The Main Qualities of Good Writing

What are the qualities of good writing and how to recognize them? 

Contrary to the beliefs held by many, everyone can be a good writer. Like everything else, writing requires consistent practice in order to be good at it. If you are a writer struggling with meeting the required quality of work, you should not worry about it. 

Quality is critically important when it comes to writing. If your writing has substantial quality, its purpose will be truly fulfilled; the writing will garner great performance. That’s why you should know the answers to the main question – what are the qualities of good academic writing!

In this reading, we will discuss eight crucial qualities possessed by great writers. If you incorporate these qualities in your writing, you will be an excellent writer in no time. Knowing these qualities of good technical writing – you will be more convenient. 

How You Can Be A Great Writer

Good writing has several traits which will allow you to write more effectively. Whether you are writing an admission essay, a formal report or a research paper, these qualities will elevate your work to great lengths. 

Attention to Details 

Writing possessing great quality will always contain in-depth details of the issues at hand. When the writing possesses detailed arguments, the audience experiences a better understanding. Moreover, attention to detail allows a writer to be an appreciable editor as he or she will be able to spot the smallest of errors in their writing, and fix them. 

Attention to detail does your topic the justice it deserves. When writers are mindful of their writing’s attention to detail, they are able to describe all relevant aspects of their topic efficiently. That’s why this feature is most important among all qualities of good essay writing.

Simplicity and Directness

Many individuals consider good writing to have fancy words and uncommon phrases and expressions. This is far from reality. Coherence and directness are highly important traits of good writing. The more directly the arguments and details are conveyed, the better. 

This way, the audience will find ease in understanding the main arguments. Also, simplicity in the use of language and transitions allow a writer to have a larger scale of audience. 

Typically, this trait is more relevant when writers know their target audience as the use of language, expressions and transitions depend on the target audience. But, it is generally a safer practice to employ simplicity and a coherent structure in your writing. 

Giving a Proper Structure to Your Writing 

The structure of your writing task is probably the most important trait of a good write-up. Structures hold immense importance because they dictate the progression of the essay. If the structure is poor, as is the case when headings and arguments do not follow an orderly flow, the reader gets frustrated due to the difficulty in keeping up with arguments. 

The write-up loses on clarity as well, causing an alienated portrayal of the writing’s message. A proper structure completely negates all of these problems. Proper structuring consists of a clear flow of headings, and arguments following a clear sequence. 


If the writing reflects authority and power, which are achieved through confident writing, the reader’s interest will rapidly increase upon realizing this salient trait of good writing. If your writing is apparently weak, and the information is inaccurate, this will be a cause of disinterest for the reader. 

Presenting inaccurate information in your writings will also adversely damage your reputation as a writer; when it comes to writing, a strong reputation is key for the success of your writings. 

Strong Vocabulary 

The perfect word for the perfect situation can boost the likeability of your writings. There are instances where the same word is repeated; in such cases, it is important to use synonyms because repetitive words make the writing appear bland and plain. 

With the help of using strong vocabulary and words which are relevant to the context, you will be able to communicate your message far more effectively. 

Telling the Complete Story 

Good writing consists of a holistic approach in which every viewpoint is discussed. This means arguments, the pros and cons, the main arguments are also incorporated into the text. This builds trust in your readers, and it also comes across as a great opportunity for learning different approaches to the main topic as well.


Grammar is gravely important for a piece of writing because it has the power to completely alter the meaning of sentences and expressions. Moreover, grammar is a basic prerequisite of good writing, and every writer should know the Standard English grammar rules. 

Being To The Point 

In the modern world, attention spans have dwindled at an alarming rate. If the reader finds even the slightest hints of longevity and drag in the writing, they immediately turn away from it. Hence, it is imperative that your writing does not include any irrelevant words or fillers. They cause annoyance to the reader in the form of distractions. 

This sly practice is prevalently done by numerous writers because they want to fulfill the word limit without adding quality and relevance to the text. As you see, during the process of searching, first of all you must pay attention to all details, if you want to have the good qualities of writing papers. 


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