Bell Canada1979
Gunda LambtonThe Frankenstein Room: Growing up in Germany Between the Wars2000
Sun in Winter: A Toronto Wartime Journal 1942-19452003
Rina LasnierMiroirs1960
Jean LittleLittle by Little: A Writer’s Education1987
Stars Come Out Within1990
Alice LoomisRide Out Singing1951
Madge MacbethOver My Shoulder1953
Boulevard Career1957
Anna Jean MallinsonTerra Infirma - A Life Unbalanced2007
Sharon MarcusMy Years With The Qutb: A Walk In Paradise2005
Doris McCarthyA Fool in Paradise1990
The Good Wine1991
Ninety Years Wise2004
Irene Wheeler McCaughertyThe Ladders We Climb1994
Audrey McLaughlinA Woman's Place: My Life and Politics1992
Margaret MillarThe Birds and the Beasts Were There1968
Simonne Monet-ChartrandUne vie comme riviere1982
Claire Montreuil!(Claire Martin)Dans un gant de fer / In an Iron Glove (Trans. 1968 with La Joue droite; trans. 1975 as an independent volume titled In an Iron Glove: An Autobiography)1965
La Joue droite / In an Iron Glove (Trans. 1966 with Dan un gant de fer; trans. 1975 as an independent volume titled The Right Cheek: An Autobiography)1966
Elaine Kalman NavesJourney to Vaja: Reconstructing the World of a Hungarian-Jewish Family1996
Putting Down Roots: Montreal's Immigrant Writers (Ed.)1998
Ruth OhiPathologies: A Life in Essays2008
Molly PeacockTake Heart1989
A. S. PenneOld Stones: The Biography of a Family2002
Laura SalversonConfessions of an Immigrant's Daughter1939
Kay StewartEating Apples (Ed. with Caterina Edwards)1994
Wrestling with the Angel (Ed. with Caterina Edwards)2000
France ThéoretNous parlerons comme on écrit: roman1982
Verna ThomasInvisible Shadows: A Black Woman's Life in Nova Scotia2001
Shania TwainFrom this Moment On2011
Charlotte Vale-Allen (Katharine Marlowe)Daddy's Girl1980
Sharon WildwindDreams That Blister Sleep: A Nurse in Vietnam1999