How to Work with Sources for Your Essay Effectively

When you study in a college or a university you have to write many different essays. Some of those papers require profound research of extra materials that can help you prove that you have a valid idea. Yet, finding a good source to lean on isn’t the only thing you have to do. Then comes proper incorporation of this argument to your essay, citation, and formatting a bibliography. This work consumes hours that a student could spend on something more practically useful, of course. But if you want to be successful in studying, the only way to achieve good grades is to do everything in strict accordance with academic standards. 

Thus, now we’ll describe in detail how to work with sources effectively, so you can ace any academic paper.

What Are the Purposes of Sources? 

Sure thing, your idea is valid if you have enough arguments to prove it in your essay. But your personal experience won’t suffice to cover any topic your professor decided to test you with. So, sometimes you’ll need thoughts of experts as foundations for your concept. Well, you might not need this if you’re a recognizable researcher in the world of science. But if you have yet to get this status, you’ll need a backup. 

To prove your idea in the process of essay writing, you can use: 

  • other’s interpretation of the phenomenon or an object of observation; 
  • opinions of recognizable scientists or experts; 
  • bold scientific facts; 
  • axiomatic ideas; 
  • facts and data formed in other’s research; 
  • information from templates and exemplary materials by an essay writing service. 

It’s not like you can use anything that seems important to you. Every source has to be trustworthy. Wikipedia and other websites like that are not the best choices for digging information for essay writing. 

How To Be Sure That This Particular Source Is Trustworthy? 

Essay writing requires extra work with sources. It’s not that hard to understand if it’s a reliable piece of information. What you’ll need is basic media literacy and a couple of hours if you have to write an essay. Sure thing, coursework and other vast papers “demand” more time.

Before actual essay writing, after you gathered some extra materials, take a look at: 

  • Authorship. Understandably, there are no obligations to use the thoughts of popular scientists solely. Essay writing means working with local sources as well, with “small” research, and short articles. Yet, the author has to have a degree and work in a professional institution that has the competence to evaluate scientific research. 
  • A way to contact the author(s). It doesn’t mean that you have to call or text them. But this is a sign that this author has proven their identity. 
  • Citations and sources. These components have to appear in this text properly. So, there must be citations and a bibliography. 
  • Accuracy of the text. If it’s professional, there won’t be issues with grammar, vocabulary, and other components. Well, if there’s one typo or an ununified character, it’s not a disaster. Yet, this resource has to be 99.9% literate to be worthy of citations in your essay. 
  • Relevance. Even if the work overall isn’t the best fit for your essay topic, it might still be of high topicality. So, you can cite a part that has something to do with your topic.

How to Implement Extra Materials in an Essay? 

Unfortunately, there is no versatile answer as every formatting style is different. Still, in the body text, you’ll have to highlight this source by quotations. For instance, you can: 

  • Use smaller font when you want to add a big quote to your essay; 
  • Indent the quote by making margins smaller for them for a couple of inches; 
  • Use quotation marks if you use a small piece of information that doesn’t need separation. For example, Random Name highlights that “McDonald’s Big Tasty isn’t tasty, it’s better to order chicken nuggets” in their work “I’m hungry”. 
  • If you point out quotes with separation by changing the font size and margins, you can make them single-spaced. But that works only if your essay is in double-spaced format. In any case, this is optional. 

Then you’ll have to format the bibliography. Here you have to write all the:

  • names of authors;
  • titles of extra materials; 
  • publishing houses or institutions that published this source; 
  • dates of each copy; 
  • the number of pages for every source. 

But this is basic instruction. The whole formatting depends on what your professor wants you to use. 

Is There a Way to Skip Source Searching and Citation? 

If you want to be successful in your college by yourself, then no. Sure thing, you can lower your standards and use a couple of mediocre sources to get the passing grade. Still, this way of essay writing won’t get you an A ever. And that’s okay if you’re okay with that! 

Still, if you want to be an exemplary student, such work with sources won’t do. But you can get help from your professor if you can’t figure it out by yourself. They should provide you with papers that have importance in the scientific world. But if your professor isn’t collaborative, there is another way to solve this issue. 

Essay Writing Services as an Effective Solution 

If you don’t know what this is, you’re probably a freshman. Custom essay writing services are common and popular among those who are in the process of getting a degree. Professional writers who work online can deal with any case of academic assignment. And if you don’t want to trust your essay to them fully, you can just ask for help with sources. 

If you don’t have the means to use help from professional writers, it’s fine. What you can do is use the templates they systematically post. This way you can follow formatting and other things those professional writers have already done. 

In conclusion 

Working with sources requires a lot of practice, so it’s okay to make mistakes at the very beginning of your academic journey. Yet, when essays become your everyday burden, you’ll have to work more effectively. And if you don’t want to deal with it, it’s better to order a paper from an essay writing service. Or at least templates written by professional writers.

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