Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Awards were a Canadian literary award, given to Canadian plays produced by any professional Canadian theatre company, and having at least ten performances in the Toronto area. The prize had a monetary value of $25,000, and was named for benefactor Floyd Chalmers, an editor and publisher. Four plays normally win the award each year. In 2001 the award was discontinued.
1981Erika RitterAutomatic Pilot (Prod. 1980)Drama
1983Anne ChislettQuiet in the Land (Prod. 1981)Drama
1984Betty LambertJennie's StoryDrama
Margaret HollingsworthEvery Loving: A Play in Two ActsDrama
1987Linda GriffithsJessica (Collab. Maria Campbell; prod. 1986)Drama
Maria CampbellJessica (Collab. Linda Griffiths; prod. 1986) Drama
1988Judith ThompsonThe Other Side of the Dark: Four Plays (includes "I Am Yours," "Pink," "Tornado," and revised version of "The Crackwalker")Drama
Judith ThompsonI Am Yours (Published in The Other Side of Dark: Four Plays, Prod. 1987)Drama
1990Sally ClarkMooDrama
1991Judith ThompsonLion in the Streets (Prod. 1990)Drama
Marie BrassardLe polygraphe (Collab. Robert Lepage; prod. 1991)Screenwriting
1993Joan MacLeod The Hope Slide; Little Sister (received Chalmers award for the 1993 production of The Hope Slide)Drama
1994Alisa PalmerA Play About the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo (Prod. 1994)Drama
1995Diane CaveThe Alastair Trilogy (Collab. Nadia Ross; prod. 1995)Drama
Nadia RossThe Alastair Trilogy (Collab. Diane Cave; prod. 1995)Drama
1996Anne ChislettFlippin’ In, or, You Play Flippin' In (Prod. 1995)Children's & Young Adult
1998Carole FréchetteLes quatre morts de Marie / The Four Lives of Marie (Trans. 1996 John Murrell)Drama
Djanet Sears Harlem Duet (Prod. 1997)Drama
1999Leah CherniakThe Betrayal (Collab. Oliver Dennis, Maggie Huculak, Robert Morgan, Martha Ross and Michael Simpson; prod. 1998)Drama
Maggie HuculakThe Betrayal (Collab. Leah Cherniak, Oliver Dennis, Robert Morgan, Martha Ross and Michael Simpson; prod. 1998)Drama
Martha RossThe Betrayal (Collab. Leah Cherniak, Oliver Dennis, Maggie Huculak, Robert Morgan and Michael Simpson; prod. 1998)Drama
2000Linda GriffithsAlien Creature: A Visitation From Gwendolyn MacEwen (Prod. 1999)Drama
2001Florence Gibson!!(Florence!!Gibson!!McDonald)BelleDrama