This is a chronological list of all major literary awards won by Canadian Women Writers since 1937. Legend: BMA - Betty Mitchell Award, BP - Booker Prize, CAMA - Canadian Aboriginal Music Award, CAACBA - Canadian Authors Association (CAA) Carol Bolt Award, CLAB - Canadian Library Association Book of the Year for Children Award, CWBFB - Commonwealth Writer's Prize (Best First Book Commonwealth), CWBBR - Commonwealth Writer's Prize (Best Book Regional), CWBFBR - Commonwealth Writer's Prize (Best First Book Regional), DG - Danuta Gleed Literary Award , DMMA - Dora Mavor Moore Award, DWA - Doug Wright Award, ES - Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction, SA - Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards, FSCA - Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Award, GA - Genie Award, GLM - Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, GilP - Giller Prize, GG - Governor General's Literary Award, GrP - Griffin Poetry Prize, ICFWC - International Competition for Women Composers, JRTA - Jessie Richardson Theatre Award, JSA - Joe Shuster Award, JA - Juno Award, ME - Marian Engel Award, PLM - Pat Lowther Memorial Award , PF - Prix Femina, PP - Pulitzer Prize, RMA - Robert Merritt Awards, CTP - The Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction, OP - The Orange Prize for Fiction, YACB - Young Adult Canadian Book Award.

1937Laura SalversonThe Dark WeaverFictionGG
1941Anne Marriott!!(Joyce!!Anne!!Marriott)Calling Adventurers PoetryGG
1944Dorothy DuncanPartner in Three WorldsPoetryGG
Gwethalyn GrahamEarth and High HeavenFictionGG
Dorothy LivesayDay and Night DramaGG
1945-47Germaine GuèvremontLe Survenant (1945) and Marie-Didace (1947) / The Outlander (Trans. 1950)ScreenwritingGG
1946Winifred BambrickContinental RevueFictionGG
1947Mabel DunhamKristli's Trees Children's & Young AdultCLAB
Dorothy LivesayPoems for People DramaGG
1950Marjorie Wilkins Campbell The SaskatchewanChildren's & Young AdultGG
1951Catherine Anthony Clark The Sun Horse Children's & Young AdultCLAB
Josephine Phelan The Ardent Exile: The Life and Times of D’Arcy McGeeAcademicGG
1952Marie McPhedran Cargoes on the Great Lakes Children's & Young AdultGG
1954Marjorie Wilkins Campbell The Nor’westers: The Fight for the Fur Trade Children's & Young AdultGG
Louise RileyTrain for Tiger Lily Children's & Young AdultCLAB
1955Gabrielle RoyRue Deschambault / Street of Riches (Trans. 1957)FictionGG
1956Adele WisemanThe SacrificeFictionGG
1957Jay Macpherson The Boatman PoetryGG
1958Joyce HemlowThe History of Fanny BurneyPoetryGG
Edith L. Sharp Nkwala Children's & Young AdultGG
1960Margaret Avison Winter Sun ScreenwritingGG
1961Sheila BurnfordThe Incredible Journey Children's & Young AdultCLAB
1963Dorothy ReidTales of Nanabozho Children's & Young AdultCLAB
1964Margaret AtwoodThe Circle Game (Revised 1966)DramaGG
Phyllis GrosskurthJohn Addington Symonds: A Biography, or, The Woeful VictorianPoetryGG
1966Christie Harris The Raven’s Cry Children's & Young AdultCLAB
Margaret LaurenceA Jest of GodFictionGG
1967Norah StoryOxford Companion to Canadian History and Literature AcademicGG
1968Kay HillAnd Tomorrow the Stars: The Story of J. Cabot Children's & Young AdultCLAB
Alice MunroDance of the Happy ShadesFictionGG
1969Marie-Claire BlaisManuscripts de Pauline Archange / The Manuscripts of Pauline Archange (Trans. 1970)FictionGG
Edith Margaret Fowke Sally Go Round the Sun Children's & Young AdultCLAB
Gwendolyn MacEwenThe Shadow-Maker PoetryGG
Louise Maheux-ForcierUne forêt pour Zoé / A Forest for Zoe (Trans. 1986)FictionGG
1971Ann BladesMary of Mile 18 AcademicCLAB
Monique BoscoLa Femme de Loth / Lot's Wife (Trans. 1975)BiographyGG
1972Antonine MailletDon l’OrignalFictionGG
Ruth NicholsThe Marrow of the World Children's & Young AdultCLAB
1973Elizabeth Cleaver The Miraculous Hind: A Hungarian Legend AcademicCLAB
Miriam Mandel Lions at Her Face DramaGG
1974Nicole BrossardMécanique jongleuse / Daydream Mechanics (Trans. 1980)PoetryGG
Louise Dechêne Habitants et marchands de Montréal au XVIIe siècle / Habitants and Merchants in Seventeenth-Century Montreal (Trans. Liana Vardi 1992)Children's & Young AdultGG
Margaret LaurenceThe DivinersFictionGG
1975Anne HébertLes enfants du sabbat / Children of the Black Sabbath (Trans. Carol Dunlop-Hébert 1977)FictionGG
Marion MacRaeHallowed Walls: Church Architecture of Upper Canada (Collab. Anthony Adamson)Children's & Young AdultGG
1976Marian EngelBearFictionGG
Christie Harris Mouse Woman and the Vanished Princesses Children's & Young AdultCLAB
1977Gabrielle RoyCes enfants de ma vie / Children of My HeartFictionGG
1979Janis AllenMeatballs (Collab. Dan Goldberg and Len Blum)Children's & Young AdultGA
Marie-Claire BlaisLe sourd dans la ville / Deaf to the City (Trans. 1981)FictionGG
Dominique Clift Le fait anglais au Québec / The English Fact in Quebec (Trans. Clift and Sheila McLeod Arnopoulos 1980; collab. Arnopoulos)Children's & Young AdultGG
Sheila McLeod!!ArnopoulosLe Fait anglais au Québec / The English Fact in Quebec (Trans. Arnopoulos and Dominique Clift 1980; collab. Clift)Children's & Young AdultGG
1980Elizabeth AllenA Shored Up HouseChildren's & Young AdultGLM
Linda GriffithsMaggie and Pierre: A Fantasy of Love, Politics, and the Media (Collab. Paul Thompson; prod. 1980)Children's & Young AdultDMMA
M. Travis LaneDivinations, and Shorter Poems, 1973-1978PoetryPLM
Erika RitterAutomatic Pilot (Prod. 1980)PoetryFSCA
1981Janis ColeP4W Prison for Women (Collab. Holly Dale)Children's & Young AdultGA
Mavis GallantHome Truths: Selected Canadian StoriesFictionGG
Margaret HollingsworthEvery Loving: A Play in Two ActsScreenwritingFSCA
Janet LunnThe Root Cellar Children's & Young AdultCLAB
Rona MurrayJourneyChildren's & Young AdultPLM
Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska L'Echappée des discours de l'oeilDramaGG
Sharon PollockBlood Relations and Other Plays ("Blood Relations" prod. 1980; also includes "One Tiger to a Hill," "Generations" and "My Name is Lisabeth") DramaGG
1982Sandra BirdsellNight TravellersFictionGLM
Anne HébertLes fous de Bassan / In the Shadow of the Wind (Trans. Sheila Fischman 1984)FictionPF
Monica Hughes Hunter in the Dark AcademicYACB
Rhea TregebovRemembering History Children's & Young AdultPLM
Phyllis Webb The Vision Tree PoetryGG
1983Diana HartogMatinee Light Children's & Young AdultGLM
Suzanne JacobLaura LaurFictionGG
Jean McKayGone to GrassFictionGLM
O. R. MellingThe Druid's TunePoetryYACB
1984Nicole GagnonLe XXe siècle (Collab. Jean Hamelin)Comics and Graphic NovelsGG
Sandra GwynThe Private Capital: Ambition and Love in the Age of Macdonald and LaurierChildren's & Young AdultGG
Jan HudsonSweetgrass Children's & Young AdultCLAB
Paulette JilesCelestial NavigationFictionPLM/GLM/GG
Jean LittleMama’s Going to Buy You a Mockingbird Children's & Young AdultCLAB
Judith ThompsonWhite Biting Dog (Prod. 1984)DramaGG
1985Margaret AtwoodThe Handmaid’s TaleFictionCWBBR/GG
Marianne BrandisThe Quarter-Pie Window PoetryYACB
Nicole BrossardDouble Impression: Poèmes et textes 1967-1984 PoetryGG
Mary-Ellen Lang ColluraWinners, or, Jordy (1988)PoetryYACB
Charlotte Diamond 10 Carrot DiamondFictionJA
Linda GriffithsO. D. on Paradise (Prod. 1983)Children's & Young AdultDMMA
Erin MouréDomestic Fuel DramaPLM
Maryse Pelletier Duo pour voix obstinées / Duo for obstinate voices (Trans. Louise Ringuet 1990)Children's & Young AdultGG
Joan Fern ShawRaspberry Vinegar FictionGLM
Sandy WilsonMy American CousinChildren's & Young AdultGA
1986Edna AlfordThe Garden of Eloise LoonDramaME
Janet LunnShadow in Hawthorn Bay Children's & Young AdultCLAB/YACB
Alice MunroThe Progress of LoveFictionGG/ME
Heather SpearsHow to Read Faces PoetryPLM
Audrey Grace ThomasGoodbye Harold, Good LuckFictionME
1987Di Brandt Questions I Asked My Mother AcademicGLM
Margaret BuffieWho Is Frances Rain?, or, The Haunting of Frances Rain (1989)Children's & Young AdultYACB
Marie-Louise GayRainy Day Magic / Magie d’un jour pluie (Trans. Gay 1989)Children's & Young AdultGG
Gwendolyn MacEwenAfterworlds PoetryPLM/GG
Kit PearsonA Handful of Time Children's & Young AdultCLAB
1988Bonnie BurnardWomen of InfluenceFictionCWBFB/CWBFBR
Anne CollinsIn the Sleep Room: CIA Brainwashing in CanadaJournalistic & LifestyleGG
Connie KaldorLullaby Berceuse (Collab. Carmen Campagne)FictionJA
Welwyn Wilton Katz The Third Magic Children's & Young AdultGG
Sarah KlassenJourney to YaltaPoetryGLM
Michèle MarineauCassiopée ou L'été polonaisFictionGG
Erin MouréFurious PoetryGG
Heather SpearsThe Word for Sand PoetryPLM/GG
Merna SummersNorth of the BattleFictionME
1989Margaret Avison No Time DramaGG
Alexina LouieSongs of ParadiseMusical Scores & RecordingsJA
Kit PearsonThe Sky is Falling Children's & Young AdultCLAB
Judith ThompsonI Am Yours (Published in The Other Side of Dark: Four Plays, Prod. 1987)PoetryFSCA
Diana Wieler Bad Boy Children's & Young AdultGG/YACB
Patricia YoungThe Mad and Beautiful Mothers FictionPLM
1990Diana BrebnerRadiant Life FormsPoetryGLM
Joan ClarkSwimming Toward the LightFictionME
Karen ConnellyThe Small Words in My Body PoetryPLM
Christiane DuchesneLa Vraie histoire du chien de Clara VicFictionGG
Jovette MarchessaultLe voyage magnifique d’Emily Carr / The Magnificent Voyage of Emily Carr (Trans. Linda Gaboriau 1992)MemoirGG
Susan MayseGinger: The Life and Death of Albert GoodwinFictionES
Alice MunroFriend of My YouthFictionCWBBR
Renee RosnesFor the MomentSinger-SongwritersJA
Carol ShieldsDepartures and ArrivalsAutobiographyME
Budge WilsonThe Leaving, and Other StoriesDramaYACB
1991Joanne ArnottWiles of Girlhood FictionGLM
Sarah EllisPick-Up Sticks Children's & Young AdultGG
Anne HendersonA Song for Tibet (Collab. Erna Buffie)Singer-SongwritersGA
Loreena McKennittThe VisitFictionJA
Susan Lynn ReynoldsStrandia MemoirYACB
Judith ThompsonLion in the Streets (Prod. 1990)DramaFSCA
1992Joan BarfootPlain JaneFictionME
Sandra BirdsellThe Chrome SuiteFictionME
Karleen BradfordThere Will Be WolvesDramaYACB
Karen ConnellyTouch the Dragon: A Thai Journal, or, Dream of a Thousand Lives: A Sojourn in ThailandPoetryGG
Lorna CrozierInventing the HawkPoetryPLM/GG
Lynne FernieForbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives (Collab. Aerlyn Weissman)Singer-SongwritersGA
Elisabeth HarvorFortress of Chairs PoetryGLM
Elizabeth HayThe Only Snow in Havana MemoirES
Anne HébertL'enfant chargé de songes / Burden of Dreams (Trans. Sheila Fischman 1994) AutobiographyGG
Julie JohnstonHero of Lesser Causes Children's & Young AdultGG
Joan MacLeod Amigo’s Blue GuitarPoetryGG
Michèle MarineauLa route de Chlifa / The Road to Chlifa (Trans. Susan Ouriou 1995)Children's & Young AdultGG
Liza PotvinWhite Lies (For My Mother) PoetryES
Roberta ReesEyes like PigeonsPoetryGLM
Esther ValiquetteLe signe bleuSinger-SongwritersGA
Marie WaddenNitassinan: The Innu Struggle to Reclaim Their HomelandAcademicES
Aerlyn WeissmanForbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives (Collab. Lynne Fernie) Singer-SongwritersGA
1993Margaret AtwoodThe Robber BrideFictionCWBBR
Diana BrebnerThe Golden LotusPoetryPLM
Nancy HustonCantique des plaines / Plainsong (Trans. Huston 1993)Children's & Young AdultGG
Barbara KlarThe Night You Called Me A ShadowPoetryGLM
Suzanne Martel Une belle journée pour mourir Children's & Young AdultGG
Carol ShieldsThe Stone DiariesFictionPP/GG
Peggy ThompsonThe Lotus EatersFictionGA
Jane UrquhartAwayFictionME
1994Bonnie BurnardCasino and Other StoriesFictionME
Beth GoobieScars of Light PoetryPLM
Joan MacLeod The Hope Slide; Little Sister (received Chalmers award for the 1993 production of The Hope Slide)DramaFSCA
Loreena McKennittThe Mask and Mirror FictionJA
Chantal Saint-JarreDu sidaChildren's & Young AdultGG
Cora TaylorThe Summer of the Mad MonkChildren's & Young AdultCLAB
1995Marie-Claire BlaisSoifs / These Festive Nights (Trans. 1997)FictionGG
Denise ChongThe Concubine’s Children: Portrait of a Family Divided AcademicES
Lorna CrozierEverything Arrives at the Light PoetryPLM
Carole FréchetteLes quatre morts de Marie / The Four Lives of Marie (Trans. 1996 John Murrell)Children's & Young AdultFSCA/GG
Barbara GowdyMister SandmanFictionME
Maureen HynesRough SkinPoetryGLM
Sonia SarfatiComme une peau de chagrinChildren's & Young AdultGG
Anne Szumigalski Voice DramaGG
1996Margaret AtwoodAlias GraceFictionGilP
Marilyn Dumont A Really Good Brown Girl PoetryGLM
Katherine GovierAngel WalkFictionME
Rachel ManleyDrumblair: Memories of a Jamaican ChildhoodFictionGG
Anne MichaelsFugitive PiecesFictionOP
Anne MullensTimely Death: Considering Our Last RightsAcademicES
Kit PearsonAwake and Dreaming Children's & Young AdultGG
Renee RosnesAncestorsMusical Scores & RecordingsJA
Maxine TrottierThe Tiny Kite of Eddie WingDramaCLAB
Colleen WagnerThe Monument (Prod. 1995)PoetryGG
1997Dionne BrandLand to Light On PoetryGG
Martha BrooksBone Dance Children's & Young AdultYACB
Angèle DelaunoisVariations sur un même "t'aime"Children's & Young AdultGG
Charlotte GrayMrs. King: The Life and Times of Isabel Mackenzie King PoetryES
Suzanne JacobLa Part de Feu, ou, Le Deuil de la rancuneFictionGG
Janet LunnThe Hollow Tree Children's & Young AdultGG
Barbara NickelThe Gladys Elegies PoetryPLM
Fara PalmerThis Is My WorldAcademicCAMA
Djanet Sears Harlem Duet (Prod. 1997)PoetryDMMA/FSCA/GG
Carol ShieldsLarry’s PartyFictionOP
Jane UrquhartThe UnderpainterFictionGG
1998Stephanie BolsterWhite Stone: The Alice PoemsFictionGLM/GG
Sharon ButalaThe Garden of EdenChildren's & Young AdultME
Hilary Clark More LightPoetryPLM
Gayle FriesenJaney's GirlPoetryYACB
Charlotte GingrasLa liberté? Connais pasFictionGG
Janice Kulyk KeeferHoney and Ashes: A Story of Family PoetryME
Veronika KrausasConcerto for Piano and OrchestraMusical Scores & RecordingsICFWC
Alice MunroThe Love of a Good WomanFictionGilP
Kerri SakamotoThe Electrical FieldFictionCWBFB/CWBFBR
Diane SchoemperlenForms of DevotionFictionGG
Nettie WildA Place Called Chiapas (Collab. Manfred Becker)Children's & Young AdultGA
1999Shauna Singh BaldwinWhat the Body RemembersFictionCWBBR
Bonnie BurnardA Good HouseFictionGilP
Anne ChislettFlippin’ In, or, You Play Flippin' In (Prod. 1995)PoetryFSCA
Deborah Ellis Looking for X Children's & Young AdultGG
Rachna GilmoreA Screaming Kind of DayDramaGG
Charlotte GingrasUn été de jadeAcademicGG
Katherine HolubitskyAlone at Ninety Foot PoetryYACB
Chantal KreviazukColour Moving and StillFictionJA
Shawna LemayAll the God-Sized Fruit AcademicGLM
Alexina LouieShattered Night, Shivering StarsMusical Scores & RecordingsJA
Conni MassingThe Aberhart Summer (Adap. Bruce Allen)PoetryBMA
Esta SpaldingLost AugustChildren's & Young AdultPLM
Lise TremblayLa Danse juive / Mile End (Trans. 2002)FictionGG
2000Margaret AtwoodThe Blind AssassinFictionBP
Anita Rau BadamiThe Hero’s WalkFictionCWBBR/ME
Anne CarsonMen in the Off Hours PoetryGrP
Mishi DonovanJourney Home FictionCAMA
Florence Gibson!!(Florence!!Gibson!!McDonald)BellePoetryFSCA
Nan Gregory Wild Girl & GranChildren's & Young AdultCLAB
Elizabeth HayA Student of WeatherFictionME
Pearl LukeBurning GroundFictionCWBFBR
Joni MitchellBoth Sides NowSinger-SongwritersJA
Priscilla MorinWaiting For YouMusical Scores & RecordingsCAMA
Sandy ScofieldRiel's RoadFictionCAMA
Anne SimpsonLight Falls through YouPoetryGLM
Heather SpearsRequired Reading: A Witness in Words and Drawings to the Reena Virk Trials 1998-2000Children's & Young AdultPLM
Sharon ThesenA Pair of Scissors PoetryPLM
2001Moiya CallahanFour-Way SextetFictionICFWC
Renée Dupuis Quel Canada pour les Autochtones? / Justice for Canada's Aboriginal Peoples (Trans. Robert Chodos and Susan Joanis 2002) FictionGG
Aislinn HunterInto the Early HoursFictionGLM
Jean LittleOrphan at My Door: The Home Child Diary of Victoria Cope Children's & Young AdultCLAB
Lynn MilesUnravelFictionJA
Alice MunroHateship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage FictionCWBBR
Gayla ReidAll the Seas of the WorldPoetryME
Kristen ThomsonI, Claudia (Prod. 2001)Children's & Young AdultDMMA
Jenny Whiteley Jenny WhiteleyFictionJA
2002Margaret Avison Concrete and Wild Carrot PoetryGrP
Dionne BrandThirsty PoetryPLM
Martha BrooksTrue Confessions of a Heartless GirlChildren's & Young AdultGG/YACB
Leela GildaySpirit World, Solid WoodMusical Scores & RecordingsCAMA
Terry GriggsRogues' Wedding Children's & Young AdultME
Pia GuerraY: The Last Man (Collab. Brian K. Vaughan)Musical Scores & RecordingsJSA
Avril LavigneLet GoPoetryJA
Judith Lavoie Mark Twain et la parole noire PoetryGG
Kathy MacNail Builders Plan for Strength and Growth PoetryGLM
Joan MacLeod The Shape of a Girl; JewelMemoirBMA
Margaret MacMillan Paris, 1919: Six Months That Changed the WorldAcademicGG
Andrea MenardThe Velvet DevilMusical Scores & RecordingsCAMA
Sharon RiisSavage MessiahFictionGA
Gloria SawaiA Song for Nettie JohnsonFictionGG
Sandy ScofieldKetwamFictionCAMA
Danielle SimardJ'ai vendu ma soeur (self-illustrated)Children's & Young AdultGG
Shania TwainUp!PoetryJA
Dianne WarrenA Reckless Moon: And Other StoriesPoetryME
Alison WattThe Last Island: A Naturalist’s Sojourn on Triangle IslandPoetryES
2003Andrea CurtisInto the Blue: Family Secrets and the Search for a Great Lakes ShipwreckPoetryES
Florence Gibson!!(Florence!!Gibson!!McDonald)Home is My Road (Prod. 2003)PoetryCAACBA
Isabel HugganBelonging: Home Away From HomeChildren's & Young AdultCTP
Lucie IdloutE5 - 770, My Mother's NameMusical Scores & RecordingsCAMA
Nicole LerouxL’Hiver de Léo Polatouche / A Winter for Leo (Trans. Sheila Fischman 2006)AcademicGG
Sarah McLachlanAfterglowChildren's & Young AdultJA
Anne SimpsonLoopFictionGrP
Betsy StruthersStillFictionPLM
2004Susan AglukarkBig FeelingAcademicJA
Roo BorsonShort Journey Upriver Toward Oishida PoetryGrP/PLM/GG
Anne Laurel Carter Last Chance Bay Children's & Young AdultCLAB
Keshia ChantéKeshia ChantéFictionJA
Anne ColemanI'll Tell You a Secret: A Memory of Seven SummersPoetryES
Leslie FeistLet it DieSinger-SongwritersJA
Sarah HarmerAll of Our NamesSinger-SongwritersJA
Elisabeth HarvorAll Times Have Been ModernFictionME
Debbie Houle!!(Asani)Rattle and Drum (Collab. Asani)Musical Scores & RecordingsCAMA
Elisapie Isaac TaimaMusical Scores & RecordingsCAMA/JA
Connie KaldorA Duck in New York CItyFictionJA
Avril LavigneUnder My SkinPoetryJA
Ruth Moody!!(Scruj!!MacDuhk,!!The!!Wailin'!!Jennys)40 days (Collab. The Wailin' Jennys)Children's & Young AdultJA
Alice MunroRunawayFictionCWBBR/GilP
Kate TaylorMadame Proust and the Kosher KitchenFictionCWBFBR
Miriam ToewsA Complicated KindnessFictionGG/YACB
Jenny Whiteley HopetownFictionJA
2005Samm BarnesDoctor Spectrum: Full Spectrum (Collab. Travel Foreman; trade paperback)Musical Scores & RecordingsJSA
Anne Compton Processional Children's & Young AdultGG
Charlotte GillLadykiller FictionDG
Connie KaldorA Poodle in ParisFictionJA
Lindsay Knight!!(Eekwol)Apprentice to The MysteryMusical Scores & RecordingsCAMA
Sylvia LegrisNerve SquallFictionGrP/PLM
Lisa MooreAlligatorFictionCWBBR
Renae Morriseau!!(M'Girl)Fusion of Two Worlds (Collab. M'Girl)Musical Scores & RecordingsCAMA
Tamara PodemskiTamara (Collab. Karen Kosowski)Musical Scores & RecordingsCAMA
Pamela PorterThe Crazy ManFictionCLAB/GG
Tanya TagaqSinaaMusical Scores & RecordingsCAMA
2006Caroline AddersonPleased to Meet YouFictionME
Maryse DubucLes Nombrils (Collab. Delaf)Musical Scores & RecordingsJSA
Nelly FurtadoLooseSinger-SongwritersJA
Leela GildaySedzéMusical Scores & RecordingsJA
Donna KayThe JourneyMusical Scores & RecordingsCAMA
Sina Queyras Lemon HoundPoetryPLM
Debbie Young!!(d'bi.young)blood.claat (Prod. 2006)Singer-SongwritersDMMA
2007-10Kate BeatonHark! A Vagrant (webcomic)Musical Scores & RecordingsDWA
Jully BlackRevivalMusical Scores & RecordingsJA
Christie BlatchfordFifteen Days: Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army AcademicGG
Martha BrooksMistik Lake Children's & Young AdultYACB
Cecil CastellucciThe Plain Janes Musical Scores & RecordingsJSA
Brandi DisterheftDebut Musical Scores & RecordingsJA
Leslie FeistThe ReminderSinger-SongwritersJA
Jen GouldMusic SoupFictionJA
Linda GriffithsAge of Arousal (Prod. 2007)Children's & Young AdultBMA
Elizabeth HayLate Nights on AirFictionGilP
Rebecca KraatzHouse of SugarMusical Scores & RecordingsDWA
Sophie MilmanMake Someone HappyMusical Scores & RecordingsJA
Julie MorstadMilk TeethMusical Scores & RecordingsDWA
Tara Rodgers!!(Analog!!Tara)Butterfly EffectsMusical Scores & RecordingsICFWC
Sandy ScofieldNikawiy AskiyFictionCAMA
Anne SimpsonQuickFictionPLM
Judith ThompsonPalace of the End (Prod. 2008)AcademicDMMA
2008Catherine BanksBone CageFictionGG
Marie-Claire BlaisNaissance de Rebecca à l’ère des tourmentsFictionGG
Sylvie DesrosiersLes trois lieuesFictionGG
Marina EndicottGood to a FaultPoetryCWBBR/GilP
Katia GrubisicWhat if red ran outFictionGLM
Ariane Jean!!(Chic!!Gamine)Chic Gamine (Collab. Chic Gamine)FictionJA
Molly JohnsonLuckySinger-SongwritersJA
Alice MajorThe Office Tower Tales FictionPLM
Ariane MoffattTous les sensSinger-SongwritersJA
Hélène MonetteThérèse pour joie et orchestreAcademicGG
Alanis MorissetteFlavors of EntanglementPoetryJA
Lavinia Kell Parker Failure is Impossible, an Improvised Performance Piece (Collab. Catherine Pickup)Musical Scores & RecordingsICFWC
Valerie Poxleitner!!(Lights)Lights (EP)FictionJA
Serena RyderIs It O.K. FictionJA
Buffy Saint-MarieRunning For The DrumAutobiographyCAMA/JA
Crystal ShawandaDawn of a New DayMusical Scores & RecordingsCAMA
Jillian TamakiSkim (Collab. Mariko Tamaki)Musical Scores & RecordingsDWA
Mariko TamakiEmiko Superstar (Collab. Steve Rolston)Children's & Young AdultJSA
Joan ThomasReading by LightningMusical Scores & RecordingsCWBFBR
Jennifer TremblayLa liste DramaGG
2009Nancy HartryWatching Jimmy AcademicCLAB
Suzanne LebeauLe bruit des os qui craquentAcademicGG
Lesley LivingstonWondrous StrangeAcademicCLAB
Julie MazzieriLe discours sur la tombe de l'idiotFictionGG
Caroline PignatGreener Grass: The Famine YearsMemoirGG
Kate PullingerThe Mistress of NothingBiographyGG
Karen SoliePigeonFictionGrP/PLM
Kim ThúyRuChildren's & Young AdultGG
Helen Waldstein WilkesLetters from the Lost: A Memoir of DiscoveryDramaES
2010Shelagh D. GrantPolar Imperative: A History of Arctic Sovereignty in North America FictionCAACBA
Evelyn LauLiving Under PlasticDramaPLM
Johanna SkibsrudThe SentimentalistsChildren's & Young AdultGilP
Titilope SonguaDown to Earth BiographyCAACBA
2011Esi EdugyanHalf-Blood BluesPoetryGilP
1986Linda GriffithsJessica (Collab. Maria Campbell; prod. 1986)AcademicDMMA/FSCA
Anne LegaultLa Visite des sauvages (Prod. 1986)FictionGG
1996Marie BrassardLe polygraphe (Collab. Robert Lepage; prod. 1991)FictionFSCA
1994Alisa PalmerA Play About the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo (Prod. 1994)AcademicFSCA
Diane CaveThe Alastair Trilogy (Collab. Nadia Ross; prod. 1995)Children's & Young AdultFSCA
Sabina FellaLebensborn (Prod. 1995)PoetryDMMA
Nadia RossThe Alastair Trilogy (Collab. Diane Cave; prod. 1995)DramaFSCA
Katherine SchlemmerDisposing of the Dead (Prod. 1996)ScreenwritingJRTA
Leah CherniakThe Betrayal (Collab. Oliver Dennis, Maggie Huculak, Robert Morgan, Martha Ross and Michael Simpson; prod. 1998)Singer-SongwritersFSCA
2008Beth GrahamThe Drowning Girls/Comrades (Collab. Daniela Vlaskalic and Charlie Tomlinson; "The Drowning Girls" prod. 1999)AcademicBMA
Daniela VlaskalicThe Drowning Girls/Comrades (Collab. Beth Graham and Charlie Tomlinson; "The Drowning Girls" prod. 1999)PoetryBMA
2000Cathleen RootsaertMama Mia! Me A Mama? (Prod. 2000)ScreenwritingSA
Tara BeaganThy Neighbours Wife (Prod. 2004)MemoirDMMA
Michele RimlRage (Prod. 2004)ScreenwritingJRTA
Tara Jean Wilkin!!(Tara!!Jean!!Stevens)My Father's House (Prod. 2005)ScreenwritingJRTA
2010Jennifer OvertonGod's Middle Name (Prod. 2006)PoetryRMA