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Includes cookbooks, anecdotes, self-help writing, and journalism
Kate AitkenKate Aitken’s Canadian Cookbook2003
Francine AllardDéfense et illustration de la toutoune québécoise1991
Rona AratoDesign It!2010
Colleen ArcherAccentuating the Positive: A Guide to Trick Training Your Horse at Home2004
Carolyn ArendsFeel Free1997
Living the Questions: Making Sense of the Mess and Mystery of Life2000
We've Been Waiting for You2002
Wrestling With Angels: Adventures in Faith and Doubt2008
Sally ArmstrongFlex Time: A Working Mother's Guide to Balancing Career and Family2003
Judy BagshawOne Foot on a Banana Peel (Collab. Peter Bagshaw)2007
Mary BaileyThe Food Lover's Trail Guide to Alberta (Collab. Judy Schultz)2003
The Food Lover's Trail Guide to Alberta Volume 2 (Collab. Judy Schultz)2007
Thelma Barer-SteinTo Life! Setting A New Standard for Delectable, Healthy Eating Within Cherished Kosher Traditions (Collab. Esther Schwartz and Rita Vandersluis)1996
Daphne BashfordSTRETCH: a contemporary approach with attention to detail1998
The Simple Grace of Cowboy Yoga (Collab. Barb Howard)2004
Jeanne BekerJeanne Unbottled: Adventures in High Style 2000
The Big Night Out2005
Passion for Fashion: Careers in Style2008
Finding Myself In Fashion2011
Strutting It!: The Grit Behind the Glamour2011
Jehane BenoîtAn Adventure in Rice1956
Encyclopedia of Canadian Cuisine / L'encyclopédie de la cuisine canadienne1964
My Secrets for Better Cooking1969
The Canadiana Cookbook: A Complete Heritage of Canadian Cooking1970
The Art of Mme Jehane Benoît1971
Madame Benoît’s Library of Canadian Cooking Volume 10: Ice Cream (cont.), Candies, Pressure Cooking, Jams and Jellies, Health Foods, Freezing1972
Madame Benoît’s Library of Canadian Cooking Volume 11: Cheeses, Beverages, Wines, Home-made Wines1972
Madame Benoît’s Library of Canadian Cooking Volume 12: Questions and Answers, Tips for Young Marrieds, Dictionary of Culinary Terms, Alphabetical Index1972
Madame Benoît’s Library of Canadian Cooking Volume 1: Kitchen Arithmetic, Hors d'oeuves and Canapes, Soups, How to Cook Meat, Beef1972
Madame Benoît’s Library of Canadian Cooking Volume 2: Beef (cont.) Lamb, Veal, Pork, Ham1972
Madame Benoît’s Library of Canadian Cooking Volume 3: Poultry and Small Game, Venison, Garden Barbecues, Roasting, Chafing Dishes, Eggs1972
Madame Benoît’s Library of Canadian Cooking Volume 4: Eggs (cont.), Green Vegetables1972
Madame Benoît’s Library of Canadian Cooking Volume 5: Green Vegetables (cont.) Dried Vegetables, Fish and Shellfish, Electric Blenders, Hot and Cold Sauces, Herbs and Food Seasonings1972
Madame Benoît’s Library of Canadian Cooking Volume 6: Spices, Sandwiches, Macaroni, Spaghetti and Noodles, Bread, Buns and Doughnuts, Rice Dishes1972
Madame Benoît’s Library of Canadian Cooking Volume 7: Cookies, Pastry, Pies1972
Madame Benoît’s Library of Canadian Cooking Volume 8: Cakes, Cake Decorating, Creams, Syrups, Sauces for Desserts, Salads, Pickles1972
Madame Benoît’s Library of Canadian Cooking Volume 9: Preserves, Hot and Cold Soufflés, Desserts, Ice Cream1972
Cooking Lamb for Sheer Pleasure1973
Reader’s Digest Secrets of Better Cooking1973
Madame Benoît’s Library of Canadian Cooking (omnibus edition)1974
Madame Benoît’s Microwave Cook Book1975
The New and Complete Encyclopedia of Cooking1975
Mme. Jehane Benoît’s Complete Heritage of International Cooking1976
Madame Benoît Cooks at Home1979
Madame Benoît’s Lamb Cookbook1979
Madame Benoît’s World of Food1980
My Grandmother’s Kitchen1980
Convection Oven Cooking1981
Enjoying the Art of Canadian Cooking1985
Meats and Sauces / Les viandes et leurs sauces (Encyclopedia of Microwave Cooking series vol. 1)1985
Soups and Garnishes / Les soupes et leurs garnitures (Encyclopedia of Microwave Cooking series vol. 2)1985
Desserts and Jams / Desserts et confitures (Encyclopedia of Microwave Cooking series vol. 6)1986
Fish and Their Sauces / Les poissons et leurs sauces (Encyclopedia of Microwave Cooking series vol. 3)1986
Poultry, Stuffing and Sauces / Les volailles et leurs sauces (Encyclopedia of Microwave Cooking series vol. 4)1986
Vegetables and Their Sauces / Les légumes et leurs sauces (Encyclopedia of Microwave Cooking series vol. 5)1986
Cuisine Traditionnelle1987
Rice, Pasta and Eggs / Riz, pâtes alimentaires et oeufs (Encyclopedia of Microwave Cooking series vol. 7)1987
Janette BertrandLes Recettes de Janette2005
Norma BidwellThe Norma Bidwell Cookbook1993
The Best of Stoveline (recipes)1994
Lifelines & Deadlines2002
Christie BlatchfordSpectator Sports1986
Close Encounters1988
Carol BoltThe Book of Answers1999
Movie Book of Answers2001
Love's Book of Answers2002
Soul's Book of Answers2003
Mom's Book of Answers2004
Dad's Book of Answers2006
Odette BourdonLes ventes de garage: Comment les réussir et comment les fréquenter (Collab. Micheline Raymond)1991
Voyager avec des enfants (Collab. Micheline Raymond)1991
Kate BraidThe Fish Come in Dancing: Stories from the West-Coast Fishery (Ed.)2002
Linda BrissettLinda's Culinary Cuisines: A Touch of Jamaican Cookings1999
Canadianizing Jamaican Patois: A Book of Jamaican Cooking2001
Cassie BrownWriting the Sea (collection of short fiction and nonfiction)2005
Mona BrunCooking with Mona: Over 500 Recipes Before Metrics (Re-released as Cooking with Mona: The Original Woodward’s Cookbook 2002)1976
A Taste of BC for All Seasons1993
BC Foods Welcome the World1994
Entertaining with BC Foods Cookbook1997
June CallwoodLove, Hate, Fear, Anger, and Other Lively Emotions (Revised 1987 as Emotions)1964
Canadian Women and the Law (Collab. Marvin A. Zuker)1971
The Troubled Child Project: A Beginning1971
The Law Is Not For Women!: A Legal Handbook for Women (Collab. Marvin A. Zuker)1976
The Naughty Nineties: 1890-19001977
Jim: A Life with AIDS1988
The Right to Have Enough Money: A Straightforward Guide to the Disability Income System in Canada1990
The Sleepwalker1990
June Callwood's National Treasures (interviews)1994
Trial Without End: A Shocking Story of Women and AIDS1995
The Man Who Lost Himself: The Terry Evanshen Story2000
Elspeth CameronCalgary Historical Walking Tour: Mission and Cliff Bungalow (Collab. James Bowman)2000
La CarminaThe Cosmos in a Carrot2006
Crazy, Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo2009
Cute Yummy Time2009
Janine O'Leary CobbUnderstanding Menopause1988
Norma ColeTo Be At Music: Essays & Talks2010
Pauline CoutureInner Beauty: Looking, Feeling and Being Your Best2011
Shannon CowanHiking Vancouver Island2003
Sarah de LeeuwUnmarked: Landscapes Along Highway 162004
Corinne De VaillyLe nouveau Code civil et vous (Collab. David Dolan)1994
LOTUS 1-2-31994
Quattro Pro 5.0 pour Windows1994
Système 7 pour Mac1994
Guide pratique des ventes de garage1997
Le Code civil et vous (Collab. David Dolan)1997
Le Guide des prénoms1998
Le Web des femmes1998
Le jardinage facile1999
Le petit guide de l'amour1999
Le Web des vedettes1999
Les épices, utilisations et propriétés médicinales (Collab. Morgan Brooks)2004
Trucs et astuces pour voyager sans souci2004
Émotion, quand tu nous tiens! (Collab. Stéphanie Milot)2005
L'ABC des trucs de santé du Dr Fortin (Collab. Christian Fortin)2007
Claudia DeyHow To Be A Bush Pilot 2011
Sue Donaldson (Susan Cliffe)Foods That Don't Bite Back: Vegan Cooking Made Simple2003
Zoopolis (Collab. Will Kymlicka)2011
Joan Donaldson-YarmeyBackroads of Southern Alberta1992
Backroads of Southern Interior British Columbia1996
Backroads of South-western British Columbia1997
Backroads of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands1998
Backroads of Alaska and the Yukon1999
Backroads of Northern British Columbia2000
Jane DrakeYes You Can! Your Guide To Becoming An Activist2010
Donna FarleySeasons of Grace, Reflections on the Orthodox Church Year2002
Joan FinniganCanada in Bed (as Michelle Bedard)1969
Canadian Colonial Cooking1976
Judith FitzgeraldBuilding a Mystery: The Story of Sarah McLachlan & Lilith Fair1997
Diane FlacksBear With Me2005
Stacey May FowlesShe's Shameless: Women Write About Growing Up, Rocking Out and Fighting Back (Ed. with Megan Griffith-Green)2009
Joan Marie GalatDay Trips From Edmonton2010
Rachna GilmoreSnapshots from the Fringes2010
Kim GoldbergThe Barefoot Channel: Community Television as a Tool for Social Change1990
Submarine Dead Ahead! Waging Peace in America’s Nuclear Colony1991
Vox Populi: Getting Your Ethnic Group on Community TV1993
Where to See Wildlife on Vancouver Island1997
Sondra GotliebThe Gourmet's Canada1972
Cross-Canada Cooking: Favorite Recipes of Canadians (released in simultaineously in USA as Cross-Country Cooking: Favorite Ethnic Recipies From Across the Continent)1976
Dogs, Houses, Gardens, Food & Other Addictions2002
When I Rises Up, I Gets Confused: The Best of Sondra Gotlieb2004
Linda GoyetteSecond Opinion1998
Kidmonton: True Stories of River City Kids2004
Standing Together: Women Speak out about Violence and Abuse (Ed.)2005
The Story that Brought Me Here: To Alberta from Everywhere (Ed.)2008
Vanessa GrantWriting Romance2007
Megan Griffith-GreenShe's Shameless: Women Write About Growing Up, Rocking Out and Fighting Back (Ed. with Stacey May Fowles)2009
Annabel GriffithsBittergirl: Getting Over Getting Dumped (Collab. Alison Lawrence, Mary Francis Moore; adap. original play)2005
Gail HamiltonFundraiser's Phrase Book1997
Marketing Phrase Book1999
Saying Thank You2002
1001 Ways to Say Thank You2008
Lyn HancockNorthwest Territories, Canada's Last Frontier: A Full Colour View Book (Collab. Earl L. Brown and Jo Fitzsimmons)1986
Alaska Highway: Road to Adventure: a Full Colour Viewbook (Collab. Earl L. Brown)1988
Joyce HaydenYukon's Women of Power: Political Pioneers in a Northern Canadian Colony1999
Edith HewsonIt's A Dry Cold... You Don't Feel It!1997
Barbara HodgsonItaly Out of Hand2005
Trading in Memories2007
Barb HowardThe Simple Grace of Cowboy Yoga (Collab. Daphne Bashford)2004
Beverly Hungry WolfSiksiká: A Blackfoot Legacy (Collab. Ben Calf Robe and Adolf Hungry Wolf)1979
Blackfoot Craftworker's Book (Collab. Adolf Hungry Wolf)1991
Tara HuntThe Whuffie Factor: Using the Power of Social Networks to Build Your Business2009
Deirdre KesslerDiscover Canada: Prince Edward Island1992
Suzanne KingsmillBreaking Up Solvent: A Woman’s Guide to Financial Security1998
Mia KirshnerI Live Here (Collab. J. B. Mackinnon, Paul Shoebridges, Michael Simons)2008
Jeananne Kathol KirwinSign of Hope! 25 Years * 25 Stories2008
Dinah KooDinah's Cupboard Cookbook (Collab. Janice Poon)1986
The Cocktail Chef: Simple, Chic Entertaining (Collab. Janice Poon)2007
Veronika KrausasErrata: A Curious Collection of Corrections (Collab. Renee Reynolds)2005
In + On2006
Alison LawrenceBittergirl: Getting Over Getting Dumped (Collab. Mary Francis Moore and Annabel Griffiths; adap. original play)2005
Eve LazarusFrommer’s Vancouver with Kids2001
Isabel LeBourdaisThe Trial of Steven Truscott1966
Bernice LeverThe Waiting Room1993
N. J. LindquistThe Bridge: A 1:1 Discipleship Manual for Teens1998
That’s Life! Basketballs in the Living Room and Other Facts of Life2000
The New You: Welcome to Your Changed Life2000
Anne LindsaySmart Cooking: Quick and Tasty Recipes for Healthy Living1985
Light Hearted Cookbook1990
The Low-Risk Cancer Cookbook1991
The Everyday Light-Hearted Cookbook1993
Low Cholesterol Cuisine by Anne Lindsay1995
Recipes for a Healthy Heart1995
The Everyday Low-Fat Cookbook2002
Anne Lindsay’s New Light Cooking2005
The New Lighthearted Cookbook: Recipes for Heart Healthy Cooking2006
Nadine MackenzieBre-X, l'escroquerie du siècle1998
Dorothy MacleanWisdoms1971
The Living Silence1977
The Soul of Canada1977
To Hear the Angels Sing1980
To Honour the Earth1991
Choice of Love1998
Seeds of Inspiration2004
Call of the Trees2006
Come Closer2007
Catherine MacleodGrass Scapes: Gardening with Ornamental Grasses (Collab. Martin Quinn)2003
Irshad ManjiRisking Utopia: On the Edge of a New Democracy1997
The Trouble with Islam: A Wake-Up Call For Honesty and Change (Revised 2004 as The Trouble with Islam Today)2003
Allah, Liberty and Love2011
Shirlee Smith MathesonThis Was Our Valley (Collab. Earl K. Pollon)1989
Flying the Frontiers Volume I: A Half Million Hours of Aviation Adventure (Ed. Matheson)1995
Flying the Frontiers Volume II: More Hours of Aviation Adventure! (Ed. Matheson)1996
A western welcome to the the world: Calgary International Airport1997
Flying the Frontiers Volume III: Aviation Adventures Around the World (Ed. Matheson)1999
Lost: True Stories of Canadian Aviation Tragedies2005
Maverick in the Sky2007
Amazing Flights and Flyers2010
Fredelle Bruser MaynardGuiding Your Child to a More Creative Life1973
The Child Care Crisis1986
Christina McCallMy Life as a Dame: The Selected Writings of Christina McCall (Ed. Stephen Clarkson)2008
Kathleen McDonnellNot an Easy Choice1984
Honey, We Lost the Kids: Re-thinking Childhood in the Multimedia Age2001
Lorrie McLaughlinA Canadian Market List for Writers1965
Sheila McLeod ArnopoulosSaris on Scooters: How Microcredit Is Changing Village India2010
Kristen McNultyWalking Through a Fallen World2006
Maureen McTeerResidences: Homes of Canada's Leaders1982
Tangled Womb: The Politics of Human Reproduction1992
Tough Choices: Living and Dying in the 21st Century1999
Mary Francis MooreBittergirl: Getting Over Getting Dumped (Collab. Alison Lawrence and Annabel Griffiths; adap. original play)2005
Hilda Chaulk MurrayMore Than 50%: Woman's Life in a Newfoundland Outport1979
Cows Don't Know it's Sunday: Agricultural Life in St. John's2002
Of Boats on the Collar: How it Was in One Newfoundland Fishing Community2007
Rona MurrayThe Art of Earth (Collab. Walter Dexter)1979
Angela Narth (Angela Murphy)The Bathroom Book of Canadian Trivia2005
Rosemary NeeringBackroading Vancouver Island 1996
The Victoria Walking Guide1994
The West End1994
Vancouver Island from the Air (Collab. Russ Heinl)1999
Angelika NeumannMad about Muffins1982
Mad about Cheddar1983
Fun in the Kitchen1984
Wild about Muffins1985
Love in the Blended Family1988
Madeleine Ouellette-MichalskaLa Danse de l'amante1987
Lou PagetHow To Be A Great Lover1999
How To Give Her Absolute Pleasure: Totally Explicit Techniques Every Woman Wants Her Man To Know2000
The Big O: How to Have Them, Give Them, and Keep Them Coming, or, Orgasms: How to Have Them, Give Them, and Keep Them Coming2001
365 Days Of Sensational Sex: Tantalizing Tips And Techniques To Keep The Fires Burning All Year Long2003
Hot Mamas: The Ultimate Guide To Making Pregnancy The Sexiest Time Of Your Life2004
Jean Paré150 Delicious Squares (Company's Coming Original series)1981
Casseroles (Company's Coming Original series)1982
Muffins & More (Company's Coming Original series)1983
Salads (Company's Coming Original series)1984
Appetizers (Company's Coming Original series)1985
Desserts (Company's Coming Original series)1986
Holiday Entertaining (Company's Coming Original series)1987
Soups & Sandwiches (Company's Coming Original series)1987
Cookies (Company's Coming Original series)1988
Jean Paré's 'Favourites' (Company's Coming Original series)1988
Main Courses (Company's Coming Original series)1989
Vegetables (Company's Coming Original series)1989
Cakes (Company's Coming Original series)1990
Pasta (Company's Coming Original series)1990
Barbeques (Company's Coming Original series)1991
Dinners of the World (Company's Coming Original series)1991
Lunches (Company's Coming Original series)1992
Pies (Company's Coming Original series)1992
Buffets (Pint Size series)1993
Finger Food (Pint Size series)1993
Light Recipes (Company's Coming Original series)1993
Microwave Cooking (Company's Coming Original series)1993
Party Planning (Pint Size series)1993
Baking Delights (Pint Size series)1994
Light Casseroles (Company's Coming Original series)1994
Preserves (Company's Coming Original series)1994
Chicken, Etc. (Company's Coming Original series)1995
Chocolate (Pint Size series)1995
Kids Cooking (Company's Coming Kids Cook series)1995
Breads (Company's Coming Original series)1996
Company's Coming for Christmas (Special Occasion series)1996
Fish & Seafood (Company's Coming Original series)1996
Beans & Rice1997
Beef Today!1997
Beverages (Pint Size series)1997
Cooking for Two (Company's Coming Original series)1997
Family Table1997
Ground Beef1997
Kids Only! Snacks (Company's Coming Kids Series)1997
Meatless Cooking (Company's Coming Original series)1997
Sauces & Marinades1997
30-Minute Meals1998
Breakfasts & Brunches (Company's Coming Original series)1998
Easy Entertaining (Special Occasion series)1998
Low-Fat Cooking (Lifestyle series)1998
Make-Ahead Salads1998
No-Bake Desserts1998
Slow Cooker Recipes (Company's Coming Original series)1998
Biscuits, Muffins & Loaves (Greatest Hits series)1999
Dips, Spreads & Dressings (Greatest Hits series)1999
Low-Fat Pasta (Lifestyle series)1999
Millenium Edition (Special Occasion series)1999
One-Dish Meals (Company's Coming Original series)1999
Pizza! (Company's Coming Original series)1999
Starters (Company's Coming Original series)1999
After-School Snacks (Company's Coming Kids Cook series)2000
Bag Lunches (Company's Coming Kids Cook series)2000
Chocolate Everything (Special Occasion series)2000
Grilling (Lifestyle series)2000
Kids Cook! Bonus Pack (Company's Coming Kids Cook series)2000
Make-Ahead Meals (Company's Coming Original series)2000
Sandwiches & Wraps (Greatest Hits series)2000
Soups & Salads (Greatest Hits series)2000
Stir-Fry (Company's Coming Original series)2000
The Potato Book (Company's Coming Original series)2000
Weekend Treats (Company's Coming Kids Cook series)2000
Appliance Cooking (Company's Coming Original series)2001
Cook for Kids (Company's Coming Original series)2001
Diabetic Cooking (Lifestyle series)2001
Fondues (Company's Coming Original series)2001
Gifts from the Kitchen2001
Italian (Greatest Hits series)2001
Low-Fat Cooking (Company's Coming Original series)2001
Low-Fat Pasta (Company's Coming Original series)2001
Mexican (Greatest Hits series)2001
Stews, Chilies & Chowders (Company's Coming Original series)2001
Asian Cooking (Company's Coming Original series)2002
Cooking for the Seasons (Special Occasion series)2002
Home for the Holidays (Special Occasion series)2002
Rush-Hour Recipes (Company's Coming Original series)2002
Sweet Cravings (Company's Coming Original series)2002
The Beef Book (Company's Coming Original series)2002
The Cheese Book (Company's Coming Original series)2002
The Rookie Cook (Company's Coming Original series)2002
Chinese Cooking (Company's Coming Original series)2003
Decadent Desserts (Special Occasion series)2003
Garden Greens (Company's Coming Original series)2003
Heart-Friendly Cooking (Lifestyle series)2003
Most Loved Appetizers (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2003
The Pork Book (Company's Coming Original series)2003
Weekend Cooking (Special Occasion series)2003
Year-Round Grilling (Company's Coming Original series)2003
Baking-- Simple to Sensational (Special Occasion series)2004
Diabetic Dinners (Lifestyle series)2004
Herbs & Spices (Company's Coming Original series)2004
Most Loved Main Courses (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2004
Most Loved Treats (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2004
Most Loved Treats (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2004
Recipes for Leftovers (Company's Coming Original series)2004
School Days Party Pack (Company's Coming Original series)2004
The Beverage Book (Company's Coming Original series)2004
The Egg Book (Company's Coming Original series)2004
30-Minute Weekday Meals (Company's Coming Original series)2005
Christmas Gifts from the Kitchen (Special Occasion series)2005
Easy Healthy Recipes (Lifestyle series)2005
Low-Carb Recipes (Lifestyle series)2005
Most Loved Barbecuing (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2005
Most Loved Cookies (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2005
Potluck Dishes (Company's Coming Original series)2005
School Days Lunches (Company's Coming Original series)2005
Slow Cooker Dinners (Company's Coming Original series)2005
4-Ingredient Recipes (Company's Coming Original series)2006
Christmas Celebrations (Special Occasion series)2006
Ground Beef Recipes (Company's Coming Original series)2006
Kids' Healthy Cooking (Company's Coming Original series)2006
Most Loved Casseroles (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2006
Most Loved Salads & Dressings (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2006
Mostly Muffins (Company's Coming Original series)2006
Soups (Company's Coming Original series)2006
Timeless Recipes for All Occasions (Special Occasion series)2006
30-Minute Rookie Cooks (Company's Coming Original series)2007
Apple Appeal (Focus series)2007
Chicken Now (Company's Coming Original series)2007
Cookie Jar Classics (Focus series)2007
Cooking at Home (Special Occasion series)2007
Cranberry Cravings (Focus series)2007
Diabetic Cooking (Company's Coming Original series)2007
Dip, Dunk and Dab2007
Fab Finger Food (Focus series)2007
Healthy in a Hurry (Lifestyle series)2007
Hearty Soups (Focus series)2007
Kids Do Snacks (Company's Coming Original series)2007
Most Loved Holiday Favourites (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2007
Most Loved Stir-Fries (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2007
Simple Suppers (Company's Coming Original series)2007
Sips (Focus series)2007
Sweet Dreams (Focus series)2007
Whole Grain Recipes (Lifestyle series)2007
30-Minute Diabetic Cooking (Company's Coming Original series)2008
Chicken Breast Finesse (Focus series)2008
Chilled Thrills (Focus series)2008
Chocolate Squared (Focus series)2008
Choosing Sides (Company's Coming Original series)2008
Company's Coming-- Tonight! (Special Occasion series)2008
Low-Fat Express (Company's Coming Original series)2008
Most Loved Festive Baking (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2008
Most Loved Slow Cooker Creations (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2008
Most Loved Summertime Desserts (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2008
Perfect Pasta and Sauces (Company's Coming Original series)2008
Shrimp Delicious (Focus series)2008
Simmering Stews (Focus series)2008
Simply Vegetarian (Focus series)2008
Small Plates for Sharing (Practical Gourmet series)2008
So Strawberry (Focus series)2008
Splendid Spuds (Focus series)2008
Steak Sizzle (Focus series)2008
Tomato Temptations (Focus series)2008
Tossed (Focus series)2008
Warm Desserts2008
All Occasion Gifts From Your Kitchen (Special Occasion series)2009
Berries & Cream (Focus series)2009
Carrot Craze (Focus series)2009
Catch of the Day (Company's Coming Original series)2009
Coffee Cake Classics (Focus series)2009
Easy Roasting (Focus series)2009
Good Friends, Great Grilling (Practical Gourmet series)2009
Healthy in a Hurry (Company's Coming Original series)2009
Hot Bites (Focus series)2009
Inviting Asian Flavours (Practical Gourmet series)2009
Lemon Lime Zingers (Focus series)2009
Most Loved Brunches (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2009
Most Loved Pies (Most Loved Recipe Collection series)2009
Skewered (Focus series)2009
Table for Two (Company's Coming Original series)2009
Zucchini Zone (Focus series)2009
30-Minute Pantry (Company's Coming Original series)2010
Everyday Barbecuing (Company's Coming Original series)2010
Fruit Squared (Focus series)2010
Healthy Slow Cooker (Company's Coming Original series)2010
Meal Salads (Company's Coming Original series)2010
Mushroom Magic (Focus series)2010
Salads to Go (Focus series)2010
That's a Wrap2010
Nicole PartonHow to Do Practically Everything for Practically Nothing1983
Fast and Easy Company Treats1985
Nicole Parton's Galley Gourmet: Great Meals from Small Spaces1987
Never Say Diet 7 Days a Week! (Collab. Judy Toews)1998
Never Say Diet! (Collab. Judy Toews)1998
Raising Happy, Healthy, Weight-Wise Kids (Collab. Judy Toews)2001
Janice PoonDinah's Cupboard Cookbook (Collab. Dinah Koo)1986
The Cocktail Chef: Simple, Chic Entertaining (Collab. Dinah Koo)2007
Anna PorterFarewell to the 70s: A Canadian Salute to a Confusing Decade (Ed. with Marjorie Harris)1979
Meredith QuartermainRecipes from The Red Planet2010
Sandy RideoutProjects From Your Scrap Bag2007
Erika RitterUrban Scrawl: The World as Seen Through the Bemused Eyes of Erika Ritter1984
Ritter in Residence: a Comic Collection1987
The Great Big Book of Guys: Alphabetical Encounters with Men2004
Jackie RoseThe Newly Non-Drinking Girl's Guide to Pregnancy (Collab. Caroline Angel)2007
Geraldine RubiaA Poem in My Soup1980
Caroline Russell-KingStrategies: The Business of Being a Playwright in Canada (Collab. Rose Scollard)2000
Heidi Sander (Katherine Jacobs)44 Country Trails1998
Bruce Peninsula Trails: And Grey Sauble, Saugeen Valley and Maitland Valley Trails1999
The Best of the Bruce Trail2000
Oak Ridges Moraine Trails2003
Footsteps Along the Grand: Four Seasons of Discovery2006
Win Her Heart in Miami: 10 Romantic Getaways for Her Birthday, Anniversary or Valentine's2013
Win Her Heart in Vegas: 10 Romantic Getaways for Her Birthday, Anniversary or Valentine's2013
Judy SchultzBest of Seasons Menu Cookbook1990
From the Garden1992
The Food Lover's Trail Guide to Alberta Volume 2 (Collab. Mary Bailey)2007
Which Came First? The Egg of Course2009
Roslyn SchwartzThe Smoker's Addictionary1984
Rose ScollardStrategies: The Business of Being a Playwright in Canada (Collab. Caroline Russel-King)2000
Merilyn SimondsThe Art of Soapmaking1979
Home Playgrounds1987
A Chronicle of Our House1988
The Harrowsmith Salad Garden1992
Fit to Drink1995
The Convict Lover: A True Story1996
Breakfast at the Exit Café2010
A New Leaf2011
Linda SpaldingWho Named the Knife: A Book of Murder and Memory2006
Edna StaeblerFood That Really Schmecks: Mennonite Country Cooking1968
Sauerkraut and Enterprise1969
Cape Breton Harbour1972
More Food That Really Schmecks1979
Baking with Yeast with Schmecks Appeal1990
Cookies and Squares with Schmecks Appeal1990
Meats, Fish and Fowl with Schmecks Appeal1990
Muffins and Quick Breads with Schmecks Appeal1990
Soups and Salads with Schmecks Appeal1990
Sweets, Sours and Drinks with Schmecks Appeal1990
Vegetables with Schmecks Appeal1990
Cakes and Frostings with Schmecks Appeal1991
Desserts with Schmecks Appeal1991
Lunches and Suppers with Schmecks Appeal1991
More Baking with Schmecks Appeal1991
Pies and Tarts with Schmecks Appeal1991
Schmecks Appeal: More Mennonite Country Cooking2002
Lorina StephensTouring the Giant's Rib: A Guidebook to the Niagara Excarpment (Collab. Gary Stephens)1993
Recipes of a Dumb Housewife2007
Stonehouse Cooks2011
Veronica SullivanCaribbean Carnival Canadian Style: A History Souvenir Special and a Guide to Happenings1986
Mariko TamakiTrue Lies: A Book of Bad Advice2002
Margie TaylorThe Vancouver Baby Book1984
60 is the new 20: A boomers guide to aging with grace, dignity and what's left of your self-respect2011
Judy ToewsBodysense, Life Skills for Weight Management1994
Never Say Diet 7 Days a Week! (Collab. Nicole Parton)1998
Never Say Diet! (Collab. Nicole Parton)1998
Raising Happy, Healthy, Weight-Wise Kids (Collab. Nicole Parton)2001
Isabel VincentSee No Evil: The Strange Case of Christine Lamont and David Spencer1996
Hitler's Silent Partners: Swiss Banks, Nazi Gold, and the Pursuit of Justice1998
Bodies and Souls: The Trafficking of Jewish Immigrant Prostitutes in the Americas2006
Margaret VisserMuch Depends on Dinner: The Extraordinary History and Mythology, Allure and Obsessions, Perils and Taboos, of an Ordinary Meal1986
The Rituals of Dinner: The Origins, Evolution, Eccentricities, and Meaning of Table Manners1992
The Geometry of Love: Space, Time, Mystery and Meaning in an Ordinary Church2000
The Way We Are: Collected Essays2000
The Gift of Thanks: The Roots, Persistence and Paradoxical Meanings of a Social Ritual2008
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