7 Essay Rewriting Tips That Will Make This Process Unchallenging

Essay writing is a challenge alright, but you know what is way worse? Right, essay rewriting. It becomes only more tedious when you have to write what you have already written in other words. And it gets super boring to conduct research again, rephrase and do other repetitive things. 

Unfortunately, you will have to rewrite some academic papers at some point. It might be a research paper, a term paper, coursework, or something else. So, it isn’t necessarily rewriting an essay. In any case, rewriting hacks are versatile, so you can use them for other assignments. 

So, how to make this process fast and trouble-free?

Save and Reuse the “Failed” Paper 

If you think you have failed with this case of essay writing, you still shouldn’t delete or throw away your essay! Let it be like it is. It is better to store it in a separate folder to reuse later. 

When you have to rewrite an essay with the same topic, your old paper is still reusable. Highlight its main points and those phrases that will do again. 

Those parts that you don’t need can remain in the old document. Who knows, maybe one day you will need it for another topic? Moreover, essay docs don’t take too much place on the computer. Your PC won’t die if you have 5-10 megabytes of essay reserve. 

Follow the Same Structure 

All essays have approximately the same structure. The main difference is in the number of paragraphs in the body of your text. So, again and again, at all times and always, you will need: 

  • a compelling introduction; 
  • at least three paragraphs in the body (usually five); 
  • a profound conclusion with a renewed thesis and condensed meanings of your results. 

There is zero need to alter essay structure. Furthermore, it’s a thing that never changes because of academic standards. Only content changes but the structure is unvarying. 

Reuse Some of Your Actual Sources 

You don’t have to waste time searching for new sources when you have already found good ones. You can reuse your source if it is: 

  • from a scholarly journal; 
  • from an intellectual repository of your educational institution or another institution; 
  • from a prestigious and authoritative medium (no matter if it’s a newspaper or a debate TV program); 
  • from a library, counting in official digital libraries; 
  • governmental websites; 
  • data of statistics companies; 
  • other reliable sources. 

If your source is Wikipedia or WikiHow, get rid of it right now. Also, delete sources that are nothing more than a random website with nameless texts. If the source for your essay has no authorship, it’s better to cut it out. 

Add More Sources if Your Topic Needs More Elucidation 

You can conduct small extra research to back weak parts up. You don’t have to make your essay a whole library or a compilation of quotes, though. So, take a couple of new sources and find places that have room for argumentation. It will fit perfectly! 

Break Massive Sentences 

Rewriting an essay only sounds like a wagon of unneeded repetitive work. In reality, what you need to do is rearrange its content a little bit. 

Be attentive to the number of words. If your sentence has more than 12 components, it is problematic indeed. If that’s your situation, try saying the same thing in 10 words. Then try reducing the number to 8. Cut 1-2 words out until you see that you have saved the sense but also have made it concise. 

For example, we have a big sentence: 

“The majesty of the Mayan pyramids is undeniable because their forms and monumental decorations carry the deepest meanings that are no longer available to us due to a strong change in the vision of the world, still people don’t give hope up and proceed to learn about those incredible things”.

That’s 49 words! We can save the meaning of it all by breaking this sentence into five.

“The majesty of the Mayan pyramids is undeniable. Tons of weight of pyramids contain tons of symbols. Yet, technical reality has changed our consciousness too much. Thus, we can’t comprehend the real purpose of such phenomenal things. But that doesn’t make humanity stop expanding its knowledge of ancient culture”. 

You might not notice how this sentence has become easier to read. But try reading it aloud, and you will feel the difference. 

Eliminate Repetitive Parts 

Again, cut them out of your essay but store them in your essay repository on a computer. You don’t have to repeat what you said one paragraph ago. Sure, you can remind your reader about principally significant facts. But don’t make your essay about 1-2 things. It’s much more complex than that. 

Use the Power of Online Editing Tools 

The era of information brought us numerous gifts. One of them is online tools that can enhance your texts automatically. At least, those things will mark problematic components. Also, online editors will suggest simplified synonyms or better phrasing. And of course, it will correct small errors.

In Conclusion 

So how to rewrite an essay? This isn’t as dire as you might think. You don’t have to start from the very beginning again. A bit of extra effort will make your actual paper much better without hours spent on full alternation. And don’t forget to save the “failed” parts too! They will come in handy later.

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