Below is the list of works in your selected genre, sorted alphabetically by writer's last name. Click the link to download a PDF version of this list, or use the menu on the left to select another genre.
Sonja AhlersTemper, Temper1998
Fatal Distraction2004
The Selves2010
Samm BarnesDoctor Strange (Collab. J. Michael Straczynski)2004
Doctor Spectrum: Full Spectrum (Collab. Travel Foreman; trade paperback)2005
Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 5: Sins Remembered (Collab. Scot Eaton and Cam Smith)2005
Kelly Barry (Jones)Vampirates! (webcomic)2007
Kate BeatonHark! A Vagrant (webcomic)2007
Never Learn Anything from History2009
Sandra Bell-LundyBetween Friends1994
Hello Daughter2003
Coffee, Tea and Reality2004
Elisabeth BelliveauThe Great Hopeful Someday2007
Don't Get Lonely, Don't Get Lost2010
Tamara Faith BergerMendacity (Collab. Sophie Cossette; illustrated by Cossette)2006
Shary BoyleThe Story of Jane Doe2004
Witness My Shame2004
Kerry ByrneLillian the Legend2008
Cecil CastellucciThe Plain Janes2007
Janes in Love2008
Svetlana ChmakovaSvetlania Weekly (webcomic)2002
Chasing Rainbows (webcomic)2003
Night Silver (webcomic)2003
Svetlania Wheneverly (webcomic)2004
Dramacon (manga, volume 1)2005
The Adventures of CG! (webcomic)2005
Dramacon (manga, volume 2)2006
Dramacon (manga, volume 3)2007
Nightschool, Volume 12009
Marek ColekPohadky (Collab. Pat Shewchuk)2008
Baba Yaga and the Wolf (Collab. Pat Shewchuk)2010
Danielle CorsettoGirls With Slingshots (webcomic, ongoing)2004
Girls With Slingshots: Volume 1 (print collection of webcomic)2008
Girls With Slingshots: Volume 2 (print collection of webcomic)2009
Girls With Slingshots: Volume 3 (print collection of webcomic)2009
Girls With Slingshots: Volume 4 (print collection of webcomic)2010
Girls With Slingshots: Volume 5 (print collection of webcomic)2010
Amanda CrawfordHorror Vacui # 1 and 22004
Horror Perditii2005
Rebecca DartRabbitHead2004
Battle Kittens2011
Julie DoucetDirty Plotte1991
Lève ta jambe mon poisson est mort1993
Lift Your Leg, My Fish Is Dead!1993
Monkey and the Living Dead1994
My Most Secret Desire: A Collection of Dream Stories1995
Caricature of Love1997
Changements d'adresses1998
My New York Diary1999
The Madame Paul Affair2000
Long Time Relationship2001
Ciboire de Criss!2002
Lady Pep2004
J comme je2005
Elle Humour2006
365 Days2007
A L'ecole De L'amour2007
Maryse DubucLes Nombrils (Collab. Delaf)2006
Bernice EisensteinI Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors2006
Ann Marie FlemingThe Magical Life of Long Tack Sam2007
Stacey May FowlesFear of Fighting (Collab. Marlena Zuber; illustrated by Zuber)2008
Maxine FrankMaximum Superexcitement (Collab. Robin Bougie)2007
Maximum Superexcitement #2: Librarian Island (Collab. Robin Bougie)2008
Maximum Superexcitement #3 (Collab. Robin Bougie)2010
Golda FriedDarkness Then A Blown Kiss (Collab. Vesna Mostovac)1998
Summer Ink (Collab. Vesna Mostovac)2007
Line GamacheHello, Me Pretty2007
Shannon GerardHung no. 1; Never Odd or Even2004
Beekeeping For Profit and Pleasure2005
Hung no.2; Drawn Onward2006
Hung no. 3; Lonely Tylenol2007
Geneviève Gosselin (Geneviève Castrée)Die Fabrik2000
Lait Frappé2000
Roulathèque Roulathèque Nicolore2001
Tout Seul Dans La Forêt en Plein Jour, Avez-vous Peur?2007
Pia GuerraY: The Last Man (Collab. Brian K. Vaughan)2002
Janet HetheringtonJannie Weezie (Collab. Ronn Sutton)1994
Perf & Gauge (Collab. Ronn Sutton)1995
Eternal Romance1997
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Collab. Ronn Sutton)2000
Monster Love2008
Faith Erin HicksDemonology 101 (webcomic)1999
Ice (webcomic)2003
Zombies Calling2007
The War at Ellsmere2008
The Adventures of Superhero Girl (Webcomic)2010
Friends With Boys2012
Emily HoltonSugarplum Storybook2004
Karl Lagerfeld2006
Little Lessons in Safety2007
Spring Found Us2007
Dear Canada Council/Our Starland2008
Kathryn ImmonenHellcat (Collab. Stuart Immonen)2007
Never as Bad as You Think (Collab. Stuart Immonen)2007
Patsy Walker: Hellcat (Collab. David Lafuente)2008
Moving Pictures (Collab. Stuart Immonen; illustrated by Stuart Immonen)2010
X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back (Collab. Sara Pichelli; illustrated by Pichelli)2010
Heralds (Collab. Tonci Zonjic; illustrated by Zonjic)2011
Wolverine and Jubilee: Curse of the Mutants (Collab. Phil Noto; illustrated by Noto)2011
Lynn JohnstonDavid, We're Pregnant1973
Hi Mom! Hi Dad!1975
Do They Ever Grow Up?1978
For Better or For Worse1979
I've Got The One-More-Washload Blues1981
Is This "One of Those Days", Daddy?1982
It Must Be Nice to Be Little1983
More Than a Month of Sundays1983
Just One More Hug1984
Our Sunday Best1984
The Last Straw1985
Keep the Home Fries Burning1986
It's All Downhill From Here1987
Pushing 401988
If This is a Lecture, How Long Will it Be?1990
What, Me Pregnant?1991
Things are Looking Up1992
There Goes My Baby!1993
Starting From Scratch1995
Love Just Screws Everything Up1996
Remembering Farley1996
Growing Like a Weed1997
Middle Age Spread1998
Sunshine & Shadow1999
The Lives Behind the Lines : 20 Years of For Better or For Worse1999
Isn't He Beautiful : A For Better or For Worse Little Book2000
Isn't She Beautiful : A For Better or For Worse Little Book2000
The Big 5-02000
A Perfect Christmas: A For Better or For Worse Little Book2001
All About April: Our Little Girl Grows Up!2001
Graduation: A Time For Change2001
Wags And Kisses: A For Better or For Worse Little Book2001
Family Business2002
Graduation...just the beginning! A For Better or Worse Little Book (Collab. Andie Parton)2003
Laugh 'n' Learn Spanish (Collab. Brenda Wegman)2003
Leaving Home (Collab. Andie Parton)2003
Reality Check2003
With This Ring2003
Never Wink at a Worried Woman2005
So You're Gonna Be a Grandma! A For Better or For Worse Book (Collab. Andie Parton)2005
Striking a Chord2005
I Love My Grandpa: A For Better or For Worse Book (Collab. Andie Parton)2006
She's Turning Into One of Them!2006
Seniors' Discount2007 a Learning Experience!2007
Home Sweat Home2008
Farley Follows His Nose (Collab. Beth Cruikshank)2009
Just a Simple Wedding2009
Mia KirshnerI Live Here (Collab. J. B. Mackinnon, Paul Shoebridges, Michael Simons)2008
Rebecca KraatzHouse of Sugar2007
Michèle LaframboiseLes Aventures Écologiques du CREM1987
Technologie Salvatrice!1990
Technologie Salvatrice II : Les polytechniciens(nes)1996
Duk-Prah, Job Hunter1997
La Plume Japonaise2006
The General's Garden2009
Gisèle LagacéCool Cat Studio (webcomic)2000
Penny & Aggie (Collab. T. Campbell; webcomic)2004
Ménage à 3 (webcomic)2008
Eerie Cuties (webcomic)2009
Adeline LamarreMandragora I: Les rêveurs2002
Mandragora II: La malédiction2002
Mandragora III: Les errances2003
Mandragora IV: La faille2005
Evagruss - L'enfer de Dante2006
Chimeris - Sirus2008
Chimeris - Vaar2010
Hope LarsonSalamander Dream2005
Gray Horses2006
Miriam LibickiCeasefire2006
Jewish Memoir Goes Pow! Zap! Oy!2009
Who Wants to Be an Art Star?2009
Anne MarbrunLa Petite2005
Julie MorstadMilk Teeth2007
Vesna MostovacDarkness Then A Blown Kiss (Collab. Golda Fried; illustrated by Mostovac)1998
Maow Moaw: A Collection of Dreams2001
Foolish Girl2003
Summer Ink (Collab. Golda Fried)2007
Diane Obomsawin (Obom)Kaspar2008
Rosalind B. PenfoldDragonslippers: This Is What an Abusive Relationship Looks Like2005
Emily Pohl-WearyViolet Miranda: Girl Pirate (Collab. Willow Dawson)2005
Janice PoonClaire and the Bakery Thief2008
Claire and the Water Wish2009
Sylvie RancourtMelody (Trans. Jacques Boivin; collab. Boivan; illustrated by Boivan)1985
Chantal ReneyLa Terreur Noir Pâle2008
Jessica Samson-TshimbalangaMemoires d'un Metys2007
Johanna Schipper (Johanna, Nina)Les Phosfées2000
Née quelque part2004
Une par Une2005
Les six cygnes2006
Nos âmes sauvages2007
Le Printemps refleurira2010
Liza Schmalcel (Nitrozac)After Y2K (Collab. Bruce Evans; webcomic)1999
The Joy of Tech (Collab. Bruce Evans; webcomic)2000
The Best of the Joy of Tech (Collab. Bruce Evans)2003
Leanne ShaptonWas She Pretty?2006
Important Artifacts and Personal Property From the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry2009
Jillian TamakiGilded Lilies2006
Skim (Collab. Mariko Tamaki)2008
Indoor Voice2010
Mariko TamakiEmiko Superstar (Collab. Steve Rolston)2008
Skim (Collab. Jillian Tamaki)2008
Diana TamblynDuty Must Be Done2002
Tequila With Lime2003
That Thing You Fall Into2003
There You Were2005
Writer's Block2005
The Toca Loca Project2006
The Rosie Stories2007
Émile VilleneuveLa fille invisible (Collab. Julie Rocheleau; pencils by Rocheleau)2010
Irene N. WattsGood-bye Marianne: The Graphic Novel (Collab. Kathryn E. Shoemaker; illustrations by Shoemaker)2008