Below is the list of works in your selected genre, sorted alphabetically by writer's last name. Click the link to download a PDF version of this list, or use the menu on the left to select another genre.
Diana Braithwaite (singer/songwriter)In This Time1991Singer-Songwriters
Blues Dance2002Singer-Songwriters
Morning Sun (Collab. Chris Whiteley)2007Singer-Songwriters
Nightbird Blues (Collab. Chris Whiteley)2009Singer-Songwriters
Deltaphonic (Collab. Chris Whiteley)2010Singer-Songwriters
Bec AbbotShine Like Stars2003Singer-Songwriters
Not So Hip2005Singer-Songwriters
Nora AbercrombieCold Feet1998Screenwriting
Breaking Joan2001Screenwriting
Mary Loathes Tuna2001Screenwriting
Caroline AddersonTokyo Cowboy1993Screenwriting
Susan AglukarkArctic Rose1993Singer-Songwriters
This Child1995Singer-Songwriters
Unsung Heroes2000Singer-Songwriters
Big Feeling2004Singer-Songwriters
Blood Red Earth2006Singer-Songwriters
Sonja AhlersTemper, Temper1998Comics and Graphic Novels
Fatal Distraction2004Comics and Graphic Novels
The Selves2010Comics and Graphic Novels
Kateri Akiwenzie-Dammstanding ground (Collab. The Nishin Spoken Word Project; recording)2003Musical Scores & Recordings
A Constellation of Bones (Collab. Te Kupu; recording)2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Janis AllenMeatballs (Collab. Dan Goldberg and Len Blum)1979Screenwriting
Double Negative (Collab. Charles Dennis and Thomas Hedley Jr; adap. Ross McDonald's The Three Road)1980Screenwriting
Meatballs III: Summer Job (Collab. Dan Goldberg, Len Blum, Harold Ramis, Bradley Kesden, George Mendeluk, and Michael Paseornek; film script)1987Screenwriting
Irene Lilienheim AngelicoMeditation in Motion1978Screenwriting
Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography (Collab. Andrée Klein, Bonnie Sherr Klein and Rose-Aimée Todd)1981Screenwriting
Dark Lullabies (Collab. Gloria Demers)1985Screenwriting
The Cola Conquest1998Screenwriting
Unbreakable Minds (Collab. Jeremiah Hayes and Abby Jack Neidik)2004Screenwriting
Black Coffee (television)2005Screenwriting
Vendetta Song (Collab. Jeremiah Hayes, Eylem Kaftan, and Craig Segal)2005Screenwriting
Inside the Great Magazines (Collab. Harold Crooks, Jeremiah Hayes, Jon Kalina, Patrick Moss and Abby Jack Neidik; TV)2007Screenwriting
Louise ArchambaultAtomic Snake1999Screenwriting
Violet Archer3 early works1930Musical Scores & Recordings
2 String Quartets1940Musical Scores & Recordings
Poem for Orchestra1940Musical Scores & Recordings
Britannia - A Joyful Overture1941Musical Scores & Recordings
Fantasia Concertante1941Musical Scores & Recordings
Psalm 1501941Musical Scores & Recordings
Fantasy for Clarinet and Strings1942Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata1944Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonatina1944Musical Scores & Recordings
3 Sonatinas1945Musical Scores & Recordings
Quartet1945Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata for Pianoforte (Revised 1957)1945Musical Scores & Recordings
Three Scenes1945Musical Scores & Recordings
Concertino for Clarinet and Orchestra (Revised 1956)1946Musical Scores & Recordings
Fantasy for Violin and Piano1946Musical Scores & Recordings
Fantasy on a Ground (Revised 1956)1946Musical Scores & Recordings
Symphony1946Musical Scores & Recordings
Lamentations of Jeremy1947Musical Scores & Recordings
Six Preludes1947Musical Scores & Recordings
Suite for Piano1947Musical Scores & Recordings
Three Sketches for Two Pianos1947Musical Scores & Recordings
Two Pieces for Flute Solo1947Musical Scores & Recordings
Fanfare and Passacaglia1948Musical Scores & Recordings
Two Chorale Preludes1948Musical Scores & Recordings
'Someone' (Collab. de la Mare; revised 1959)1949Musical Scores & Recordings
Divertimento No. 11949Musical Scores & Recordings
Scherzo Sinfonico1949Musical Scores & Recordings
The Bell1949Musical Scores & Recordings
Under the Sun (text Bourinot)1949Musical Scores & Recordings
'April Weather' (text A. B. England)1950Musical Scores & Recordings
'Cradle Song' (text A. B. England)1950Musical Scores & Recordings
Landscapes (text T.S. Eliot)1950Musical Scores & Recordings
Fantasy in the Form of a Passacaglia1951Musical Scores & Recordings
'The Twenty-Third Psalm'1952Musical Scores & Recordings
Theme and Variations on Là-Haut1952Musical Scores & Recordings
'Proud Horses' (text Sampley)1953Musical Scores & Recordings
2 String Trios1953Musical Scores & Recordings
Ten Folk Songs for Four Hands1953Musical Scores & Recordings
Three French Canadian Folk Songs1953Musical Scores & Recordings
Prelude and Allegro1954Musical Scores & Recordings
Trio No. 11954Musical Scores & Recordings
Christmas (text A. Bass)1955Musical Scores & Recordings
Rondo1955Musical Scores & Recordings
The Master Admirabilis Chapel (text A. Bass)1955Musical Scores & Recordings
Three Duets for Two Violins1955Musical Scores & Recordings
Two Songs for Women's Voices (text A. Bass)1955Musical Scores & Recordings
Concerto No. 1 for Piano and Orchestra1956Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata for Cello and Piano1956Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata No. 11956Musical Scores & Recordings
Divertimento1957Musical Scores & Recordings
Divertimento No. 21957Musical Scores & Recordings
Minute Music for Small Hands1957Musical Scores & Recordings
Trio No. 21957Musical Scores & Recordings
Apocalypse 'Revelations.'1958Musical Scores & Recordings
Two Songs for Soprano Voice and B-flat Clarinet (Collab. Blake; revised 1987 for mezzo soprano)1958Musical Scores & Recordings
Violin Concerto1959Musical Scores & Recordings
Eleven Short Pieces1960Musical Scores & Recordings
Three Sketches1961Musical Scores & Recordings
Introit and Choral Prayer (liturgical, text G. R. Campbell)1962Musical Scores & Recordings
Divertimento for Brass Quintet1963Musical Scores & Recordings
Four Little Studies for Piano1963Musical Scores & Recordings
Introduction, Dance and Finale1963Musical Scores & Recordings
Theme and Variations for Piano1963Musical Scores & Recordings
Three Miniatures1963Musical Scores & Recordings
Prelude-Incantation1964Musical Scores & Recordings
Sing, The Muse (text Shakespeare, Marston, Drummond, Raleigh)1964Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata No. 11965Musical Scores & Recordings
Cantata sacra1966Musical Scores & Recordings
'I Will Lift up Mine Eyes' (text Psalm 121)1967Musical Scores & Recordings
Centennial Springtime (text J. Alexander)1967Musical Scores & Recordings
Chorale Improvisation on 'O Worship the King.'1967Musical Scores & Recordings
Harvest (arr., text J. L. Hetherington)1967Musical Scores & Recordings
Sweet Jesu, King of Bliss (text anonymous)1967Musical Scores & Recordings
'À la claire fontaine' (arr.)1968Musical Scores & Recordings
'O Lord Thou Hast Searched Me and Known Me' (text Psalm 139)1968Musical Scores & Recordings
'O Sing Unto the Lord' (text Psalm 96)1968Musical Scores & Recordings
Amens for Church Use1968Musical Scores & Recordings
Improvisations for Piano1968Musical Scores & Recordings
Sinfonietta1968Musical Scores & Recordings
Sinfonia1969Musical Scores & Recordings
Dance1970Musical Scores & Recordings
Little Suite for String Orchestra1970Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata1970Musical Scores & Recordings
Three Little Studies for Violin and Piano1970Musical Scores & Recordings
Two Miniatures ('Little March')1970Musical Scores & Recordings
Lydian Mood and A Quiet Chat1971Musical Scores & Recordings
Suite for Four Violins1971Musical Scores & Recordings
The Glory of God1971Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano1972Musical Scores & Recordings
Episodes (electronic tape)1973Musical Scores & Recordings
Sganarelle (Trans. S. Eliot; opera, text Molière)1973Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata for Oboe and Paino1973Musical Scores & Recordings
'Sing a New Song to the Lord' (Psalm 98)1974Musical Scores & Recordings
'Three Sailors from Groix' (Trans. Cockshott; arr., text French sea shanties)1975Musical Scores & Recordings
Four Newfoundland Folk Songs (arr.)1975Musical Scores & Recordings
Little Suite for Trumpet and Piano1975Musical Scores & Recordings
Simple Tune for Soprano and Recorder and Piano1975Musical Scores & Recordings
'I Corinthians, 13'1976Musical Scores & Recordings
'Separation' (text 10th century Chinese)1976Musical Scores & Recordings
'Shout with Joy' (text Psalm 100)1976Musical Scores & Recordings
Moon Songs (text Vachel-Lindsay)1976Musical Scores & Recordings
Someone Cares (film score)1976Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata1976Musical Scores & Recordings
Suite for Solo Flute1976Musical Scores & Recordings
'In Just Spring' (text e. e. cummings)1977Musical Scores & Recordings
Four Bagatelles for Piano1977Musical Scores & Recordings
Plain Songs (text D. Livesay)1977Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonatina for Oboe and Piano1977Musical Scores & Recordings
Eight Little Canons for Piano1978Musical Scores & Recordings
Fantasy on 'Blanche comme la neige'1978Musical Scores & Recordings
Four Contrapuntal Moods for Piano1978Musical Scores & Recordings
Northern Landscape (text A. J. M. Smith)1978Musical Scores & Recordings
Prelude and Fantasy on 'Winchester New'1978Musical Scores & Recordings
Psalmody1978Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonatina for Bassoon and Piano1978Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano1978Musical Scores & Recordings
A Sprig of Flowers (text Kuan Han Ch'ing)1979Musical Scores & Recordings
Divertimento for Saxophone Quartet1979Musical Scores & Recordings
Festive Fantasy1979Musical Scores & Recordings
Four Duets for Violin and Piano1979Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata No. 21979Musical Scores & Recordings
Here and Now1980Musical Scores & Recordings
Prairie Profiles (text D. Carter)1980Musical Scores & Recordings
Primeval (Trans. Densmore Neihardt; text Native songs)1980Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata for Bassoon and Piano1980Musical Scores & Recordings
Whatsoever Things Are True (film score)1980Musical Scores & Recordings
'Caleidoscopio' (text G. Azzi)1981Musical Scores & Recordings
Capriccio1981Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata for Solo Cello1981Musical Scores & Recordings
String Quartet No. 31981Musical Scores & Recordings
To Rest in Thee (text Thomas a Kempis)1981Musical Scores & Recordings
Twelve Miniatures1981Musical Scores & Recordings
'Birds at Daybreak' (text I. Layton)1982Musical Scores & Recordings
Green Jade (text Wu-chi Liu and Irving Lo)1982Musical Scores & Recordings
Soliloquies1982Musical Scores & Recordings
Songs of Summer and Fall (text D. Carter)1982Musical Scores & Recordings
Statements1982Musical Scores & Recordings
'The Cat and the Moon' (text Yeats)1983Musical Scores & Recordings
Celebration1983Musical Scores & Recordings
Reflections (text D. Carter)1983Musical Scores & Recordings
The Meal (Collab. R. Holt-Wilson; opera)1983Musical Scores & Recordings
Four Vignettes1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Ikpakhuag1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Improvisation on 'Veni Creator'1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Signatures1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Six Miniatures for Cello1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Six Miniatures for Double Bass1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Six Miniatures for Viola and Piano1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Variations on Aberystwyth1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Divertimento for Piano and Strings1985Musical Scores & Recordings
Divertimento for Piano and Strings1985Musical Scores & Recordings
Epigrams1985Musical Scores & Recordings
I va vari1985Musical Scores & Recordings
Moods1985Musical Scores & Recordings
Six Miniatures for String Bass and Piano1986Musical Scores & Recordings
The Dancing Kitten1986Musical Scores & Recordings
Two Hymns for SATB, Congregation and Organ (text H. O'Driscoll)1986Musical Scores & Recordings
Evocations1987Musical Scores & Recordings
If the Stars Are Burning (text F. E. Buske)1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Improvisation On a Name1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Four Miniatures for Classical Accordion1988Musical Scores & Recordings
Three Essays1988Musical Scores & Recordings
'O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song' (text Psalm 96)1989Musical Scores & Recordings
'Surly, Burly Shirley' (text S. Ottman)1989Musical Scores & Recordings
'The Owl Queen'1989Musical Scores & Recordings
Two Fanfares for a Festive Day1989Musical Scores & Recordings
Four Dialogues for Classical Guitar and Chamber Orchestra1990Musical Scores & Recordings
Improvisation for Solo Snare Drum1990Musical Scores & Recordings
Northern Journey1990Musical Scores & Recordings
Prelude and Dance for Solo Tympani1990Musical Scores & Recordings
One Fifth on Four1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Jann ArdenLiving Under June1994Singer-Songwriters
Greatest Hurts: The Best of Jann Arden2001Singer-Songwriters
Live with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra2002Singer-Songwriters
Blood Red Cherry2003Singer-Songwriters
Love is the Only Soldier2003Singer-Songwriters
Time For Mercy2003Singer-Songwriters
Jann Arden2005Singer-Songwriters
Uncover Me2007Singer-Songwriters
Carolyn ArendsI Can Hear You1995Singer-Songwriters
Feel Free1997Singer-Songwriters
This Much I Understand1999Singer-Songwriters
Seize the Day and Other Stories2000Singer-Songwriters
We've Been Waiting For You2002Singer-Songwriters
Christmas: An Irrational Season2004Singer-Songwriters
Under the Gaze2004Singer-Songwriters
Simply Carolyn Arends2005Singer-Songwriters
Pollyanna's Attic2006Singer-Songwriters
Love Was Here First2009Singer-Songwriters
Jennifer Arroyo (Kittie)Safe (Collab. Kittie)2002Singer-Songwriters
Until the End (Collab. Kittie)2004Singer-Songwriters
Joanne ArseneauÀ plein temps (Collab. others; TV series)1984Screenwriting
Robin et Stella (Collab. others; TV series)1988Screenwriting
Super sans plomb (Collab. others; TV series)1989Screenwriting
Le complexe d'Édith (Collab. Nathalie Petrowski)1991Screenwriting
Zap (Collab. Diane Cailhier, Rene Gingras, Jean-Paul Lebourhis, Suzanne Mancini-Gagner and Nathalie Petrowski; TV series)1993Screenwriting
10-07: L'affaire Zeus (TV series)1995Screenwriting
10-07: L'affaire Kafka (TV mini-series)1996Screenwriting
Le dernier souffle1999Screenwriting
Tag (Collab. Luc Dionne; TV series)2000Screenwriting
La loi du cochon2001Screenwriting
Tag - Épilogue (TV series)2002Screenwriting
Sans elle2006Screenwriting
Talena Atfield (Kittie)Spit (Collab. Kittie)1999Singer-Songwriters
Spit Demo (Collab. Kittie)1999Singer-Songwriters
Paperdoll (Collab. Kittie)2000Singer-Songwriters
Spin in Your Eye (Collab. Kittie)2000Singer-Songwriters
Oracle (Collab. Kittie)2001Singer-Songwriters
Safe (Collab. Kittie)2002Singer-Songwriters
Danielle AubryLa maison Deschênes (Collab. Annie Pierard, Suzanne Aubry, Jocelyne Beaulieu, Janette Bertrand, Bernard Dansereau, Jean-Pierre Liccioni, Raymond Plante, François Renaud, Léopold St-Pierre and Denis Thériault; TV series)1988Screenwriting
Suzanne AubryManon (Collab. Guy Fournier, Jean-Raymond Marcoux, Francine Ruel; TV series)1985Screenwriting
La maison Deschênes (Collab. Annie Pierard, Danielle Aubry, Jocelyne Beaulieu, Janette Bertrand, Bernard Dansereau, Jean-Pierre Liccioni, Raymond Plante, François Renaud, Léopold St-Pierre and Denis Thériault; TV series)1988Screenwriting
L'or et le papier (Collab. Claire Chamarat, Jean Chatenet and Guy Fournier; TV series)1990Screenwriting
Meurtre en musique (Adap. Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac's A coeur perdu)1994Screenwriting
Mon meilleur ennemi (Collab. Louise Pelletier; TV series)2001Screenwriting
Lisa B (Lisa Baird)salvaged mood (spoken word)2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Caroline BacleJudith2005Singer-Songwriters
La quête (Collab. others; TV series)2007Screenwriting
Daphne BallonFlash Forward (Collab. others; TV series)1996Screenwriting
I Was a Sixth Grade Alien (TV series)1999Screenwriting
Jill BarberA Note to Follow So2002Singer-Songwriters
Oh Heart2004Singer-Songwriters
For All Time2006Singer-Songwriters
Lesley BarberLittle Bear (TV series score)1995Musical Scores & Recordings
What's His Face (film score)1995Musical Scores & Recordings
When Night Is Falling (film score)1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Turning April (film score)1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Bach Cello Suite #6: Six Gestures (film scores)1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Los Locos (film score)1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Yo-Yo Ma Inspired by Bach (TV score)1997Musical Scores & Recordings
A Price Above Rubies (film score)1998Musical Scores & Recordings
The History of Luminous Motion (film score)1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Mansfield Park (film score)1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Seven Little Monsters (TV series score)2000Musical Scores & Recordings
This Might Be Good (film score)2000Musical Scores & Recordings
You Can Count On Me (film score)2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Little Bear (film score)2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Hysterical Blindness (TV score)2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Marion Bridge (film score)2002Musical Scores & Recordings
The Real Jane Austen (TV soundtrack)2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Comeback Season (film score)2006Musical Scores & Recordings
A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (film score)2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Death in Love (film score)2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Top Girls (theatre score)2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Victoria Day (film score)2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Victoria Day (film score)2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Girls on Top (documentary score)2010Musical Scores & Recordings
A Child's Garden of Poetry (TV film score)2011Musical Scores & Recordings
Kim BarlowHumminah1999Singer-Songwriters
Wilderness Tips (EP)2003Singer-Songwriters
Samm BarnesJeremiah2002Screenwriting
Doctor Strange (Collab. J. Michael Straczynski)2004Comics and Graphic Novels
Doctor Spectrum: Full Spectrum (Collab. Travel Foreman; trade paperback)2005Comics and Graphic Novels
Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 5: Sins Remembered (Collab. Scot Eaton and Cam Smith)2005Comics and Graphic Novels
Ashes to Ashes2006Screenwriting
Jacqueline BarrettePop Citrouille (Collab. others; TV series)1979Screenwriting
Head Start: Meeting the Computer Challenge (Collab. Diane Beaudry)1984Screenwriting
Le lys cassé1987Screenwriting
Hugo et le dragon2001Screenwriting
Kelly Barry (Jones)Vampirates! (webcomic)2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Wende BartleyRising Tides of Generations Lost1985Musical Scores & Recordings
Ellipsis1989Musical Scores & Recordings
Ocean of Ages Revealed1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Perspectives Radio1991Musical Scores & Recordings
IceBreak1992Musical Scores & Recordings
Claire-voie (recording)1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Dreamspin1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Oracle2006Musical Scores & Recordings
The Temple Project (recording)2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Nicola Barton (Nicola Jane Barton)The Dumb Bunnies (Collab. others; TV series)1998Screenwriting
Gwynne BasenPeople and Science: A Last Crop of Houses1980Screenwriting
Speaking Our Peace (Collab. Gloria Demers, Bonnie Sherr Klein and Terre Nash)1985Screenwriting
People and Science: Good Logging is No Crime1989Screenwriting
Asking Different Questions: Women and Science (Collab. Erna Buffie)1996Screenwriting
Leila BasenYour Ticket Is No Longer Valid (Collab. Ian McLellan Hunter; adap. Romain Gary)1981Screenwriting
Killing 'em Softly (Collab. Max Fischer; adap. Laird Koenig's The Neighbor)1982Screenwriting
Discussions in Bioethics: If You Want a Girl Like Me1985Screenwriting
Max Glick (Collab. David Barlow; TV series)1990Screenwriting
African Skies (Collab. others; TV series)1991Screenwriting
Weep No More, My Lady (Collab. others; adap. Mary Higgins Clark; TV)1992Screenwriting
Riverdale (Collab. others; TV series)1997Screenwriting
Bob and Margaret (Collab. others; TV series)1998Screenwriting
Ladies Room (Collab. Andrée Pelletier, Natalina Di Leandro, Geneviève Lefebvre, Charlotte Pitts, Adrianna Plitz and Amanda Roberts)1999Screenwriting
Bon Cop, Bad Cop (Collab. others)2006Screenwriting
Kate BeatonHark! A Vagrant (webcomic)2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Never Learn Anything from History2009Comics and Graphic Novels
Diane BeaudryApprendre... ou à laisser1990Screenwriting
Nos amours1997Screenwriting
Jocelyne BeaulieuLa maison Deschênes (Collab. Annie Pierard, Suzanne Aubry, Danielle Aubry, Janette Bertrand, Bernard Dansereau, Jean-Pierre Liccioni, Raymond Plante, François Renaud, Léopold St-Pierre and Denis Thériault; TV series)1988Screenwriting
Sandra Bell-LundyBetween Friends1994Comics and Graphic Novels
Hello Daughter2003Comics and Graphic Novels
Coffee, Tea and Reality2004Comics and Graphic Novels
Elisabeth BelliveauThe Great Hopeful Someday2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Don't Get Lonely, Don't Get Lost2010Comics and Graphic Novels
Tamara Faith BergerMendacity (Collab. Sophie Cossette; illustrated by Cossette)2006Comics and Graphic Novels
Marie BernardUn amour de quartier (TV score)1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Portion d'éternité1988Musical Scores & Recordings
Strangers in Good Company (film score)1990Musical Scores & Recordings
Amoureux fou (score)1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Nelligan1991Musical Scores & Recordings
La traversée de la nuit1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Ce sera pas toujours facile1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Le Phare1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Tu as crié/Let me go (film score)1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Janette BertrandGrand-Papa (TV series)1987Screenwriting
Lise, Pierre et Marcel (TV mini-series)1987Screenwriting
La maison Deschênes (Collab. Annie Pierard, Suzanne Aubry, Jocelyne Beaulieu, Danielle Aubry, Bernard Dansereau, Jean-Pierre Liccioni, Raymond Plante, François Renaud, Léopold St-Pierre and Denis Thériault; TV series)1988Screenwriting
Jully BlackI Travelled (Unreleased)2003Singer-Songwriters
This is Me2005Singer-Songwriters
Marthe BlackburnLes Filles du roi / They Called Us 'Les Filles du Roy' (Collab. Jeanne Morazain and Anne Claire Poirier)1974Screenwriting
Le Temps de l'avant / Before the Time Comes (Collab. Louise Carré and Anne Claire Poirier)1975Screenwriting
Shakti/Shakti - 'She Is Vital Energy'1976Screenwriting
La Quarantaine / Beyond Forty (Collab. Anne Claire Poirier)1982Screenwriting
"Firewords" series (Part 1: Louky Bersianik, Part 2: Jovette Marchessault, and Part 3: Nicole Brossard)1986Screenwriting
Marie-Claire BlaisTu as crié/Let me go (Collab. Anne Claire Poirier)1997Screenwriting
Julie Blue (M'Girl)Fusion of Two Worlds (Collab. M'Girl)2005Singer-Songwriters
Sally BochnerTrain of Dreams (Collab. John N. Smith and Sam Grana)1987Screenwriting
Parents in Crisis1988Screenwriting
Strangers in Good Company (Collab. Gloria Demers, Cynthia Scott and David Wilson1990Screenwriting
Carol BoltFidelity1975Screenwriting
Rose BoltonOstinato1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Untitled work I-II (version of Untitled work I, 1996)1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Plum Season1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Sweaters of Nettles1996Musical Scores & Recordings
The Chalet in the Ke-Waid-Dun-Dot Valley1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Jade Flower Palace (text by Kenneth Rexroth)1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata for Solo Accordion1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Elise (also version as Elise II, 1999)1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Incidental Music of My Mind1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Killbear Music1998Musical Scores & Recordings
(...question was ignored...)1999Musical Scores & Recordings
ANSWER! (question was irrelevant)1999Musical Scores & Recordings
DGAECD1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Note, Rest, Repeat1999Musical Scores & Recordings
What Company!?1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Orion's Quilt2000Musical Scores & Recordings
River to the Sea (Revised 2002)2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Vision of Time2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Hidden Forest2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Mineral2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Star Lake2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Suspension2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Seriosity2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Floating Bog2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Pine Needles2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Small Breeze through Long Grass2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Tamarack's 25th Anniversary (Composition in Three Movements)2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Under Unturned Rocks2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Urban Haiku (text by Don Bolton, recorded 2004)2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Breakdown of System (and malfunction in 5 different ways)2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Elements (recording)2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Seriosity (recording)2004Musical Scores & Recordings
The Poor Simple Pidgeons Consented (Trans. Aesop)2004Musical Scores & Recordings
This is This2004Musical Scores & Recordings
The Disappearing Male (documentary score)2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Surviving the Future (documentary score)2010Musical Scores & Recordings
The End of Men (documentary score)2011Musical Scores & Recordings
Cathleen BondBliss (Collab. Janis Cole, Laura Kosterski, Carol Lazare, Jackie May, Maureen McKeon, Susan Musgrave, Sharon Riis and Katherine Schlemmer; TV series)2002Screenwriting
Barbara BondarWildcard (Adap. Bondar's The System)2011Screenwriting
Tracy BoneNo Lies2007Singer-Songwriters
Estelle Bouchard2 frères (Collab. Anne Pierard, Anne Boyer, Diane Cailhier, Bernard Dansereau and Michel D'Astous; TV series)1999Screenwriting
Les poupées russes (Collab. others; TV series)2002Screenwriting
Les soeurs Elliot (TV series)2007Screenwriting
Linda BouchardGlances1980Musical Scores & Recordings
Stormy Light1982Musical Scores & Recordings
Triskelion (opera)1982Musical Scores & Recordings
Circus Faces1983Musical Scores & Recordings
Pourtinade1983Musical Scores & Recordings
Propos1983Musical Scores & Recordings
Tossing Diamonds1983Musical Scores & Recordings
Icy Cruise1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Propos III1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Propos IV1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Propos II1985Musical Scores & Recordings
Pulsing Flight1985Musical Scores & Recordings
Fanorev1986Musical Scores & Recordings
Possible Nudity (for solo viola, cello, string bass, harp and percussion)1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Transi-Blanc1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Transi-Blanc (Revised)1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Delicate Contract1988Musical Scores & Recordings
Minotarus1988Musical Scores & Recordings
Muskoday1988Musical Scores & Recordings
Possible Nudity (for viola with cello and piano)1988Musical Scores & Recordings
Propos Nouveaux1988Musical Scores & Recordings
Reveling of Men1988Screenwriting
Amuser le Temps1989Musical Scores & Recordings
Le Scandale1989Musical Scores & Recordings
Swift Silver1989Musical Scores & Recordings
Tokpela1989Musical Scores & Recordings
Black Burned Wood1990Musical Scores & Recordings
Élan1990Musical Scores & Recordings
Ressac1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Frisson, La Vie1992Musical Scores & Recordings
Ire1992Musical Scores & Recordings
Lung Ta1992Musical Scores & Recordings
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Risky1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Reciproque1994Musical Scores & Recordings
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Vertige1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Songs for an Acrobat1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Compressions1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Eternity1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Pilgrims' Cantata1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Traces1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Ductwork1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Oracles1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Booming Sands1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Fashion Show1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Musique Défilé Fashion Show for the End of A Century1999Musical Scores & Recordings
The Open Life2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Brasier2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Le Scandale II2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Neiges2002Musical Scores & Recordings
The House of Words (opera)2003Musical Scores & Recordings
L'Echappee D'ailes2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Ringroundrosi2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Spill Out2006Musical Scores & Recordings
The Water Project2007Musical Scores & Recordings
4LN2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Joint Venture2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonic Forecast2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Murderous Little World2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Sylvie BouchardLouis 19, le roi des ondes1994Screenwriting
Edtv (Collab. others)1999Screenwriting
Histoires de filles (Collab. others; TV series)1999Screenwriting
Cauchemar d'amour (Collab. others; TV series)2001Screenwriting
Chroniques de la violence ordinaire (Collab. others; TV)2004Screenwriting
Fallon Bowman (Kittie)Kittie (Collab. Kittie)1998Singer-Songwriters
Kittie Sampler Demo (Collab. Kittie)1998Singer-Songwriters
Sex Iz Hell Demo (Collab. Kittie)1998Singer-Songwriters
Spit (Collab. Kittie)1999Singer-Songwriters
Spit Demo (Collab. Kittie)1999Singer-Songwriters
Paperdoll (Collab. Kittie)2000Singer-Songwriters
Spit in Your Eye (Collab. Kittie)2000Singer-Songwriters
Oracle (Collab. Kittie)2001Singer-Songwriters
Anne BoyerSous un ciel variable (Collab. others; TV series)1995Screenwriting
Le retour (Collab. others; TV series)1996Screenwriting
2 frères (Collab. Anne Pierard, Estelle Bouchard, Diane Cailhier, Bernard Dansereau and Michel D'Astous; TV series)1999Screenwriting
Les poupées russes (Collab. others; TV series)2002Screenwriting
Tabou (Collab. others; TV series)2002Screenwriting
Nos étés (Collab. others; TV series)2005Screenwriting
Yamaska (Collab. others; TV series)2009Screenwriting
Shary BoyleThe Story of Jane Doe2004Comics and Graphic Novels
Witness My Shame2004Comics and Graphic Novels
Belinda BradyNaked2008Singer-Songwriters
Marie BrassardLe polygraphe (Collab. Robert Lepage; prod. 1991)1996Screenwriting
Annick Brémault (Chic Gamine)Chic Gamine (Collab. Chic Gamine)2008Singer-Songwriters
City City (Collab. Chic Gamine)2010Singer-Songwriters
Manon BriandLes Soif Conduits1991Screenwriting
Croix de Bois1992Screenwriting
2 secondes / 2 seconds1998Screenwriting
La Turbulence des fluides / Chaos and Desire (French with English subtitles)2002Screenwriting
Lisa BrokopMy Love1991Singer-Songwriters
Harmony Cats1993Singer-Songwriters
Every Little Girl's Dream1994Singer-Songwriters
Lisa Brokop1996Singer-Songwriters
When You Get to Be You1998Singer-Songwriters
Hey, Do You Know Me2005Singer-Songwriters
Beautiful Tragedy2008Singer-Songwriters
Martha BrooksChange of Heart2002Singer-Songwriters
Chrystine BrouilletLe collectionneur (Collab. Jean Beaudin and Chantal Cadieux; adap. Chrystine Brouillet's Le Collectionneur)2002Screenwriting
Jenifer Brousseau (M'Girl)Fusion of Two Worlds (Collab. M'Girl)2005Singer-Songwriters
Divine BrownDivine Brown2005Singer-Songwriters
The Love Chronicles2008Singer-Songwriters
Something Fresh2012Singer-Songwriters
Erna BuffiePerspectives in Science: Water1988Screenwriting
The Journey Home1989Screenwriting
The Light Brigade (TV)1989Screenwriting
Just Before the Dawn1990Screenwriting
The Burning Times1990Screenwriting
A Song for Tibet (Collab. Anne Henderson)1991Screenwriting
Mackenzie King and the Conscription Crisis1991Screenwriting
Making Perfect Babies1992Screenwriting
By Woman's Hand1994Screenwriting
Asking Different Questions: Women and Science (Collab. Gwynne Basen)1996Screenwriting
Democracy à la Maude1998Musical Scores & Recordings
The Pill1999Screenwriting
Drug Deals: The Brave New World of Prescription Drugs2001Screenwriting
Lunettes (short)2001Screenwriting
Basia BulatBasia Bulat2005Singer-Songwriters
Oh, My Darling2007Singer-Songwriters
Touch the Hem of His Garmet2008Screenwriting
A Heart of My Own2010Singer-Songwriters
Ann BurkeKarmina (Collab. Yves Pelletier, Andrée Pelletier and Gabriel Pelletier)1996Screenwriting
Louise Burns (Lillix, Tigerlily)Falling Uphill (Collab. Lillix)2003Singer-Songwriters
It's About Time (Collab. Lillix; single)2003Singer-Songwriters
Tomorrow (Collab. Lillix; single)2003Singer-Songwriters
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Grace ButtThe Great Birds1968Screenwriting
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Elles étaient cinq (Collab. Ghyslaine Côté)2004Screenwriting
Providence (Collab. François Boulay, Nicole Giroux and Patrick Lowe; TV series)2005Screenwriting
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Des amis pour la vie1988Screenwriting
Un homme de parole (Collab. Alain Chartrand)1991Screenwriting
Zap (Collab. Joanne Arseneau, Rene Gingras, Jean-Paul Lebourhis, Suzanne Mancini-Gagner and Nathalie Petrowski; TV series)1993Screenwriting
Une vie comme rivière (Collab. Alain Chartrand and Simonne Monet-Chartrand)1996Screenwriting
2 frères (Collab. Estelle Bouchard, Anne Boyer, Bernard Dansereau, Michel D'Astous and Annie Pierard; TV series)1999Screenwriting
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Moiya CallahanFour-Way Sextet2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Magnify2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Say Some Thing2004Musical Scores & Recordings
You See Me2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Anne CameronDreamspeaker (script)1967Screenwriting
A Matter of Choice (TV series)1978Screenwriting
Dreamspeaker (Adap. Cameron; from script)1978Screenwriting
Drying Up the Streets1978Screenwriting
Homecoming (TV series)1978Screenwriting
Ticket to Heaven (Collab. Ralph L. Thomas; Adap. Josh Freed's Moonwebs)1981Screenwriting
Tassie CameronChez amore2000Screenwriting
Singles Court (Collab. Jeffrey Hirschfield; TV series)2000Screenwriting
Paradise Falls (Collab. Aaron Martin)2001Screenwriting
Fast Food High (Collab. Jackie May)2003Screenwriting
The Robber Bride (Adap. Margaret Atwood)2007Screenwriting
Copper (TV series)2010Screenwriting
Tanya Candler (Kittie)Kittie (Collab. Kittie)1998Singer-Songwriters
Kittie Sampler Demo (Collab. Kittie)1998Singer-Songwriters
Sex Iz Hell Demo (Collab. Kittie)1998Singer-Songwriters
Spit (Collab. Kittie)1999Singer-Songwriters
Spit Demo (Collab. Kittie)1999Singer-Songwriters
Louise CarréLe Temps de l'avant / Before the Time Comes (Collab. Marthe Blackburn and Anne Claire Poirier)1975Screenwriting
La Belle apparence (Collab. Denyse Benoît and Robert Vanherweghem)1979Screenwriting
Ça peut pas être l'hiver, on n'a même pas eu d'été / It Can't Be Winter, We Haven't Had Summer Yet (French, with English subtitles)1980Screenwriting
Qui a tiré sur nos histoires d'amour1986Screenwriting
My Heart Is My Witness1998Screenwriting
Cecil CastellucciThe Plain Janes2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Janes in Love2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Felicia CavalieriWatatatow (Collab. others; TV series)1990Screenwriting
Claire ChamaratL'or et le papier (Collab. Suzanne Aubry, Jean Chatenet and Guy Fournier; TV series)1990Screenwriting
Keshia ChantéKeshia Chanté2004Singer-Songwriters
Locked & Loaded2010Singer-Songwriters
Lyne CharleboisBorderline (Collab. Marie-Sissi Labrèche; adap. Labrèche)2008Screenwriting
Jane ChartrandHealing Jane2004Singer-Songwriters
Shirley CheechooSilent Tears (short film)1998Screenwriting
Blackroads aka Bearwalker2003Screenwriting
Johnny Tootall (TV movie)2005Screenwriting
Semi ChellasDead Aviators (television)1999Screenwriting
The Life Before This1999Screenwriting
Picture Claire2001Screenwriting
Trouser Accidents (short film)2004Screenwriting
Of Murder and Memory (TV movie)2008Screenwriting
Who Named the Knife (Adap. Linda Spalding; television)2008Screenwriting
Little Films About Big Moments (TV movie)2010Screenwriting
Rita ChiarelliRoad Rockets1992Singer-Songwriters
What a Night - Live1997Singer-Songwriters
Breakfast at Midnight2001Singer-Songwriters
No One to Blame2004Singer-Songwriters
Just Getting Started2005Singer-Songwriters
Cuore: The Italian Sessions2006Singer-Songwriters
Uptown Goes Downtown... Rita Chiarelli with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra2008Singer-Songwriters
Sweet Paradise2010Singer-Songwriters
Music from the Big House2011Singer-Songwriters
Svetlana ChmakovaSvetlania Weekly (webcomic)2002Comics and Graphic Novels
Chasing Rainbows (webcomic)2003Comics and Graphic Novels
Night Silver (webcomic)2003Comics and Graphic Novels
Svetlania Wheneverly (webcomic)2004Comics and Graphic Novels
Dramacon (manga, volume 1)2005Comics and Graphic Novels
The Adventures of CG! (webcomic)2005Comics and Graphic Novels
Dramacon (manga, volume 2)2006Comics and Graphic Novels
Dramacon (manga, volume 3)2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Nightschool, Volume 12009Comics and Graphic Novels
Annabelle Chvostek1 a.m. to 5 a.m.1997Singer-Songwriters
Full Stop2002Singer-Songwriters
Burned my Ass2004Singer-Songwriters
Live From Folk Alley2011Singer-Songwriters
Sally ClarkTen Ways to Abuse an Old Woman1990Screenwriting
Terri ClarkTerri Clark1995Singer-Songwriters
Just the Same1996Singer-Songwriters
How I Feel1998Singer-Songwriters
Pain to Kill2003Singer-Songwriters
Life Goes On2005Singer-Songwriters
Best of Terri Clark2008Singer-Songwriters
My Next Life2008Singer-Songwriters
The Long Way Home2009Singer-Songwriters
Roots and Wings2011Singer-Songwriters
Adrienne ClarksonArtemisia (documentary)1997Screenwriting
Marie ClementsUnnatural and Accidental (Adap. Clement's The Unnatural and Accidental Woman)2006Screenwriting
Janis ColeP4W Prison for Women (Collab. Holly Dale)1981Screenwriting
Hookers on Davie, or, Working Davie Street (Collab. Holly Dale)1984Screenwriting
Calling the Shots (Collab. Holly Dale)1988Screenwriting
Dangerous Offender: The Marlene Moore Story (TV)1996Screenwriting
Bliss (Collab. Cathleen Bond, Laura Kosterski, Carol Lazare, Jackie May, Maureen McKeon, Susan Musgrave, Sharon Riis and Katherine Schlemmer; TV series)2002Screenwriting
Marek ColekPohadky (Collab. Pat Shewchuk)2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Baba Yaga and the Wolf (Collab. Pat Shewchuk)2010Comics and Graphic Novels
Mary-Ellen Lang ColluraSpirit Rider (Collab. Jean Schwartz and David Young)1993Screenwriting
Sonia CollymoreWYSIWYG2004Singer-Songwriters
Heather ConkieBeethoven Lives Upstairs (television)1989Screenwriting
Bizet's Dream (television)1994Screenwriting
Derby (television)1994Screenwriting
Flash Forward (Collab. others; TV series)1996Screenwriting
Liszt's Rhapsody (television)1996Screenwriting
My Mother's Ghost (Adap. Margaret Buffie; television)1996Screenwriting
Marie Curie: More Than Meets the Eye (television)1997Screenwriting
Newton: A Tale of Two Isaacs (television)1997Screenwriting
Degas and the Dancer (television)1998Screenwriting
Edison: The Wizard of Light (television)1998Screenwriting
Galileo: On the Shoulders of Giants (television)1998Screenwriting
Mary Cassatt: An American Impressionist (television)1999Screenwriting
Pit Pony (Adap. Joyce Barkhouse; television)1999Screenwriting
Winslow Homer: An American Original (television)1999Screenwriting
Mrs. Ashboro's Cat (television)2003Screenwriting
Bailey's Billions (Collab. Mary Walsh)2005Screenwriting
Devil's Perch (television)2005Screenwriting
Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars (TV movie)2010Screenwriting
Afua CooperSunshine1988Singer-Songwriters
Worlds of Fire2002Singer-Songwriters
Love and Revolution2009Singer-Songwriters
Danielle CorsettoGirls With Slingshots (webcomic, ongoing)2004Comics and Graphic Novels
Girls With Slingshots: Volume 1 (print collection of webcomic)2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Girls With Slingshots: Volume 2 (print collection of webcomic)2009Comics and Graphic Novels
Girls With Slingshots: Volume 3 (print collection of webcomic)2009Comics and Graphic Novels
Girls With Slingshots: Volume 4 (print collection of webcomic)2010Comics and Graphic Novels
Girls With Slingshots: Volume 5 (print collection of webcomic)2010Comics and Graphic Novels
Ghyslaine CôtéPendant ce temps... (Collab. Martin Girard)1998Screenwriting
Elles étaient cinq (Collab. Chantal Cadieux)2004Screenwriting
Le secret de ma mère (Collab. Martin Girard)2006Screenwriting
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Christa CoutureStarter2002Singer-Songwriters
Fell Out of Oz2005Singer-Songwriters
The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker2008Singer-Songwriters
Suzette CoutureBlades of Courage (TV)1988Screenwriting
Bordertown (TV series)1989Screenwriting
Love and Hate: The Story of Colin and Joanne Thatcher (Adap. Maggie Siggins; TV)1989Screenwriting
Conspiracy of Silence (Adap. Lisa Priest; TV)1991Screenwriting
Child of Rage (Collab. Phil Penningroth; TV)1992Screenwriting
La Florida (Collab. Pierre Sarrazin)1993Screenwriting
Betrayal of Trust (Adap. Barbara Noel and Kathryn Watterson's You Must Be Dreaming; TV)1994Screenwriting
Million Dollar Babies (Collab. Stuart Foxman; TV)1994Screenwriting
She Stood Alone: The Tailhook Scandal (TV)1995Screenwriting
Jesus (TV)1999Screenwriting
The Sheldon Kennedy Story (TV)1999Screenwriting
After the Harvest (Adap. Martha Ostenso; TV)2001Screenwriting
Haven (TV)2001Screenwriting
Choice: The Henry Morgentaler Story (Collab. Carole Hay; TV)2003Screenwriting
Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart (Adap. Christopher M. Byron; TV)2003Screenwriting
The Book of Ruth (Adap. Jane Hamilton; TV)2004Screenwriting
The Man Who Lost Himself (Adap. June Callwood; TV)2005Screenwriting
Vinegar Hill (Adap. A. Manette Ansay; TV)2005Screenwriting
The House Next Door (Adap. Anne Rivers Siddons; TV)2006Screenwriting
The Mermaid Chair (Adap. Sue Monk Kidd; TV)2006Screenwriting
The Terrorist Next Door (TV)2008Screenwriting
Acceptance (Adap. Susan Coll; TV)2009Screenwriting
The Last Templar (TV mini-series)2009Screenwriting
Deborah CoxDeborah Cox1995Singer-Songwriters
One Wish1998Singer-Songwriters
The Morning After2002Singer-Songwriters
Ultimate Deborah Cox2004Singer-Songwriters
Destination Moon2007Singer-Songwriters
The Promise2008Singer-Songwriters
Amanda CrawfordHorror Vacui # 1 and 22004Comics and Graphic Novels
Horror Perditii2005Comics and Graphic Novels
Jane Tapsubei CreiderSteady Ground2011Singer-Songwriters
Julie Crochetière (Sugar Jones)Sugar Jones (Collab. Sugar Jones)2002Singer-Songwriters
A Better Place2007Singer-Songwriters
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Live at Wood Hall2005Singer-Songwriters
This Little Bird2006Singer-Songwriters
Little Light2008Singer-Songwriters
Susan CroweThis Far From Home1994Singer-Songwriters
The Door to the River1996Singer-Songwriters
A Pilgrim's Mirror1999Singer-Songwriters
Book of Days2003Singer-Songwriters
Lori CullenGarden Path2000Singer-Songwriters
So Much2002Singer-Songwriters
Uneven Hill2004Singer-Songwriters
Calling for Rain2006Singer-Songwriters
Buttercup Bugle2007Singer-Songwriters
Patricia CullenThe Ugly Boy (TV)1977Musical Scores & Recordings
Leaders of the Twentieth Century (TV series)1978Musical Scores & Recordings
Easter Fever (TV)1980Musical Scores & Recordings
After the Axe1982Musical Scores & Recordings
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Calling the Shots (Collab. Janis Cole)1988Screenwriting
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J'me marie, j'me marie pas (television)1974Screenwriting
Le sourd dans la ville (Adap. Marie-Claire Blais)1987Screenwriting
Les seins dans la tête1994Screenwriting
L'idée noire2000Screenwriting
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Battle Kittens2011Comics and Graphic Novels
Tara DavidsonThe Tara Davidson Quartet2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Code Breaking2006Musical Scores & Recordings
DMBQ Live (Collab. Davidson, Murley and Braid Quintet)2008Singer-Songwriters
Glynis DaviesDesolation Sound2005Screenwriting
Kimberley DawnLily2000Singer-Songwriters
I'm Going Home2003Singer-Songwriters
Healing Jane (Collab. Jane Chartrand)2004Singer-Songwriters
Built that Way2008Singer-Songwriters
Mirella Dell'Aquila (Sugar Jones)Sugar Jones (Collab. Sugar Jones)2002Singer-Songwriters
Dominique DemersUn hiver de tourmente (Collab. Marcel Beaulieu, Carole Giacobbi and Nicole Houle; Adap. Demers' Marie Tempête; TV)1998Screenwriting
La mystérieuse mademoiselle C. / The Mysterious Miss C. (Adap. Demer's La Nouvelle Maîtresse and La Mystérieuse Bibliothécaire)2002Screenwriting
Gloria DemersA Good Tree1984Screenwriting
Behind the Veil (documentary)1984Screenwriting
Dark Lullabies (Collab. Irene Lilienheim Angelico)1985Screenwriting
Speaking Our Peace (Collab. Gwynne Basen, Bonnie Sherr Klein and Terre Nash)1985Screenwriting
Goddess Remembered (Collab. Donna Read)1989Screenwriting
Strangers in Good Company (Collab. Sally Bochner, Cynthia Scott and David Wilson)1990Screenwriting
Charlotte Diamond10 Carrot Diamond1985Singer-Songwriters
Diamond in the Rough1986Singer-Songwriters
Qu’il y ait toujours le soleil1988Singer-Songwriters
Diamonds and Dragons1989Singer-Songwriters
My Bear Gruff1992Singer-Songwriters
Soy una Pizza1994Singer-Songwriters
Diamonds and Daydreams1996Singer-Songwriters
Charlotte Diamond’s Musical Treasures Music Book Charlotte Diamond’s Musical Treasures Music Book1998Singer-Songwriters
Charlotte Diamond’s Musical Treasures Music Book and CD1998Singer-Songwriters
Charlotte Diamond’s World2000Singer-Songwriters
Nous sommes tous comme les fleurs2001Singer-Songwriters
A World of Music with Charlotte Diamond Music Book2003Singer-Songwriters
A World of Music with Charlotte Diamond Music Book and CD2003Singer-Songwriters
L’Autobus scolaire pédestre2004Singer-Songwriters
The Walking School Bus2004Singer-Songwriters
Bonjour l’hiver2005Singer-Songwriters
Todo el Mundo Come Banana2005Singer-Songwriters
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Alexa Dirks (Chic Gamine)Chic Gamine (Collab. Chic Gamine)2008Singer-Songwriters
City City (Collab. Chic Gamine)2010Singer-Songwriters
Brandi DisterheftDebut2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Second Side2009Singer-Songwriters
Trish Doan (Kittie)Never Again (Collab. Kittie)2006Singer-Songwriters
Funeral for Yesterday (Collab. Kittie)2007Singer-Songwriters
Melanie DoaneHarvest Train (EP)1993Singer-Songwriters
Shakespearean Fish1996Singer-Songwriters
Adam's Rib1998Singer-Songwriters
Melvin Live2001Singer-Songwriters
You Are What You Love2003Singer-Songwriters
A Thousand Nights2008Singer-Songwriters
The Emerald City2011Singer-Songwriters
Fefe DobsonTake Me Away2003Singer-Songwriters
Dont Go (Girls and Boys)2004Singer-Songwriters
Everything Pt. 22004Singer-Songwriters
Fefe Dobson2004Singer-Songwriters
Sunday Love2006Singer-Songwriters
This Is My Life2006Singer-Songwriters
Sarah DoddBeastMaster (Collab. others; TV series)1999Screenwriting
Code Name: Eternity (Collab. others; TV series)1999Screenwriting
Zixx: Level Two (Collab. others; TV series)2005Screenwriting
Emma DonoghuePluck2001Screenwriting
Mishi DonovanSpirit in Flight1993Singer-Songwriters
The Spirit Within1997Singer-Songwriters
Journey Home2000Singer-Songwriters
Storm Beauty2007Singer-Songwriters
Isabelle DoréPop Citrouille (Collab. others; TV series)1979Screenwriting
Watatatow (Collab. others; TV series)1990Screenwriting
Julie DoucetDirty Plotte1991Comics and Graphic Novels
Lève ta jambe mon poisson est mort1993Comics and Graphic Novels
Lift Your Leg, My Fish Is Dead!1993Comics and Graphic Novels
Monkey and the Living Dead1994Comics and Graphic Novels
My Most Secret Desire: A Collection of Dream Stories1995Comics and Graphic Novels
Caricature of Love1997Comics and Graphic Novels
Changements d'adresses1998Comics and Graphic Novels
My New York Diary1999Comics and Graphic Novels
The Madame Paul Affair2000Comics and Graphic Novels
Long Time Relationship2001Comics and Graphic Novels
Ciboire de Criss!2002Comics and Graphic Novels
Journal2004Comics and Graphic Novels
Lady Pep2004Comics and Graphic Novels
J comme je2005Comics and Graphic Novels
Elle Humour2006Comics and Graphic Novels
365 Days2007Comics and Graphic Novels
A L'ecole De L'amour2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Damhnait Doyle (Shaye, The Heartbroken)Shadows Wake Me (LP)1996Singer-Songwriters
Hyperdramatic Sampler (EP)1999Singer-Songwriters
Hyperdramatic (LP)2000Singer-Songwriters
Davnet (LP)2003Singer-Songwriters
The Bridge (Collab. Shaye; LP)2003Singer-Songwriters
Lake of Fire (Collab. Shaye; LP)2007Singer-Songwriters
Lights Down Low (LP)2008Singer-Songwriters
Tonight Tonight (Collab. The Heartbroken; LP)2010Singer-Songwriters
Maryse DubucLes Nombrils (Collab. Delaf)2006Comics and Graphic Novels
Maria DunnFrom Where I Stand1998Singer-Songwriters
For a Song2001Singer-Songwriters
We Were Good People2004Singer-Songwriters
The Peddler2008Singer-Songwriters
France D’AmourAnimal1992Singer-Songwriters
D'amour Déchaînée1994Singer-Songwriters
Le Silence des Roses1998Singer-Songwriters
France D'Amour2002Singer-Songwriters
Hors de Tout Doute2005Singer-Songwriters
Les Autres2007Singer-Songwriters
Le présent2009Singer-Songwriters
Bubble bath & champagne2011Singer-Songwriters
Kathleen EdwardsBuilding 55 (EP)1999Singer-Songwriters
Live from the Bowery Ballroom2003Singer-Songwriters
Back to Me2005Singer-Songwriters
Asking for Flowers2008Singer-Songwriters
Live Session (EP)2008Singer-Songwriters
Bernice EisensteinI Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors2006Comics and Graphic Novels
Janaya EllisSouljah Fyah2004Singer-Songwriters
Truth Will Reveal2008Singer-Songwriters
Tears of a Fool (EP)2009Singer-Songwriters
I Wish2010Singer-Songwriters
Sheri ElwoodDeeply2000Screenwriting
The Mrs. Clause (TV)2008Screenwriting
Leah Emmott (LiveOnRelease)Fifteen Will Get You Twenty (Collab. LiveOnRelease)2002Singer-Songwriters
Seeing Red (Collab. LiveOnRelease)2002Singer-Songwriters
Goes on a Field Trip (Collab. LiveOnRelease)2003Singer-Songwriters
Karen Ennis (Ennis, The Ennis Sisters)Red is the Rose (Collab. Ennis)1997Singer-Songwriters
Three (Collab. Ennis)2000Singer-Songwriters
The Ennis Sisters (Collab. Ennis)2001Singer-Songwriters
Christmas (Collab. Ennis)2002Singer-Songwriters
Can't Be the Same (Collab. Ennis)2003Singer-Songwriters
It's Not About You (Collab. Ennis)2003Singer-Songwriters
Be Here for a While (Collab. Ennis)2007Singer-Songwriters
Lessons Learned (Collab. Ennis)2009Singer-Songwriters
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Three (Collab. Ennis)2000Singer-Songwriters
The Ennis Sisters (Collab. Ennis)2001Singer-Songwriters
Christmas (Collab. Ennis)2002Singer-Songwriters
Can't Be the Same (Collab. Ennis)2003Singer-Songwriters
It's Not About You (Collab. Ennis)2003Singer-Songwriters
Be Here for a While (Collab. Ennis)2007Singer-Songwriters
Lessons Learned (Collab. Ennis)2009Singer-Songwriters
Theresa Ennis (The Ennis Sisters)Red is the Rose (Collab. Ennis)1997Singer-Songwriters
Three (Collab. Ennis)2000Singer-Songwriters
The Ennis Sisters (Collab. Ennis)2001Singer-Songwriters
Christmas (Collab. Ennis)2002Singer-Songwriters
It's Not About You (Collab. Ennis)2002Singer-Songwriters
Can't Be the Same (Collab. Ennis)2003Singer-Songwriters
Be Here for a While (Collab. Ennis)2007Singer-Songwriters
Elise EstradaElise Estrada2008Singer-Songwriters
Kellylee EvansFight or Flight?2006Singer-Songwriters
Good Girl2009Singer-Songwriters
Tanya EvansonInvisible World (spoken music)2004Singer-Songwriters
The Memorists (spoken music)2008Singer-Songwriters
Lacey-Lee Evin (Lillix, Tigerlily)Falling Uphill (Collab. Lillix)2003Singer-Songwriters
It's About Time (Collab. Lillix; single)2003Singer-Songwriters
Tomorrow (Collab. Lillix; single)2003Singer-Songwriters
Inside the Hollow (Collab. Lillix)2006Singer-Songwriters
Tigerlily (Collab. Lillix)2010Singer-Songwriters
Tasha-Ray Evin (Lillix, Tigerlily)Falling Uphill (Collab. Lillix)2003Singer-Songwriters
It's About Time (Collab. Lillix; single)2003Singer-Songwriters
Tomorrow (Collab. Lillix; single)2003Singer-Songwriters
Inside the Hollow (Collab. Lillix)2006Singer-Songwriters
Tigerlily (Collab. Lillix)2010Singer-Songwriters
Lara FabianCarpe diem1994Singer-Songwriters
Live 19991999Singer-Songwriters
Live 20022002Singer-Songwriters
En toute intimité2003Singer-Songwriters
Un Regard 92006Singer-Songwriters
Tout Les Femmes En Moi / Every Woman In Me2009Singer-Songwriters
Doriane Fabreg (DobaCaracol, Doba)Le calme-son2001Singer-Songwriters
Carole Facal (DobaCaracol, Caracol)Le calme-son2001Singer-Songwriters
L’arbre aux parfums2008Singer-Songwriters
Amanda FalkAmanda Falk2004Singer-Songwriters
In Between the Now and Then2010Singer-Songwriters
Jessie FarrellToday2002Singer-Songwriters
Nothing Fancy2007Singer-Songwriters
Good, Bad and Pretty Things2009Singer-Songwriters
Love Letter2011Singer-Songwriters
Leslie FeistMonarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down)1999Singer-Songwriters
Let it Die2004Singer-Songwriters
Open Season2006Singer-Songwriters
The Reminder2007Singer-Songwriters
Alyson FeltesFlash Forward (Collab. others; TV series)1996Screenwriting
Justice (TV)1999Screenwriting
The Associates (Collab. others; TV series)2001Screenwriting
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Joy FieldingGolden Will - The Silken Laumann Story (television)1996Screenwriting
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Chez Denise1977Screenwriting
Le 101, ouest, avenue des Pins (TV series)1984Screenwriting
Alys Robi (TV series)1994Screenwriting
C't'à ton tour, Laura Cadieux (Adap. Michel Tremblay)1998Screenwriting
Laura Cadieux... la suite1999Screenwriting
Le petit monde de Laura Cadieux (TV mini-series)2003Screenwriting
Ma vie en cinémascope2004Screenwriting
Joan FinniganThe Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kaladar1968Screenwriting
Tricia FishTackle1997Screenwriting
New Waterford Girl1999Screenwriting
Dragonwheel (direct-to-video)2002Screenwriting
Diane FlacksSibs (Collab. Richard Greenblatt; adap. Flacks; TV movie)2003Screenwriting
Patti Flather Kiss That Alaska Highway Before I Die 2004Screenwriting
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The Lanza Sessions (Collab. David Morton; TV)2001Screenwriting
Youkali Hotel (Collab. David Morton; TV)2004Screenwriting
Black Widow (Collab. David Morton)2005Screenwriting
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Without a Warning1994Singer-Songwriters
Big City Blues1995Singer-Songwriters
Walk in the Sun1996Singer-Songwriters
Ten Days in November1998Singer-Songwriters
Back to the Blues2000Singer-Songwriters
Love Comin' Down2000Singer-Songwriters
Where the Action Is2002Singer-Songwriters
New Used Car2006Singer-Songwriters
Time Bomb (Collab. Deborah Coleman and Roxanne Potvin)2007Singer-Songwriters
He Said, She Said (Collab. Peter Karp)2011Singer-Songwriters
Edwina Follows2. Saying Goodbye (A Promise Broken)1990Screenwriting
Exploring Ontario's Provincial Parks (TV mini-series)1993Screenwriting
Riverdale (Collab. others; TV series)1997Screenwriting
BeastMaster (Collab. others; TV series)1999Screenwriting
The Dinosaur Hunter (Adap. Pam Conrad; TV)2000Screenwriting
Shark Family (TV)2007Screenwriting
Sharks: A Family Affair (TV)2007Screenwriting
Tracey ForbesBeastMaster (Collab. others; TV series)1999Screenwriting
Code Name: Eternity (Collab. others; TV series)1999Screenwriting
The Huntress (Collab. others; TV series)2000Screenwriting
MythQuest (Collab. others; TV series)2001Screenwriting
Spider-Man (Collab. others; TV series)2003Screenwriting
Booky's Crush (Adap. Bernice Thurman Hunter; TV)2009Screenwriting
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Maximum Superexcitement #2: Librarian Island (Collab. Robin Bougie)2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Maximum Superexcitement #3 (Collab. Robin Bougie)2010Comics and Graphic Novels
Rina FraticelliThe Need to Know (Collab. Tom Puchniak and Don Young)1997Screenwriting
Celesta Found2002Screenwriting
Monica FreireMonica1996Singer-Songwriters
Monica II1997Singer-Songwriters
Na Laje2008Singer-Songwriters
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Summer Ink (Collab. Vesna Mostovac)2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Elyse FriedmanSuddenly Naked2001Screenwriting
Suddenly Naked2001Screenwriting
Suddenly Naked (film script)2001Screenwriting
Gayleen FroeseObituary1997Singer-Songwriters
Sacrifice 2005Singer-Songwriters
Nelly FurtadoWhoa Nelly2000Singer-Songwriters
Sessions@AOL (EP)2004Singer-Songwriters
Loose – The Concert2007Singer-Songwriters
The Night is Young2010Singer-Songwriters
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Mysterious Forces Beyond (Collab. Debra Matthews and Christopher Dew; TV series)1994Screenwriting
Fag Hags: Women Who Love Gay Men2005Screenwriting
Dish: Women, Waitressing & the Art of Service (documentary)2010Screenwriting
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Poof!2009Comics and Graphic Novels
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Lovin' Place1965Singer-Songwriters
The Many Faces of Gale Garnett1965Singer-Songwriters
Variety Is the Spice of Gale Garnett 1965Singer-Songwriters
New Adventures1966Singer-Songwriters
Flying and Rainbows and Love 1967Singer-Songwriters
Sausalito Heliport (Collab. The Gentle Reign)1967Singer-Songwriters
An Audience with the King of Wands (Collab. The Gentle Reign)1968Singer-Songwriters
Jennifer GasoiSongs for You2003Singer-Songwriters
Shannon GerardHung no. 1; Never Odd or Even2004Comics and Graphic Novels
Beekeeping For Profit and Pleasure2005Comics and Graphic Novels
Year2005Comics and Graphic Novels
Hung no.2; Drawn Onward2006Comics and Graphic Novels
Hung no. 3; Lonely Tylenol2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Tara GereauxEdgemont (Collab. others; TV series)2000Screenwriting
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Katherine GildayFor Richer, For Poorer1988Screenwriting
The Famine Within1990Screenwriting
Cleopatra: The First Woman of Power (Adap. Plutarch)1999Screenwriting
Women and Men Unglued2004Screenwriting
Leela GildaySpirit World, Solid Wood2002Singer-Songwriters
Calling All Warriors2010Singer-Songwriters
Alexandra GillLeda and the Swan1998Screenwriting
Nicole GirouxProvidence (Collab. François Boulay, Chantal Cadieux and Patrick Lowe; TV series)2005Screenwriting
Beth GoobieBlack Angels1996Screenwriting
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Lait Frappé2000Comics and Graphic Novels
Roulathèque Roulathèque Nicolore2001Comics and Graphic Novels
Pamplemoussi2004Comics and Graphic Novels
Masques2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Tout Seul Dans La Forêt en Plein Jour, Avez-vous Peur?2007Comics and Graphic Novels
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Anais GranofskyHave Mercy1999Screenwriting
On Their Knees2001Screenwriting
The Limb Salesman (Collab. Ingrid Veninger)2004Screenwriting
Diane GrantToo Much Oregano1983Screenwriting
Will To Win: Pali Goes to Shakespeare Fest (documentary)2008Screenwriting
Emm GrynerGem and ISinger-Songwriters
And Distrust It1995Singer-Songwriters
The Original Leap Year1997Singer-Songwriters
Science Fair1999Singer-Songwriters
Dead Relatives2000Singer-Songwriters
Girl Versions2001Singer-Songwriters
Songs of Love and Death2005Singer-Songwriters
The Great Lakes2005Singer-Songwriters
The Summer of High Hopes2006Singer-Songwriters
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Marie-Didace (TV series)1958Screenwriting
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Mainstream (EP) (Collab. Metric)1998Singer-Songwriters
Static Anonymity (EP) (Collab. Metric)2001Singer-Songwriters
Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? (Collab. Metric)2003Singer-Songwriters
Live It Out (Collab. Metric)2005Singer-Songwriters
Knives Don't Have Your Back (Collab. The Soft Skeleton)2006Singer-Songwriters
Grow Up and Blow Away (Collab. Metric)2007Singer-Songwriters
Live from Metropolis (EP) (Collab. Metric)2007Singer-Songwriters
What Is Free to a Good Home? (EP) (Collab. The Soft Skeleton)2007Singer-Songwriters
Fantasies (Collab. Metric)2009Singer-Songwriters
Sylvia HamiltonBlack Mother Black Daughter1989Screenwriting
Speak It! From the Heart of Black Nova Scotia1992Screenwriting
Against the Tides: The Jones Family1994Screenwriting
Portia White: Think on Me2000Screenwriting
The Little Black School House2007Screenwriting
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You Were Here2000Singer-Songwriters
All of Our Names2004Singer-Songwriters
I’m a Mountain2006Singer-Songwriters
Oh Little Fire2010Singer-Songwriters
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American Psycho (Collab. Guinevere Turner; adap. Bret Easton Ellis)2000Screenwriting
The Notorious Bettie Page (Collab. Guinevere Turner)2005Screenwriting
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Krista HartmanPassport2005Singer-Songwriters
Kelita Haverland (Kelita)Love and Truth Co1974Singer-Songwriters
Too Hot to Handle1996Singer-Songwriters
The Strong One1999Singer-Songwriters
Naked Soul2000Singer-Songwriters
Because of Love2001Singer-Songwriters
Heart to Heart2001Singer-Songwriters
Spirit & Truth2004Singer-Songwriters
Heart of a Woman2010Singer-Songwriters
Carole HayChoice: The Henry Morgentaler Story (Collab. Suzette Couture; TV)2003Screenwriting
Finding Home2003Screenwriting
Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story (Adap. Walter Gretzky)2005Screenwriting
Anne HébertLes Indes parmi nous1954Screenwriting
La Canne a peche1959Screenwriting
Saint-Denys Garneau1960Screenwriting
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A Song for Tibet (Collab. Erna Buffie)1991Screenwriting
The Road from Kampuchea (Documentary)1999Screenwriting
Water Marks2002Screenwriting
Andrea Henry (Sugar Jones)Sugar Jones (Collab. Sugar Jones)2002Singer-Songwriters
Felicity Herst (LiveOnRelease)Fifteen Will Get You Twenty (Collab. LiveOnRelease)2002Singer-Songwriters
Seeing Red (Collab. LiveOnRelease)2002Singer-Songwriters
Goes on a Field Trip (Collab. LiveOnRelease)2003Singer-Songwriters
Janet HetheringtonJannie Weezie (Collab. Ronn Sutton)1994Comics and Graphic Novels
Perf & Gauge (Collab. Ronn Sutton)1995Comics and Graphic Novels
Eternal Romance1997Comics and Graphic Novels
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Collab. Ronn Sutton)2000Comics and Graphic Novels
Monster Love2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Faith Erin HicksDemonology 101 (webcomic)1999Comics and Graphic Novels
Ice (webcomic)2003Comics and Graphic Novels
Zombies Calling2007Comics and Graphic Novels
The War at Ellsmere2008Comics and Graphic Novels
The Adventures of Superhero Girl (Webcomic)2010Comics and Graphic Novels
Friends With Boys2012Comics and Graphic Novels
Jolene Higgins (Little Miss Higgins)Cobbler Shop Sessions2005Singer-Songwriters
Junction City2007Singer-Songwriters
Little Miss Higgins Live2009Singer-Songwriters
Across the Plains2010Singer-Songwriters
Kay HillThe Lady in Black1969Screenwriting
Tamia Hill (Tamia, Tamia Marilyn Washington)Tamia1998Singer-Songwriters
A Nu Day2000Singer-Songwriters
Between Friends2006Singer-Songwriters
Sierra Hills (Lillix, Tigerlily)Falling Uphill (Collab. Lillix)2003Singer-Songwriters
It's About Time (Collab. Lillix; single)2003Singer-Songwriters
Tomorrow (Collab. Lillix; single)2003Singer-Songwriters
Karen HinesMy Name Is Pochsy: An Industrial Film2007Screenwriting
A Tax on Pochsy2009Screenwriting
The Audit (Line Item: Foster Child) (re-edited, shortened version of A Tax on Pochsy)2010Screenwriting
Alice HoFive Pieces for Flute and Cello1979Musical Scores & Recordings
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Three Songs (Soprano or mezzo soprano and piano, revised 2008)1980Musical Scores & Recordings
Three Songs (Soprano or mezzo soprano, flute, violin, cello, revised 2009)1980Musical Scores & Recordings
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Coquette1998Musical Scores & Recordings
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Ming1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Mira1999Musical Scores & Recordings
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War!2008Musical Scores & Recordings
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Glistening Pianos2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Jennifer Hodge de SilvaHome Feeling: Struggle for a Community1984Screenwriting
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Karl Lagerfeld2006Comics and Graphic Novels
Little Lessons in Safety2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Spring Found Us2007Comics and Graphic Novels
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Never as Bad as You Think (Collab. Stuart Immonen)2007Comics and Graphic Novels
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Suzanne Jacob1980Singer-Songwriters
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Anik Jean2010Singer-Songwriters
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City City (Collab. Chic Gamine)2010Singer-Songwriters
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Love Rules2010Singer-Songwriters
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Another Day2003Singer-Songwriters
Messin' Around2006Singer-Songwriters
If You Know Love (EU release of Messin' Around, includes bonus track "Avignon Blues")2007Singer-Songwriters
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Hi Mom! Hi Dad!1975Comics and Graphic Novels
Do They Ever Grow Up?1978Comics and Graphic Novels
For Better or For Worse1979Comics and Graphic Novels
I've Got The One-More-Washload Blues1981Comics and Graphic Novels
Is This "One of Those Days", Daddy?1982Comics and Graphic Novels
It Must Be Nice to Be Little1983Comics and Graphic Novels
More Than a Month of Sundays1983Comics and Graphic Novels
Just One More Hug1984Comics and Graphic Novels
Our Sunday Best1984Comics and Graphic Novels
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Keep the Home Fries Burning1986Comics and Graphic Novels
It's All Downhill From Here1987Comics and Graphic Novels
Pushing 401988Comics and Graphic Novels
If This is a Lecture, How Long Will it Be?1990Comics and Graphic Novels
What, Me Pregnant?1991Comics and Graphic Novels
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Starting From Scratch1995Comics and Graphic Novels
Love Just Screws Everything Up1996Comics and Graphic Novels
Remembering Farley1996Comics and Graphic Novels
Growing Like a Weed1997Comics and Graphic Novels
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The Lives Behind the Lines : 20 Years of For Better or For Worse1999Comics and Graphic Novels
Isn't He Beautiful : A For Better or For Worse Little Book2000Comics and Graphic Novels
Isn't She Beautiful : A For Better or For Worse Little Book2000Comics and Graphic Novels
The Big 5-02000Comics and Graphic Novels
A Perfect Christmas: A For Better or For Worse Little Book2001Comics and Graphic Novels
All About April: Our Little Girl Grows Up!2001Comics and Graphic Novels
Graduation: A Time For Change2001Comics and Graphic Novels
Wags And Kisses: A For Better or For Worse Little Book2001Comics and Graphic Novels
Family Business2002Comics and Graphic Novels
Graduation...just the beginning! A For Better or Worse Little Book (Collab. Andie Parton)2003Comics and Graphic Novels
Laugh 'n' Learn Spanish (Collab. Brenda Wegman)2003Comics and Graphic Novels
Leaving Home (Collab. Andie Parton)2003Comics and Graphic Novels
Reality Check2003Comics and Graphic Novels
With This Ring2003Comics and Graphic Novels
Never Wink at a Worried Woman2005Comics and Graphic Novels
So You're Gonna Be a Grandma! A For Better or For Worse Book (Collab. Andie Parton)2005Comics and Graphic Novels
Striking a Chord2005Comics and Graphic Novels
I Love My Grandpa: A For Better or For Worse Book (Collab. Andie Parton)2006Comics and Graphic Novels
She's Turning Into One of Them!2006Comics and Graphic Novels
Seniors' Discount2007Comics and Graphic Novels a Learning Experience!2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Home Sweat Home2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Farley Follows His Nose (Collab. Beth Cruikshank)2009Comics and Graphic Novels
Just a Simple Wedding2009Comics and Graphic Novels
Lakota JonezBeautiful2009Singer-Songwriters
Connie KaldorOne Of These Days1981Singer-Songwriters
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New Songs for an Old Celebration (Collab. Roy Forbes)1986Singer-Songwriters
Lullaby Berceuse (Collab. Carmen Campagne)1988Singer-Songwriters
Gentle of Heart1989Singer-Songwriters
Wood River1992Singer-Songwriters
Out of the Blue1994Singer-Songwriters
Small Café1996Singer-Songwriters
Love is a Truck2000Singer-Songwriters
Vinyl Songbook2003Singer-Songwriters
A Duck in New York CIty2004Singer-Songwriters
A Poodle in Paris2005Singer-Songwriters
Brittin Karroll (Britt Black, LiveOnRelease))Fifteen Will Get You Twenty (Collab. LiveOnRelease)2002Singer-Songwriters
Seeing Red (Collab. LiveOnRelease)2002Singer-Songwriters
Goes on a Field Trip (Collab. LiveOnRelease)2003Singer-Songwriters
Stacey KaserAfrican Skies (Collab. others; TV series)1991Screenwriting
Edgemont (Collab. others; TV series)2000Screenwriting
The Collector (Collab. others; TV series)2004Screenwriting
Falcon Beach (TV)2005Screenwriting
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Out of the Blue1994Singer-Songwriters
A Christmas Collection2004Singer-Songwriters
Full Circle2004Singer-Songwriters
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Makin' Hay (Collab. Farmer's Daughter)1996Singer-Songwriters
This Is The Life (Collab. Farmer's Daughter)1998Singer-Songwriters
The Best Of Farmer' Daughter (Collab. Farmer's Daughter)1999Singer-Songwriters
Cafe Brasilia/ Casa do Samba2001Singer-Songwriters
North American Pop / South American Style2003Singer-Songwriters
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Becoming 132006Screenwriting
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Shoot and Cry1988Screenwriting
What If1998Screenwriting
In Search of Lucille2000Screenwriting
Undying Love2002Screenwriting
No More Tears Sister: Anatomy of Hope and Betrayal2005Screenwriting
Family Motel2007Screenwriting
Malls R Us2009Screenwriting
Lindsay Knight (Eekwol)Innersoulflow EP (Collab. Innersoulflow)1999Singer-Songwriters
Frequent Flyers of a Higher Science (Collab. Innersoulflow)2001Singer-Songwriters
The Best Kept Secret (Collab. Innersoulflow)2001Singer-Songwriters
Soundsick?! EP2002Singer-Songwriters
Apprentice to The Mystery2005Singer-Songwriters
Eekwol and Mils: The List (Collab. Mils)2007Singer-Songwriters
The Cree EP2009Singer-Songwriters
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Planet EP1999Singer-Songwriters
Optimist Party2002Singer-Songwriters
I Have Turned Off the TV EP2004Singer-Songwriters
Out Here At Sea2005Singer-Songwriters
Wish on a Star2006Singer-Songwriters
Meeting the Future at Full Speed2008Singer-Songwriters
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Snaps2011Comics and Graphic Novels
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7 intermezzi for film (score)2004Musical Scores & Recordings
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Us.We.Are2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Analemma2006Musical Scores & Recordings
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Midaregami / tangled hair2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Player Piano Project2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Pavasaris (score)2009Musical Scores & Recordings
wilderness/rêve du Canada (score)2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Language of the Birds (score)2010Musical Scores & Recordings
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What If It All Means Something2002Singer-Songwriters
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Plain Jane2009Singer-Songwriters
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Technologie Salvatrice II : Les polytechniciens(nes)1996Comics and Graphic Novels
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Pianissimo!1997Comics and Graphic Novels
La Plume Japonaise2006Comics and Graphic Novels
The General's Garden2009Comics and Graphic Novels
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Mandragora II: La malédiction2002Comics and Graphic Novels
Mandragora III: Les errances2003Comics and Graphic Novels
Mandragora IV: La faille2005Comics and Graphic Novels
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Chimeris - Sirus2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Chimeris - Vaar2010Comics and Graphic Novels
Mary LambertSing Out Fire Safety2003Singer-Songwriters
Sing Out Summer Fun2003Singer-Songwriters
Swinging On A Star2003Singer-Songwriters
Sing Out Kids' Safety2004Singer-Songwriters
Pajama Party2006Singer-Songwriters
Monkey Sing, Monkey Do!2008Singer-Songwriters
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Onzième spéciale1988Screenwriting
Deux actrices / Two Can Play (French with English subtitles)1993Screenwriting
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Sex Iz Hell Demo (Collab. Kittie)1998Singer-Songwriters
Spit (Collab. Kittie)1999Singer-Songwriters
Spit Demo (Collab. Kittie)1999Singer-Songwriters
Paperdoll (Collab. Kittie)2000Singer-Songwriters
Spit in Your Eye (Collab. Kittie)2000Singer-Songwriters
Safe (Collab. Kittie)2002Singer-Songwriters
Until the End (Collab. Kittie)2004Singer-Songwriters
Never Again (Collab. Kittie)2006Singer-Songwriters
Funeral for Yesterday (Collab. Kittie)2007Singer-Songwriters
In the Black (Collab. Kittie)2009Singer-Songwriters
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Kittie Sampler Demo (Collab. Kittie)1998Singer-Songwriters
Sex Iz Hell Demo (Collab. Kittie)1998Singer-Songwriters
Spit (Collab. Kittie)1999Singer-Songwriters
Spit Demo (Collab. Kittie)1999Singer-Songwriters
Paperdoll (Collab. Kittie)2000Singer-Songwriters
Spit in Your Eye (Collab. Kittie)2000Singer-Songwriters
Oracle (Collab. Kittie)2001Singer-Songwriters
Safe (Collab. Kittie)2002Singer-Songwriters
Until the End (Collab. Kittie)2004Singer-Songwriters
Never Again (Collab. Kittie)2006Singer-Songwriters
Funeral for Yesterday (Collab. Kittie)2007Singer-Songwriters
In the Black (Collab. Kittie)2009Singer-Songwriters
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All You Can Eat1995Singer-Songwriters
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Live by Request2001Singer-Songwriters
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Hymns of the 49th Parallel2004Singer-Songwriters
Sing it Loud2011Singer-Songwriters
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Ain’t Life Sweet1993Singer-Songwriters
Live at the Yellow Door1993Singer-Songwriters
Penny & Friends (live recording)1998Singer-Songwriters
Carry On Children1999Singer-Songwriters
Somebody Else1999Singer-Songwriters
Gather Honey2001Singer-Songwriters
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Gray Horses2006Comics and Graphic Novels
Chiggers2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Mercury2009Comics and Graphic Novels
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Under My Skin2004Singer-Songwriters
The Best Damn Thing2007Singer-Songwriters
Goodbye Lullaby2011Singer-Songwriters
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La Visite1995Singer-Songwriters
Lynda Lemay1998Singer-Songwriters
Lynda Lemay Live1999Singer-Songwriters
Du coq à l'âme2000Singer-Songwriters
Les lettres rouges2002Singer-Songwriters
Les secrets des oiseaux2003Singer-Songwriters
Un paradis quelque part2005Singer-Songwriters
Ma signature2006Singer-Songwriters
Un éternel hiver2006Singer-Songwriters
Lynda Lemay 40/402007Singer-Songwriters
Allo, c'est moi2008Singer-Songwriters
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Miriam LibickiCeasefire2006Comics and Graphic Novels
Jobnik!2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Jewish Memoir Goes Pow! Zap! Oy!2009Comics and Graphic Novels
Who Wants to Be an Art Star?2009Comics and Graphic Novels
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Daughters of the Country: 'Ikwe'1987Screenwriting
Passage of the Heart1992Screenwriting
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Soundings1975Musical Scores & Recordings
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Iatiku....'bringing to life'1983Musical Scores & Recordings
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Janus1984Musical Scores & Recordings
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Ms A Fantasy Journy into the Mindof a Machine1985Musical Scores & Recordings
Spells1985Musical Scores & Recordings
Imprints1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Commentaries1988Musical Scores & Recordings
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Shadowing1995Musical Scores & Recordings
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Tributary2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Awake!2002Musical Scores & Recordings
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Tina in Mexico2002Screenwriting
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Eternal Earth1987Musical Scores & Recordings
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Fast Forward2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Pursuit2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Take the Dog Sled2008Musical Scores & Recordings
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Michelle LovrettaThe Fishing Trip1998Screenwriting
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Instant Star (TV series)2004Screenwriting
Snakes & Ladders (Collab. others; TV)2004Screenwriting
Hunt for Justice (Collab. others; TV)2005Screenwriting
Playing House (TV)2006Screenwriting
To Be Fat Like Me (TV)2007Screenwriting
Sorority Wars (TV)2009Screenwriting
Lost Girl (TV)2010Screenwriting
Cara LuftTrain to Freedom1996Singer-Songwriters
Tragedy of the Commons1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Tempting the Storm2000Singer-Songwriters
The Light Fantastic2007Singer-Songwriters
Blackwater Side and Other Favorites2010Singer-Songwriters
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Under the Umbrella Tree (TV series)1986Screenwriting
Join In! (TV series)1989Screenwriting
Watatatow (Collab. others; TV series)1990Screenwriting
The Teddy Bears' Scare (TV)1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Get Set for Life (Collab. others; TV series)2000Screenwriting
Pumper Pups (Collab. others; TV series)2000Screenwriting
Turbo Dogs (Collab. others; TV series)2008Screenwriting
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If You See Me1997Singer-Songwriters
The Bridge (Collab. Shaye; LP)2003Singer-Songwriters
Songs For Sunset (Collab. Amy Sky)2006Singer-Songwriters
Lake of Fire (Collab. Shaye; LP)2007Singer-Songwriters
Signs Of Life2007Singer-Songwriters
Marilú MalletIl n'y a pas d'oubli1975Screenwriting
Les Borges1978Screenwriting
Journal inachevé / Unfinished Diary1982Screenwriting
Child of the Andes (Collab. Claire Boyer)1988Screenwriting
Chère Amérique1989Screenwriting
La Cueca Sola2003Screenwriting
Suzanne Mancini-GagnerSolo1991Screenwriting
Zap (Collab. Cailhier, Rene Gingras, Jean-Paul Lebourhis, Joanne Arseneau and Nathalie Petrowski; TV series)1993Screenwriting
Rêve aveugle1994Screenwriting
Si belles1994Screenwriting
Ahdri Zhina MandielaDark Diaspora... in Dub1991Musical Scores & Recordings
step into my head1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Irshad ManjiFaith Without Fear2008Screenwriting
Anne MarbrunLa Petite2005Comics and Graphic Novels
Paule MarierÀ plein temps (Collab. others; TV series)1984Screenwriting
Pacha et les chats (Collab. others; TV series)1991Screenwriting
Cornemuse (Collab. others; TV series)1999Screenwriting
Pin-Pon: Le film (Collab. others)1999Screenwriting
Amanda MarshallAmanda Marshall1996Singer-Songwriters
Tuesday’s Child1999Singer-Songwriters
Everybody’s Got a Story2002Singer-Songwriters
Intermission Singles Collection2003Singer-Songwriters
The Steel Box Collection2008Singer-Songwriters
Catherine MartinNuits d'Afrique1990Screenwriting
Dans les villes2006Screenwriting
L'esprit des lieux2006Screenwriting
Trois temps après la mort d'Anna2010Screenwriting
Béatrice Martin (Cœur de pirate)Cœur de pirate2008Singer-Songwriters
Lisa Marx (Kittie)Until the End (Collab. Kittie)2004Singer-Songwriters
Louise MatteauAvec le temps ( Collab. others; TV series)1974Screenwriting
Super sans plomb (Collab. others; TV series)1989Screenwriting
Jackie MayMaterial World (Collab. Shannon Fitzgerald; TV series)1990Screenwriting
Liberty Street (Collab. others; TV series)1994Screenwriting
Flash Forward (Collab. others; TV series)1996Screenwriting
Freaky Stories (Collab. others; TV series)1997Screenwriting
Riverdale (Collab. others; TV series)1997Screenwriting
Bliss (Collab. Cathleen Bond, Laura Kosterski, Carol Lazare, Sharon Riis, Maureen McKeon, Susan Musgrave, Katherine Schlemmer and Janis Cole; TV series)2002Screenwriting
I Love Mummy (Collab. others; TV series)2002Screenwriting
Fast Food High (Collab. Tassie Cameron)2003Screenwriting
Couldn't Be Happier2006Screenwriting
The Best Years (Collab. others; TV series)2007Screenwriting
The Foundation (Collab. others; TV series)2009Screenwriting
Christina McCallThe Heart of a Painter (documentary)1986Screenwriting
Eileen McGannElements1987Singer-Songwriters
Turn it Around1991Singer-Songwriters
Beyond the Storm2002Singer-Songwriters
Pocketful of Rhymes2010Singer-Songwriters
Anna McGarrigle (The McGarrigle Sisters)Kate & Anna McGarrigle1976Singer-Songwriters
Dancer with Bruised Knees1977Singer-Songwriters
French Record/Entre la jeunesse et la sagesse1980Singer-Songwriters
Love Over and Over1983Singer-Songwriters
Heartbeats Accelerating1990Singer-Songwriters
The McGarrigle Hour1998Singer-Songwriters
La vache qui pleure2003Singer-Songwriters
McGarrigle Christmas Hour2005Singer-Songwriters
Tell My Sister2011Singer-Songwriters
Kate McGarrigle (The McGarrigle Sisters)Kate & Anna McGarrigle1976Singer-Songwriters
Dancer with Bruised Knees1977Singer-Songwriters
French Record/Entre la jeunesse et la sagesse1980Singer-Songwriters
Love Over and Over1983Singer-Songwriters
The McGarrigle Hour1988Singer-Songwriters
Heartbeats Accelerating1990Singer-Songwriters
La vache qui pleure2003Singer-Songwriters
McGarrigle Christmas Hour2005Singer-Songwriters
Tell My Sister2011Singer-Songwriters
Loreena McKennittElemental1985Musical Scores & Recordings
To Drive the Cold Winter Away1987Musical Scores & Recordings
To Drive the Cold Winter Away1987Singer-Songwriters
Parallel Dreams1989Musical Scores & Recordings
Parallel Dreams1989Singer-Songwriters
The Visit1991Musical Scores & Recordings
The Visit1991Singer-Songwriters
The Mask and Mirror1994Musical Scores & Recordings
The Mask and Mirror1994Singer-Songwriters
A Winter Garden: Five Songs for the Season (EP)1995Musical Scores & Recordings
A Winter Garden: Five Songs for the Season (EP)1995Singer-Songwriters
Live in San Francisco at the Palace of Fine Arts (EP)1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Live in San Francisco at the Palace of Fine Arts (EP)1995Singer-Songwriters
The Book of Secrets1997Musical Scores & Recordings
The Book of Secrets1997Singer-Songwriters
Words and Music (EP)1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Words and Music (EP)1997Singer-Songwriters
Live in Paris and Toronto1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Live in Paris and Toronto1999Singer-Songwriters
An Ancient Muse2006Musical Scores & Recordings
An Ancient Muse2006Singer-Songwriters
Nights from the Alhambra2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Nights from the Alhambra2007Singer-Songwriters
A Midwinter Night’s Dream2008Musical Scores & Recordings
A Midwinter Night’s Dream2008Singer-Songwriters
A Moveable Musical Feast (EP)2008Musical Scores & Recordings
A Moveable Musical Feast (EP)2008Singer-Songwriters
A Mediterannean Odyssey2009Singer-Songwriters
A Mummers' Dance Through Ireland2009Musical Scores & Recordings
A Mummers' Dance Through Ireland2009Singer-Songwriters
The Wind that Shakes the Barley2010Singer-Songwriters
Maureen McKeonSide Effects (Collab. others; TV series)1994Screenwriting
The Associates (Collab. others; TV series)2001Screenwriting
Bliss (Collab. Cathleen Bond, Laura Kosterski, Carol Lazare, Jackie May, Janis Cole, Susan Musgrave, Sharon Riis and Katherine Schlemmer; TV series)2002Screenwriting
Sarah McLachlanTouch1988Singer-Songwriters
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy1993Singer-Songwriters
Rarities, B-Sides And Other Stuff1996Singer-Songwriters
Afterglow [Live]2004Singer-Songwriters
Bloom Remix Album2005Singer-Songwriters
Closer: The Best of Sarah McLachlan2008Singer-Songwriters
One Dream2009Singer-Songwriters
Laws of Illusion2010Singer-Songwriters
Loving You is Easy2010Singer-Songwriters
Tara McLeod (Kittie)Never Again (Collab. Kittie)2006Singer-Songwriters
Funeral for Yesterday (Collab. Kittie)2007Singer-Songwriters
In the Black (Collab. Kittie)2009Singer-Songwriters
Suzie McNeilBroken and Beautiful2007Singer-Songwriters
Maureen MedvedThe Tracey Fragments (Adap. Medved)2007Screenwriting
Deepa MehtaFire1996Screenwriting
The Republic of Love (Collab. Esta Spalding; adap. Carol Shields)2003Screenwriting
Water (Collab. Anurag Kashyap)2005Screenwriting
Heaven on Earth2008Screenwriting
Cooking with Stella2009Screenwriting
Midnight`s Children2012Screenwriting
Nicky Mehta (The Wailin' Jennys)Weather Vane2001Singer-Songwriters
The Wailin' Jennys (Collab. The Wailin' Jennys)2003Singer-Songwriters
40 Days (Collab. The Wailin' Jennys)2004Singer-Songwriters
Firecracker (Collab. The Wailin' Jennys)2006Singer-Songwriters
Live At The Mauch Chunk Opera House (Collab. The Wailin' Jennys)2009Singer-Songwriters
Bright Morning Stars (Collab. The Wailin' Jennys)2011Singer-Songwriters
Andrea MenardThe Velvet Devil2002Singer-Songwriters
Simple Steps2005Singer-Songwriters
Marthe MercureMédée1979Singer-Songwriters
Lynn MilesLynn Miles, (cassette only)1987Singer-Songwriters
Chalk This One Up To The Moon1991Singer-Songwriters
Slightly Haunted1996Singer-Songwriters
Night in a Strange Town1998Singer-Songwriters
Love Sweet Love2005Singer-Songwriters
Black Flowers Volume 12008Singer-Songwriters
Black Flowers Volume 22008Singer-Songwriters
Fall for Beauty2010Singer-Songwriters
Sophie MilmanSophie Milman2004Singer-Songwriters
Live at The Winter Garden Theatre2007Singer-Songwriters
Make Someone Happy2007Singer-Songwriters
Take Love Easy2009Singer-Songwriters
Joni MitchellSong To A Seagull1968Singer-Songwriters
Ladies of the Canyon1970Singer-Songwriters
For the Roses1972Singer-Songwriters
Court and Spark1974Singer-Songwriters
Miles of Aisles1974Singer-Songwriters
The Hissing of Summer Lawns1975Singer-Songwriters
Don Juan Reckless Daughter1977Singer-Songwriters
Shadows and Light1980Singer-Songwriters
Wild Things Run Fast1982Singer-Songwriters
Dog Eat Dog1985Singer-Songwriters
Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm1988Singer-Songwriters
Night Ride Home1991Singer-Songwriters
Turbulent Indigo1994Singer-Songwriters
Taming the Tiger1998Singer-Songwriters
Both Sides Now2000Singer-Songwriters
Complete Geffen Recordings2003Singer-Songwriters
The Complete Geffen Recordings (4-CD box set of material 1982–91)2003Musical Scores & Recordings
The Beginning of Survival2004Singer-Songwriters
Songs of a Prairie Girl2005Singer-Songwriters
Ariane MoffattÀ la Station C2002Singer-Songwriters
Le coeur dans la tête2005Singer-Songwriters
Tous les sens2008Singer-Songwriters
Tous les sens remix2008Singer-Songwriters
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The Road to Canso (Collab. Scruj MacDuhk)1999Singer-Songwriters
Blue Muse2002Singer-Songwriters
The Wailin' Jennys (Collab. The Wailin' Jennys)2003Singer-Songwriters
40 days (Collab. The Wailin' Jennys)2004Singer-Songwriters
Firecracker (Collab. The Wailin' Jennys)2006Singer-Songwriters
Bright Morning Stars (Collab. The Wailin' Jennys)2011Singer-Songwriters
Sandy MooreThe Midday Sun (film score)1989Musical Scores & Recordings
Folk Art Found Me (film score)1993Musical Scores & Recordings
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Chasing Cain (film score)2001Screenwriting
The Wild Dogs (film score)2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Trudeau (TV score)2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Dinner for One (film score)2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Electric Chair (film score)2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Grande Dame (film score)2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Priscilla MorinDemo 451987Singer-Songwriters
Waiting For You2000Singer-Songwriters
Alanis MorissetteAlanis1991Singer-Songwriters
Now is the Time1992Singer-Songwriters
Jagged Little Pill1995Singer-Songwriters
Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998Singer-Songwriters
Feast on Scraps2002Singer-Songwriters
Under Rug Swept2002Singer-Songwriters
So-Called Chaos2004Singer-Songwriters
Jagged Little Pill Acoustic2005Singer-Songwriters
The Collection2005Singer-Songwriters
Flavors of Entanglement2008Singer-Songwriters
Flowers of Entanglement2008Singer-Songwriters
Jocelyn MorlockVelcro Lizards1996Musical Scores & Recordings
X1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Bird in the Tangled Sky1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Blood, Rain, Violets1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Bird in the Tangled Sky (recording)1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Blue Sun1998Musical Scores & Recordings
QUOI???1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Velour1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Lemonstones1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Shade1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Train1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Icarus, landing2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Lacrimosa2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Golden2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Solace2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Curvilinear2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Four Piano Pieces2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Revenant2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Halcyon2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Oiseaux bleus et sauvages2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Trakl-Lied2003Musical Scores & Recordings je danse2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Demon Snail2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Dervish2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Exaudi2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Amore2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Music of the Romantic Era2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Vespertine2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Darwin Fish2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Disquiet2006Musical Scores & Recordings
half-light, somnolent rains2006Musical Scores & Recordings
I conversed with you in a dream2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Zart2006Musical Scores & Recordings
hatch2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Marginalia: Re-visioning Roy Kiyooka2007Musical Scores & Recordings
nightsong2007Musical Scores & Recordings
prelude and fugue2007Musical Scores & Recordings
August 16, 19162008Musical Scores & Recordings
Involuntary Love Songs2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Luminous Moth2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Nostalgia2008Musical Scores & Recordings
One Black Spike2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Phobos and Deimos, circling2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Ten Plus One2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Absalon fili mi2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Artemis Sleeps2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Cobalt2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Inseparable2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Sequoia2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Theft2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Trust2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Asylum2010Musical Scores & Recordings
In situ2010Musical Scores & Recordings
Let2010Musical Scores & Recordings
The Jack Pine2010Musical Scores & Recordings
The Violet Hour2010Musical Scores & Recordings
Verdigris2010Musical Scores & Recordings
Renae Morriseau (M'Girl)Fusion of Two Worlds (Collab. M'Girl)2005Singer-Songwriters
Julie MorstadMilk Teeth2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Tiffany Moses (M'Girl)Fusion of Two Worlds (Collab. M'Girl)2005Singer-Songwriters
Vesna MostovacDarkness Then A Blown Kiss (Collab. Golda Fried; illustrated by Mostovac)1998Comics and Graphic Novels
Maow Moaw: A Collection of Dreams2001Comics and Graphic Novels
Foolish Girl2003Comics and Graphic Novels
Foolish Girl2003Screenwriting
Summer Ink (Collab. Golda Fried)2007Comics and Graphic Novels
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Susan MusgraveHeroines (Adap. Musgrave; documentary)2001Screenwriting
Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Collab. Cliff Skelton)2001Screenwriting
Bliss (Collab. Cathleen Bond, Laura Kosterski, Carol Lazare, Jackie May, Maureen McKeon, Janis Cole, Sharon Riis and Katherine Schlemmer; TV series)2002Screenwriting
Bif Naked (Beth Torbert)Four Songs and a Poem (EP)1994Singer-Songwriters
Bif Naked1995Singer-Songwriters
Okenspay Ordway: Things I Forgot To Tell Mommy (spoken word album)1997Singer-Songwriters
I Bificus1998Singer-Songwriters
Another 5 Songs and a Poem (EP)2000Singer-Songwriters
Essentially Naked2003Singer-Songwriters
The Promise2009Singer-Songwriters
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Who's Counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics (Adap. Marilyn Waring)1995Screenwriting
White Thunder (Collab. Victoria King)2002Screenwriting
Susin NielsenFlash Forward (Collab. others; TV series)1996Screenwriting
Cold Squad (TV series)1998Screenwriting
Monet: Shadow and Light1999Screenwriting
Edgemont (Collab. others; TV series)2000Screenwriting
Robson Arms (TV series)2005Screenwriting
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Canada Vignettes: Wild Rice Harvest Kenora1979Screenwriting
No Address1988Screenwriting
Le patro Le Prévost - 80 Years Later1991Screenwriting
Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance1993Screenwriting
My Name Is Kahentiiosta1995Screenwriting
Spudwrench, or, Spudwrench: Kahnawake Man1997Screenwriting
Rocks at Whiskey Trench2000Screenwriting
Is the Crown at War with Us?2002Screenwriting
Our Nationhood2004Screenwriting
Waban-aki: People from Where the Sun Rises2006Screenwriting
Gene Boy Came Home2007Screenwriting
Diane Obomsawin (Obom)Kaspar2008Comics and Graphic Novels
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Neighbors, Wild Horses & Cowboys1997Screenwriting
Watari Dori / A Bird of Passage (film, in Japanese and English)1997Screenwriting
A Sense of Onomichi2000Screenwriting
The Traveling Reverend2000Screenwriting
Obâchan's Garden2001Screenwriting
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Not Today2004Singer-Songwriters
Pretty Things2006Singer-Songwriters
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Pretty Brown1999Singer-Songwriters
Violet Femmes I2007Singer-Songwriters
Sing, Move, & Read 22008Singer-Songwriters
Jill PaquetteJill Paquette2003Singer-Songwriters
Coming Home2010Singer-Songwriters
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Songs Are Thoughts2009Musical Scores & Recordings
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Vent Fou1999Singer-Songwriters
16mm2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Live2002Musical Scores & Recordings
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Evapore2003Musical Scores & Recordings
The You and the Now2004Musical Scores & Recordings
The You and the Now2004Singer-Songwriters
Vers à soi2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Vers à soi2007Singer-Songwriters
Dix2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Une Sorciere Comme Les Autres2010Musical Scores & Recordings
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Miss Météo (TV)2005Screenwriting
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Secret de banlieue (Collab. Bernard Dansereau)2002Screenwriting
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Listen (Collab. Asani)2009Singer-Songwriters
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Spirit Voices2003Singer-Songwriters
Tamara (Collab. Karen Kosowski)2005Singer-Songwriters
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Mourir à tue-tête / A Scream from Silence1979Screenwriting
La Quarantaine / Beyond Forty (Collab. Marthe Blackburn)1982Screenwriting
Salut Victor / Bye Bye Victor1989Screenwriting
Tu as crié/Let me go (Collab. Marie-Claire Blais)1997Screenwriting
Michèle PoirierPasse-Partout (TV series)1977Screenwriting
Robin et Stella (Collab. others; TV series)1988Screenwriting
Diane PoitrasGabrielle Roy (Collab. Micheline Cadieux and Léa Pool)1998Screenwriting
Sarah PolleyAway from Her (Adap. Alice Munro's "The Bear Came Over the Mountain")2008Screenwriting
Take This Waltz2011Screenwriting
Léa PoolStrass Café (Collab. Luc Caron)1980Screenwriting
La Femme de l'hôtel / A Woman in Transit (Collab. Robert Gurik and Michel Langlois)1984Screenwriting
Anne Trister (Collab. Marcel Beaulieu)1986Screenwriting
À corps perdu / Straight for the Heart (Collab. Marcel Beaulieu; adap. Yves Navarre)1988Screenwriting
Hotel Chronicles (Collab. Laurent Gagliardi)1990Screenwriting
La Demoiselle sauvage / The Savage Woman (Collab. Michel Langlois, S. Corinna Bille and Laurent Gagliardi)1991Screenwriting
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Mouvements du désir (Adap. Roland Barthes)1994Screenwriting
Gabrielle Roy (Collab. Micheline Cadieux and Diane Poitras)1998Screenwriting
Emporte-moi / Set Me Free (Collab. Nancy Huston, Monique Messier and Isabelle Raynault)1999Screenwriting
Une belle mort (Collab. Gil Courtemanche)2009Screenwriting
La dernière fugue2010Screenwriting
Pink Ribbons, Inc. (Prod. 2011)2011Screenwriting
Janice PoonClaire and the Bakery Thief2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Claire and the Water Wish2009Comics and Graphic Novels
Roxanne PotvinPlay2001Singer-Songwriters
Careless Loving2003Singer-Songwriters
The Way It Feels2007Singer-Songwriters
No Love for the Poisonous2008Singer-Songwriters
Valerie Poxleitner (Lights)Lights (EP)2008Singer-Songwriters
The Listening2009Singer-Songwriters
Lights Acoustic2010Singer-Songwriters
Monique ProulxGaspard et fil$1988Screenwriting
Le sexe des étoiles1993Screenwriting
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Le grand serpent du monde1999Screenwriting
Souvenirs intimes (Collab. Jean Beaudin)1999Screenwriting
Délivrez-moi (Collab. Denis Chouinard)2006Screenwriting
Elyne QuanSubway Theory2005Screenwriting
Sara Quin (Tegan & Sara)Under Feet Like Ours1999Singer-Songwriters
This Business of Art2000Singer-Songwriters
If It Was You2002Singer-Songwriters
So Jealous2004Singer-Songwriters
Walking With a Ghost2005Singer-Songwriters
The Con2007Singer-Songwriters
Sainthood (Collab. Tegan Quin)2009Singer-Songwriters
Tegan Quin (Tegan & Sara)Under Feet Like Ours1999Singer-Songwriters
This Business of Art2000Singer-Songwriters
If It Was You2002Singer-Songwriters
So Jealous2004Singer-Songwriters
Walking With a Ghost2005Singer-Songwriters
The Con2007Singer-Songwriters
Sainthood (Collab. Sara Quin)2009Singer-Songwriters
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Four Elements1980Musical Scores & Recordings
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Quintet for Brass1980Musical Scores & Recordings
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The Final Bid (opera)1980Musical Scores & Recordings
The Seasons1980Musical Scores & Recordings
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Idiom1982Musical Scores & Recordings
Suite for Woodwind Quintet1982Musical Scores & Recordings
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Garden of Alice (concert version of full length opera)1983Musical Scores & Recordings
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Men I Have Known1984Musical Scores & Recordings
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Processional Fanfare (for Trombone Quartet)1985Musical Scores & Recordings
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Thunder in a Concave Vacuum1986Musical Scores & Recordings
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Reverie1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Rhapsody1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Place of Beginnings1988Musical Scores & Recordings
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The Robot From Orion1989Musical Scores & Recordings
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What Is Truth?1990Musical Scores & Recordings
Barcarole1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Barcarole for Flute (or Piccolo) and Piano1991Musical Scores & Recordings
T for Tuba1991Musical Scores & Recordings
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Romance for French Horn1992Musical Scores & Recordings
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Wait Until Morning1992Musical Scores & Recordings
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Legislative Assembly Fanfare1993Musical Scores & Recordings
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Salute to Mt Carmel1993Musical Scores & Recordings
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The Green Man (ballet score)1993Musical Scores & Recordings
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Flowers1994Musical Scores & Recordings
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Northern Lights1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Olmütz Concerto (for Alto Trombone and Orchestra)1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Prelude to Parting1995Musical Scores & Recordings
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Searching for Sophia1995Musical Scores & Recordings
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Sonata for Violin and Piano1995Musical Scores & Recordings
The Right Combination1995Musical Scores & Recordings
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Sherwood Legend1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Three Jazz Moods1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Voices Raised1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Canadian Chops (recording)1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Concerto Riva1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Festival Fanfare1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Impulse1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Prayer and Dance of Praise1997Musical Scores & Recordings
River of Life1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Will There Be a Time1997Musical Scores & Recordings
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Dark Thoughts (text Betsy Warland)1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Diversions for Trombone Quartet1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Pershing Concerto1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Quartet for Horns1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Secret: Melodrama for Tuba and Tape1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Aegean Perspective (after Greek myths)1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Pantheon1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Renovated Rhymes (John V. Hicks)1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Sodbuster1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Sparkle (film score)1999Musical Scores & Recordings
(W)right State of Mind2000Musical Scores & Recordings
A Little Monster Music2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Canzoni di Natali2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Jason and the Goldon Fleece2000Musical Scores & Recordings
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Fast Lane2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Romance2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Wascana Park2001Musical Scores & Recordings
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Mutability2002Musical Scores & Recordings
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Sweet Dances2002Musical Scores & Recordings
The Bushwakker Brewpub2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Untitled CD (recording)2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Freya2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Requiem for Wounded Knee2003Musical Scores & Recordings
The Phantom Drum2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Faustbuch2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Four Elements for String Quartet2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Persephone and Demeter2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Piano on the Prairie2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Sirens (after Greek myths)2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Six Easy Tunes for Beginner Piano2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Three Easy Songs for Beginner Singer and Accompaniment2004Musical Scores & Recordings
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Mr. S. C.2005Musical Scores & Recordings
One Hundred Years of Fanfares2005Musical Scores & Recordings
How Bodies Leave Ecstatic Marks2008Musical Scores & Recordings
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a hindrance on all sides--to understand the pond (Collab. Carrie Kobold)1990Musical Scores & Recordings
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Activivations I: Studies in Connectedness and Creativity1992Musical Scores & Recordings
Ripples: Artists in Collaboration1992Musical Scores & Recordings
Woven Birds1992Musical Scores & Recordings
Juicy Lucy: makin' somethin' outta nothin'1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Save Mah Life!1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Espero1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Finding the Flame1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Imagenes de Quito (with Ecuadorian composers)1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Re-imagining1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Studies in Survival: del taller de compositores Ecuatorianos (Collab. R. Acevedo, P. Cornejo, M. Vincencio and G. Mera; to 1998)1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Longing of the Lion-Lamb1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Color Prayer1998Musical Scores & Recordings
The Unseen Gumboot1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Vision of Blue1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Divining the Tapestry: Stories of Living and Dying Well (Collab. Kathleen Kingsley and Russel Kieffer)2000Musical Scores & Recordings
searching: te´ nder2001Musical Scores & Recordings Scores & Recordings
Red Mountain Note2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Somewhere2005Musical Scores & Recordings
For Sale2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Creative Encounters (documentary film)2007Screenwriting
From Keppler to Cage: writings on composition, sound and healing2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Navajo Grandmother2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Martine RheaultLa Candidate (Collab. Bernard Dansereau, Annie Pierard)1987Screenwriting
Abigail RichardsonDissolve2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Emerge2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Inundation2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Mother Everest2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Sweep2004Musical Scores & Recordings
The Man with a Tall Black Hat (arrangement of the poem by James Reaney)2004Musical Scores & Recordings
To My Love (arrangement of the poem by James Reaney)2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Agon2005Musical Scores & Recordings
GO!2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Noise?2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Scintilla2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Should I Be Me? (text by JonArno Lawson)2005Musical Scores & Recordings
The Aspen Leaves (text by JonArno Lawson)2005Musical Scores & Recordings
The Pull2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Upstream2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Eris2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Sleeping Giant2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Suzanne Richer-DrouinPop Citrouille (Collab. others; TV series)1979Screenwriting
Cristine RicheyTops & Bottoms (Collab. John Kramer)1999Screenwriting
Sharon RiisLatitude 55°1980Screenwriting
Change of Heart (TV)1983Screenwriting
Loyalties (Collab. Anne Wheeler)1986Screenwriting
The Wake / Veillée funèbre1986Screenwriting
Midnight Twilight Tourist Zone1989Screenwriting
Revenge of the Land (Adap. Maggie Siggins; TV)1999Screenwriting
Bliss (Collab. Cathleen Bond, Laura Kosterski, Carol Lazare, Jackie May, Maureen McKeon, Susan Musgrave, Katherine Schlemmer and Janis Cole; TV series)2002Screenwriting
Savage Messiah2002Screenwriting
Louise RinfretLa dame en couleurs1985Screenwriting
Paulina RoblesA Silent Love (Collab. Federico Hidalgo)2004Screenwriting
Imitation (Collab. Federico Hidalgo)2006Screenwriting
Tara Rodgers (Analog Tara)Analogical2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Epiphany2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Intents + Purposes2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Limited Edition Deep Funk2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Live @ the Empty Bottle, Chicago2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Mothering Sunday2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Upper Limits of Normal2002Musical Scores & Recordings
At the Switch Hotel2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Unspeakable Items: for Bruce, Fred, and Victoria2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Butterfly Effects2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Live @ The Savoy, Montreal2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Ocean State2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Prairie Techno2010Musical Scores & Recordings
Skyway2010Musical Scores & Recordings
Micheline RoiOn Axum1986Musical Scores & Recordings
Why Wonder1986Musical Scores & Recordings
Blood and Sand1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Don't Try This at Home1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Handmaiden's Eve1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Algunos1988Musical Scores & Recordings
Enterfaces1988Musical Scores & Recordings
Of Experiential Fruit1989Musical Scores & Recordings
From a Borrowed Garden1990Musical Scores & Recordings
Of a Covered Harvest1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Fondly through the Madness Breathing1992Musical Scores & Recordings
Of Experiential Fruit (recording)1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Of Breath and Touch1995Musical Scores & Recordings
From a Familiar Darkness1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Toward the Light Wanting1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Of Breath and Touch (recording)1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Grieving the Doubts of Angels1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Evolving Landscapes on the Will of Dread2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Lessening Stillness Growing2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Fondly through the Madness Breathing (recording)2002Musical Scores & Recordings
bear.ing2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Courting the Will of Dread2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Sue's Closet2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Tengo que decir...2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Fondly through the Madness Breathing (recording)2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Wandering Sacred2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Wooden2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Silent Cecilia2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Unearthed2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Ernumtre Dich2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Kathryn RoseEvery Lurid Detail1997Singer-Songwriters
My Little Flame (original)2001Singer-Songwriters
My Little Flame (re-release with two new songs and two remixes)2003Singer-Songwriters
Kathryn Rose2005Singer-Songwriters
Something I Can Use2011Singer-Songwriters
Renee RosnesFace to Face1989Musical Scores & Recordings
For the Moment1990Musical Scores & Recordings
For the Moment1990Musical Scores & Recordings
Renee Rosnes1990Musical Scores & Recordings
Without Words1992Musical Scores & Recordings
Ancestors1996Musical Scores & Recordings
As We Are Now1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Art and Soul1999Musical Scores & Recordings
With a Little Help From My Friends2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Life on Earth2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Life on Earth2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Deep Cove2004Musical Scores & Recordings
A Time For Love2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Black Narcissus2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Double Portrait (Collab. Bill Churlap)2010Musical Scores & Recordings
Manhattan Rain2010Musical Scores & Recordings
Louise RoyUne amie d'enfance (Collab. Louis Saïa; TV)1978Screenwriting
À plein temps (Collab. others; TV series)1984Screenwriting
Robin et Stella (Collab. others; TV series)1988Screenwriting
Patricia RozemaI've Heard the Mermaids Singing1987Screenwriting
White Room1990Screenwriting
When Night Is Falling1995Screenwriting
Symposium: Ladder of Love (Collab. others)1996Screenwriting
Mansfield Park (Adap. Jane Austen)1999Screenwriting
Grey Gardens (Collab. Michael Sucsy)2008Screenwriting
Francine RuelPop Citrouille (Collab. others; TV series)1979Screenwriting
Manon (Collab. Suzanne Aubry, Guy Fournier and Jean-Raymond Marcoux; TV series)1985Screenwriting
Serena RyderFalling Out1999Singer-Songwriters
Serena (EP)1999Singer-Songwriters
A Day At the Studio (EP)2002Singer-Songwriters
Live at The Market Hall2002Singer-Songwriters
Serena Ryder Live2003Singer-Songwriters
Unlikely Emergency2005Singer-Songwriters
If Your Memory Serves You Well2006Singer-Songwriters
Told You in a Whispered Song (EP)2007Singer-Songwriters
Is It O.K.2008Singer-Songwriters
Serena Ryder and the Beauties2011Singer-Songwriters
Buffy Saint-MarieIt's My Way!1964Singer-Songwriters
Many a Mile1965Singer-Songwriters
Little Wheel Spin and Spin1966Singer-Songwriters
Fire & Fleet & Candlelight1967Singer-Songwriters
I'm Gonna Be a Country Girl Again1968Singer-Songwriters
Performance (film soundtrack)1970Singer-Songwriters
The Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie1970Singer-Songwriters
She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina1971Singer-Songwriters
The Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie Vol.21971Singer-Songwriters
Quiet Places1973Singer-Songwriters
Native North American Child: An Odyssey1974Singer-Songwriters
Changing Woman1975Singer-Songwriters
Sweet America1976Singer-Songwriters
Coincidence and Likely Stories1992Singer-Songwriters
Up Where We Belong1996Singer-Songwriters
Running For The Drum2008Singer-Songwriters
The Pathfinder - Buried Treasures2010Singer-Songwriters
Marie-Josee Saint-PierreLe Projet Sapporo (Collab. Kara Blake)2010Screenwriting
Jessica Samson-TshimbalangaMemoires d'un Metys2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Ivana SantilliBrown1999Singer-Songwriters
Corduroy Boogie2004Singer-Songwriters
Barbara SapergiaMythQuest (Collab. others; TV series)2001Screenwriting
Baldesh Kaur Sarai (Deesha)Seasonal Blessings2004Singer-Songwriters
Life Less Ordinary2006Singer-Songwriters
200 Grams2011Singer-Songwriters
Johanna Schipper (Johanna, Nina)Les Phosfées2000Comics and Graphic Novels
Née quelque part2004Comics and Graphic Novels
Une par Une2005Comics and Graphic Novels
Les six cygnes2006Comics and Graphic Novels
Nos âmes sauvages2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Le Printemps refleurira2010Comics and Graphic Novels
Katherine SchlemmerBliss (Collab. Cathleen Bond, Laura Kosterski, Carol Lazare, Jackie May, Maureen McKeon, Susan Musgrave, Sharon Riis and Janis Cole; TV series)2002Screenwriting
University (Collab. others, TV series)2002Screenwriting
Zixx: Level One (Collab. others; TV series)2004Screenwriting
Sheltered Life2008Screenwriting
Liza Schmalcel (Nitrozac)After Y2K (Collab. Bruce Evans; webcomic)1999Comics and Graphic Novels
The Joy of Tech (Collab. Bruce Evans; webcomic)2000Comics and Graphic Novels
The Best of the Joy of Tech (Collab. Bruce Evans)2003Comics and Graphic Novels
Heather SchmidtDaffodils (text by Williams Wordsworth)1990Musical Scores & Recordings
Suite for Cello and Piano1990Musical Scores & Recordings
After Dark1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Cinq Pièces Brèves1992Musical Scores & Recordings
Trollskog1992Musical Scores & Recordings
Awakening at Sunrise1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Variations1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Atlantic Fanfare1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Broken Columns1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Phantoms1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Prism1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Adagio1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Efflorescence1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Movement1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Sinfonia1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Six Pieces for Woodwind Quintet1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Solus1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Sonata1996Musical Scores & Recordings
La Nuit Verte1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Octet1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Piano Concerto No. 11997Musical Scores & Recordings
Cello Concerto1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Serenade for string orchestra1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Chaconne1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Quintet1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Trio1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Two Pieces1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Aubade2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Chiaroscuro2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Piano Quintet2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Prelude and Fugue2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Delphinidae2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Ninasitako2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Piano Concerto No. 22001Musical Scores & Recordings
Men, Homme, Mensch!2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Of Time and the City2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Tears (text by Walt Whitman)2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Flute Concerto2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Icicles of Fire2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Light and Shadow2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Piano Concerto No. 32003Musical Scores & Recordings
Planet (text by Jane Urqhart)2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Presto!2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Shimmer2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Spring II2003Screenwriting
Sprint2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Blue Morphos2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Oceanus2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Petra: The Awakening of Myth (full-length ballet)2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Petra: The Awakening of Myth, Suite No. 12004Musical Scores & Recordings
Petra: The Awakening of Myth, Suite No. 22004Musical Scores & Recordings
Planet2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Rising Storm2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Wonder2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Piano Concerto No. 4 'Phoenix Ascending'2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Serenity2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Sumphony No. 1 'Manufactured Landscape'2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Transcendence2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Wonder2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Fantasy2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Nebula2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Forbidden Embers2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Night Rainbow2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Synchronicity (film score)2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Twelve for Ten, Prelude-Fugue to Glenn Gould2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Blue Moon (also one of the movements from Lunar Reflections that can be performed as an individual work)2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Centaurus A2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Jupiter Borealis2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Lunar Reflections2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Pink Moon (also one of the movements from Lunar Reflections that can be performed as an individual work)2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Silver Tides2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Snow Moon (also one of the movements from Lunar Reflections that can be performed as an individual work)2008Musical Scores & Recordings
So You Want to Write a Fugue2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Thunder Moon (also one of the movements from Lunar Reflections that can be performed as an individual work)2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Tides and Eternity2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Wolf Moon (also one of the movements from Lunar Reflections that can be performed as an individual work)2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Cassandra Prophecies2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Piano Concerto No. 5 'Ammolite'2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Sandy ScofieldDirty River1994Singer-Songwriters
Riel's Road2000Singer-Songwriters
Nikawiy Askiy2007Singer-Songwriters
Cynthia ScottFirst Winter1981Screenwriting
Strangers in Good Company (Collab. Sally Bochner, Gloria Demers and David Wilson)1990Screenwriting
SenayaGarde la tête haute2005Singer-Songwriters
Sheryl Sewepagaham (Asani)Rattle and Drum (Collab. Asani)2004Singer-Songwriters
Listen (Collab. Asani)2009Singer-Songwriters
Leanne ShaptonWas She Pretty?2006Comics and Graphic Novels
Important Artifacts and Personal Property From the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry2009Comics and Graphic Novels
Crystal ShawandaDawn of a New Day2008Singer-Songwriters
Just Like You2011Singer-Songwriters
Elaine Lil'Bit ShepherdLady In the Streets2011Singer-Songwriters
Elizabeth ShepherdStart to Move2006Singer-Songwriters
Heavy Falls The Night2010Singer-Songwriters
Mina ShumDouble Happiness1994Screenwriting
Drive, She Said1997Screenwriting
Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity (Collab. Dennis Foon)2002Screenwriting
Rosie ShusterThe Hart & Lorne Terrific Hour (Collab. others; TV series)1970Screenwriting
Superman 50th Anniversary Super sans plomb (Collab. others; TV)1988Screenwriting
Bob and Margaret (Collab. others; TV series)1998Screenwriting
Jane Siberry (Issa)Jane Siberry1981Singer-Songwriters
No Borders Here1984Singer-Songwriters
The Speckless Sky1985Singer-Songwriters
The Walking1987Singer-Songwriters
Bound by the Beauty1989Singer-Songwriters
When I Was a Boy1993Singer-Songwriters
A Day in the Life1997Singer-Songwriters
Child: Music for the Christmas Season (live recording)1997Singer-Songwriters
Lips: Music for Saying It (live recording)1999Singer-Songwriters
Tree: Music for Films and Forests (Live)1999Singer-Songwriters
Love is Everything: The Jane Siberry Anthology2002Singer-Songwriters
Shushan the Palace: Hymns of Earth2003Singer-Songwriters
Dragon Dreams2008Singer-Songwriters
With What Shall I Keep Warm?2009Singer-Songwriters
Lois SiegelLip Gloss1993Screenwriting
Gail SingerLoved, Honoured and Bruised1980Screenwriting
Abortion: Stories from North and South1984Screenwriting
True Confections (Adap. Sondra Gotlieb; TV)1991Screenwriting
You Can't Beat a Woman!1997Screenwriting
Watching Movies2002Screenwriting
Kari SkoglandJohn John in the Sky (Collab. Jefferson Davis)2000Screenwriting
Liberty Stands Still2000Screenwriting
Fifty Dead Men Walking2008Screenwriting
The Stone Angel (Adap. Margaret Laurence)2008Screenwriting
Sarah SleanBlue Parade1998Singer-Songwriters
Sarah Slean (EP)2001Singer-Songwriters
Night Bugs2002Singer-Songwriters
Day One2004Singer-Songwriters
Orphan Music (live recordings and B-sides)2006Singer-Songwriters
The Baroness2008Singer-Songwriters
The Baroness Redecorates (EP)2008Singer-Songwriters
Land and Sea2011Singer-Songwriters
Linda Catlin SmithPeriphery1979Musical Scores & Recordings
Clay1980Musical Scores & Recordings
Link1980Musical Scores & Recordings
Scroll1980Musical Scores & Recordings
Silhouette1981Musical Scores & Recordings
Grey Broken (Trans. Barbara Wright; adap. Robert Pinget's Passacaille)1982Musical Scores & Recordings
Invisible Cities1982Musical Scores & Recordings
La Celine1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Little Venice1985Musical Scores & Recordings
Flowers of Emptiness1986Musical Scores & Recordings
Infinity1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Machinery1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Gravity1988Musical Scores & Recordings
Gold Sandals1989Musical Scores & Recordings
Zart1989Musical Scores & Recordings
Nine Memos1990Musical Scores & Recordings
As you pass a reflective surface1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Diagonal Forms1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Iceberg1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Morandi1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Music for John Cage1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Oblivion Nocturne1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Passacaglia1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Rocamadour1991Musical Scores & Recordings
The View From Here1992Musical Scores & Recordings
Consolation1993Musical Scores & Recordings
The Disposition of the Forms in Space1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Topology1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Burning Star (Collab. Peter Ackroyd; adap. Ackroyd's First Light)1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Orchestral Tuning Arrangement1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Poire1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Saxophone Quartet (Going Downstairs)1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Through the Low Hills1994Musical Scores & Recordings
A Nocturne1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Memory Forms1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Nostalgia1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Bloom (for solo piano)1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Glaze1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Hemstitch1996Musical Scores & Recordings
A Light Snow1997Musical Scores & Recordings
With Their Shadows Long1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Among the Tarnished Stars1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Bloom (for Baroque string orchestra)1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Hieroglyphs1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Versailles1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Folkestone1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Knotted Silk1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Moi Qui Tremblais1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Dust2000Musical Scores & Recordings
For Udo Kasemet2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Les fleurs anciennes2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Path of uneven stones2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Facing South (opera)2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Ribbon2001Musical Scores & Recordings
The Underfolding2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Low Tide2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Brush line2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Vine2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Forest2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Garland2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Her Harbour2004Musical Scores & Recordings
To the Horizon2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Ballad2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Wilderness2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Blue Sky2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Burnt Umber2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Dirt Road2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Gondola2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Thought and Desire2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Velvet2007Musical Scores & Recordings
In the High Branches2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Magnolia2008Musical Scores & Recordings
String Quartet No. 5 Waterlily2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Wayfarer2008Musical Scores & Recordings
Cut Flowers2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Drifter2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Meaghan SmithThe Cricket’s Orchestra2010Singer-Songwriters
The Cricket's Quartet2011Singer-Songwriters
Wish Upon A Star2011Singer-Songwriters
Theresa SokyrkaThese Old Charms2005Singer-Songwriters
Something is Expected2006Singer-Songwriters
Wrapped in Ribbon2007Singer-Songwriters
Theresa Sokyrka2010Singer-Songwriters
Maribeth SolomonPropaganda Message1974Musical Scores & Recordings
Improper Channels1981Musical Scores & Recordings
Kelly1981Musical Scores & Recordings
Ticket to Heaven (Collab. Micky Erbe; film score)1981Musical Scores & Recordings
Utilities1981Musical Scores & Recordings
Hail Columbia!1982Musical Scores & Recordings
Hard Feelings1982Musical Scores & Recordings
Harry Tracy, Desperado1982Musical Scores & Recordings
Threshold1983Musical Scores & Recordings
Abortion: Stories From North and South (film score)1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Behind the Veil (film score)1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Dad's House, Mom's House1985Musical Scores & Recordings
The Best Time of My Life: Portraits of Women in Mid-life1985Musical Scores & Recordings
The Dream is Alive1985Musical Scores & Recordings
Lost!1986Musical Scores & Recordings
Street Legal1987Musical Scores & Recordings
The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (Collab. Patricia Cullen and John Sebastian; score)1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Milk and Honey (Collab. Mickey Erbe)1988Musical Scores & Recordings
Dick Francis: Blood Sport1989Musical Scores & Recordings
Blue Planet1990Musical Scores & Recordings
The Women of Windsor1992Musical Scores & Recordings
God's Dominion: By the Word of God1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Journey to the Planets1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Wisecracks1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Against Her Will: The Carrie Buck Story1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Destiny in Space1994Musical Scores & Recordings
I Know My Son is Alive1994Musical Scores & Recordings
I Save the Children1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Into the Deep1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Side Effects (Collab. others; TV series)1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Dancing in the Dark (Adap. Joan Barfoot; film score)1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Deadly Love1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Friends at Last1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Picture Perfect1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Searching for Lost Worlds: Skull Wars - The Missing Link1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Silence of Adultery1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Visitors of the Night1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Closer and Closer1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Hostile Advances: The Kerry Ellison Story1996Musical Scores & Recordings
L5: First City in Space1996Musical Scores & Recordings
The Morrison Murders: Based on a True Story1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Earth: Final Conflict (TV series)1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Mission to Mir1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Peacekeepers1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Trial and Error1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Blackjack1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy1998Musical Scores & Recordings
Space Station 3D2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Under the Sea 3D2009Musical Scores & Recordings
Hubble 3D2010Musical Scores & Recordings
Esta SpaldingSaint Jude (Collab. Heather O'Neill)2000Screenwriting
Falling Angels (Adap. Barbara Gowdy)2003Screenwriting
The Republic of Love (Collab. Deepa Mehta; adap. Carol Shields)2003Screenwriting
In God's Country (TV)2007Screenwriting
Would Be Kings (Collab. Tassie Cameron; TV mini-series)2008Screenwriting
Kinnie Starr (Alida Kinnie Starr Pierre)Tidy1996Singer-Songwriters
Sun Again2003Singer-Songwriters
A Different Day2010Singer-Songwriters
Kim Stockwood (Shaye)Bonavista1995Singer-Songwriters
12 Years Old1999Singer-Songwriters
The Bridge (Collab. Shaye; LP)2003Singer-Songwriters
I Love Santa2006Singer-Songwriters
Lake Of Fire (Collab. Shaye; LP)2007Singer-Songwriters
Back to the Water2011Singer-Songwriters
Lynne StopkewichKissed (Collab. Angus Fraser; adap. Barbara Gowdy's "We So Seldom Look on Love")1996Screenwriting
Suspicious River (Adap. Laura Kasischke)2000Screenwriting
Amanda StottAmanda Stott2000Singer-Songwriters
Chasing the Sky2005Singer-Songwriters
Place to Start Again2011Singer-Songwriters
Linda SvendsenThe Diviners (Adap. Margaret Laurence)1993Screenwriting
At the End of the Day: The Sue Rodriguez Story (Adap. Lisa Hobbs Birnie)1998Screenwriting
Human Cargo (TV series)2004Screenwriting
Skye Alexandra SweetnamNoise from the Basement2004Singer-Songwriters
Sound Soldier2007Singer-Songwriters
Ember SwiftEmber Swift1996Singer-Songwriters
Insect Inside1997Singer-Songwriters
Can't Corner Me1998Singer-Songwriters
Permanent Marker1999Singer-Songwriters
The Wage is the Stage2000Singer-Songwriters
Witness: Ember Swift Life in Australia (DVD)2005Singer-Songwriters
The Dirty Pulse2006Singer-Songwriters
Lentic: The New Project2009Singer-Songwriters
Tanya TagaqSinaa2005Singer-Songwriters
Olivia TailfeathersNinihkssin2006Singer-Songwriters
Jillian TamakiGilded Lilies2006Comics and Graphic Novels
Dive!versions2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Skim (Collab. Mariko Tamaki)2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Indoor Voice2010Comics and Graphic Novels
Mariko TamakiEmiko Superstar (Collab. Steve Rolston)2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Skim (Collab. Jillian Tamaki)2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Diana TamblynDuty Must Be Done2002Comics and Graphic Novels
Gunslingers2003Comics and Graphic Novels
Tequila With Lime2003Comics and Graphic Novels
That Thing You Fall Into2003Comics and Graphic Novels
There You Were2005Comics and Graphic Novels
Writer's Block2005Comics and Graphic Novels
The Toca Loca Project2006Comics and Graphic Novels
The Rosie Stories2007Comics and Graphic Novels
Wonitha ThomasYou and I1999Singer-Songwriters
All in a Dream2000Singer-Songwriters
These Memories2006Singer-Songwriters
Judith ThompsonTurning to Stone (television)1985Screenwriting
Life with Billy (Collab. others; television)1994Screenwriting
Lost and Delirious (Adap. Susan Swan's The Wives of Bath)2001Screenwriting
Perfect Pie (Adap. Thompson)2002Screenwriting
Peggy ThompsonGabe's Armie1986Screenwriting
It's a Party1986Screenwriting
Bombs Away1988Screenwriting
In Search of the Last Good Man (Collab. Peg Campbell)1989Screenwriting
The Lotus Eaters1993Screenwriting
Better Than Chocolate1999Screenwriting
Big Sound (TV series)2000Screenwriting
Loretta ToddThe Learning Path1991Screenwriting
Forgotten Warriors1997Screenwriting
Today is a Good Day1999Screenwriting
Kainayssini Imanistaisiwa: The People Go On2003Screenwriting
Hands of History2005Screenwriting
Maryem TollarFlowers of Forgiveness2002Singer-Songwriters
Book of Life2004Singer-Songwriters
Cairo to Toronto (Collab. Ernie Tollar)2008Singer-Songwriters
Yvette TollarCactus Flower2001Singer-Songwriters
Francine TougasÀ plein temps (Collab. others; TV series)1984Screenwriting
Le message de Cornipoli (Collab. others)1989Screenwriting
Paul et Moustache (Collab. others)1989Screenwriting
The New Girl in Town / La nouvelle au village (Collab. Suzette Lagacé; bilingual film)1989Screenwriting
Cirque du Soleil - Baroque Odyssey1994Screenwriting
Theresa TovaTelling Stories2000Singer-Songwriters
Live at the Top o' the Senator2002Singer-Songwriters
You Ask Me Why2006Singer-Songwriters
Linda Lee TraceyWednesday's Children: Jenny1987Screenwriting
Abby, I Hardly Knew Ya1995Screenwriting
The Skeptics Journey (Collab. Mark Wright)1996Screenwriting
The Undefended Border (TV)2002Screenwriting
The Border (TV series)2008Screenwriting
Camille TremblayWatatatow (Collab. others; TV series)1990Screenwriting
Marie-Claude TrépanierWatatatow (Collab. others; TV series)1990Screenwriting
Colette Trudeau (LiveOnRelease)Fifteen Will Get You Twenty (Collab. LiveOnRelease)2002Singer-Songwriters
Seeing Red (Collab. LiveOnRelease)2002Singer-Songwriters
Goes on a Field Trip (Collab. LiveOnRelease)2003Singer-Songwriters
Colette Trudeau2010Singer-Songwriters
Andrina Turenne (Chic Gamine)Chic Gamine (Collab. Chic Gamine)2008Singer-Songwriters
City City (Collab. Chic Gamine)2010Singer-Songwriters
Kreesha TurnerPassion2008Singer-Songwriters
Tropic Electric2011Singer-Songwriters
Shania TwainShania Twain1993Singer-Songwriters
The Woman In Me1995Singer-Songwriters
Come on Over1997Singer-Songwriters
Greatest Hits2004Singer-Songwriters
Send It With Love2005Singer-Songwriters
Una-Ann (M'Girl)Fusion of Two Worlds (Collab. M'Girl)2005Singer-Songwriters
Suzie Ungerleider (Oh Susanna)Oh Susanna EP1997Singer-Songwriters
Sleepy Little Sailor2001Singer-Songwriters
Oh Susanna2003Singer-Songwriters
Short Stories2007Singer-Songwriters
Soon the Birds2011Singer-Songwriters
Kim Urhahn (Lillix)Inside the Hollow (Collab. Lillix)2006Singer-Songwriters
Tigerlily (Collab. Lillix)2010Singer-Songwriters
Esther ValiquetteLe signe bleu1992Screenwriting
The Measure of Your Passage1993Screenwriting
Kira Van DeusenMountain Journey2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Lucille VeilleuxLa turlute des années dures / The Ballad of Hard Times (Collab. Richard Boutet and Pascal Gélinas; French with English subtitles)1983Screenwriting
Ingrid VeningerThe Limb Salesman (Collab. Anais Granofsky)2004Screenwriting
Everything Is Love and Fear (Collab. Charles Officer)2006Screenwriting
Only (Collab. Simon Reynolds)2008Screenwriting
Émile VilleneuveLa fille invisible (Collab. Julie Rocheleau; pencils by Rocheleau)2010Comics and Graphic Novels
Suzie VinnickAngel in the Sidelines1994Singer-Songwriters
33 Stars2002Singer-Songwriters
Nothing Halfway (Collab. Rick Fines)2006Singer-Songwriters
Happy Here2008Singer-Songwriters
Me 'N Mabe12011Singer-Songwriters
Martha WainwrightGround Floor1997Singer-Songwriters
Factory [EP]2002Singer-Songwriters
Bloody Motherfucking Asshole [EP]2004Singer-Songwriters
I Will Internalize2005Singer-Songwriters
Martha Wainwright2005Singer-Songwriters
When The Day Is Short [EP]2005Singer-Songwriters
I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too2008Singer-Songwriters
Sans Fusils Ni Souliers A Paris2010Singer-Songwriters
Nancy WalkerInvitation1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Luminosity2000Musical Scores & Recordings
Levitation2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Layers of Rust and Time2004Musical Scores & Recordings
When She Dreams2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Rainy Days and Mondays2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Need Another2008Musical Scores & Recordings
New Hieroglyphics2011Musical Scores & Recordings
Karen WaltonGinger Snaps (Collab. John Fawcett)2000Screenwriting
Heart: The Marilyn Bell Story (television)2001Screenwriting
The Many Trials of One Jane Doe (television)2002Screenwriting
The Pornographer's Poem (Adap. Michael Turner)2009Screenwriting
Alicia Warrington (Lillix)Inside the Hollow (Collab. Lillix)2006Singer-Songwriters
Tigerlily (Collab. Lillix)2010Singer-Songwriters
Maiko Watson (Sugar Jones)Sugar Jones (Collab. Sugar Jones)2002Singer-Songwriters
Ruth Watson HendersonPater Noster1973Musical Scores & Recordings
Missa Brevis1976Musical Scores & Recordings
Lullaby for the Christ Child1979Musical Scores & Recordings
Musical Animal Tales1979Musical Scores & Recordings
Clear Sky and Thunder (music-drama, text L. Peterson)1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Six Miniatures for Piano1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Suite for Strings1985Musical Scores & Recordings
Barnyard Carols1986Musical Scores & Recordings
Creation's Praise1986Musical Scores & Recordings
The Bloor Street Mass1987Musical Scores & Recordings
Chromatic Partita for Organ1989Musical Scores & Recordings
Missa Brevis No. 21989Musical Scores & Recordings
Three Motets1989Musical Scores & Recordings
The Last Straw (Christmas cantata, text Thury)1990Musical Scores & Recordings
Voices of the Earth (text Lampman, St. Francis)1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Mediation of "Herzliebster Jesu"1992Musical Scores & Recordings
The Song My Paddle Sings (text E. P. Johnson)1992Musical Scores & Recordings
Toccata on "Westminster Abbey"1992Musical Scores & Recordings
In Flanders Fields (text John McCrae)1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Sing All Ye Joyful (text J. R. R. Tolkein)1994Musical Scores & Recordings
When Music Sounds (text Walter de la Mare)1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Variations for Organ on "Ode to Newfoundland"1997Musical Scores & Recordings
In Memoriam Elmer Iseler1998Musical Scores & Recordings
A Joyful Song of Praise (text David McKane)2000Musical Scores & Recordings
From Darkness to Light (text Wilfred Watson)2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Laetetur Jerusalem2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Magnificat2002Musical Scores & Recordings
The Voice of Nigara (text Sarah Pratt)2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Make me a song2004Musical Scores & Recordings
Giver of all2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Jubilant the music2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Make me a world2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Prayer of St. Francis2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Two invocations2005Musical Scores & Recordings
Irene N. WattsGood-bye Marianne: The Graphic Novel (Collab. Kathryn E. Shoemaker; illustrations by Shoemaker)2008Comics and Graphic Novels
Carol Ann WeaverAlgonquin Night1982Musical Scores & Recordings
Afterday1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Songs of the Earth1984Musical Scores & Recordings
Algonquin Noon1986Musical Scores & Recordings
Creator spirit1986Musical Scores & Recordings
Algonquin Dawn1988Musical Scores & Recordings
Timbrel in her Hand (Collab. Judith Miller; poetry by Miller)1988Musical Scores & Recordings
Fourteen Women/Quatorze Femmes1990Musical Scores & Recordings
Birthstory1991Musical Scores & Recordings
Daugther of Olapa1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Our Prayer1993Musical Scores & Recordings
Appalachian Call1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Rites of Africa1994Musical Scores & Recordings
Quietly Landed? (with settings of poetry by Di Brandt)1995Musical Scores & Recordings
Daughter of Olapa - The Music of Carol Ann Weaver (recording with settings of Di Brandt's poetry)1996Musical Scores & Recordings
I Have Been a Traveller (Collab. Judith Miller; poetry by Miller)1996Musical Scores & Recordings
Houses (Collab. Sheri Wagner; mini-opera, poetry by Wagner)1997Musical Scores & Recordings
Carol Ann Weaver - Journey Begun (recording)1999Musical Scores & Recordings
Dancing Rivers - From South Africa to Canada (recording)2001Musical Scores & Recordings
Wings of a Dove2002Musical Scores & Recordings
Awakenings (recording with settings of poetry by Di Brandt and Dorothy Livesay)2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Piece of a Rock: In Memoriam2003Musical Scores & Recordings
Every Three Children2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Thistle and Jewel (recording with settings of poetry by Jeff Gundy, Julia Kasdorf, Ann Hostetler and Kiera Schneider)2006Musical Scores & Recordings
Every 3 Children (recording)2007Musical Scores & Recordings
Paraguay Primeval (Collab. Rebecca Campbell)2010Musical Scores & Recordings
Aerlyn WeissmanForbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives (Collab. Lynne Fernie)1992Screenwriting
Little Sister's vs. Big Brother2002Screenwriting
Lost Secrets of Ancient Medicine: The Blue Buddha in Russia (Collab. Gary Marcuse)2006Screenwriting
Lost Secrets of Ancient Medicine: The Journey of the Blue Buddha (Collab. Gary Marcuse)2006Screenwriting
Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride (Collab. Bob Christie)2009Screenwriting
Tracy Weitzel (M'Girl)Fusion of Two Worlds (Collab. M'Girl)2005Singer-Songwriters
Christine WelshWomen in the Shadows1992Screenwriting
Keepers of the Fire1994Screenwriting
Anne WheelerA War Story1981Screenwriting
Loyalties (Collab. Sharon Riis)1986Screenwriting
Bye Bye Blues1989Screenwriting
Angel Square (Collab. James Defelice; adap. Brian Doyle)1990Screenwriting
Mother Trucker: The Diana Kilmury Story (Collab. J.W. Meadowfield; television)1996Screenwriting
Edge of Madness (Collab. Charles K. Pitts; adap. Alice Munro's "A Wilderness Station")2002Screenwriting
Betrayed (Collab. Jeremy Hol; television)2003Screenwriting
Sherry WhiteThe Breadmaker2003Screenwriting
Diamonds in a Bucket2007Screenwriting
Down to the Dirt (Adap. Justin Simms)2008Screenwriting
Jenny WhiteleyJenny Whiteley2001Singer-Songwriters
Forgive or Forget2010Singer-Songwriters
Christine WhitlockSharp Teeth2006Screenwriting
Vampire Dentist2006Screenwriting
Marina Monster2008Screenwriting
Harriet WichinSilent Witness1994Screenwriting
Nettie WildA Rustling of Leaves: Inside the Philippine Revolution1988Screenwriting
A Place Called Chiapas (Collab. Manfred Becker)1998Screenwriting
Terri-Lynn Williams-DavidsonLalaxaaygans Beautiful Sound2009Singer-Songwriters
New Journeys2011Singer-Songwriters
Sandy WilsonMy American Cousin1985Screenwriting
American Boyfriends1989Screenwriting
Claire WojasUn amour de quartier (TV series)1984Screenwriting
Blue la magnifique (TV)1989Screenwriting
Cruising Bar (Collab. Michel Côté and Robert Ménard)1989Screenwriting
Amoureux fou1991Screenwriting
L'enfant d'eau1995Screenwriting
Le polock (TV series)1999Screenwriting
Jean Duceppe (TV mini-series)2002Screenwriting
Cruising Bar 2 (Collab. Michel Côté and Robert Ménard)2008Screenwriting
Reste avec moi2010Screenwriting
Michelle WrightDo Right By Me1988Singer-Songwriters
Michelle Wright1990Singer-Songwriters
Now and Then1992Singer-Songwriters
The Reasons Why1994Singer-Songwriters
For Me It's You1996Singer-Songwriters
The Greatest Hits Collection1999Singer-Songwriters
Greatest Hits2000Singer-Songwriters
Shut Up and Kiss Me2002Singer-Songwriters
Everything and More2006Singer-Songwriters
Betty Jane WylieComing of Age (Collab. Donald Martin)1993Screenwriting
Lori YatesRang Tango1987Singer-Songwriters
Can't Stop the Girl1989Singer-Songwriters
Breaking Point1994Singer-Songwriters
Hey Stella!1999Singer-Songwriters
The Book of Minerva2007Singer-Songwriters