The International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) holds an annual composition competition for women composers called the "Search for New Music." This international competition includes ten different prize categories ranging from chamber and orchestral works to electro-acoustic media, improvisation, and sound installation. Each prize has its own monetary award. More information is available at IAWM's website:
2001Moiya CallahanFour-Way SextetMusical Scores & Recordings
2004Veronika KrausasConcerto for Piano and OrchestraMusical Scores & Recordings
2007Tara Rodgers!!(Analog!!Tara)Butterfly EffectsMusical Scores & Recordings
2008Catherine PickupFailure is Impossible, an Improvised Performance Piece (Collab. Lavinia Kell Parker)Musical Scores & Recordings
Lavinia Kell Parker Failure is Impossible, an Improvised Performance Piece (Collab. Catherine Pickup)Musical Scores & Recordings