5 Solutions to Your Writer’s Block on Academic Essays

The number of essays every student has to submit is stressful. No wonder that some students start to feel an acute aversion to essay writing. Yet, most of the professors never think that essays are not the only means to test their disciples with. 

If you have just started studying in a college or university, expect to write more and more essays per semester. There will be persuasive, analytical, compare-and-contrast essays, another, and other. No wonder if one day you find yourself unable to squeeze another word if this is not the situation already. At that (or already this) point you might stumble upon writer’s block. If you don’t deal with it, it can get severer. Not like it’s a disaster, yet, essay writing will only become more and more tedious, up to unbearable with that. 

Is there a way to break this block if it has already appeared? Sure thing. But first, we need to deeply understand what writer’s block is. 

What Writer’s Block Is Briefly 

This problem isn’t a rarity. Even great minds suffer from it sometimes, like Harper Lee. Well, if you didn’t read her “To Kill a Mockingbird”, then you’ve probably heard of Stephen King. And guess what! He encountered this problem multiple times too. We can’t forget to mention George R. R. Martin — his writer’s block was a disaster to thousands of fans. 

What those geniuses and other talented writers encountered was the inability to produce new literary works. And even if you’re not a successful writer, it doesn’t mean you can’t get stuck due to the same issue. 

So, this “block” is something like a motivation disorder regarding creativity in writing. The reason for that might be: 

  • physical illnesses (equally lightweight and dire ones); 
  • depression and other psychological problems; 
  • critical periods in life (for instance, a break-up); 
  • anxiety because of potential failure; 
  • incompatibility of desires and goals; 
  • the genre may not suit the preferences of the author; 
  • other causes. 

Of course, this all works for essay writing too. And when this block makes you tired of writing even a couple of words, don’t criticize yourself. Instead of self-condemnation, try…

1. Free-Writing to Get Rid of Stress and Form an Idea  

No need to write your essay right now. Write about what you want to express sincerely. It might have nothing to do with your assignment but you’ll break this opaque glass wall of the un-creative hindrance. 

Set the time and write. Your essay won’t run away from you (unfortunately) if you spend 10 minutes expressing your real thoughts. You can swear and dribble, strike words out with sharp handwriting, you can moan how you want essays to go away. Whatever comes to your mind must get out and appear in this… alternative essay. 

You might also get some ideas for your essay! When you let your thoughts flow like a transparent river, your subconsciousness does the work for you. 

If you do this exercise systematically, then the problem will soon disappear. Yet, you can’t get rid of the writer’s block in one go of free-writing. 

2. Taking a Break to Break the Writer’s Block 

What you might need is some rest. Remember that essay writing is never more significant than your mental and physical state. So, allow yourself to have some fun and then get to work. 

Still, this method isn’t the best. You need self-control to not fall into clawed paws of painful procrastination. 

3. Talking to an Imaginary Person as if You Are Telling Them About Your Essay Concept 

Imagine someone who will hear out your ideas for an essay. You can share whatever with this person. This method is nice when you have to submit a persuasive essay or some paper like that. In this case, you should take your thesis and prove that it’s valid. Of course, you can imagine a person who believes every word you say. Or you can imagine an expert who disagrees completely. Find the proof, show them statistics, recall other experts! Make them see who is the boss of persuasive essays here. And then get to the essay writing and fix what you’ve told “them”. 

4. Allowing Yourself to Work with A Template 

If you can’t generate ideas, it doesn’t mean you can’t get inspired by others’ ideas. You can find tons of exemplary material on websites of essay writing services. You can find an essay with a topic that resembles yours. Or you can use some sources to support your thesis. 

5. Using Help from Professional Essay Writers 

If the listed methods can’t help you and you know it, ask for writing help from pros. Essay writing services are common among students, so there will be no problem with finding a good one. 

Professional essay writers can give you: 

  • all-around assistance with any type of essay; 
  • profound help with any other custom academic paper; 
  • sources to back your thesis up;
  • editing help; 
  • templates that you can use for future research and essay writing. 

The best thing about essay writing services is that you can supervise their work as they function transparently. You won’t have to do actual writing yourself. Moreover, how can you achieve it if your creative energy encounters a thick block, which you have no means to break? So, it’s okay to get help occasionally. 

You can use an essay writing service once and its help will suffice. Then you can orient on the text material you receive to always be sure about formatting and other tedious stuff. And if you have this “airbag”, essay writing might become much easier. 

Among others, this method is the most efficient one. You don’t have to spend a percent of your energy but you’ll get the essays done anyway. Also, this way you’ll save hours you could spend on your academic papers. 


All of the methods have their efficiency for different types of personalities. Sure, the means aren’t versatile, so it’s worth giving every single one a go. Or you can combine them how you please! Of course, not all of them will be effective instantly, except for the last one. But when you need your essay done, then use any means to an end. 

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