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This list includes literary criticism, histories, cultural studies, documentary writing, essay collections, belles-lettres, travel writing, artists’ books, authors’ editorial work, and authors’ significant translations.
Janice Acoose (Misko-Kisikawihwe)Iskwewak - Kah'Ki Yaw Ni Wahkomakanak: Neither Indian Princess nor Easy Squaws1995
Elizabeth AbbottA History of Celibacy1999
A History of Mistresses2003
Sugar: A Bittersweet History2008
A History of Marriage2010
Alison AckerChildren of the Volcano1986
Honduras: The Making of a Banana Republic1988
Marie AdamsOur Son, A Stranger: adoption breakdown and its effects on parents2002
Mary Louise AdamsThe Trouble With Normal: Postwar Youth and the Construction of Sexuality1997
Artistic Impressions: Figure Skating, Masculinity , and the Limits of Sport2011
Linda AksomitisTeacher's Guide for Snowmobile Challenge and Amazing Stories: Snowmobile Adventures2004
Valerie AliaNames, Numbers and Northern Policy: Inuit, Project Surname and the Politics of Identity1994
Un/covering the North: News, Media and Aboriginal People1999
Media Ethics and Social Change2004
Media and Ethnic Minorities2005
Names and Nunavut: Culture and Identity in the Canadian North2007
New Media: Indigenous Peoples and the Global Communication2009
Rita Greer AllenLeaving My Father's House: A Journey to Conscious Femininity (Collab. Marion Woodman, Kate Danson and Mary Hamilton)1992
Susan AllenTowards Collaboration: Learning, Communicating and Participating Across Cultures in Two Alternative Education Programs in Cirebon1993
Dancing Into Connection, Ways of Knowing in and Through the Body2001
Movement and Drama in Environmental Education2003
Ann AlmaBrave Deeds: How One Family Saved Many From the Nazis2008
Anne-Marie AlonzoBlanc de thé (Collab. Azélie Zee Artand; "livre objet," graphic design by Artand)1983
Nous en reparlerons sans doute (Collab. Raymonde April, Anne-Marie Alonzo and Denise Desautels; photography by April)1986
La vitesse du regard: autour de quatre tableaux de Louise Robert1990
Marguerite AndersenClaudel et l'Allemagne1965
Mother was not a person (Ed.)1972
Paroles rebelles (Ed. with Kristines Klain-Lataud)1975
Trois siècles de vie française au pays de Cadillac (contributor)2002
Doris AndersonThe Unfinished Revolution: The Status of Women in Twelve Countries1991
Marjorie AndersonDropped Threads: What We Aren't Told (Ed. with Carol Shields)2001
Dropped Threads 2: More of What We Aren't Told (Ed. with Carol Shields)2003
Dropped Threads 3: Beyond the Small Circle (Ed.)2006
Patricia AndersonBritish Literary Publishing Houses, 1820-18801991
British Literary Publishing Houses, 1881-19651991
The Printed Image and the Transformation of Popular Culture, 1790-18601991
When Passion Reigned: Sex and the Victorians1995
Passion Lost: Public Sex, Private Desire in the Twentieth Century2001
Lisa AppignanesiFemininity and the Creative Imagination: A Study of Henry James, Robert Musil and Marcel Proust1973
The Cabaret1975
The Rushdie File (Edited with Sara Maitland)1984
Ideas from France: The Legacy of French Theory (Ed.)1985
Freud's Women (Collab. John Forrester)1992
Free Expression is No Offence (Ed.)2005
Mad, Bad, and Sad: Women and the Mind Doctors2008
All About Love: Anatomy of an Unruly Emotion2011
The Life and Times of Love: from the Greeks to the Present Day2011
Rona AratoCourage and Compassion, Ten Canadians Who Made a Difference2008
Jeannette ArmstrongLooking at the Words of Our People: First Nations Analysis of Literature1993
Luanne ArmstrongSlice Me Some Truth: An Anthology of Canadian Creative Non-Fiction (Collab. Zöe Landale)2011
Sally ArmstrongVeiled Threat: The Hidden Power of the Women of Afghanistan2002
Bitter Roots, Tender Shoots2008
Joanne ArnottBreasting the Waves: On Writing and Healing1995
Margaret AtwoodSurvival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature1972
Days of the Rebels 1815-18401976
The Canadian Imagination: Dimensions of a Literary Culture (et al.)1977
Second Words: Selected Critical Prose1982
The Canlit Foodbook: From Pen to Palate - A Collection of Tasty Literary Fare (Ed.; illustrated by Atwood)1987
Strange Things: The Malevolent North in Canadian Literature1996
Story of a Nation: Defining Moments in Our History (et al.)2001
Curious Pursuits: Occasional Writing 1970-20052005
New Beginnings: Sold in Aid of the Indian Ocean Tsunami Earthquake Charities2005
Writing with Intent: Essays, Reviews, Personal Prose 1983-20052005
Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth2008
Élaine AudetPolytechnique 6 décembre: ouvrage collectif1990
Les femmes et l'information: ouvrage collectif1993
Pour une éthique du bonheur: chroniques de l'imposture1994
Le coeur pensant: courtepointe de l'amitié entre femmes2000
Prostitution: perspectives féministes2005
Margaret AvisonHistory of Ontario1951
The Research Compendium1964
A Kind of Perseverance1994
Natasha BakhtBelonging and Banishment: Being Muslim in Canada2008
Himani BannerjiUnsettling Relations: The University as a Site of Feminist Struggles (Collab. Linda Carty and Kari Dehli)1991
Returning the Gaze: Essays on Racism, Feminism and Politics (Ed.)1993
The Writing on the Wall: Essays on Culture and Politics1993
Thinking Through: Essays on Feminism, Marxism and Anti-Racism1995
The Dark Side of the Nation: Essays on Multiculturalism, Nationalism and Gender2000
Of Property and Propriety: The Role of Gender and Class in Imperialism and Nationalism (Ed. with others)2001
Inventing Subjects: Studies in Hegemony, Patriarchy, and Colonialism2002
Demography and Democracy: Essays on Nationalism, Gender, and Ideology (Ed.)2011
Thelma Barer-SteinYou Eat What You Are: A Study of Ethnic Food Traditions1979
Glossaries of Foods & Food Terms1980
You Eat What You Are: People, Culture & Food Traditions (revised and expanded edition of You Eat What You Are: A Study of Ethnic Food Traditions)1999
The Craft of Teaching Adults (Collab. Michael Kompf)2001
Julie BarlowSixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong (Collab. Jean-Benoit Nadeau)2003
Montreal and Quebec City for Dummies (Collab. Austin MacDonald)2004
The Story of French (Collab. Jean-Benoit Nadeau)2006
Maude BarlowParcel of Rogues: How Free Trade is Failing Canada1990
Take Back the Nation (Collab. Bruce Campbell)1992
Straight Through the Heart: How the Liberals Abandoned the Just Society (Collab. Bruce Campbell)1993
Take Back the Nation 2 (Collab. Bruce Campbell)1993
Class Warfare: The Assault on Canada's Schools (Collab. Heather-Jane Robertson)1994
The Big Black Book: The Essential Views of Conrad and Barbara Amiel Black (Collab. James Winter)1997
The MAI and the Threat to Canadian Sovereignty (Collab. Tony Clark)1997
MAI: The Multilateral Agreement on Investment and the Threat to American Freedom (Collab. Tony Clark)1998
MAI: The Multilateral Agreement on Investment Round 2; New Global and Internal Threats to Canadian Sovereignty (Collab. Tony Clark)1998
Frederick Street: Life and Death on Canada’s Love Canal (Collab. Elizabeth May)2000
Global Showdown: How the New Activists Are Fighting Global Corporate Rule (Collab. Tony Clarke)2001
Blue Gold: The Battle Against Corporate Theft of the World’s Water (Collab. Tony Clarke)2002
Profit Is Not the Cure: A Citizen’s Guide to Saving Medicare2002
Too Close For Comfort: Canada’s Future Within Fortress North America2005
Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Fight for the Right to Water2007
Elinor BarrIgnace: a Saga of the Shield (Collab. Betty Dyck)1979
Silver Islet: Striking it Rich in Lake Superior1988
The Swedish Experience in Canada: An Annotated Bibliography1991
The Scandinavian Home Society 1923-1993: A Place to Meet, A Place to Eat1996
Thunder Bay to Gunflint: The Port Arthur, Duluth & Western Railway1999
Sharon BattPatient No More: The Politics of Breast Cancer1994
Beyond Early Detection: A New Look at Breast Cancer1996
Joan BaxterA Serious Pair of Shoes: An African Journal2000
Dust From Our Eyes: An Unblinkered Look at Africa2008
Sheila BaxterNo Way to Live: Poor Women Speak Out1988
Under the Viaduct: Homeless in Beautiful B.C.1991
A Child is Not a Toy: Voices of Children in Poverty1993
Marie-Andrée BeaudetL'Ironie de la forme: essai sur "l'Elan d'Amérique" d'André Langevin1985
Langue et littérature au Québec, 1895-19141991
Charles ab der Halden: portrait d'un inconnu1992
Échanges culturels entre les deux solitudes (Ed.)1999
Album Miron2006
Helaine BeckerDaily Skill Builders: Science and Technology2004
Collaborative Teaching in the Middle School Inquiry: Science2005
Lisa BendallAfter Disability: A Guide to Getting on with Life2006
Raising a Kid with Special Needs: The Complete Canadian Guide2008
Sharon BergWandering Spirit Survival School: Native Education and Emancipation Through the Four Seasons Cirriculum1998
Jovette-Alice BernierOn vend le bonheur1931
Rima Berns-McGownMuslims in the Diaspora: The Somali Communities of London and Toronto1999
Louky Bersianik (Lucile Durand)Au fond des yeux1981
Les Agénésies du vieux monde1982
Au Beau Milieu de Moi: photographies de Kero1983
La Théorie un Demanche1988
La Main tranchante du symbole1990
Femmes, corps et âmes1996
Huguette BertrandCorrespondance: formules utiles1984
Répertoire des publications des membres de la Société des écrivains de la Mauricie1986
Mots-charnières: rédacticiel (electronic version 1994)1993
Le minicorrecteur: homophones, préfixes, adjectifs de couleur, ponctuation1994
Les mots justes: qualité et variété1995
Lita-Rose BetchermanThe Swastika and the Maple Leaf: Fascist Movements in Canada in the Thirties1975
The Little Band: The Clashes Between the Communists and the Political and Legal Establishment in Canada, 1928-19321982
Cathy BeveridgeWellness (Ed.)1994
Wellness: Teacher's Guide1994
Cultures in Transition: Teacher's Guide1995
Beverly BidermanEqual Access: Information Technology for Students with Disabilities1994
Wired for Sound: A Journey into Hearing1998
Sonia Birch-JonesGeneration to Generation: a Collection of Jewish Thoughts and Remembrances (Collab. Jillian Levy)1996
Times Remembered (Ed. with Rosemary Redrup)1999
Anita BirtThe House at Bridal Veil1992
Nadine BismuthÊtes-vous mariée à un psychopathe ?2009
Lise BissonnetteLa Passion du présent1987
Présence (Collab. Suzelle Levasseur; photographs by Levasseur)1996
Toujours la passion du présent1998
La Flouve: le parfum de Balzac (Collab. Pierre Thibault)2006
Christie BlatchfordMother and Daughter2002
Fifteen Days: Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army2007
Helpless: Caledonia's Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed All of Us2010
Charlotte BoisjoliDis-moi qui je suis: exercices d'improvisation1984
Carol BoltDrama in the Classroom1986
The Literary Book of Answers2000
Louise BouchardLes images: récit1985
Denise BoucherCyprine1978
Vivien BowersIn the Path of an Avalanche2003
Karleen BradfordOur Books in the Curriculum (Ed.)1985
Kate BraidWomen in Non-Traditional Occupations in British Columbia1979
Building the Future: Profiles of Canadian Women in Trades1989
Looking Ahead: Profiles of Two Canadian Women in Trades1990
Dionne BrandRivers Have Sources, Trees Have Roots : Speaking of Racism (Collab. Krisantha Sri Bhaggiyadatta)1986
No Burden to Carry: Narratives of Black Working Women in Ontario, 1920s-1950s (Collab. Lois De Shield)1991
Out Rage: Dykes and Bis Resist Homophobia (Collab. Mona Oikawa and Ann Decter)1993
Bread out of Stone: Recollections, Sex, Recognitions, Race, Dreaming, Politics1994
Resist! Essays Against a Homophobic Culture (Collab. Mona Oikawa and Ann Decter)1995
A Kind of Perfect Speech2008
Di BrandtWhat is a Nice Feminist--? (Ed. Sandra Nicholls; contributor)1993
Wild Mother Dancing: Maternal Narrative in Canadian Literature1993
Dancing Naked: Narrative Strategies for Writing across the Centuries1996
Re:Generations: Canadian Women Poets in Conversation (Ed. with Barbara Godard)2005
So This is the World & Here I am in It2006
Wider Boundaries of Daring: The Modernist Impulse in Canadian Women's Poetry (Ed. with Barbara Godard)2009
Rae BridgmanSafe Haven: The Story of a Shelter for Homeless Women2003
StreetCities: Rehousing the Homeless2006
Paule BrièreAttention, parents fragiles: parce que les enfants changent le monde1989
Marcelle BrissonExpérience religieuse et expérience esthétique1974
Célibataire, pourquoi pas? (Ed. with Louise Poissant)1981
Plus jamais l'amour éternel: Héloïse sans Abélard1982
Eros au pluriel (Ed.; contributor)1984
Le bruissement du temps, ou, Le dynamisme du vieillissement1992
Montréal de vive mémoire, 1900-19391994
Nicole BrossardElle serait la première phrase de mon prochain roman / She Would Be the First Sentence of My Next Novel1998
Cassie BrownWriting the Sea (collection of short fiction and nonfiction)2005
Ruth Matheson BuckVoices of the Plains Cree (Collab. Edward Ahenakew)1973
Jeanne BusheyReading Tips For Teachers1993
Helen M. Buss (Margaret Clarke)Mapping Our Selves: Canadian Women's Autobiography1994
Repossessing the World: Reading Memoirs by Contemporary Women2002
Simone BussieresLe choix de Simone Bussieres dans l'oeuvre d'Adrienne Choquette (Ed.)1982
Les Adieux du Quebec a Gaston Miron1997
Sharon ButalaOld Man on His Back: Portrait of a Prairie Landscape (Collab. Courtney Milne; photographs by Milne)2002
Lilac Moon: Dreaming of the Real West2005
The Girl in Saskatoon2008
Joan Eyolfson CadhamBent but Not Broken: Today's Canadian Church (Collab. Rev. Dennis Dwyer and David Letourneau)1992
The Canadian Book of Days2005
Sue CalhounThe Lockeport Lockout: An Untold story in Nova Scotia's Labour History1983
A Word to Say: The Story of the Maritime Fishermen's Union1991
Growing Up Female in New Brunswick. 1970-2000.2001
Shifting Sands: State of the Coast in Northern and Eastern New Brunswick2001
June CallwoodPortrait of Canada1981
Eleanor CameronThe Green and Burning Tree: On the Writing and Enjoyment of Children's Books1962
Seed and the Vision: On the Writing and Appreciation of Children's Books1992
Elspeth CameronHugh MacLennan: An Annotated Bibliography1979
Canadian Culture: An Introductory Reader (Ed.)1997
Multiculturalism in Canada: An Introductory Reader (Ed.)2004
Vicki CameronDon't Tell Anyone, But-- : UFO Experiences In Canada1995
Anne CampbellRegina's Spaces, Love and Lore of Local Geography2006
Grace MacLennan CampbellHighland Heritage1962
Marjorie Wilkins CampbellThe Soil Is Not Enough1939
The Saskatchewan1950
The Fur Trade1963
No Compromise: the Story of Colonel Baker and the CNIB1964
Push to the Pacific1967
54-40 or Fight!1972
Northwest to the Sea1975
Sandra CampbellThe Movable Airport: A Case Study in Community Action (Collab. J. Ernst)1973
Pat CapponiThe War At Home: An Intimate Portrait of Canada's Poor1999
Bound by Duty: Walking the Beat with Canada's Cops2000
Beyond The Crazy House2003
Lisa CarducciLa Chine, telle que je la vis1998
Grand comme le monde / As Great as the World2002
Culture chinoise2004
Mille facettes de Chine2006
Ces gens merveilleux du Xinjiang / These Wonderful People of Xinjiang (Trans. Carducci 2008)2008
Margaret CarneyThe Rule and Life of the Brothers and Sisters of the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis1982
A Score of Saints1984
Handbook of the Collections in the Blanden National Art Museum Fort Dodge, Iowa1989
The Rule of St. Clare and the Feminine Incarnation of the Franciscan Evangelical Life1989
Iowa Collects Asian Art1991
Asian Ceramics in Alfred Collections1992
Value for Many: Institute of Public Administration of Canada, 1947-1997 (Collab. Janet Wilson)1997
Charles Fergus Binns: The Father of American Studio Ceramics1998
Premeditated Function: The Corsaw Collection of American Ceramics, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, September 24, 1998 - February 4, 19991998
Franciscan Studies: The Difference Women are Making1999
Lost Molds and Found Dinnerware: Rediscovering Eva Zeisel's Hallcraft1999
Not Just Another Library: The Arthur E. Baggs Memorial Library Collection at the Ohio State University1999
Spirit and Life: A Journal of Contemporary Franciscanism (Collab. Elise Saggau)2000
The Binns Medalists2000
The Trinity, Two Thousand Years of Trouble and Beauty2000
Glidden Pottery2001
Flint Faience Tiles A - Z (Collab. Ken Galvas)2004
The Third Order Regular Rule2008
Carole Henderson CarpenterMany Voices: A Study of Folklore Activities in Canada and their role in Canadian Culture (Collab. Diamond Jenness)1979
Explorations in Canadian Folklore (Ed. with Edith Margaret Fowke)1985
In Our Own Image: The Child, Canadian Culture and Our Future1996
Why Kids Can’t Spell: A Practical Guide to the Missing Component in Language Proficiency2008
Emily CarrFresh Seeing: Two Addresses by Emily Carr1972
Anne CarsonEconomy of the Unlost: Reading Simonides of Keos with Paul Celan1991
Goddesses and Wise Women: Feminist Spirituality and the Feminine Divine, 1980-1992: An Annotated Bibliography1992
Sharon CarstairsDancing Backwards: A Social History of Canadian Women in Politics2004
Michèle CaussePetite réflexion sur Bartleby1976
L'Interloquée - Les oubliées de l'oubli; Dé/générée : essais1991
Voyages de la Grande Naine en Androssie1993
Quelle lesbienne êtes-vous?1996
Contre la sexage2000
Concept d'amour né de l'écriture de 2006
Mimi CazortBella Pittura: The Art of the Gandolfi1994
The Ingenious Machine of Nature: Four Centuries of Art and Anatomy1996
Beauty of Another Order: Photography in Science (Collab. Ann Thomas, Marta Braun, Martin Kemp, John P. McElhone and Larry Schaaf)1997
Italian Master Drawings at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (Collab. Anne Percy)2000
Mauro in America: An Italian Artist Visits the New World2003
Myriam ChancyFraming Silence: Revolutionary Novels by Haitian Women1997
Searching for Safe Spaces: Afro-Caribbean Women Writers in Exile1997
Spirit of Haiti2004
Sylvie ChaputLettres sur l'amour (Collab. Marc Chabot)
La femme au 19e siècle (Trans.; notes to the text by Margaret Fuller)1988
L'intellectuel américain (Trans; notes and bibliography to the text by Ralph Waldo Emerson)1992
À nous deux!: hommes et femmes: la fin du combat?1993
La désobéissance civile: suivi de Visiteurs: propos sur un bûcheron canadien-français (Trans.; introduction and notes to Henry David Thoreau's text)1994
Pourquoi Je Suis Separatiste: Suivi De Quatres Autres ecrits Politiques (Marcel Chaput and Michel Venne)2007
Veronika Martenova CharlesFairytales in the Classroom2010
Ann CharneyDefiance in Their Eyes: True Stories from the Margins1995
Margaret ChristakosIllegitimate Positions: Women & Language (Contributor)1992
Hilary ClarkScenes of Shame: Psychoanalysis, Shame, and Writing (Ed. with Joseph Adamson)1999
Depression and Narrative: Telling the Dark2008
Dominique CliftLe fait anglais au Québec / The English Fact in Quebec (Trans. Clift and Sheila McLeod Arnopoulos 1980; collab. Arnopoulos)1979
Le déclin du nationalisme au Québec / Quebec Nationalism in Crisis (Trans. Clift 1982)1981
Le pays insoupçonné: essai1987
The Secret Kingdom: Interpretations of the Canadian Character (Adap. Le pays insoupçonné)1989
Bev ClineLouisa Clark’s Annual 1841: Life and Literature in British North America Volume 11976
Louisa Clark’s Annual 1842: Life and Literature in British North America Volume 21977
Louisa Clark’s Annual 1843: Life and Literature in British North America Volume 31978
The Terrific Toronto Trivia Book (Collab. Leigh Cline)1979
Franchising: A Complete Guide for Canadian Buyers and Sellers1989
A Tradition of Excellence: 125 Years of Construction in Toronto1991
Canada and the United Nations2009
Cécile CloutierOpuscula aesthetica nostra (Ed. with Calvin Seerveld)1984
Solitude rompue (Collab. Réjean Robidoux)1986
Miron (Collab. Michel Lord and Ben-Z. Shek)2002
Anne CollinsIn the Sleep Room: CIA Brainwashing in Canada1988
China Calls: Paving the Way for Nixon’s Historic Journey to China1992
The Big Evasion: The Issue That Won’t Go Away1994
Anne ComptonA.J.M Smith: Canadian Metaphysical1994
Meetings with Maritime Poets: Interviews2006
Jill Ker ConwayThe Female Experience in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century America: A Guide to the History of American Women1982
The First Generation of American Women Graduates1987
Written By Herself: Autobiographies of American Women (Ed.)1992
The Politics of Women's Education1995
When Memory Speaks: Reflections on Autobiography1998
A Woman’s Education2001
Nathalie CookeMargaret Atwood: A Critical Companion2004
Afua CooperThe Underground Railroad: Next Stop, Toronto! (Collab. Adrienne Shadd and Karolyn Smardz Frost)2002
The Hanging of Angélique: The Untold Story of Canadian Slavery and the Burning of Old Montréal2006
Carole CorbeilA Corner in Each Life: Contemporary Canadian Stories (Ed. with Sean Armstrong; Reflections in Fiction series)1993
Gail Helena CorbettLiterary Sketches (Collab. Nora Robson)1996
Nation Builders: Barnardo Children in Canada1997
Louise CotnoirThéorie (Collab. Azélie zee Artand; "livre-objet," designed by Artand)1983
Les Rendez-vous par correspondance1984
Charis CotterToronto Between the Wars: Life in the City 1919-19392004
Pauline CoutureIce: Beauty, Danger, History2004
Shannon CowanDouble Lives: Writing and Motherhood (Collab. Cathy Stonehouse and Fiona Tinwei Lam)2008
Deborah CoyneRoll of the Dice: Working with Clyde Wells during the Meech Lake Accord1992
Seven Fateful Challenges for Canada: A Viable and Dynamic Canada in an Interdependent World1993
To Match A Dream: A Practical Guide to Canada's Constitution (Collab. Michael Valpy)1998
Susan CreanNewsworthy: The Lives of Media Women1985
In the Name of the Fathers1988
Grace Hartman: A Woman for Her Time1995
Jane Tapsubei CreiderA Grammar of Nandi1989
A Dictionary of the Nandi Language (Collab. Chet A. Creider)2001
Marion CrookMy Body: Women Speak Out About Their Health Care1995
Suicide: Teens Talk to Teens1998
Out of the Darkness: Teens Talk about Suicide2004
Julie CruikshankReading Voices: Dan Dha Ts'edenintth'e1991
The Social Life of Stories: Narrative and Knowledge in Northern Canada1998
Do Glaciers Listen? Local Knowledge, Colonial Encounters and Social Imagination2005
Julie E. CzernedaAll Aboard!: Cross-Curricular Strategies and Activities for Design and Technology1996
No Limits: Developing Scientific Literacy Using Science Fiction1999
Beverley DaurioInternal Document1992
The Power to Bend Spoons: Interviews with Canadian Novelists1998
Dream Elevators: Interviews With Canadian Poets2000
Paule DaveluyCreation culturelle pour la jeunesse et identite quebecoise (Collab. Guy Boulizon)1973
Diane DawberLifting the Bull: overcoming chronic back pain, fibromyalgia and environmental illness1999
Reading to Heal: a guide to the best alternative and complementary nutrition books for individuals and reading groups1999
Monique de GramontLe Matin de la Fête triste (with testimony by Maryse Guénette)1985
Les Médecines douces au Québec1986
Eaton de Montréal en coulisses, de 1963 à 19732004
Méchants voisins 2009
Nicole de la ChevrotièreÉclats d'enfance1997
Mazo de la RocheQuebec: Historic Seaport1944
Corinne De VaillyL'amour à mort1996
Les druides: un secret celtique bien gardé2003
Mon Premier Livre de Contes du Quebec2009
Mon Premier Livre de Contes du Canada2010
Louise DechêneLa Correspondance de vauban relative au canada1968
Habitants et marchands de Montréal au XVIIe siècle / Habitants and Merchants in Seventeenth-Century Montreal (Trans. Liana Vardi 1992)1974
Un siècle de colonisation française au Canada / A Century of French Colonization in Canada1981
Atlas historique du Canada (Collab. R. Cole Harris et al.)1987
Le Castor Fait Tout: Selected Papers of the Fifth North American Fur Trade Conference, 1985 (Ed. with Bruce G. Trigger and Toby Morantz)1987
Le partage des subsistances au Canada sous le régime français1994
Habitants et marchands, vingt ans après: lectures de l'histoire des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles canadiens (Ed. Sylvie Dépatie)1998
Le peuple, l'État et la guerre au Canada sous le Régime français (Ed. Hélène Paré)2008
Ann DecterOut Rage: Dykes and Bis Resist Homophobia (Collab. Mona Oikawa and Dionne Falconer)1993
Resist! Essays Against a Homophobic Culture (Collab. Mona Oikawa and Dionne Falconer)1995
Angèle DelaunoisLes animaux du Grand Nord (Collab. Fred Bruemmer; photographs by Bruemmer)1993
Femmes intérieures2006
Patricia DemersA Garland from the Golden Age: An Anthology of Children's Literature from 1850 to 19001990
Women as Interpreters of the Bible1992
Heaven Upon Earth: The Form of Moral and Religious Children's Literature to 18501993
Staging Alternative Albertas (Ed. with Rosalind Kerr)2002
Women's Writing in English: Early Modern England2005
The Beginning of Print Culture in Athabasca Country (Collab. Naomi L. McIlwraith and Dorothy Thunder)2010
Denise DesautelsNous en reparlerons sans doute (Collab. Raymonde April, Anne-Marie Alonzo and Denise Desautels; photography by April)1986
Susan D. DionBraiding Histories: Learning from Aboriginal Peoples' Experiences and Perspectives (Collab. Michael R. Dion)2009
Catharine DixonThe Power and the Promise1996
As It Happened2001
Emma DonoghuePassions Between Women: British Lesbian Culture 1668-18011993
Inseparable: Desire Between Women in Literature2010
Anne M. DooleyA Quest for Religious Maturity1981
Hélène DorionSous l'arche du temps (essays)2003
Paule DoyonLe Livre M (philosphy)2009
L'histoire des trains et de leurs chemins de fer...2010
Penny DraperAround Verwood (Collab. Penny Copland-Griffiths)1999
Dorset Country Pottery: The Kilns of the Verwood District (Collab. Penny Copland-Griffiths)2002
Danielle DubéLe tour du Lac en 21 jours: À la découverte du Lac-Saint-Jean (Collab. Yvon Paré)2005
Marilyn DumontInitiations: A Selection of Young Native Writings2007
Dorothy DuncanHere’s to Canada1941
Partner in Three Worlds1944
Hilda DungyPlanted by the Waters: A Genealogy of the Jones-Carter Family1975
Louise DupréFéminité, subversion, écriture (Collab. Suzanne Lamy, Irène Pagès, et al.)1983
Stratégies du vertige1989
Sexuation, espace, écriture: la littérature québécoise en transformation (Collab. Jaap Lintvelt and Janet M. Paterson)2002
Renée DupuisLa question indienne au Canada1991
Tribus, peuples et nations: les nouveaux enjeux des revendications autochtones au Canada1997
Le statut juridique des peuples autochtones en droit canadien1999
Quel Canada pour les Autochtones? / Justice for Canada's Aboriginal Peoples (Trans. Robert Chodos and Susan Joanis 2002)2001
Max One Onti Gros-Louis: constance et détermination2008
Joan Levy EarleHopelines: Thoughts for the 21st Century1999
Miriam EdelsonChallenging Unions: Feminist Process and Democracy in the Labour Movement1987
Battle Cries: Special Needs Kids Fight for Justice2005
Julie EnfieldKiss and Tell: An Intimate History of Kissing2004
Dina Ripsman EylonReincarnation in Jewish Mysticism and Gnosticism2003
Madeleine FerronQuand le peuple fait la loi, la loi populaire a Saint-Joseph de Beauce (Collab. Robert Cliche)1972
Les Beaucerons, ces insoumis: petite histoire de la Beauce, 1735-1867 (Collab. Robert Cliche)1974
Joan FinniganI Come From the Valley (includes the play "A Prince of Good Fellows")1976
Kingston: Celebrate This City1976
The Lakers1977
Some of the Stories I Told You Were True1981
Laughing All the Way Home1984
Legacies, Legends and Lies1985
Finnigan's Guide to the Ottawa Valley1988
Tell Me Another Story1988
Old Scores: New Goals1992
A History of Ottawa's Lisgar Collegiate 1843-19931993
Life Along the Opeongo Line2004
Gretl Keren FischerIn Search of Jerusalem: Religion and Ethics in the Writings of A.M. Klein1975
Sheree FitchThe Poetry Experience: Choosing And Using Poetry In The Classroom (Collab. Larry Swartz)2008
Katherine Mary FlanniganThe Faith of Mrs. Kelleen1951
Cheryl FoggoHiding Place2011
Honor Ford-SmithRing Ding in a Tight Corner: A Case Study of Funding and Organizational Democracy in Sistren, 1977-19881989
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