3 Fun and Easy Methods to Gain Inspiration for Essay Writing

Sometimes we find ourselves in a condition when we can’t combine basic words. When you are in this kind of state, everything you write sounds weird or too plain. It might feel like your essay text doesn’t carry a speck of emotion, it has no character, it has no sense in essence, and so on.

Sad to mention, your deadline doesn’t care if you have zero inspiration for an essay assignment. Thus, you have to activate your creative powers as soon as possible. And you have at least 3 options on how to get inspiration for writing an essay effectively!

1: Visualize Your Topic or Separate Objects of Your Essay

The era of information lets us find any form of visual content. Find pictures that will talk about your topic by semitones of colors and smoothness of forms. When you have gained what touches upon your soul, create a small board of ideas. You don’t have to create a physical collage, of course. A collage on your phone will be enough.

This method of essay writing has two sides. On one hand, it makes you focus on visualization, and that enhances the generation of ideas. On the other hand, collage creation distracts from actual writing. So, don’t spend too much time on it. A general depiction will suffice, don’t get stuck on details.

By the way, no one bans visualizing it by drawing or creating something in sandbox games! But this turn of events might take too much time. So, be attentive to your deadline and don’t get carried out too much.

2: Exercise in Writing for Your Soul, not the Assignment

How to Find Inspiration for Writing an Essay: Free-writing

Overall, it doesn’t differ much from brainstorming. This exercise means writing down everything that comes to your mind. Does something vague pop up in your imagination? Write what you see, the details will come later. Are you visualizing a cooler version of your favorite fabled character? Let It be it. Do you want to write about how you adore cats and want to hug them gently? This is a sweet idea worth writing down.

You have no restrictions and no rules except for the time limit you choose. Now the paper is your plain field where you can create a whole world. So, set a timer, and write!

How to Write an Essay: Fiction-Writing (Fanfiction-Writing Works Too)

You might not be the best essay writer now but does that stop you from being artistic?
It’s somewhat like the previous exercise, but this one is narrower. In this case, your goal is to create something holistic, full, and representative. It can be a short story of a character who lives in your original world or an existing one (for instance, in a video game). It can also be a small story of a village or a city, a made-up mythical legend, whatever.

Here try to:

  • depict objects and characters accurately;
  • create a harmonious setting (for instance, an abandoned cursed village or an underwater realm);
  • build relationships between things;
  • show effects of actions of this or that character (or object if it functions in some manner);
  • add different sensory triggers in descriptions: visual, auditory, olfactory.

It will be fun primarily. Yet, in parallel, it also develops your analytical skills as you connect all objects in a holistic story concept. Of course, you also grow your writing skills automatically by practicing.

Mimic a style

This is drastically another form of exercise. It also requires finding a template that you will read and try following. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an academic essay template. You can orient on stories by your favorite authors or publicists for that matter.

3: Use the Power of Conversation

Generating ideas in a pleasant conversation during tea sessions is what you might need to ace your paper. When you talk to another person you use argumentation every time, even if you are not arguing. Moreover, every conversation means sharing and creating a new discourse. So, you might get enlightenment from your conversation partner or by yourself! Listen carefully, take notes, seek alternatives, even search for argumentation on the net. Every mean here works.

Before Parting Ways

All the listed methods require zero effort to start practicing them. In some cases, you need only a paper and a pen; in another situation, you need a conversation partner. It might sound basic. Nevertheless, those are the most enjoyable things in a problematic essay writing situation.
You can always use different tools, customize your exercises, and talk to several people. But always mind the deadline! Don’t get carried out for too long. Remember that you still have to focus on your essay topic.

It’s better to combine those methods and use some of them systematically. For instance, try practicing free-writing twice a week for 10-20 minutes. The effect won’t be momentous right after you do the thing though the progress will become more noticeable!

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